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Cover image
A direct numerical simulation of incompressible magnetohydrodynamic plasma turbulence in the presence of a strong guide field. The resolution
of the simulation is 2048x2048x128. The image shows the presence and development of strong current sheets and instabilities in the current
density, in one of the planes perpendicular to the guide field. Overlaid on this is an image of a solar prominence eruption observed by the NASA
Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) on March 16, 2013. Simulation image is provided by Dr. Romain Meyrand and the SDO image is from the SDO
Gallery, image 187 [].
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ISSN 1364-503X | Volume 373 | Issue 2041 | 13 May 2015
The Society’s strategic priorities emphasise its
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Dissipation and heating in solar wind turbulence
Theme issue compiled and edited by Khurom H. Kiyani, Kareem T. Osman and Sandra C. Chapman
Dissipation and heating in solar wind turbulence
• Supporting outstanding science
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A | Volume 373 | Issue 2041 | 13 May 2015
The Royal Society is a self-governing Fellowship
of many of the world’s most distinguished scientists
drawn from all areas of science, engineering, and
medicine. The Society’s fundamental purpose, as it
has been since its foundation in 1660, is to recognise,
promote, and support excellence in science and to
encourage the development and use of science for
the benefit of humanity.
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