Make Your Plans to Attend RSMCA Convention!

Distracted Driving – Impact on Employee
Safety and Employer Liability
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Make Your Plans to Attend RSMCA Convention!
The 2015 RSMCA Convention is almost upon
us and this
event will
prove to
be one of
the best
ever! The
King and
Prince will,
again, be
our host
and we
can’t wait
to see
everyone! This year’s speaker line-up is
outstanding and the
Convention agenda is
packed with valuable
information to help
your business be
more successful. The
dates are July 23rd –
25th, registration
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and hotel
Industry News
reservations are
now open online at
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newsletter and
Convention Sponsor
mail/fax back. Hotel
contact information:
1-800-342-0212, ask
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for the RSMCA Room
In addition to the education benefits of
attending the Convention, there is an
abundance of fun to be had too! Join us at the
reception Thursday and Friday nights with the
closing dinner and casino night on Saturday!
This year’s highlights:
NRCA Update: NRCA President,
Lindy Ryan
Brace for Impact: Create Your
Own Flight Plan - Dave Sanderson,
Passenger on US Airways Flight 1549
“The Miracle on the Hudson”
 Distracted Driving: Impact on
Employee Safety and Employer
Liability - David Teater, Senior
Director, National Safety Council
 Lean Construction: Gary Clevenger,
Bring your family and enjoy free time on the
beach together! The Beach Olympics were
such a hit, we’re doing it again!
If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy the
award-winning King and Prince Golf Course,
take advantage of this opportunity on Friday
afternoon! Don’t miss the RSMCA Convention
for education, networking, and all-around fun!
President’s Message
Rain, rain, go away! Ugh! I am
sure everyone watches the
weather station as much as I do
to see if we will have enough
clear weather to work. We fight
so many elements in this
industry all at one time. Is it too
cold for the product to adhere? Is it time
to caution workers about the intense hot
weather? Is the 30% chance of rain
going to hit me this morning or this
afternoon? Do I dare take a chance on
tearing that roof off when it is supposed
to rain in three days - which could change
overnight and be here tomorrow? We
have to be able to predict the weather on
top of everything else! Such is the nature
of this industry.
Speaking of weather, I know we are
hoping and praying for good weather the
week of July 23rd. It’s Convention time
again July 23rd – 25th, so mark your
calendars! This year’s convention lineup
is one you will not want to miss.
To hit on a few, NRCA’s first female
President, Lindy Ryan will be here to give
us an update on current and upcoming
changes within this great organization.
You will not want to miss Dave
Sanderson’s speech “Brace for Impact:
Create your own Flight Plan”. Mr.
Sanderson was one of the passengers
aboard Flight 1549 that went down in the
Hudson River in 2009. This will be a topic
even spouses may want to attend. His
remarkable story is truly inspiring even
The children’s Beach Olympics were such
a big hit last year, we are doing them
again thanks to Ms. Amy Jenkins
(Thomson Roofing). This will be another
fun and challenging event that will even
engage the help of some parents. Even if
you do not have children in attendance,
come down to the beach and support this
great program by cheering them on.
Don’t forget to bring your beach bag! You
never know when a little scavenger hunt
may take place that you can help out
with! Ms. Amy also needs a volunteer to
help her. If you are interested, please
call me for her contact information.
If you have not attended a Convention at
the beautiful King and Prince Resort, you
This year’s convention lineup is one you will
not want to miss.
have really been missing out. It’s a great
location, a great facility with great food
and great time will be had by all. Pick up
the phone and invite someone that has
been missing from convention.
We had several companies in attendance
last year that hadn’t been in several
years. Each one commented that they
were so glad they came and sorry they
had been missing out in previous years.
Are you one of them? Have you been
missing out? Watch for your registration
packet and let’s fill this place up! Renew
old acquaintances, get some educational
insights and have some fun. See you
Judy Mock
RSMCA President
Convention Speaker Highlight
David Teater
Senior Director, National
Safety Council
Teater joined the NSC
because of his passion to
save lives, particularly
related to distracted driving. Five years
ago his 12-year-old son, Joe, died in a
crash when the Teater’s car was struck at
an intersection by a young woman who
ran a red light while talking on a cell
phone. Since then, Teater has made it his
life's work to advocate for the need to
stop cell phone use while driving. David
has spoken to many groups and appeared
before several legislatures, advocating for
bans on cell phone use while driving.
