Innovator Summit 2016

Celebrating Families Across Generations
Innovator Summit 2016
Call for Presentations
Proposals accepted June 12–30, 2015
Innovator Summit 2016
ffered in conjunction with RootsTech,
Innovator Summit is a conference event
for developers, business leaders, and
entrepreneurs to share, collaborate, and innovate
together in family history and adjacent industries.
Innovator Summit invites attendees to discover the
latest innovations and resources that provide insight
on family history data and services and that provide
inspiration to impact current and future technology
Held on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, Innovator
Summit is full-day event at the Salt Palace
Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.
RootsTech runs February 3-6.
Call for Presentations
February 3, 2016 • Salt Lake City, Utah
The Innovator Summit planning team is calling
for dynamic class presentations for the 2016
Innovator Summit that inspire new ideas and drive
new technology and business opportunities both
inside and outside the traditional family history
marketplace. Skilled speakers, passionate enthusiasts,
business leaders, and industry experts are invited to
submit proposals for consideration to help shape
what family history is now and in the future!
Proposal submissions will be accepted
starting June 12 to June 30, 2015.
Call for Presentations Timeline
Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Announce 2016 Call For Presentation guidelines
Friday, June 12, 2015
Proposal submission portal opens
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Proposal submission portal closes
Friday, August 7, 2015
Speakers notified
Friday, August 14, 2015
Speaker acceptance due to rootstech
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Conference class schedule announced
*Schedule subject to change.
Innovator Summit 2016
Innovator Summit
2015 by the Numbers
Innovator Summit Attendee Info
39 states
11 countries
Beginner = 21%
Intermediate = 46%
Advanced = 19%
Expert/Professional = 14%
Beginner = 7%
Intermediate = 28%
Advanced = 35%
Expert/Developer = 30%
Female =34%
Male = 66%
18–35 = 23%
36–45 = 26%
46–55 = 22%
56–65 = 21%
65+ = 8%
Innovator Summit 2015
Speaker Feedback
“Having such a concentrated assemblage of major genealogist and
enthusiasts creates an includible, receptive and excited audience.”
­—RootsTech 2015 Speaker
Innovator Summit 2016
Presentation Categories
We are seeking innovative and instructional classes in
the following categories:*
Standards and APIs; mobile app development; social
applications; record imaging and visualizations;
apps for youth; tools that enable family history
and adjacent industries such as DNA, publishing,
photography, and data organization.
Funding and investment, startup success stories and
tips, opportunities and market trends, networking and
partnerships, entrepreneurship.
Innovator Summit Class Content
This call for presentations is for Innovator Summit
classes only. Content presented at Innovator
Summit should be applicable to a developer and
business-entrepreneur audience. Proposals with topics
related to helping attendees discover and share their
family connections using technology may be better
suited for submission as a RootsTech class.
Favorite Developer
Classes at Innovator
Summit 2015
FamilySearch Place API
From Machine-Checkable Proofs to Purple
Prose: Levels of Rigor in Family History
Mission Impossible? Tough Challenges Which
Need Automated Solutions
Lessons Learned from Implementing RESTFul
The Ecosystem of Genealogical Data
Favorite Business
Classes at Innovator
Summit 2015
How to Raise a Seed Round for a Family
History Start-Up
Facing the Opportunity to Fail: A Case Study
Becoming Investment Ready—What It Takes
to Get Investors Interested in Your Business
Kickstarter: Create the Future
From 20 to 1.5 million Downloads: Audience
Building Lessons for Your Business
*Topics listed in each category are suggestions and are not meant to represent a comprehensive list.
Innovator Summit 2016
Endorsed Presentation Proposals
Attendee Skill Level
We welcome proposals endorsed by societies and
businesses. During the proposal submission process,
please indicate the endorsing organization. We ask that
sessions endorsed by an organization serve to educate
the attendees without requiring them to purchase a
particular product or service.
Innovator Summit attendees typically have more
experience in technology than in family history.
