The Financial Advisor Opportunity at Edward Jones THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR OPPORTUNITY

The Financial Advisor Opportunity
at Edward Jones
To help you determine whether becoming a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones matches your personal
career objectives, we urge you to carefully review the following information. This summary describes the
position and the activities of a successful Financial Advisor during the first year of his or her career.
Table of Contents
Page 2: The Financial Advisor Opportunity
Page 4: The Selection Process
Page 5: Financial Advisor Compensation and Benefits
Page 7: New Financial Advisor Training
Page 9: Family Support
If you have any questions regarding this or other information pertaining to becoming an Edward Jones
Financial Advisor, please call our Talent Acquisition department at 800-999-5650.
The Financial Advisor Opportunity
People from a variety of backgrounds – including those with prior
financial services or sales experience, military veterans and influential
people in the community – have found new success at Edward
Jones. In the midst of this great diversity, those individuals who
succeed here share common traits of personal drive and outstanding
relationship skills. Come begin a new career with us and find an
environment ready to match your ambitions with limitless potential.
As a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones, you’ll have the opportunity
to run your own professional practice while helping people work
toward their personal and financial goals. You’ll have the support
of one of the most respected financial services firms, as well as a
network of Financial Advisors and a dedicated branch administrator
who are committed to your success and doing what’s right for
clients. Our award-winning training teaches you the skills to run your
business your way, providing you opportunities for unlimited earnings
potential, which is directly tied to the energy and effort you put forth.
About Edward Jones
Founded in 1922, Edward Jones is a
financial services leader with branches
across North America. We’ve always
taken a more personal approach to
business that starts with a face-toface meeting between a client and
a Financial Advisor. We believe that
building long-term relationships with
our clients and always putting their
best interests first are essential to
our success. Our mission is to help
individuals achieve their serious,
long-term financial goals by
understanding their needs and
implementing tailored solutions.
Why Edward Jones?
When you join Edward Jones, you are joining an organization of
devoted, enthusiastic, diverse and highly driven individuals. Our
business is a very personal one where the needs of our clients come
above all else.
Perhaps the most defining characteristic of our culture is the fact
that we are a partnership and have remained one all these years.
To us, a partnership is a great deal more than a legal contract – it’s
the foundation that fortifies our organization. As members of the
largest financial services firm to maintain a partnership structure,
Edward Jones associates have the potential to earn ownership in
the firm. In fact, nearly 15,000 Edward Jones associates are limited
and general partners.
Who are we looking for?
• Individuals who have a track record
of professional success
eople motivated by challenge
and reward
• Individuals who are comfortable with
autonomy and independence
eople dedicated to self-development
who can lead a branch team
ositive, sociable people who can
effectively handle rejection or
Why are Edward Jones Financial Advisors consistently
ranked the most satisfied in the industry?
• Your compensation reflects your efforts, resulting in unlimited
earnings potential.
ou have the autonomy to select clients and set your schedule.
ou are prepared for success, thanks to a comprehensive training
and support program.
Change your life and make a difference in
the lives of others.
• Get paid while you study and receive all the support necessary
to pass industry-regulated exams.
eceive business-building and financial training.
Training magazine, FORTUNE
magazine and numerous states
across the country have recognized
Edward Jones for career excellence.
for a complete list of awards and
• Identify and cultivate prospective clients from your own local
• Work
one-on-one with clients to determine and help meet
their financial and investment needs.
njoy opportunities to give back to your community.
This is a unique and exciting opportunity for the right person.
The financial possibilities can be great – but it takes a dedicated
individual to capitalize on the potential.
Visit to read success stories
of current Financial Advisors and submit your résumé.
Edward Jones does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability,
sexual orientation, pregnancy, veterans status, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.
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The Edward Jones Selection Process
Being an Edward Jones Financial Advisor is a rewarding career
that’s full of opportunity – for the right person. It’s a challenging
role that requires outstanding relationship skills and personal drive.
But if this type of role suits you, we enthusiastically support you
with abundant resources and training to help you achieve longterm success.
Edward Jones Financial Advisor candidates must submit a résumé
to the Financial Advisor Talent Acquisition department for review. If
qualified, the candidate then completes an employment application
and progresses through a series of phone and face-to-face
interviews and a virtual day-in-the-life assessment. Our evaluation
process is thorough and is designed to provide you with a realistic
view of the work required to build a successful practice. The
process takes approximately 30 to 45 days from résumé review
to selection.
The selection process can move quickly, but a lot of the time frame
depends on your schedule as you move through the process.
Steps in the Process
Candidate Submits Résumé
Résumé Reviewed
Invitation to Apply
Application Reviewed by Recruiter
Phone Screen
Financial Advisor Interview
Business Plan
Who are we looking for?
