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Issue #16, April 27, 2015
Cloud reshaping major players
One of the hottest topics in technology today -­‐ Cloud Computing – is promising many things. To enterprises the Cloud represents hopes for lower costs, greater scalability and decreased Len Rust
need for IT maintenance. To IT providers, the cloud represents a new economical model for delivering computing services to more users. Unfortunately, the Cloud described by cloud service providers and the Cloud envisaged by enterprises are rarely the same.
Technological developments, fundamental shifts in demand patterns and intense competitive pressures are combining today to create greater uncertainty on how the industry will change as we move towards 2020. If past patterns and current conditions continue the next Eive years are likely to be characterised by a signiEicant consolidation of existing participants and the emergence of powerful competitors that base their advantages on new concepts, solutions and different models of success.
Are there many ways for organisations to stay successful? Today the leading vendors are redeEining themselves by constantly exploring new technologies and products and packaging them into a simplistic and intuitive manner for a greater variety of consumers. Currently vendors such as Hewlett Packard, Apple, Google, Cisco, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, VMware and all are taking the transformation journey more seriously. Birthdays are being celebrated, the IBM mainframe is now 50 years old, the mainframe which took up a lot of real estate was an impressive sight and a great revenue generator, but since then computers have got smaller and more powerful, while their impact on business and society has got far greater.
In this week’s industry player profile interview we speak
to Adam Riley, Regional Manager, Akamai. View the
interview in a new window here.
IBM is currently shedding the old business and transforming into a new entity and moving from being a hardware company with low margins into a cloud-­‐based software and services company. IBM has two main catalysts in its radar to move it onto a faster track to improve its top and bottom lines, namely the Internet of Things, (IoT) and the Cloud. IBM recently announced it would be setting aside US$3 billion over the next four years to establish its own unique IoT division. IBM’s focus to cloud based services is increasingly being accepted today, even by the sceptics.
This month also marked the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law. From our smart phones to the advanced electronics in our cares, we owe them all to “Moore’s Law” named after Intel Co-­‐founder Gordon Moore, the term refers to a prediction made in the 1960s that computing power would double every two years and miraculously it has without this our digital era would be stillborn. This has had a profound impact on computing, helping to usher in everything from the earliest PCs, mobile devices and now as technology transitions into a new era, the Internet of Things (IoT).
During the past month VMware has thrown down the gauntlet making moves to redeEine itself as a major player in the cloud computing arena. The strength of VMware’s approach to the cloud stems from its stronghold in computer virtualization technology which the company pioneered in the early 2000’s. VMware is using its dominant market position to make the case that IT buyers should now turn their virtual environments into the cloud.
Salesforce recently announced the addition of data science capabilities to its Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Salesforce had so far lagged behind competitors like Oracle and SAP in predictive analytics. From service lines and geographies to http:// http://
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investment banking transactions. We act for technology and life sciences clients
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How long are you going to wait?
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consolidation, new technologies and commodiEication, the information industry is dynamic today and offers both opportunities and risk for major global vendors.
Amazon Web Services is another example, they have recently expanded again its cloud storage line-­‐up by launching Elastic File System a solution that lets multiple cloud computing virtual machines use a common Eile system that automatically scales as more storage is needed and can be managed with 3rd party tools. Also they have launched Amazon Machine Learning a service that lets developers’ create predictive models leveraging large amounts of data. More than a million customers including fast growing start-­‐ups, large enterprises and government agencies across 190 countries now rely on AWS services to innovate quickly, lower IT costs and scale applications globally today.
Len Rust—[email protected]
Aussie app for Apple Watch warns Aussies
of safety threats
Oz App for Apple watch warns
Aussies of Danger
quickly view their account balances directly from their wrist watch. An Australian developed app for the new Apple Watch could save your life. The Emergency AUS app for Apple Watch aggregates ofEicial sources of natural disaster information and warns the user if there is a safety threat nearby, wherever they are in Australia. Among the Eirst apps for the new Apple Watch, Emergency AUS alerts the user if there is a risk to their safety within a 5km radius using geo-­‐location technology and 20 ofEicial sources of disaster information. Emergency AUS app was the brainchild of Australian mobility vendor Gridstone and data solution provider RIPE Intel. The joint venture has enjoyed popularity with over 200,000 users downloading the smartphone app. Chief Operating OfEicer of Gridstone, Samuel Py, is delighted to be bringing life-­‐saving technology to this new device. “As Apple’s most intimate device, Emergency AUS has the ability to warn the user of life threatening situations sooner. A quick glance at the wrist can warn of approaching bushEire, Elood, cyclones and thunderstorms leaving Australians more time to act and reach safety,” Py said.
