YOUR 90 Day plan

YOUR 90 Day plan
The fastest way to build our business is by chunks of 90 days or 13 weeks, here is
the outline for this or any 90 day action plan, we have resources for all the
During the next few days I will be going through many of these points. I also have
included some links for more information. This may seen overwhelm for some,
yet, it is simpler than starting a new business or even getting a new job!
-. Set up and personalize your website. Check the tutorial in your backoffice.
-. STUDY including
-. Order Tools: Enrolling Pads, Launch Party kit, Prosper Magazines, Michael
Clouse CD, flipchart at If you can afford only one, get the Home
Business kit that includes several tools.
.-If you have a facebook account, make sure you clean your profile.
-. Fill your distributor goal and commitment form, even if you did it before.
Click Here for the PDF form
Click Here if you are not familiar with this. This is a training with Kathy Coover.
-. Go for consultant in 48 Hours or Less, if you are already a Consultant, become
one again!!
-. Go for Manager in 30 days or Less, if you are already a Manager, do it again!
-. Go for Director in 60 days or Less, if you are already one, do it again!
-. Go for Executive in 90 days or Less, if you are already one, do it again!
Click here for the Crystal Manager, Director and Executive charts.
-. How much income do you want to earn monthly by the end of the 90 days?
-. Why?
-. How many cycles is that per month?
-. What rank is that? Here are the ranks link.
-. Fitness goal
Develop your story, follow these steps:
1. Where you were before Isagenix
2. Where you are now
3. Where are your future goals with Isagenix
4. Why you are sharing with your prospects.
To see a webinar on how to create the perfect story click here
These three steps are ESSENTIAL.
1. Make your list: Rewrite and update your list. This is VERY important! Below
are some ways to have a great list, you can use one strategy or several:
.-Use the memory jogger from here.
.-Check your Cellphone.
.- Find your friends, family, schoolmates, etc on Social Media like Facebook
.-Go to product shows, flea markets, business seminars, etc and collect
cards. You do not talk about Isagenix, just collect names!
.- Join business groups in your area.
.- Join groups in Facebook and Linkedin.
.- Network with people.
.-Add friends in social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, etc.
.- Post on Social Media.
.-Collect business cards.
.- Ask for referrals.
2. Connect:
.-Call your list using the scripts in and
.-Connect with people on Social Media like Facebook, Linkedin, etc.
.-Connect with people you meet, in person or by phone.
3. Present: Use the tools:
.-Home presentations, the home kit is the ideal tool, buy it here. Only $29.
.-Send to people links to your videos on your website.
.-Send people to webinars.
.-Invite people to presentations.
.-Pass-out Michael Clouse CD.
.-Pass-out Prosper Magazine.
.-One on one presentations. Use flip chart and tools.
3. Follow-up:
.-Three way calls.
.-Use the scripts.
.-Use tools like your isagenix videos.
.-Learn how to answer objections.
.-Keep a list on your email system or any other system of the people you
have contacted.
The great thing in our business is that we have GREAT tools that make
presentations easier. The videos and webinars on the internet are great tools, and
the Launch Party Kit presentation has a great training and come with tools for
presentations, including enrolling pad, some brochures, a DVD with a presentation
and more.
When you are doing the presentations, use the video Why Isagenix or the flip
chart. , explain the payplan by following the paper presentation by Lynn Hagerdon
and the power of Consultant.
Below is the link for the five part presentation I did for both Lynn’s and the power
of Consultant, very simple and short.
Here is the link:
Follow the video link here for a whole explanation on your action plan.
Click here
The most important skill to create growth in your group is to get people to events,
and below are some important events.
.- Learn how to promote events to your team and prospects like home
presentations, presentations, IsaU, Celebrations and other Isagenix events.
.-Register to an IsaU.
.-Register to Celebration in August.
More about this in coming trainings.
Find one or more accountability partners, this is a very important part of your
growth, make sure your partner is ALSO accountable to you.
.-This is important, do NOT criticize, just offer positive feed back, although make
sure you are straight to the point.
.-Encourage each other and never put your partner down.
.-Meet a couple of times a week on the phone to discuss goals and wins.
Your focus will be on IPAs or Income Producing Activities. These are the activities
that will get you to Signing up associates and or Selling products, that’s it!
You set apart a minimum of ONE hour to do that, what do you do in that hour? The
prospecting system:
Step 1: Connect with at least FIVE people today!
Step 2: Have at least TWO people looking at any Isagenix tool.
Step 3: Follow-up.
Also, set some time per day to listen or read personal AND business growth, this is
done OUTSIDE of the time that you choose to prospect.
Read and listen to personal growth material, replace the news with something
uplifting, listen to personal and business growth material in your car.
Here are some books I recommend:
.- Think and Growth Rich by Napoleon Hill
.-The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
.- Risk is the new Safe by Randy Gage
.-Go Pro by Eric Worre, This is the most practical book for building in network