• Individuals who have a track record of professional success
Phone Interview
• People motivated by challenge and reward
• Individuals who are comfortable with autonomy and independence
• People dedicated to self-development who can lead a branch team
Virtual “Day in the Life” Assessment
• Positive, sociable people who can handle rejection or hesitation
Selection Decision
• Hard workers who have demonstrated self-discipline
NOTE: Licensed candidates may have a different selection process depending on individual experience.
All prospective Financial Advisors of Edward Jones are required to undergo a drug screening test.
Edward Jones will not disclose information obtained through the drug screening test except:
1) When such information is needed by persons involved in the employment decision; and
2) When such disclosure is required by law.
If you decide to accept our offer of employment, you will receive a Form U4 or Form 4 questionnaire
to complete. The Form U4 is a very important document that must be filed with the Financial Industry
Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to begin your securities licensing process. Our offer of employment is
conditional upon your complete and accurate Form U4 or questionnaire, and responses that indicate
you would not be disqualified by FINRA.
Edward Jones does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin,
age, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, veterans status, or any other basis prohibited by
applicable law.
Financial Advisor Compensation and Benefit Fact Sheet
Competitive Compensation1
We know what drives you – we’ve tailored an awardwinning career experience around it. Compensation
is a huge part of your professional satisfaction,
and we’re proud to say that at Edward Jones, your
earning potential is without limit. Our performancebased compensation program is designed to support
Financial Advisors as they transition careers and build
their professional practices.
You have the potential to receive several bonuses
throughout the first few years while you build your
professional practice, including:
Compensation may include:
• New asset bonuses paid monthly, based on the
accumulation of new assets.
• Trainee pay
• Salary
• Commissions
• Bonuses
• Profit sharing
• Travel program
Trainee Pay and Salary
While studying for your licenses and training, you will
be paid on an hourly basis. As you begin building your
professional practice, Edward Jones provides a salary
to help create stable earnings in the early stages of
your career.
Your starting salary as a new Financial Advisor is
determined by your experience and income prior
to joining the firm. Your salary amount will adjust
as you move toward compensation based more on
commissions and bonuses.
Salaries are adjusted based on performance standards
for the first two years. By the third year, you typically
have built a steady book of business and will transition
away from a salary.2
During your first three years as a Financial Advisor,
commission payouts will vary based on years of
experience, the state in which your branch is located
and the type of product. Commission payout ranges
are generally as follows:
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
and beyond
• Bonuses for obtaining licenses and completing training.
ilestone bonuses paid every four months to Financial
Advisors whose performance is 75% or more of
standard. Financial Advisors who are at 100% or more
of standard may receive an enhanced milestone bonus.
eferred bonuses earned and paid every four months
in years four, five and six, based on new assets
gathered in the first three years.
• Profitability cash bonuses earned and paid by
trimester, based on branch and firm profitability.
Profit Sharing
Each year, the firm shares a portion of net profits in
the form of profit-sharing contributions to your
retirement account. Once a contribution has been
posted to your account, it is immediately 100% vested.
Travel Program
At Edward Jones, you have the distinct opportunity
to participate in business diversification trips. This
popular program recognizes and rewards those who
build a strong book of business. These programs
promote knowledge-sharing in an atmosphere where
Financial Advisors can relax and recharge. In recent
years, approximately half of our nearly 12,000 Financial
Advisors have qualified for our diversification trips.
1 The details of a new Financial Advisor’s specific compensation may vary based on his or her individual circumstances.
2 Edward Jones ensures that each Financial Advisor’s compensation meets or exceeds the required minimum guarantee under federal and state law.
The Partnership Opportunity
Edward Jones provides access to a comprehensive
package of benefits. Standard benefits, which are
provided by the firm at no cost to you, include basic life
insurance, basic accidental death and dismemberment
insurance, income continuation plan for short-term
disability, profit sharing and tuition reimbursement.
Optional benefits include medical coverage (with an
opportunity to fund out-of-pocket medical costs via a
Health Savings Account), as well as:
In addition to your compensation package,
Financial Advisors in the past have had the
opportunity to invest in Edward Jones’ parent
company, The Jones Financial Companies, L.L.L.P.,
a partnership. Historically, limited partnership
offer selection has been based on the minimum
requirements of running a profitable and ethical
branch. After meeting these basic criteria, other
considerations are leadership and your assistance
to others in your region and the firm. Today,
nearly 15,000 Edward Jones associates are limited
or general partners.
• Dental plans
• Long-term care insurance
• A vision plan
• Health care
reimbursement account
• Long-term disability
• Supplemental
accidental death
and dismemberment
• Dependent life insurance
• Dependent day care
reimbursement account
For more compensation details, visit
• 401(k) plan
• After-tax plan and
investment savings plan
The Financial Advisor bears a portion or all of the costs of
optional benefits.