NBN Co pilot to boost broadband
speeds for the bush
Westpac & St.George put banking on
your wrist
Westpac Group & St.George customers will be among the Eirst in the world to use mobile banking at the touch of the wrist, through Apple’s ground breaking Apple Watch. The latest offering will provide ease and convenience for the increasing number of customers who are now banking on the go on 'smart' devices. Customers will have access to a range of mobile banking services on their Apple Watch including quick and easy access to account balances, Einding their nearest ATM or branch, and receiving travel notiEications at the airport to advise the bank of their travel plans. Westpac’s General Manager Digital, Harry Wendt, said: “Providing customers with a variety of ways to manage their money, whenever and however they want is a priority for us, and the latest iteration of that is Apple Watch.” “Around 370,000 smart watches were purchased by Australians last year, highlighting the voracious appetite for new technology devices. By offering secure banking on the latest Apple device we are giving our customers even more choice in how they want to interact with us.” St. George’s CIO Dhiren Kulkarni, said: “We know our customers like being Eirst with the latest technology and we’re extremely excited to be Eirst to market with rolling out our mobile banking app at release of the Apple Watch. “The St.George app brings pleasure to banking and makes banking tasks simple and convenient with features like Quick Balance, where customers can Fixed wireless wholesale download and upload speeds are set to increase. A nationwide pilot aims to signiEicantly boost broadband speeds available to families and businesses in rural and regional Australia. Starting next month, Eixed wireless consumers on the current highest speed tier, will be able to experience increased wholesale download speeds between 25-­‐50Mbps – up to double the current top wholesale offering. Tony Cross, NBN Co’s Chief Architect said: “The Eixed wireless network already offers people living and working in the bush access to broadband speeds that those in cities take for granted. However the speed pilot is designed to allow rural and regional families and businesses to access speeds up to twice as fast as ADSL2+ users can experience in capital cities. It opens up the exciting prospect of even greater participation in the digital economy by families and businesses in rural and regional Australia.” By the end of the NBN rollout, more than 600,000 premises are earmarked to receive fast broadband via the Eixed wireless network, with almost 200,000 homes and businesses already complete.
Xero’s Australian operating revenue
up 107% but sharply loses ASX
Xero (NZX/ASX: XRO), the cloud accounting software provider, continued to deliver exceptional growth for the year ended 31 March 2015, recording operating revenue of $114.9 million, up 84.7% from $62.2 million in FY14. Paying customers grew to 475,000 small businesses globally, up 67%. Australian customers now exceed 203,000, growing 86% from 109,000 customers the same time last year. Of the new customers coming to Xero, 35% are switching from other accounting software providers. Across Australia and New Zealand, Xero has also seen more than 15,000 customers switch from MYOB subsidiary BankLink. Globally, subscription revenue grew 88.9% to $112.2 million. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, which reported a ten per cent stock price crash on Friday, the company has defended the cloud-­‐
based accounting software maker's cash-­‐burning international expansion strategy as investors punished the company for a poorer than expected result. The stock lost more than 10 per cent on Friday after the company missed analyst expectations and reported a full-­‐year loss of almost $68 million, nearly double the previous year's losses. © Dialog Marketing Services 2015 | | [email protected] Page 2 | April 27, 2015
Enterprise mobility market to near $5 billion by 2019
Enterprise mobility market will near $5 billion by 2019 as mobility becomes strategic to Australian organisations
A combination of mobile device hardware, management software and value-­‐added services will drive Australia’s enterprise mobility market up to $4.9 billion in 2019, according to a new study released by emerging technology analyst Eirm Telsyte.
Telsyte’s Australian Enterprise Mobility Market Study 2015 surveyed more than 248 CIOs and ICT decision makers on their organisation’s approach to mobile devices, applications and services.
The Eindings revealed mobility is becoming strategically important to Australian organisations with 24% of enterprises with more than 20 staff having a dedicated mobility manager. Telsyte Senior Analyst Rodney Gedda says with 84% of organisations having some staff that regularly performing their job outside a remote location, the need for mobile application enablement is only going to increase.
“There is a perception mobility is a market with diminishing value, however, CIOs are telling us mobile strategy is shifting away from devices to multi-­‐platform and application management making the value of business mobility exhibit strong growth”, Gedda says. More than 80 per cent of organisations continue to buy mobile devices for staff, however, a combination of BYOD and CYOD (choose your own device) is now an option for people in more than 70 per cent of organisations.