This event allows those with the skills to develop
technology solutions to learn about the solutions
needed from those engaged in the family history
industry. Use the following guidelines to determine
what skill level your topic applies to:
Innovator Summit Session Lengths
Innovator Summit is a 1-day conference with focused
and concise 30-minute presentations as the standard for
the class schedule. Special consideration will be given to
60- and 90-minute proposals based on the session type
and the relevance of the topic proposed.
Innovator Summit Session Types
Class presentations may be in one of the following
• Traditional Class Session: Traditional class
sessions focus on a single topic, with time left at the
end for questions and answers.
• Panel: Presenters may come together for a
collaborative presentation on a particular topic or
may answer questions from attendees. Presenters
can be on-site, or presentations can include
subject-matter experts in remote locations.
• Workshop: Workshops are hands-on, interactive
sessions, in which attendees actively collaborate to
create new solutions.
Beginner–Attendees have very limited experience
in the topic presented.
Intermediate–Attendees have a general
understanding of the topic and are seeking to
expand their knowledge beyond the basics.
Advanced–Attendees are extremely experienced
or are experts in the topic.
“The large and
diverse audience makes
RootsTech stand out.”
—RootsTech 2015 Speaker
2015 Attendee Comments
Content Dos
Content Don’ts
“Great to see things that are happening in the industry.”
“I wanted more technical information.”
“Inspired me to solve the shared problem.”
“Content did not match expectations, given the title of the
“Provided concrete examples of problems that spurred great
ideas for solutions.”
“Felt like a terrible infomercial; no real helpful advice
“Very technical. Useful information from a true expert.”
“Wanted more specifics and less project management
“Relevant info with applicable examples—easy to apply.”
“Too high level. Needs to dive down. . .more depth.”
Innovator Summit 2016
What to Expect in Return
Classroom Equipment
All speakers selected to present at Innovator Summit
2016 will receive:
In each classroom, RootsTech will supply:
• One complimentary RootsTech plus Innovator
Summit pass (value $269)
• One $15 lunch voucher for each day you are
• Access to the speaker ready room
While RootsTech does not pay speakers, we realize
it can be a financial commitment to be a speaker. To
help alleviate some of this burden, speakers traveling
50 miles or more (from their legal residence) to
attend Innovator Summit will receive the following
for each 30 minute class session they teach:
• One hotel night*†
• $50 travel allowance†
In addition, each class is eligible to receive a $100
bonus if a score of 4.7 or higher is achieved. This
score will be a combined survey and mobile app
score based off the question, “How would you
rate this class?” (1–5 rating scale). RootsTech will
provide language for you as the speaker to share with
attendees about where and how to rate the class
session. Scores will be kept confidential and speakers
will be notified only if they receive the bonus.
• PC laptop computer
• Wired Internet connection
• Projector and screen
• 1 lavaliere microphone
• 1 handheld microphone
In addition, computer labs will be equipped with a
computer station and a wired Internet connection for
each attendee in the class.
All other equipment required for your presentation
must be supplied by you or the attendees in your
session. Please indicate in your course abstract
whether attendees will need to bring something with
them to the session. Attendees will have access to
wireless Internet in the classrooms at the Salt Palace;
however, connections are not always reliable or fast
because of the number of people on site at one time.
* It is preferred that speakers reserve their accommodations at one of the official RootsTech conference hotels.
† Endorsed speakers, including FamilySearch employees, are not eligible for hotel and travel allowances.
Innovator Summit 2016
Syllabus Materials
In 2016 we will require all speakers to provide a
syllabus for their class sessions in a PDF format.
Syllabi will be posted on for attendees
to preview and download. If printed copies of syllabus
materials or class handouts are needed, the presenter
is responsible to provide them.
Having syllabi available allows attendees to make
informed decisions about which classes to attend
during the conference. Presenters who do not submit
syllabi by December 1, 2015 may not be invited to
present at future RootsTech conferences.
Recorded Sessions
We will select a number of class sessions to be
recorded for use on and at remote
RootsTech events around the world in the year
following RootsTech 2016. These recorded sessions
will not be used for any other purpose. We will notify
you if your class is selected for recording. If you agree
to have your class recorded, you will sign a Release
to Record agreement and provide your presentation
slides, syllabus, and any class handouts in an editable
format such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.You
will be provided with a copy of the recording for
your own use as well.
