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Writing Your Business Plan
An InfoGuide produced by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, 2013
business plan is an essential
guide to running your business.
Because it generally projects three to
five years ahead, it provides a
roadmap for the future on how you
intend to grow revenues. It includes
an executive summary, organization
and management information, com-
pany description, service or product
lines, financial projections, market
analysis, marketing and sales, and
any additional information such as
resumes, permits, and leases referred to in the main part of the document. In order to prepare your business plan you will use a variety of
The Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records
provides access to subscription resources— info-rich
websites and databases with premium content—that otherwise would be cost-prohibitive for small business owners. They are available to all Arizona residents. An Arizona zip code is required to log in.
Business Source Complete
Includes thousands of full text
journals in marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting,
finance and economics. Includes financial data, books,
monographs, major reference
works, book digests, conference proceedings, case studies, investment research reports, industry reports, market
research reports, country reports, company profiles,
SWOT analyses and more.
Regional Business News
Incorporates more than 80 regional business publications
covering all metropolitan and
rural areas within the U.S.
Legal Information Reference Center
Includes many top consumer
legal reference books (including
Nolo publications), more than
310 full-text publications, and
thousands of legal forms covering a wide variety of legal issues including business law, financial planning, family
law, property and real estate, and rights and disputes.
informational sources to compile data
for each section. There are plenty of
templates available online and in
books to help you get started. In addition to the resources listed below, a
reference librarian at your local public
library can help you find more books,
articles, and online resources.
Create Your Business Plan
A resource from the U.S. Small Business Administration
that describes each component of the business plan.
Your Business Plan Guide
Explains the process of writing a business plan and why
every business needs one. Answers basic questions
about how long the plan should be, when it should be
written, and who needs a business plan; provides guidelines on determining your goals and objectives and updating and enhancing your already-written business plan.
Business Plans Template Gallery (SCORE)
Business planning tools and templates for a start-up or
established business, including finance templates for start
-up expenses, opening day balance sheet, cash flow
statements and breakeven analysis.
Business Plans and Profiles Index
A comprehensive subject guide to sample business plans
and profiles for specific business types. Links to resources such as books, websites and subscription-based
Preparing Effective Business
Plans: an entrepreneurial approach
Bruce R. Barringer
Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009.
Helps with understanding the critical
issues and feasibility of developing a
business venture, while developing
and extensive business plan. Topics
guide students through every step of
the business plan process including
feasibility analysis worksheets, creating a sample plan, and presenting a
business plan.
How to Write a Business Plan
Mike McKeever
Berkeley, CA: Nolo, 2012.
Covers choosing the right business,
potential sources of money to start or
expand, resume and financial statement, profit and loss forecast, cash
flow loss forecast and capital spending
plan, writing marketing and personnel
plans, editing and finalizing the business plan, selling the business plan,
and keeping on the path to success.
Successful Business Plans in a Week
Maitland, Iain
Teach Yourself, 2012.
Topics include: composing the commercial section of a business plan,
compiling the financial section, adding
the appendices, submitting a business
plan, presenting a business plan, and
surviving in tough times.
How to Write a Business Plan
Brian Finch
Kogan Page, 2013.
Covers all of the issues involved in
producing a business plan, from profiling competitors and forecasting the
market to the importance of providing
accurate financials. Includes a glossary and case histories.
Writing winning business plans: How to prepare
a business plan that investors will want to read-and invest in
Sutton, Garrett
BZK Press, 2012.
Includes many illustrative stories as
well as topics such as focusing your
business vision, understanding your
financials and analyzing your competition.
Business Plans Handbook
Gale Research
Gale Research, Inc., 1995 – present.
A collection of 24 actual business
plans (with the company names and
addresses removed) prepared by businesses in the manufacturing, retail and
service industries seeking funding.
Includes a list of organizations, agencies and consultants, as well as a
glossary and bibliographical references.
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