Wearable computers are the next BYOD frontier with 50 per cent of organisations already open to allowing BYOD for wearables, which have many business applications including access control and worker assistance in conEined spaces. Australian CIOs are also seeing more value in approved mobile application catalogues which are gaining favour over open BYOA tolerance.
“More than a third of businesses do not allow BYOA, which has remained steady, however, more organisations are providing app catalogues which can be reviewed for integration with the overall IT environment”, Gedda says. According to Telsyte research, popular BYOA software used for business include: data backups and storage (Dropbox, iCloud); calendaring; collaboration (GoToMeeting, WebEx); voice communications (Skype); project and task management (Remember the Milk); productivity (Pages, QuickOfEice Pro); multimedia; and note taking (Evernote).
Mobile device management (MDM) growing strong the uptake of mobile device management continues to grow strongly with Telsyte forecasting 75 per cent penetration among Australian enterprises by 2019.“With most MDM implementations on-­‐
premises there is a big opportunity for managed service and cloud providers to offer on-­‐demand device and application management”, Gedda says.
Improving mobile customer experience tops security
priorities for AU orgs
A new study by CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) reveals that 45 per cent of Australian enterprises have named ‘improving mobile customer experience’ as their top security priority. The results of the survey also showed that more budget dollars are being devoted to security in the application economy. Today, 40 per cent of Australian organisations are spending between 20 to 40 per cent of their entire IT budget on security and on average, the per cent spent on security will increase 31 per cent in three years. Furthermore, the research found that new priorities are also coming to the forefront when it comes to security including data breach protection (44 per cent), improving compliance and audit (40 per cent) and protecting cloud applications and data (34 per cent). “As more Australian organisations understand the impact of the application economy in the increasingly connected business landscape, they are considering how mobility – from applications to devices – is impacting their security practices and policies”, said Jason Pope, director, Presales, CA Technologies Australia and New Zealand. “Data shows that between 33 and 47 per cent of respondents report seeing a big or signiEicant impact from mobility on their security © Dialog Marketing Services 2015 | | [email protected] Page 3 | April 27, 2015
policies and practices for both employees and customers. With this in mind, security must evolve to meet the growing and changing demands of the application economy”. While security concerns are evident, the research Einds that Australian organisations are also anticipating beneEits from improved security measures. The beneEits seen or anticipated with the most signiEicant results are related to fewer security breaches (97%), followed by more accountability and control (91 per cent), improved customer satisfaction and trust in products and services (79 per cent) and increased number of customers using applications and services (75 per cent). According to the survey, success in the application economy also requires businesses to innovate and release more applications quickly, and APIs will lead the way. Seventy four per cent of the survey respondents indicated that they are opening access to their APIs to suppliers, customers or partners. While APIs have numerous beneEits, the report cited it can also pose a serious risk if they are not properly secured. The survey of 1,425 senior IT decision-­‐makers worldwide (including 100 in Australia) was conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of CA Technologies to get a better understanding of the way Australian businesses were approaching IT security. Deborah Hadwen, CEO ANZ, Tata Consultancy
Please provide a brief overview of the company?
We focus on delivery and innovation Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a through (1) A Customer-­‐Centric global leader in the provision of Engagement Model – looking to technology and business solutions. understand our customers business and Our offerings encompass IT, technology needs, focusing on delivering Business Process Services, with the highest quality standards; (2) Infrastructure, Engineering and Our Full Services Portfolio, which enables Assurance Services. Globally, we us to deliver and create a wide of range of employ approximately 320,000 solutions; (3) Our Co-­‐Innovation Network, consultants located across 46 which allows us to leverage and tap into countries. TCS is part of the Tata new technology areas; (4) a Global Group, India’s largest industrial Network Delivery Model (GNDM™), which conglomerate. TCS has been in provides our customers with access to the Australia for over 25 years and we right talent coupled with the right capacity service over 70 key customers. We and timeframe. Our customers partner have over 10,500 associates with TCS because of our ability to deliver. supporting these customers. Our Our skills in digitisation, simpliEication and team is based onsite and offshore. cost optimisation are also highly valued. TCS has a long and growing commitment to the region with Who are your typical prospects/
ofEices present in major cities customers? coupled with a strong community engagement program.