Sample Compensation Schedules (based on previous annual income of $90,000)
Based on historical production of top 33% of new Financial Advisors
New Asset
Cash Compensation (earned
& paid in years 1, 2 & 3)
Deferred Bonus (calculated
based on years 1, 2 & 3)
1st Year
(earned & paid in year 4)
2nd Year
(earned & paid in year 5)
3rd Year
(earned & paid in year 6)
Based on historical production of middle 33% of new Financial Advisors
New Asset
Cash Compensation (earned
& paid in years 1, 2 & 3)
Deferred Bonus (calculated
based on years 1, 2 & 3)
1st Year
(earned & paid in year 4)
2nd Year
(earned & paid in year 5)
3rd Year
(earned & paid in year 6)
*Schedules are based on a previous annual income of $90,000. Earnings do not take into account profit-sharing contribution and FICA contribution.
Notes on calculations: Net commissions for each Financial Advisor are for the end of each year as a licensed Financial Advisor. For instance, in year 1, Financial Advisor net commissions are from the first 12 months as a licensed Financial Advisor. In year 2, net commissions are from months 13–24 as a licensed Financial Advisor.
Edward Jones is an equal opportunity employer, committed to developing an inclusive culture. We believe that diverse ideas, opinions and perspectives are essential to building
a strong business.
New Financial Advisor Training at Edward Jones
Becoming a successful Financial Advisor requires
comprehensive training and your concentrated efforts to
succeed. Edward Jones is committed to providing every
Financial Advisor with a high level of continual training
throughout his or her career. In addition, field training programs
and other assistance within your region are available to help
you succeed as an Edward Jones Financial Advisor.
The Edward Jones Practice Management training model is
based on best practices we have learned from the experiences
of our top branch teams at Edward Jones as well as other
organizations. Through these best practices, we identified key
Financial Advisor competencies – the same competencies we
look for in our selection process – that the training program is
designed to develop.
Training Program
Edward Jones’ training program for
new Financial Advisors typically lasts
17 weeks, depending on individual
circumstances. Upon completion of
an eight-week study-at-home program
in which you prepare for your securities
licenses, you will move into training
programs designed to teach you how to:
• Create clients
• Serve clients
• Develop your branch team
• Improve your branch’s efficiency
Financial Advisors who demonstrate and develop these
competencies provide ideal client experiences. Our training
courses are designed to foster aspects of these competencies.
In its 14th consecutive year on the
list, Edward Jones was named a top
company for training, ranking No. 24
on Training magazine’s 2014 Training
Top 125 list. Edward Jones was the
highest-ranking financial services firm.
Training and Support for New Financial Advisors
Below are the steps you will take with Edward Jones to prepare yourself for the Financial Advisor career.
Know Your
5 Days
Training Class
8 Weeks
Study at Home
earn from
trainers and
veteran Financial
Advisors about
client needs,
and the history
of the firm
tudy and take
Series 7 and
Series 66 exams
with the help
of Study
• Develop and
practice client
presentation skills
with local market
• Prepare for
and Financial
and phone
including your
mentor, regional
with potential
leader and field
5 Days
Training Class
7 Weeks
Trainee’s Market
evelop and
• Concentrate on
making proactive
solutions to
contacts with
clients via
potential clients
phone calls
• Observe veteran • Begin offering
Edward Jones
Advisors with
products and
clients and
services to
new clients
to practice
120 Days
2.5 Days
Training Class
17 Weeks
Advisor’s Market
efine and
• Begin to build
• Practice client
your business
creation skills
in your local
and develop a
market by
business plan
meeting with
to continue
to grow your
clients and
offering financial
solutions to them
ontinue to
receive training
and feedback
from field trainer
to help with the
success of your
Five Critical Activities of a New Financial Advisor
1. Make 25 quality contacts per day (125 per week).
2. Ask open-ended questions to obtain financial needs and goals.
3. Present an appropriate solution and ask for the order.
4. A
ssess each contact, document the contact and indicate next action.
5. Contact each prospective client at least every two weeks.
The training information displayed is for illustrative purposes and is subject to change.
Additional training may be provided, depending on your situation, to help you get your
Edward Jones business up and running as quickly as possible. Please check with a
member of our Talent Acquisition team should you have specific questions about the
details and timing of your training.
Studying for Your Series 7, Series 66 and Insurance Licenses
You will spend the first few months at Edward Jones studying for and taking your Series 7, Series 66 and insurance
license exams. Preparation for these exams is challenging and must be taken very seriously. You will need to dedicate
100% of your working hours to studying. You have one chance to pass the Series 7 exam; failure to pass it is generally
caused by insufficient preparation. Trainees typically commit a minimum of 45 hours of study each week over a twomonth period. With an organized and committed study plan, you should find the information manageable. You must
pass these tests to become an Edward Jones Financial Advisor.
There is a wealth of information on our website regarding Edward Jones’ training program.
Visit for additional information.
Edward Jones does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age,
disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, veterans status, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.
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