How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan

How to Quickly and Easily
Create a Profitable Tutoring
Business Plan
In This Report: We’ll examine how to easily create a profitable
tutoring business plan by adapting ―generic‖ business plans to
focus on building a successful tutoring business.
Tim Heeter
Coxswain Marketing LLC
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
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How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
About the Author
Tim Heeter
Tim Heeter has taught middle school and high school science, tutored elementary and
high school students, and now helps other tutors build their tutoring businesses. To
help tutors at the very beginning stages he created
In addition, his 24-week tutor training course, They Learn You Earn, offers advanced
training for individuals building and marketing their own tutoring businesses.
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How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
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The accompanying Tutoring Business Plan template is designed to be completed
after reading this report. You might want to print it out and make notes in each
section as you go along.
Then you can fill out your ―final draft‖ on another copy.
Use the report as a guide to help you answer the questions.
Remember to be as thorough as you can. The more information you can
provide, the less guessing you will be doing as you start your tutoring business.
But I have a quick warning before we get started.
WARNING: Do not let your business plan sit on your hard drive or
get buried in a file in your desk.
Put your business plan on top of your desk, or on a bulletin
board; put it in a prominent place where you can see it every
day. It should be there to remind you of your goals and to
encourage you as you make progress.
OK, Ready?
It’s time to quickly and easily build your profitable tutoring business plan.
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
One of the biggest reasons people fail in business is due to failure to follow a
profitable plan. Your tutoring business will experience the same result if you do not
have a solid road map.
The purpose of this report is to help you quickly and easily create a profitable
tutoring business plan so that you can quickly and easily begin making profits
from your efforts.
This requires two distinct steps, namely 1) creating a profitable plan, and 2)
following that plan.
This report deals with the first part of this equation. Specifically, it deals with how
to quickly generate a profitable business plan.
Sorry, I cannot really help you with part 2 other than to help
you create a solid business plan that is easy to follow and that
actually works!
Why it Must be Quick
You need to generate your business plan quickly so you can begin making profits
quickly. After all, that is the goal of your business venture, right? To make a profit.
You will not benefit from creating a tutoring business plan over the next three
months or year. If it really takes that long to research your market and the
opportunity you will lose interest and never ever get started.
People who never get start are like those who say, “Ready, Ready, Ready,
Ready!” rather than, “Ready, Aim, Fire!” They are always planning, always
wondering, always questioning. And never actually getting anything done! Honestly,
this is one of the areas where I struggle.
SIDEBAR: On the other side are those who do not make a plan and
blindly try all sorts of ideas without a map to follow. They say,
“Fire, Fire, Fire!” -- I have done this before as well. It does
not work. Because you are reading this I know you understand the
value of having a plan. Congratulations! This is half the battle,
as they say.
Although his tutoring business plan model could be finished in less than an hour, it
is designed to be created and refined in about one week’s time as you go over the
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
material from the “How To Be The Best Tutor You Can Be” over the next week.
(Check your inbox. You should receive the first lesson about one day after receiving
this report.)
My recommendation: Turn off the TV after dinner or after the kids go to bed and read
this report and read through the business plan template. This will give you a good idea of
what you need to think about as you design your business plan in the days ahead. As
you read each of the “How To Be The Best Tutor You Can Be” you will begin to see
how to incorporate each of these into your business plan.
Why it Must be Profitable
By definition a business must return a profit for its owners. That is the goal of all
business. Otherwise all you have is a hobby. This is as true in basic terms as it is in
legal terms for defining a business by the IRS.
By following the steps in this report you will be taking the time to ensure that your
efforts have a much higher chance of providing the financial reward that you desire.
Of course, not all rewards are monetary.
You are motivated by two things: Challenge and reward.
You may not think of it in these terms, but it is true. What is the challenge you are
facing right now that is causing you to think about starting a tutoring business? Are
you struggling to pay your bills? Have you lost a job? Are you a stay-at-home-mom
that wants to add to the family income? Do you want to go on vacation this year?
These challenges cause us to look for solutions.
Finding a solution is often what allows us to obtain the reward. Maybe your reward
is paying the grocery bills or paying an extra payment each month on your
mortgage. The confidence you receive from running a small business might itself
be enough of a reward for you. Or you may have the goal to earn enough for a trip
to Paris, New Zealand, or to send your children to college.
So enough chatter about working quickly to generate your profitable tutoring
business plan, let’s get started.
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
Start with the Basics of a Normal Business Plan Process
The best model I have used for generating a tutoring business plan is to start with
the basic goals of typical business plans and adapt it to the specifics of tutoring.