We work across industry sectors with organisations who are interested in What sets you apart from your leveraging our global capabilities and competitors?
capacity. In Australia we work in the Deborah Hadwen
Banking and Financial Services, Insurance,
© Dialog Marketing Services 2015 | | [email protected] Page 4 | April 27, 2015
Retail, Telecommunications, Transport, Utilities, and enables, stimulates and extends our team. It is important that Government sectors. Our customers are well known global we continue our focus on delivery quality. It is this which best and local brands. A typical client is one that has business positions us to grow with our customers and builds a solid needs that can be driven forward through the use of trust point on which we build a long term relationship. technology and optimisation of operations. We work with them to enable systems for business expansion or to simplify What are the biggest issues facing businesses today?
and optimise for cost control. The biggest issues facing Australian businesses today include When talking to customers what issues are top of their sustaining company growth during a time of diverse market agendas?
challenges. Competing priorities and pressures are driving the need for investment that needs to be balanced with cost A key topic area across most sectors is how to leverage digital optimisation to ensure advantageous positioning. The issue of and how they can re-­‐imagine their business to stay relevant access to appropriately skilled talent is also an key agenda and ahead in a world that is rapidly changing. Simplifying item. We see increased concern around access to a skilled systems, processes, and for operations to be more customer workforce and real concerns around the need to develop service orientated and responsive is also on the agenda of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills in most business leaders. We also see a strong focus on our workforce to ensure organisations can access the governance, risk and compliance across many sectors. When competencies they require. Locally, we have had a strong you consider digital re-­‐imagination with simpliEication and focus on contributing in this area and initiatives such as the governance you see a signiEicant amount of transformation relaunch of our TCS Graduate Program in Australia, our Work around the business. Acquiring the right skills and talent with Experience programs, through to partnering with our clients the correct level of experience and capability is a challenge for around skilling young people is all reElective of our view and many organisations. Working with a global player like TCS company values. assists them to overcome this issue. What are the core messages you want to want to What are the company’s greatest challenges right now? communicate to the market? And opportunities?
We see that there are Eive key digital forces of Social Media, As a team, we are always looking to improve our performance. Analytics, Big Data through to Cloud and ArtiEicial Intelligence This is driven through all layers of the organisation so each of that are providing organisations with an outstanding our team members looks at what they do and take an attitude opportunity to analyse, monitor and adapt to changing market of constant improvement and innovation. We recognise the conditions. At TCS, we see digital now as the default and importance of our staff and effectively enable them to perform whether that is driving the nature of the front end for at their best and with the right motivation. We offer fabulous improved customer engagement, or simpliEication of the back opportunities for technology professionals who are looking to end. These are the initiatives that TCS is working on with develop and continue to upskill. This ranges from senior companies all around the globe. TCS is a key part of the professionals who join us well into their careers through to technology community in Australia, both through its business graduates, who participate in comprehensive training but also social presence and community focus. We value the programs which prepare them for client work. Like all customer relationships that we have developed over the past employers we look to develop and retain strong contributors. 25 years. Our contribution to our customers’ business is To drive this forward we create a working environment that something we are very proud of in Australia.
IT Infrastructure, Operations
& Data Center Summit
18 – 19 May
| Sydney, Australia
Service Delivery for Digital
Business — Take Charge, Lead the Change
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Yonder & Beyond’s food and
beverage app Boppl partners with
cloud-based point of sales
integration service, Omnivore
Pazios describes the review process. “We did a review of what we currently have, what the costs are, and what we needed from our network in order to deliver. We concluded a major upgrade was required so all of our retail stores could go from 1MB network links to 10MB links. This upgrade greatly improved not only our capabilities but also our performance.”