Through leadership, research, education,
and advocacy, the National Safety Council
( saves lives by preventing
injuries and deaths at work, in homes, on
the roads and throughout the community.
Dave Sanderson
Inspirational survivor,
speaker and author.
His thoughts on
leadership have made
him a nationally soughtout speaker.
When US Airways Flight
1549, or “The Miracle on
the Hudson,” ditched into
the Hudson River on January 15, 2009,
Dave Sanderson knew he was exactly
where he was supposed to be. As the last
passenger off the back of the plane on
that fateful day, he was largely
responsible for the well-being and safety
of others, risking his own life in frigid
water to help other passengers off the
Despite the hazards to himself, Sanderson
thought only of helping others and
emerged from the wreckage with a
mission: to encourage others to do the
right thing. In this stirring presentation,
Sanderson shares the story of Flight 1549
revealing the inner strength it took to
make it through the day, and how
teamwork, leadership, and state
management can help overcome any
RSMCA Events
RSMCA’s First Annual
Pheasant Shoot – A Huge
feedback so that we can consider if
this is something we should do again.
This would be a great way to get
together once or twice a year (and to
raise some money) for those in the
organization who don’t golf.
That being said it was great to see
everyone who participated and a
special thanks to Mrs. Judy & Mrs.
Gina for helping to ensure that we all
had plenty of shells and water while
Look forward to seeing everyone soon
at convention! God Bless!
First I would like to thank everyone
who attended the first ever RSMCA
Pheasant Shoot. Considering that I
booked our hunt the week before the
NRCA convention, I think we had a
good turnout of hunters. Everyone
who attended had a great time. I
know I did! I would also like to take a
moment to thank all of our sponsors
and the wonderful staff at Beaver
Pond Farms for hosting us and
providing a safe and enjoyable place
to get together and enjoy the great
outdoors. Speaking of safety there
were a lot of “low birds” flying that
day and as a group we did a great job
of knowing when to “pull-up” and let a
bird pass or not take the shot. That
being said we shot around 110 birds
about 50% of what was released. Not
bad for our group’s first time out.
Over all, we raised a little over
$3,000.00 after all costs were paid
including our breakfast and lunch!
Please feel free to send in any
Johnathan Glisson
RSMCA Secretary/Treasurer
NRCA & Industry News
TECTA America’s Lindy Ryan
Elected President of the National
Roofing Contractors Association
Lindy Ryan, senior vice president of Tecta
America Southeast LLC, Sanford, Fla., has
been elected the next president of the
National Roofing Contractors Association
(NRCA). Ryan, who will be the first
woman in NRCA history to assume the
role of president, will serve for the 201516 fiscal year.
“Lindy has been
incredibly active in
NRCA for many years,
and has a terrific grasp
of the issues facing the
industry,” says William
Good, NRCA’s Executive
Vice President. “More
important, she has a
great collaborative style
that will suit her well in
her position of
leadership. There’s no
doubt she will make an
excellent NRCA
“I am honored and
excited to serve as
NRCA’s president, and
am looking forward to
working with and
representing the
organization’s valued
members,” Ryan says.
Ryan previously served
as NRCA senior vice
president from 2014-15
and as vice president
from 2011-12 and 201213. In addition, Ryan
has served on a number
of NRCA committees including as vice
president liaison for NRCA’s Technical
Operations Committee as well as a
member of the Health and Safety,
Government Relations, Membership
Steering, and Manual Update committees.
On June 1st, 2015, Ryan will begin her
one-year term as the highest ranking
officer of one of the oldest construction
trade associations in the U.S. We are
proud to host Ms. Ryan at the Annual
RSMCA Convention this July!
News & RSMCA Member Spotlight
Housing starts rise in March
Housing starts rose 2 % from February to
March according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
Construction increased to a seasonally
adjusted annual rate of 926,000 compared
with a revised estimate of 908,000 in
February. Single-family housing starts rose
4.4 % while building permit applications which are viewed as a barometer of future construction, fell 5.7 % in March to 1.04
Housing starts are far above the annual rate
of 478,000 in April 2009, which was the
recession low; however, they were 2.5 %
lower in March than in March 2014. A 1.5
million annual rate is still needed to be
considered healthy.