You can do this quite simply following the steps in this report.
A simple way to organize the information about your business is to define the
following five categories.
These are all found in ―typical business plans‖.
Information about the company
Vision of the company
Your company’s mission
Your goals
Your strategies and action plans
To adapt them to your tutoring business will take a little work. But I have already
done that for you. This report will help you take the five basic categories above
and focus like a laser on specific, detailed questions about how you will operate
your tutoring business.
We’ll take each one step by step.
Your Business Foundation: The Basics
Use this space to produce a general description of your business. Be as thorough as
you can. Some items may not apply in your specific situation. If you do not know
the answer to a question you need to take some time and research this topic. This
is part of being a business owner; you are developing new knowledge and skills.
What is your company name?
TUTOR TIP: Deciding how to name your business is an important decision. I
recommend you at least think about choosing something that is very descriptive of the
tutoring services that you offer. This will help in your advertising efforts, especially when
you begin using the power of the internet to market your business online.
For example, “Math and Science Tutoring by Tim” is much more descriptive than “Raven
Tutoring” or “Mason City Tutoring”. Do not limit yourself to obscure mascots or
references, and think about how geographical boundaries can limit you as well. This
limits your opportunities to add other services later. (Think about the possibility of adding
other locations, online tutoring, etc.)
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
It is certainly OK to use a less descriptive name. But regardless of what you choose, it is
well worth taking the time to think about this in the beginning and match your name with
your goals. Of course, you can always change your name later as needed as well. (but
that can be a bit of a daunting task---my best advice is to take the time right from the
start to do it right)
How will your business be organized?
This includes deciding whether you will operate as a Sole Proprietor, LLC, or other
business entity, as well as other organization options.
NOTE: While business structures are beyond the scope of this report,
they are covered in more detail in my They Learn You Earn training
course. Most of the students who take my course (99%) start out as a
sole-proprietor. This is my best recommendation; but certainly not
legal advice. Talk to your attorney or accountant.
Will you be the only one working on your business? Will you have a partner?
What is your method of record keeping and accounting? Cash based or accrual? (I
use cash based and so do virtually all of my students) Start with a system that
works for you. Do not worry about how other people do it.
Vision and Mission of the Business
Companies will spend thousands of dollars and hours of meetings trying to come up
with the perfect vision and mission statements for their business. But this is really a
waste of time.
They make it way more difficult than it really is.
But it is important!
In order to determine the vision and mission for your company you must ask
yourself just one question.
How does my business put value in people’s lives?
People will exchange money for something of value. You may be the best tutor in
your county, but if you cannot show someone why your products or services are
valuable to them you will never sell your services.
Your company’s mission is to provide products and services that provide that value
to your clients. Of course, depending on your skills, talents, and resources, those
products and services will vary. But the focus is always the same; provide value for
people’s lives.
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
Your Goals
No business plan is complete without setting some goals for your business. You
need to start with a larger overall goal, but then focus down until you get to small
manageable chunks. This becomes your business startup checklist.
Set goals for:
1. Three years from now
2. One year from now
3. The next 90 days
First, define your goal for how you want to your business to look 3 years from
now. How many clients will you have? What will your advertising be? Will you have
any other tutors working with you or for you? How much income will you make?
Give your grand vision for everything you hope your business will be in 3 years
Now do the same for 1 year. One year is not very long; it goes fast. Be realistic
here, but at the same time set your sights high.
Finally, what is your goal for the next 90 days?
Next to your 30 day action plan that you will complete below, is the most critical
goal setting stage. The decisions you make and actions taken in this short time will
greatly impact the success of your business.
Make your goals specific and measurable.
Example: Do not state “In 90 days I want to have new clients.” Instead say, “In 90 days,
I will have 10 new clients.” Writing specific and measurable goals will help you track your
Make your goals sequential.
Example: Let’s say your goal is to start by offering piano lessons and then have a recital
for your students. This is fairly vague.
You might be better off setting your goals in this manner:
1. Obtain 10 new beginning piano students by the end of September
2. Offer advanced courses to retain clients starting at the beginning of the second
school semester
3. Expand to 20 piano students by start of 2nd semester (beginners and advanced)
4. Put on a Spring piano recital program for beginners and advanced students
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
Notice how these step-by-step goals seem to flow together quite easily.
Otherwise, the jump from piano lessons to recital can seem quite difficult. (Unless
you have done this before and know exactly what you are doing. In that case, you
already have your plan.)