Yonder & Beyond Group has announced that Boppl has agreed to an integration partnership with Omnivore. Omnivore’s Wests Ashfield Leagues signs on
advanced technology system will allow Boppl to be available on virtually all venues globally that are using Micros, NCR with Professional Advantage and
Aloha or Positouch as Point-­‐of-­‐sale system. Micros and NCR ClubIntel
Aloha are two of the largest Point-­‐of-­‐sales systems in the Wests AshEield Leagues Club has signed an agreement with world, with an estimated combined deployed base in excess of Professional Advantage for the deployment of the ClubIntel 200,000 venues globally. The partnership and seamless Business Intelligence (BI) software solution. Developed by integration will enable Boppl to gain unprecedented depth of
Professional Advantage http://
speciEically for the registered club potential deployment and to be easily deployed in any venues industry, ClubIntel allows a club to uncover, report on and
using of those POS systems, allowing customers to order and analyse key data from each of a club's business units and pay easily, with their smartphone. "Boppl™ allows customers
processes. From attendance numbers and peak service times and c
lients t
o i
nteract m
uch m
ore d
eeply t
han s
imply t
through to gaming, food and beverage and point-of-sale ability to order and pay easily, or reduce lost time inputting
ClubIntel provides a single point of access for all critical orders, payment errors and miscommunication. The business i
nformation. L
ocated in the inner-­‐west of Sydney,
combination of Boppl technology and scalability with Wests A
shEield L
eagues C
lub (
Wests Omnivore’s software layer will enable most venues globally to
http:// AshEield) will use
ClubIntel t
o i
mprove i
ts gaming, food and beverage, loyalty deploy Boppl seamlessly and easily, and thus more customers
marketing and
staff rostering operations and processes. "The to be able to order through Boppl from an increased number of http://
Club's existing information systems hold a heap of data but it's venues globally. We are also proud to show this a
s an example not i
n a
orm t
hat a
llows u
s to easily make sense of it and use it
of what YNB brings to these businesses,
the opportunity to to h
elp u
s a
chieve o
ur b
usiness deal with companies on a global scale”, said Shashi Fernando,
http://objectives" said Basil Jong,
Chief Financial OfEicer, Wests AshEield Leagues Club. "We have CEO of Yonder and Beyond.
been relying on historical reports and adhoc reports, some of which are time consuming to obtain, for decision making. Once STA Travel and Enablis partner
ClubIntel is fully deployed we expect to be able to undertake STA Travel builds on a 10 year relationship with Enablis trend analysis, perform predictive modelling and other (formerly Azzurri Communications) to upgrade their network business analytics initiatives to improve decision-making and upgrade, plus roll-­‐out Wi-­‐Fi and a new telephony solution to drive revenue."
their 73 stores across Australia and New Zealand. This has resulted in increases in productivity, customer service and Brand Developers Limited chooses
revenue. STA Travel boasts a worldwide network of more than 450 stores, with more than 60 in Australia and New Zealand. StayinFront TouchCG mobile
They operate in over 75 countries across 15 time zones, software
employ in excess of 3000 people speaking over 60 languages. Brand Developers Limited (BDL), Australasia’s leading direct STA Travel have enjoyed a strong, long-­‐term partnership with response television company specialising in product Enablis, spanning more than 10 years. As part of regular development and multi-­‐channel retail distribution, has chosen technology reviews, STA Travel shared their strategic goals, StayinFront, a global provider of cloud-­‐based Eield force and together with Enablis, determined what technology effectiveness and customer relationship management (CRM) requirements were needed in order to achieve them. Con technology, for its retail execution and monitoring system. Pazios, IT Manager for STA Travel said, “We sat down with StayinFront TouchCG, with guided workElows and advanced Enablis and worked out what Enablis could do to help us capabilities for image recognition, barcode scanning and in-­‐
achieve our business goals. A critical piece of that was store, data-­‐driven selling, enables Eield teams to complete improving the underlying infrastructure and upgrading the retail activities in less time, focus on priorities and goals and network to connect all services into the one platform.” STA prompt corrective action to maximise performance. A deep Travel wanted to redeEine their customer experience by understanding of the consumer goods industry, along with the removing the physical barriers of a traditional retail travel ability to globally deliver and support fully-­‐conEigurable retail store, opening the environment and enabling staff to connect execution and data-­‐driven selling tools, were critical factors with customers more easily. Radical changes were made to the BDL considered when selecting StayinFront. “Choosing a store layout including removing front counters and queue partner with in-­‐depth industry expertise was essential for us,” bars. STA Travel wanted to empower the customer by creating said Simon Fraser, Group General Manager, Brand Developers a relaxed space and promote staff mobility by equipping them Limited. “StayinFront TouchCG® is a robust industry solution with laptops or iPads. Pazios says, “From a technology speciEically designed to manage the retail execution process perspective, store connectivity had to be reliable and Elexible and will enable us to gain key insight into our Eield operations for staff to access applications anywhere around the store.”
so we can rapidly achieve a return on our investment.”
