Program Descriptions - The Ruth Patrick Science Education Center

Ruth Patrick Science
Education Center
Brilliant Butterflies ages 4 and up
Flit around with us as we learn fascinating
facts about the butterfly’s body, life cycle
and feeding habits through engaging handson games and activities.
Squish and Squirm ages 4 and up
Yuk! Get down and dirty as you get up
close with sluggish snails and wiggling worm
tails. Learn all about these creatures as you
observe live specimens and even have a
snail race!
Grossology ages 4 and up
We will investigate what makes our body gross,
yucky but oh so cool! From the senses we use to
explore our world to smelly odors, slimy mucus,
and stinky waste, this program will explore the
insides and the outsides of our amazing bodies!
Visitors will take part in minds-on explorations
and hands-on activities and will even make and
take home their very own boogers!
The Mad Scientist! ages 7 and up
Students will be WOWed with the many
“hair raising” and “mind blowing” science
demonstrations as we explore several
fundamental physical science principles
and concepts.
Catapult Creations ages 7 and up
Launch into summer as you become a
catapult engineer! Plan, build, and test
your design by knocking down towers,
hitting the bull’s eye, and more!
Rev Up Recycling ages 7 and up
It’s easy being green when you are a
trash detective! Discover how important
it is to reuse as we race through the
“Recycle Game” and create a found object
mobile with this fun filled hour of trash
Summer Programs
In My Backyard ages 4-7
Children will enjoy storytelling, poetry, and songs as
they learn about the seasons, Ursa Major, planets,
meteors, and the moon. This program features
the voice and songs of children’s entertainer Fred
More Than Meets the Eye ages 7 and up
A great introduction to astronomy. Naked-eye
views of objects in the sky are compared with
views through binoculars and telescopes. Students
learn about the night sky and how to identify a few
constellations, nebulae and galaxies.
Digistar Virtual Journey ages 4 and up
Drive through space with cameo appearances of the
“Space Truck.” Take a fast-paced trip through a virtual
amusement park and enjoy a ride on the virtual roller
coaster. You will be truly amazed by the wild ride you
will experience!
Engineering the ISS ages 10 and up
This interactive show describes how 15 nations
worked together to create the International
Space Station (ISS), a unique scientific laboratory
and home in space. Find out why astronauts are
weightless on the ISS even though there IS gravity in space.
Digistar “Laser” Fantasy ages 4 and up
Enjoy the soothing music and visual parade of shapes
that dance in front of you. Some of the shapes pick
up speed and give you the sensation that the entire
planetarium is in motion.
Ancient Sky Lore All ages
This presentation looks at “star stories” from a
cultural perspective. Stories from ancient cultures
around the world are told as the presenter points
out associated constellations on the planetarium
Worlds in Motion All ages
Discover how the Earth and other objects move
through space, how fast you are moving right now,
and how there is no such thing as a total couch
potato. From the atoms in the air to the dance of
the planets, ours is a universe on the move.
Digistar Virtual Journey ages 4 and up
(See description above)
Ancient Sky Lore ages 4 and up
(See description above)
Start times: 9:15, 10:30, 12:00 pm, 1:15, 2:30
1 Program = $4 per student 2 Programs = $7 per student 3 Programs = $10 per student
Programs are 1 hour in length. Group leaders are encouraged to sign up for a block of two or three programs.
For more information visit
803.641.3313 [email protected]