Expectations for
Speaking at RootsTech
Speakers will:
RootsTech will:
Provide a 60-minute class
session with relevant
content that informs,
educates, and motivates
Provide a RootsTech
pass, lunch vouchers,
travel allowance, and
hotel accommodations as
outlined on page 6.
Deliver a high-quality
electronic presentation
that is engaging and easy
to view on screen.
Supply a PC laptop, wired
internet connection,
projector and screen,
microphones, stage, and
Supply syllabus materials
in the format requested
and by the specified
Provide a speaker-ready
room for on-site
Assist in promoting the
conference wherever
possible (social media,
blog posts, and so forth).
Promote speakers,
in general, through
RootsTech advertising
and by digitally publishing
their syllabus materials.
Innovator Summit 2016
Submission Process
Proposals will be accepted on
June 12–30, 2015. To submit your proposal, click
the submission link on the Call For Presentations
web page and provide the following information:
• Session Owner Profile: This is your contact
information as the session owner.
• Presentation Title: In 50 characters or less,
provide a descriptive title that tells attendees what
your class is about.
• Class Description: Using 1,000 characters
or less, describe your class session. The more
specific and focused your description is, the
better. Attendees prefer content depth rather than
breadth. The review team will use the description
to select the classes for the conference.
• Class “Tweet”: Using 140 characters or less,
provide a class abstract. This description will be
used in promoting your class to attendees on the
RootsTech website and in the printed conference
• Class Questions: Submit a list of five questions
your session will answer for attendees. For
example,“How do I get the attention of investors
for my product idea?” Each question is limited to
400 characters.
• Class Category: Indicate whether your class is
a business-related topic or a developer-related
• Session Type: You will select whether your class
is a traditional class session, panel, or workshop.
• Skill Level (family history and technology)
Indicate the prefered skill level for your attendees
for the topic you are presenting. If your topic is
relevant to all skill levels, choose Beginner.
• Session Length: Select the session length
of your class. 30-minute presentations are the
standard for Innovator Summit.
• Endorsed Sessions: Indicate whether
your session is endorsed, and if so, provide
the endorsing company’s or organization’s
information. This is optional if you are submitting
your proposal as an individual, independent of
any organization.
• Proposed Speaker(s): If you are both the
session owner and the proposed speaker, you
can prefill the speaker form with your contact
information. If there are additional speakers
or panelists, add each one to the speaker list.
For each proposed speaker, include contact
information, email address, a 500 character bio,
and a summary of previous speaking experience.
Only add a proposed speaker if you have
confirmed their willingness to participate.
• Class Outline: It is optional to upload a class
outline (PDF or DOC) for the review team
to consider. This outline is not intended for
Unless noted otherwise, all of the above information is required for your proposal. If you have all the required
information collected before starting, the submission process takes approximately 20–30 minutes. After you have
successfully completed the process, you will receive an email from RootsTech confirming your submission.
You can submit up to five presentation proposals.
Innovator Summit 2016
Evaluation Criteria
The RootsTech content selection team reviews proposals and selects classes using the following criteria:
Does the proposed session
help promote solutions
for the family history
Does technology play a
role in the implementation
of the topic discussed?
Are the ideas, methods, or
subjects timely and relevant
to attendees?
Is the intent of the session
clear and concise in the
abstract and title?
Is the subject matter fresh
and engaging?
Are the learning objectives
Is it clear what next steps
attendees can take after the
Is the presenter
knowledgeable and
experienced on the topic
Will the presenter
engage the attendees in
the learning process?
Is the presenter careful in
the submission process
to meet all requirements
and willing to meet the
expectations if selected?
If your proposal is accepted, you will be given a window of time to review the speaker requirements and
timeline and accept the invitation to participate as a RootsTech 2016 speaker. These tasks will be completed
through the Speaker Resource Center (SRC).
Contact Information
If you have questions regarding the submission process or speaking at Innovator Summit 2016, please contact us
at [email protected]
“I liked the positive atmosphere and genuine desire to learn that was
apparent in so many attendees. I loved networking with other speakers
and finding ways that we can work together to accomplish similar goals.”
­—RootsTech 2015 Speaker
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