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Launchpad: Latest products, services and ventures
The Rust Report has created a new section announcing just-­‐
released products, services and initiatives new to the marketplace. For information regarding possible listings please email [email protected]
Avaya adds to SDN Fx architecture
to enable unified access and
Internet of Things (IoT)
Avaya has announced an addition to its SDN Fx architecture to help businesses get closer to enabling UniEied Access and the Internet of Things, minus the disruption found in many major technology transitions. A new line of premium stackable Ethernet switches, the ERS 5900 series, which are optimised for Avaya Fabric Connect, allow companies to support both emerging and existing technologies. Avaya launched SDN Fx in February, marking the Eirst architecture to deliver automation and programmability from the network core to the user edge for “connect anything, anywhere” simplicity. The new switches take another step towards full network automation by further billion Fund with over 30,000 members. Designed and built by the Financial Synergy Melbourne Development Team, the innovation in responsive technology automatically identiEies whether an individual member’s query is made using a mobile phone or other device and provides an identical transactional service regardless of whether the device is a desk top, tablet or mobile phone. The online portal at Maritime Super, built on Financial Synergy’s Acurity platform, can now be readily accessed by members on mobile devices to manage their account, check investment performance and switch investments on the go. The mobile super functionality was implemented over a three month period and is available to members on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. The Acurity platform from Financial Synergy is a complete solution from member online, reporting, compliance and more. Built around a central management platform, Acurity offers the ability to manage simple to the most complex of superannuation and non-­‐superannuation products and packages, and all in real-­‐time.
extending Fabric Connect capabilities to the network edge. This enables enterprises to smoothly migrate to next generation architectures that unify the wired and wireless network while Nimble Storage launches new VMLevel monitoring capabilities
preparing organisations to adopt new Internet of Things strategies.
Nimble Storage has announced that it is redeEining the enterprise Maritime super first to launch
mobile super with Financial
Industry leading superannuation and investment software provider, Financial Synergy has announced the successful launch of its latest offering for mobile-­‐responsive technology. Implemented for the Eirst time in Australia with Maritime Super, the locally-­‐developed portal enables a mobile-­‐friendly version of the Maritime Super Member Online secure website for the $4.5 storage management experience with InfoSight with the addition of VM-­‐level monitoring capabilities. InfoSight now provides granular visibility into VMware virtual machine environments, enabling enterprise IT organisations to rapidly resolve resource contention issues and optimise performance. In consolidated environments, it is not uncommon for some VM’s to consume a disproportionately high amount of resources, starving other VMs on the same system – leading to what is commonly known as the noisy neighbour problem. With VM-­‐level monitoring, enterprise IT organisations have the ability to optimise workload performance and proactively identify, isolate and address these resource contention issues before service level agreements are
[email protected] [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]####
[email protected]
© Dialog Marketing Services 2015 | | [email protected] Page 7 | April 27, 2015
impacted. Having the ability to proactively optimise individual traditional data centres, third-­‐party hosting facilities, branch virtual machines helps administrators mitigate common pain points that can play havoc with resources in dense storage environments. With added VM-­‐level monitoring capabilities, Nimble Storage is able to provide customers a breakthrough ofEices, mobile devices, and SaaS and IaaS-­‐based clouds, the new offering allows the exact cause of performance issues to be rapidly identiEied – eliminating the bouts of Einger pointing that traditionally occurs among siloed IT teams. With SteelCentral platform that gives them complete visibility and control over their storage environments and associated resources.
Portal, Riverbed blends performance data from its industry-­‐
leading SteelCentral visibility and SteelHead optimisation solutions to give customers a single source of truth for application Tenable Network Security
Announces SecurityCenter 5
Tenable Network Security has announced a new way to think about security assurance and risk assessment with the latest release of SecurityCenter, the company’s market-­‐deEining continuous network monitoring platform. Tenable’s performance by accelerating, troubleshooting, optimising application data and trafEic across the entire hybrid network, and even preventing outages in the future.
Sitecore Launches Sitecore Mobile
SDK for Xamarin
Sitecore has announced the availability of Sitecore Mobile SDK for SecurityCenter 5 now comes standard with the industry’s Eirst-­‐
ever Assurance Report Cards (ARCs), an innovation designed to help CISOs measure, analyse, and visualise the security posture of their IT enterprise, and report results in an intuitive report card Xamarin and also now allows organisations to integrate their native Xamarin applications with Sitecore, enabling customers to manage and analyse the mobile app experience across all popular mobile platforms. The Sitecore for Xamarin SDK allows C# format, perfect for sharing and presentations. SecurityCenter 5 comes pre-­‐loaded with ARCs that correspond to the Eive most common security objectives found in security standards issued by developers to build native, cross-­‐platform apps with Xamarin and easily serve Sitecore-­‐managed content, using only a few lines of code. Now, joint customers can deliver high quality mobile organisations around the world—including the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, PCI DSS, the National Campaign for Cyber Hygiene, the Australian government’s Strategies to Mitigate experiences, seamlessly delivering relevant content to their users. Xamarin is a mobile development solution that gives developers the ability to quickly and easily create native apps for iOS, Targeting Cyber Intrusions and the Center for Internet Security’s 20 Critical Security Controls. ARCs also provide a continuous, in-­‐
depth view into organisational security risk and its impact on business critical systems, helping determine the performance of Android, Mac and Windows using a single C# code base. Through this partnership, content from the Sitecore Experience Platform can be used natively across multiple mobile platforms.