SIDENOTE: Notice how this step-by-step plan I offer would allow help
you to market your business. You are a piano teacher (or tutor, the
title is irrelevant) that has a lot of students, graduates students to
advanced levels of learning (more products and services), and you have
enough students to put on quite a show.
Chances are this show will impress a lot of people and serve as a
recruiting tool to gather more students, make you more in demand, and
allow you to build your business reputation. This is where the magic of
successful business building really begins; but it happens step by
As a reminder, make sure your 90 day goals are ―just right‖, not too ambitious and
not too…well…‖un‖ambitious. We’re talking Goldilocks style here.
Challenge yourself, set your goals high, and take action. READY, AIM, FIRE!
Strategies and Action plans
The business strategies and action plans you will use to start and succeed in your
business will be determined by the following detailed business questions. These
questions will help you fine tune your market, define your customer, and provide
solutions that are valuable to your clients.
7 High Priority Questions for Your Tutoring Business Plan
1. Who are your target customers?
2. What problems do they want to solve?
3. Where and what are they buying already? Where are they buying it?
Where are they getting tutored already? (In other words, who is your
4. What resources do they already read, listen to, use? Do they go online, or
look to books and magazines? Do they hire local consultants (adults,
5. What keywords do they search for when they go online?
SIDENOTE: Many people now go to the Internet for information
as their first resource. This is the reason that your business
plan must include building a website at some time, when the
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
time is right! Get started with your business and then add a
website when you have had a chance to best see how it can help
your business. (Actually, even an online tutor does not need
their own website. But I think you will eventually find it is
one of your best marketing tools—if done right!)
6. Are there any changes in these questions occurring right now? (are there
any changing trends?)
You can make an impact in your market right away if you are first to capitalize on
a new trend in your area. For example, if a school is shutting down an after
school program that offered homework help, this would be a great time to offer
homework assistance from your tutoring business to those families affected.
Details for Your Business Model—determined by answers to questions listed
above—this is why we answer those questions first.
WARNING: If you really love the saxophone it can be really tempting to
think every student in your area is dying to find a saxophone tutor.
But don’t let your passion and interests alone dictate what products
and services you offer. Unless there is a demand for what you offer you
will never have a successful tutoring business. (This is not to say
that you don’t follow your own passion. As How To Be The Best Tutor You
Can Be says, this will help as you develop, market, and brand your
What products will you offer? Here are some different questions to help think
about the way your business offers services and products.
1. If you only offer individual tutoring you are not a business. You are a
service provider this close to losing all of your income streams (i.e. your
only income stream).
2. Think about ways you can offer more services, or different products.
3. Can you tutor individuals and small groups?
4. Tutor for daycares (especially foreign language and music)?
5. Tutor for adults or even local businesses.
Example: Tutoring in language for management of company with a
lot of foreign language speakers as employees, or training
workers in computer applications.
6. Offer different locations for personal tutoring such as at the client’s home,
at the library, or at study hall at school.
7. Offer online tutoring, or solution assistance.
8. Offer other extras to your clients like Math Parties (play wild and crazy
games that have some math connection) or the Spanish Dinner Club ( for
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
example: once a month, cook an authentic Latin American dinner focusing
on a different part of the Spanish speaking world). Invite parents and
family. Label utensils and food with appropriate names and let everyone
in on the fun. Really liven up the mood by having a Mariachi band and
margaritas (OK, just kidding on the margaritas! ;-)
Once you get your creative juices flowing you will probably be able to think of
all sorts of ideas for products and services you could provide to your clients.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that you include your unique selling point for
each product—free or paid. Why is this item or service of value to
your client? Why should they get it from you? What special offer do
you have for them? Design the product to meet a need a provide
value. And advertise and market that product by highlighting the
benefits to your clients.
9. What are the prices behind these products, and why?
Do you know what the going rate is? Why is yours higher or lower?
How can you raise your prices by raising the perceived value of
your products?
10.What makes you different from the competition? (obviously, focus on how
your strengths are different here)
11.What will be your tutoring brand/image? For more information on this,
see chapter 2 of 5 Practices of Wildly Profitable Tutors.
12.What schedule will you tutor on? How is this of value to busy soccer
moms, single parents, people who work night shift, etc.
Advertising and Building Your List
The secret weapon I use for attracting and retaining clients is a very specific
system for communicating with my clients. This allows me to keep my clients
well informed and shows we are always making progress.
More information about this subject is found in Chapter 5 of How To Be The Best
Tutor You Can Be.
Successful business owners understand that the ―money is in the list‖. It is much
easier to sell your services to a contact that is aware of your products and services
than someone who is not. As How To Be The Best Tutor You Can Be explains,
COMMUNICATION is the most critical marketing and client retention
strategy that you can use to build your business.