New Newsletter Series:
RSMCA Contractor Spotlight
Starting with the next publication cycle, a
new series will appear in the newsletter
entitled “RSMCA Contractor Spotlight”. It is
meant to be a fun addition to
the publication where
members get to answer
some unique questions! The
names will be drawn at
random and if your name is
the one drawn, our staff will
contact you. Participation is
optional, but we hope you’ll
share a little about yourself!
It is a great way to have a
chance to talk about your
company and brag about the
great work you do every
day! Please be on the
lookout for this new series!
Green Roofs Take Root in the U.S.
Founded in 1949, Al Johnson's Swedish
Restaurant & Butik in Sister Bay, WI, is known
for the goats on its roof. In 1973, the late
Johnson expanded into a new building and
ordered a traditional sod-roofed building
from Norway. "The walls were constructed,
numbered, disassembled, and shipped to us”,
said son Lars Johnson.
Green roofs have a long tradition in Europe
and the idea is now taking a firm hold in the
United States. Not only is it a truly greenfrom-the-top idea, but it keeps buildings "a
little warmer in the winter months and a little
cooler in the winter months," Johnson said. It
also holds rainwater to limit runoff into Lake
The U.S. Green Building Council introduced
LEED certification parameters for commercial
buildings in 2000, which gave way to the
green roof revival. Green roofs on office
buildings, apartment complexes, and shopping
centers provide insulation and storm water
management. The roof of the new Facebook
building in Menlo Park, Calif., about 70-feet up
in the air, offers nine acres of greenery. Much
like Al Johnson's, newer green roofs are being
designed for the enjoyment of tenants and the
broader community.
"We've got a much better sense of the costs
and the benefits of green roof technology,"
said Steven W. Peck, president of Green Roofs
for Healthy Cities in Toronto. "As the industry
has matured, the costs of putting in a
lightweight roof have fallen." That lower cost
is offset by real savings. The U.S. General
Services Administration has studied green
roofs for their economic benefits and currently
maintains more than 2 million square feet of
them on government buildings. The biggest
advantage is that storm water runoff is
reduced by up to 65 percent, according to the
GSA, as well as significant annual energy
Less quantifiable but important, benefits
include increasing biodiversity, absorbing
noise, reducing overall urban heat levels and
air pollution, and providing space for
recreation and growing edible crops. Green
roofs last an average of 50 years, much
longer than traditional roofs.
A typical, early LEED green roof began as a
plain mat of sedum or local grass species
designed for function. There was often no
public access, as the purpose was strictly
environmental. In short order, building
occupants began inquiring about visits,
architects started adding access, and
landscape designers
aesthetics and
function. Now, green
roofs may be used as
parks, cafes, and
bocce courts.
Patients, families,
and staff at Martha's
Vineyard Hospital in
Martha's Vineyard,
Mass., enjoy a
garden of healing
plants — with a view
of the ocean — on
the roof. The
benefits go far
beyond the
NRCA & Industry News
New Study Finds OSHA
Underestimated the Cost of
Silica Rule for Construction
Industry by $4.5 Billion a Year
On March 26, the Construction Industry
Safety Coalition distributed a press
release (“New Study Finds that OSHA
Officials Underestimated the Cost of Silica
Rule for Construction Industry by $4.5
Billion a Year Adding to Growing List of
Concerns about the Flawed Rule”). The
press release in its entirety is posted
NRCA takes strong exception to the costs
of compliance OSHA suggests in the
proposed rule. A majority of roofing
contractors in the U.S. employ 20 workers
or fewer. In the notice and in its guidance
documents for employers, OSHA states
“the cost to a firm with fewer than 20
employees would average about $550 a
year” to implement the provisions of the
proposal. NRCA believes the cost is vastly
understated, especially with regard to
roofing operations involving the use of
gas-powered hand-held masonry saws
used to cut roofing tiles.
Setting aside the issue of dust-collection
effectiveness, retrofit vacuum
attachments for those saws cost
approximately $160 for the lowest-cost
equipment (Saw Muzzle, made by Dust
Collection Products, San Diego, Calif., has
a suggested retail price of $159.95), and
new portable saws with integrated dust
collection capability range from about
$800 to $2,000.