Key capabilities of the Sitecore Mobile SDK for Xamarin include:
existing enterprise security investments and close potential security gaps. CISOs no longer need to wait for the next audit or scheduled assessment to present relevant business data to their New Portable Class Library (PCL) client compatible with Microsoft.NET and Xamarin; developers use the same C# code to integrate Sitecore Experience Platform (SXP) into their native iOS, executives.
Android and Windows Xamarin apps’ integration with the Sitecore Web API.
Riverbed announces SteelCentral
Riverbed has announced SteelCentral Portal, a software solution which allows companies to blend performance information from network, end user experience, and application domains into a single source of information for end-­‐to-­‐end application visibility.
SteelCentral Portal provides the visibility needed in today’s complex hybrid IT environments. As applications often span http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
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au-nz/Pages/default.aspx http://
au-nz/Pages/default.aspx http://
LEONARDO CONSULTING is a consulting, education and systems advisory Eirm that specialises in Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture and the technology that supports these disciplines. For more than a decade the company has worked with many of the region’s leading enterprises to enhance the performance of their business processes and develop their internal BPM capabilities. The company is focused on helping customers achieve their goals using business process centric management approaches.
KINSHIP DIGITAL offers a variety of smart services, frameworks and processes that help clients take control, succeed and lead in the world of Social. Many people feel that Social is a world outside of their control. Kinship Digital prides itself on putting the power back into clients’ hands. Kinship Digital’s difference is a laser-­‐beam focus on keeping it simple and providing frameworks so clients can use it again and again – ensuring you can set up, implement and report on your social activity in the language and with metrics that executive teams will appreciate.
RUPPELLS GRIFFON specialises in the use of geospatial analytics and technology to help businesses turn data into Knowledge through geospatial data collection, analysis and visualisation. The company utilises science, location intelligence and information technology to provide expert consulting and products to support organisations. Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is the most powerful and comprehensive decision making tool available for businesses today. Ruppells Griffon service and work in partnership with a large variety of industries to deliver superior geospatial services and innovative products.
GEOMOBY helps you create the next generation of location aware apps. In just a few clicks you can deploy inEinite geofences/microfences around any venue. The platform enables AUSSIES TO WATCH
developers and businesses to interact and learn from their mobile users. The company’s cloud-­‐based platform relies on a plug-­‐in being installed into an existing or new mobile application in order to extract anonymous location data. When a GeoMoby powered phone enters a geofence (a virtual boundary around a geographical location), it reports back to the cloud and the rules-­‐
engine determines if it’s appropriate to send the mobile user a message or send a request to a server. It can be anything from coupons, automatic payments to tourist information.
HEALTHKIT is a global platform for patients and practitioners around the world that is making healthcare efEicient, effective and accessible for everyone and everywhere. With practitioners in over 40 countries globally, Health Kit is one of the widest networks of practitioners and patients in the world. Health informatics has more potential to save lives than drug innovations alone. “Big Data for health”, as it has been dubbed uses anonymized health data to Eind correlations and connections between previously unrelated parameters within patient and population sets in order to cure the world’s health problems, improving and saving millions of lives.
CONCEPT SAFETY SYSTEMS (CSS) specialises in smart solutions for Eire safety training needs. The CSS team is comprised of ex-­‐
Eire and rescue professionals, safety training experts and communications gurus. Established in 2008 the recognition of Concept Safety Systems’ programs has expanded the company's portfolio nationwide and across a wide range of industries from mining to the government sector to small business. CSS programs have garnered endorsements from the industry’s gold standard of Eire safety, the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services have trained more than 100,000 users; CSS’s unique online approach has been speciEically designed as a streamline solution to regulation requirements.