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
Imagine if you always had a steady stream of clients and hardly ever had to
advertise to get more. High numbers of repeat customers are a dream
scenario for your business, or for any business.
In order to build your communication system, think about these important points.
1. How will you build and communicate with your list of clients and potential
2. Your lists are the lifeblood of your business. There are 3 types of lists
i. Potential clients (leads who might need what you offer)
ii. current clients (who have found you provide services they need)
iii. and former clients (who you want to come back as soon as they
have a need you can fill—and will provided you met their need last
3. If you own a website, it can be subscribers to your e-mail courses, RSS
feeds, blogs, podcasts or even basic visitors to your site.
4. It can be a spreadsheet full of names and addresses.
5. How do you collect names and phone numbers, etc.?
6. How often do you communicate with them?
7. How is the content that you send to them created?
The biggest waste of time in your tutoring business will be going through the work
of getting a new client (or even a client lead) and failing to continue
communicating with them in some meaningful way.
A system for communicating with your clients and leads will be the difference
maker and will make you stand out from the competition.
Your Basic Marketing Plan in 7 Sentences
I came across a terrific book the other day and knew I had to add this great tip to
this report. Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the acclaimed ―Guerilla Marketing‖
series, writes in his book, ―Guerilla Marketing For Free‖ that you should come up
with a basic marketing plan before you actually begin advertising and marketing
your business.
And of course, this is why you have worked through the questions in the previous
two sections.
Here is a summary of Jay Conrad Levinson’s approach to creating and refining a
marketing plan in seven simple sentences. (I highly recommend any of
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
Levinson’s books—just two or three ideas could make all the difference for your
Instructions: Write one sentence to answer each of the following…
1. Describe the purpose of your marketing
2. Emphasize the largest benefit that will entice people to choose your tutoring
3. Describe your target audience. (remember, you actually have two – parents
and students!)
4. Describe all of the marketing tactics you will use (hopefully this is a long
5. Identify your niche—or what you stand for. Is it quality, success rates,
average grade improvement, online tutoring, advanced courses, or other?
6. State your identity—your company personality and who you are. (remember,
your business should be a reflection of your personality, talents, and gifts.
7. Project marketing budget for the year…perhaps give a startup monthly
amount and then a percentage of monthly revenue. (how will you decide how
much to spend?)
List of Required Materials and Resources
One of the biggest benefits of starting a tutoring business is the low cost to get
started; there are very few resources needed compared to other small business
ventures. I literally started my tutoring business with just one tool.
My brain. OK I used a pencil too! ;-)
I tutored students before and after school when I was teaching full time and simply
pulled out a pencil to help.
SIDENOTE: Some readers will catch the fact that I was tutoring before
and after school while I was teaching and ask whether this is ethical
because, “Shouldn’t a teacher be helping students at this time anyway?”
Good question, and you’re right to ask. I actually tutored in subjects
other than I taught, and held my sessions outside of “normal” school
hours. I tutored math and reading and actually taught science. I did
not charge anything for helping and students with science, even if they
did come to a tutoring session.
Back to materials I used.
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
Students provided their textbook and a sheet of paper. This is all we really needed
to get started!
I did this for a full semester, gathering more students along the way, until I realized
I could make a good pile of cash on the side if I really worked at this. Duh!
At this point I did not go out and buy all sorts of curriculum and materials,
however. I was getting serious, and was ready to expand, but did not want to rent
my own office space or anything. I wanted to grow my business without a lot of
upfront cost.
Thankfully I did this part smartly. And my total cost to ―expand‖?
Zero. That’s right, I tripled my weekly income without spending a penny.
How did I do it?
I found an opportunity by looking for a need I could help fulfill. In my school
I knew there were lots of students with reading difficulties. I had the idea to start a
little reading clinic.
I was able to get 5 students to sign up for my reading program right away. Even
better, I was able to persuade the school to provide the reading curriculum
materials. All I had to do was show up three days a week and help the students
work through the materials. The parents were more than happy to pay for the extra
attention I could provide for them.
The students, the parents, and the school were all thrilled with the results.
I say this just to make the point that you can grow your tutoring
business without spending a lot of money.
That being said, every business has some expenses. Here is a list of the basic
materials you will find helpful in starting your business. I am sure you can work
with a lot less and could just as easily come up with more.