Specialized vacuums equipped with HEPA
filters generally cost in excess of $300
and HEPA filters alone can cost more than
$100 each. Other accessories may be
required to implement rooftop dust
collection such as auxiliary hoses and
connectors. The basic equipment needed
to outfit just one roofing crew for the dust
collection equipment alone, would far
exceed OSHA’s estimate of total
compliance costs for the company.
And still to be included are costs for air
monitoring, medical surveillance,
recordkeeping and respirators if those are
required. This wide disparity between the
costs projected by the agency and actual
equipment costs in this narrow category
brings into question the value of the
entire data set provided by OSHA in its
Preliminary Economic Analysis used as a
foundation for the rulemaking.
RSMCA Education Update
Upcoming Events
Board Meeting
July 23, 2015
King and Prince, St. Simons Island, GA
RSMCA’s Education Series will resume this
fall with CERTA Torch Training, OSHA
classes and other valuable educational
offerings! Continue to check the website
and make sure you check your email
inbox for details! As soon as we have any
new information available, it will be
posted on the website and an email with
pertinent information will be sent.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone
at the RSMCA Convention at the King and
Prince, St. Simons Island!
RSMCA Convention—Save the
July 23-25, 2015
RSMCA Golf Tournament
October 22, 2015
Heritage Golf Links, Tucker GA
Find out more & register at
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2015 RSMCA Convention Agenda
July 23rd – 25th
King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort
St. Simons Island, GA
Thursday – July 23
1:00-5:00pm Registration – Lobby Foyer
3:00-5:00pm Board Meeting – Solarium
5:30-7:00pm Welcome Reception – Retreat
Open Night for Dinner
Friday – July 24
7:30-8:00am Continental Breakfast – Lanier Ballroom
8:00-8:15am Welcome: Judy Mock, RSMCA President
8:15-9:15am NRCA Update: NRCA President: Lindy Ryan
9:15-9:30am Break
9:30-10:30am Distracted Driving – Impact on Employee Safety and Employer Liability
David Teater, Senior Director, National Safety Council
10:30-10:45am Break
10:45-11:45am Fundamentals of GA Construction Lien Law: Using the Sword and Shield
Effectively - Philip Siegel, Hendrick Phillips Salzman & Flatt
1:00-5:00pm Golf Tournament – King and Prince Golf Course
6:00-8:00pm President’s Reception – Solarium
Open Night for Dinner
Saturday – July 25
8:00-8:30am Continental Breakfast – Lanier Ballroom
8:30-8:45am Welcome: Ted Deaton, RSMCA Vice President
8:45-9:45am Lean Construction / Process Flow for Roofers - Gary Clevenger, CNA
9:45-10:00am Break
10:00-11:00am Current Greatest Liability Risks Faced by Commercial Roofing Contractors
and What to do to Try to Manage Each of Those Risks - Stephen Phillips,
Hendrick Phillips Salzman & Flatt
11:00-11:45am Brace for Impact – Create Your Own Flight Plan
Dave Sanderson, Passenger on US Airways Flight 1549 “The Miracle on the
Hudson” – (Session open to spouses)
11:45am Closing
Open Day for Resort Enjoyment / Kids’ Beach Activities 1 – 3pm
6:30-7:00pm Cocktail Reception – Lobby Foyer
7:00-8:00pm Awards Dinner – Delegal
8:00-11:00pm Silent Auction & Casino Night – Lanier Ballroom
6:30-11:00pm Kid’s Activity/Childcare – Retreat
RSMCA Convention 2015 Registration
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Non-Members $625
Members $295
Non-Members $375
Child Registration
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event Saturday night)
Per Child Fee $50
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____ Steak ____ Chicken ____ Vegetarian ____ not attending
Adult Attendee’s Name:
Child Attendee Name(s) and Age(s):
Children Under 12 are Free
Golf Registration
Per Player Fee $115
Player’s Name and Handicap:
Company Information
Company Name
Payment Information NO REFUNDS AFTER 7/1/15
Make checks payable to RSMCA and mail with this form to:
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3227 S. Cherokee Lane
Suite 1320
Woodstock, GA 30188
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