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Bulletproof appoints new Southern
Region Manager
Akamai strengthens APAC team with
senior appointments
Australia’s premier cloud services specialist Bulletproof (ASX:BPF) Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the global leader in has announced it has appointed Neil Waller to lead its Southern Region Sales team. Bulletproof’s latest recruit comes off the back of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, has made signiEicant additions to its team in Asia PaciEic and Japan, with the following a solid year of growth which saw the acquisition of cloud consulting company Pantha Corp in December. It also reported a senior appointments: Michael M. Afergan has been appointed Senior Vice President, Products, Asia PaciEic & Japan (APJ). He is 46.5 per cent increase in total revenue for the half year ending December 2014 to $11.9 million. Responding to growing demand responsible for leading the region’s product development and product management teams, designing and developing products from Australia’s second largest city, Bulletproof opened a dedicated Melbourne ofEice last year to deliver improved localised for local markets, and for overseeing product and technical engagement with customers and key partners. Dr. Afergan joined support for existing clients while simultaneously growing its portfolio of clients in the region. Waller will help strengthen Akamai in 1999 as one of Akamai’s Eirst technical leaders and has since served as Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Bulletproof’s presence in Melbourne and will lead sales efforts in the region, with a strong focus on a 360–degree customer Web Experience Division, as Chief Technology OfEicer, and has held key roles within Akamai’s Engineering and Product organizations. experience — including technical support and ongoing service delivery management. Prior to joining Bulletproof, Waller was a Prior to Akamai, he was the second employee at Constant Contact, a pioneering software as a service (SaaS) provider, and ran a Senior Account Manager at Rackspace, climbing up the ranks to become Head of Install Base Sales, where he grew the team to 10 in software consulting company for over ten years. Dr. Afergan moves to Singapore from Akamai's corporate headquarters in Cambridge, a span of two years.
Massachusetts. Lalitha Bhaskara joins Akamai as Vice President, Corporate Development, Asia PaciEic and Japan. In this role, Ms. LivePerson positions for growth and
announces new Senior appointment
LivePerson, a leading provider of digital engagement solutions, has announced the appointment of Steve Fitzjohn as Regional Director for Asia PaciEic at LivePerson, based in Melbourne. Fitzjohn succeeds Dustin Dean who has now assumed a new role as Bhaskara will be responsible for all corporate development and strategic partnership activities within APJ, helping the company expand its strategic presence and investments in the region.
PowerHealth appoints Makrid to
Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Customer Success at LivePerson, overseeing the US and APAC. As part of his new role, PowerHealth is a private Australian software development company specialising in activity based costing, hospital billing and Fitzjohn will oversee LivePerson’s operations in Australia and New Zealand, driving further growth across the region and working patient safety solutions. The company has grown from a one-­‐man band in the nineties to a signiEicant workforce today with closely to support the company’s existing customer and partner base. He will also be responsible for driving uptake for the worldwide ofEices and clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and company’s customer engagement solutions across a number of key vertical sectors, including: telecommunications, tourism, aviation, the Middle East. As the company enters a new phase of expansion, the board is looking to bolster its strategic marketing expertise on Einance and retail. In addition, a key part of Fitzjohn’s remit will be to replicate the success LivePerson has had in ANZ, across the the board to drive further growth. Chairman Daryl Stillwell said, “Marc Makrid has extraordinary marketing and business expertise broader APAC region focusing on expanding the company’s footprint in markets including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. and we are delighted to welcome him to the PowerHealth Solutions board of directors. Marc brings to PowerHealth Solutions a wealth Fitzjohn has over 15 years of experience and has held a series of senior management positions at a number of telecommunications, of experience in marketing and business development strategy, as well as organisation culture, executive mentoring and coaching, energy and eCommerce companies in Australia. Fitzjohn joined LivePerson following the acquisition of Engage, an Australian management, human resources expertise and considerable cross-­‐
industry executive experience from serving on organisation provider of cloud-­‐based customer contact solutions, in 2012. During his tenure at Engage as Sales Director for APAC, Fitzjohn boards.” Marc is currently the Managing Director of Makrid Preiss & Associates, Chairman of Mitani Foods and Angelakis, Deputy achieved exemplary growth trajactory closing major accounts with top 100 companies, establishing global relationships, and Chairman of Neutrog Fertilisers, Advisory Board Member of Barossa Valley Brewing, and Board Member of Cold Logic, Seeley strengthening new distribution channels.
International, South Adelaide Football Club, Campion Education, Tristar Electrical, and Guide Dogs SA/NT.
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