1. A computer and internet access – not necessarily required, but extremely
helpful these days and most households have them (or at least access to
2. Advertising materials (just some ideas)
a. Business cards
b. Flyers
c. Yard signs, vehicle magnets, etc
d. website
3. Basic office supplies
4. Documentation
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
a. Tutoring policies
b. Session schedule/rates/etc.
c. Tutoring contract if you want (They Learn You Earn members
learn why I believe you should never use one!)
d. Client contact/info forms
e. Session Log sheets for record keeping/measuring progress
Develop Your Action Plan
Once you are satisfied with your overall business plan strategy it is time to
develop your Action Plan.
What is an Action Plan?
An action plan is a set of tasks and strategies you will implement in a specific
timeframe in order to reach your immediate and future business goals.
I have two recommendations when creating your action plan.
1. Make a plan for your first month and put special emphasis on the first
2. Break tasks into smaller, easy to complete steps.
Here is the logic behind this. To start, if you make a plan for more than 30 days you
will most likely get behind, or procrastinate, or even worse, get frustrated and
forget the tasks altogether. It is more important to give yourself some goals to
complete over a short span of time to help you focus and be successful. (sounds a
lot like advice for students, doesn’t it?!  )
You will always need to set aside some time for strategic planning.
Initially I recommend every 30 days. After you are successful for a while and have
your business up and running, you will be able to move strategic planning to every
90 days. I do not recommend any longer periods than that. In fact, you may find
you work better planning every 30 days. Do what works best for you.
Secondly, by focusing on the first week you can make sure you get off to a
great start. You will have boundless energy in the first weeks of a new business
venture. Make sure to challenge yourself and set yourself a set of goals that are all
vital to the growth of your business.
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
In other words, do not decide you will spend an afternoon choosing the letterhead
for your stationery. That is not critical.
Sample Action Plan
Finally, to give you a little help, here is a brief example of how I might make an
action plan for my first month. Notice each goal is specific and has a deadline in the
first week. I create new deadlines each week, so the following weeks do not have a
timeline assigned yet to allow for changes in circumstances, etc.
1. Week
2. Week
3. Week
4. Week
Setup new business bank account-Monday afternoon
Setup e-mail accounts-Monday evening
Obtain 1-800 telephone number-Monday evening
Write policies and procedures-What do I want parents and students to
do when they arrive, make payments, have to cancel, etc.—Tuesday
Make appointment with accountant-Tuesday
Determine products and services-at least 2 options-Wednesday
Advertising materials
i. Get business cards printed-Thursday evening
ii. Design flyers and print them out-Thursday evening
Pass out Flyers at schools on Friday and at local bulletin boards on
Saturday morning
Tell at least three of my neighbors about my new business
Distribute letter to teachers and counselors at local schools
i. Include business cards
Meet with accountant
Post more flyers—choose at least 10 different locations
Go to 3 schools and ask for old curriculum materials—textbooks etc.—
to be used for resources
i. Reserve a domain name
ii. Choose a hosting company
iii. Install blog software
iv. Fill out about me pages
v. Write 5 posts about learning the subject that I tutor
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
Notice I did not really include any time to actually tutor. The
action plan is more how you will market your business and the
schedule that you use for tutoring is determined in your policies
and procedures section above.
Putting it All Together
After thinking about each of these areas of the business plan for a period of about a
week take action!
Write out your plan. There is no wrong answer to start. ―Let your gut guide you‖ so
to speak.
I then recommend you ―sit on it‖ for another day or so. Keep thinking about your
business venture and how you will accomplish the tasks in your tutoring business
It might be a good time to share your plan with someone else and get their ideas;
the classic ―two heads are better than one‖ strategy.
IMPORTANT: The person you choose is very important here. Do not choose
someone who is negative and always has the assumption that things will
not work out. Instead find a positive goal-setting individual (maybe
another successful small business owner) and get their input. This is
called networking, and can be a tremendous source of inspiration and
valuable ideas as you are building your business.
So what are you waiting for? Get started on your business plan and get started on
your business!
Best regards,
Tim Heeter
© 2008 Tim Heeter – All Rights Reserved.
How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
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How to Quickly and Easily Create a Profitable Tutoring Business Plan
Get More Step-By-Step Help Building and
Marketing Your Tutoring Business
Get more reports, lessons, templates, mind maps, videos, and more included with
They Learn You Earn, the 24-lesson training course designed to help you build and
market your own tutoring business. (Tutors who are already tutoring will have lots
to learn as well).
Some subjects covered are:
Documents needed to start a tutoring business
Unique ideas for tutoring individual subjects-math, Spanish, music, etc.
Using video email to ―wow‖ your clients
Cheap and effective advertising methods
How to Double Your Client List and Your Profits
For a complete course outline visit
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