Releases 04 April 2012 (CW 14)

Releases 04th April 2012
(CW 14)
Dan Curtin
Microdrama EP
Available at Beatport since 21th March 2012
The fact that, after more than twenty years in the
industry, Dan Curtin‘s music is as innovative and vital as
ever before is testament to the skills and strengths of the
man himself and the high regard in which his music is
held. With over 70 singles, 9 albums and a discography
that dates back to first releases for Detroit’s 33RPM in
1992, the Cleveland born producer can proudly wear the
affectionate title of a ‘veteran’ of the music scene. Yet
whilst the title refers to time past, its Dan’s ability stay
firmly in the present that sees him remain one of the
most influential producers of today. The very fact that
Curtain is never constrained by style or genres is
perhaps the key factor to his success. Having seen
releases on Peacefrog, Strictly Rhythm, Tuning Spork
and Soma to name but a few, its Anja Schneider’s
Mobilee imprint where Dan has really found a home
since relocating to Berlin in 2003. A string of remixes and
singles, including November’s “A Study In You“, are
backed by his 2010 full-length opus “Lifeblood.” A label
boss himself, Dan’s ‘Metamorphic‘ imprint has now
reached release #025, providing a platform for him to
experiment further under his many pseudonyms such
as, Planetary. Today Dan joins the Bass Culture family
and presents what for is us, one of the most impressive
and diverse releases on the label to date. Variety really
is the key as Dan opens with the piano-laden title track
“Microdrama.” “Calia” evokes balearic memories with its
evocative horns and sparkling synth riffs whilst “Time
Will Tell” takes a deeper mysterious trip with spritely key
melody and whispered vocal. Final cut “Wasted
Stranger” sees Dan ring the bells as he brings the ep to
a close to a wonderful percussive workout.
UPC: 807297442205
The Frequency Of Life
Available at Beatport since 07th March 2012
played by Reboot, Tiefschwarz, Audiofly, Danny
Tenaglia , Butch, Sascha Dive, Nick Curly, Steve
Lawler, Lee Burridge, 2000 and One, Davide
Squillace, Meat, Monika Kruse, Magda, Lauhaus,
Alex Flitsch, Felipe Venegas, Robert Dietz, Anthony
As often in the past Cécille Records surprised with new
hot talents.This one is a big release from the upcoming
producer duo from UK Manchester named H2. Cécille
releases four tracks on vinyl and four exclusive tracks
digital. All eight tracks together will be released on a
special 400 limited vinyl version with a bonus mix cd as fast and get your limited copy
UPC: 807297438307 | phone +49(0)69/94547159 | [email protected] |
Releases 04th April 2012
(CW 14)
Kris Menace feat.
support by: NAPT, Russ Chimes, Luke Walker
(Gung Ho!) (Ministry Of Sound Radio), Phetsta
(Technique / Viper), Barnabas Hodgson / FBI Radio,
Aus, The Glimmers (Ghent, Belgium), Reuben
Keeney (Toolroom Records) (Ireland), Le Petit Belge
& Le Cheval (Belgium), Ben Mono (Berlin,
Germany), Elisa Bee (Radio 2 RAI) (Italy), Kyle
Wilkinson (Star FM), Sheridan / Studio Brussels
(Belgium), Mark Emerson (George FM) (New
Zealand), Darin Epsilon , Don Balli Funk (Radio X
Iceland), Julian Peck / Fear of Theydon, Micah
Vellian (Washington, USA), Louis La Roche, Max
Cooper, Ridney (Defected) (Azuli) (Size), The C90s,
Clive Henry, Ruggero Isacchi (Clubnation Radio)
(Italy), Freq Nasty, Michael Stukes (WHCR FM)
(New York, USA), Funkagenda, Russ Cuban, Tobi /
Moonbootica (Hamburg, Germany), Jody Wisternoff
Following on from the release of ‘Falling Star’, Kris Menace hits
back with his 2nd single ‘eFeel’, building up to the eagerly
awaited space disco album ‘Electric Horzion’, already tipped as
one of the best electronic instrumental albums of 2012.
Kris teams up with "Black Van" Partner KoweSix on ‘eFeel’, a
rolling future house track that puts you on a Balearic express
shuttle straight to the stars.
‘eFeel’ follows on from Kris´ much celebrated production
history, which includes much lauded tracks such as ‘Discopolis’,
‘Yearning’, and more recently ‘Falling Star’.
‘eFeel’ is a masterpiece of electric music with Kris´ big signature
bass lines, hypnotic sounds and an unbelievable build up.
‘eFeel’ also features another stunning live visual video, directed
by genius visual producers Hexstatic. Based on an epic train
journey from Osaka to Tokyo whilst the duo were on their last
Japanese tour, the journey is cleverly morphed in sync with the
electronic sound of the song with amazing beat synced effects.
Few other singles you hear this year will move you in the same
way. Feel it.
UPC: 807297442007
Uli Beck
Little Crazy
Bekannt aus GZSZ / Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten. Little
Crazy by Uli Beck, inclusive remixes by HardyHard and
UPC: 807297443400 | phone +49(0)69/94547159 | [email protected] |
Releases 04th April 2012
(CW 14)
31 Seconds
My Techno Weighs A Ton is run by infamous
Sharkslayer: Release 001 comes from high-powered
producer from the UK aka Misk. With tracks supported
by the likes of Tiga, Oizo, Zombie Nation, The Prodigy,
Fake Blood, Felix Da Housecat, Hervé and the Plump
DJs, Misk been destroying dancefloors (in the nicest
possible way) both solo and with production partner
Arveene for the past 3 years. With original productions
dropping to full effect on Ministry Of Sound, Cheaper
Thrills, Animal Language, Discobelle, Gung Ho and Top
Billin, Misk is definitely a perfect fit for My Techno
Weighs A Ton.
UPC: 807297444605
Fucking Freaks EP
Played by: Roland M. Dill, Paco Osuna, Nudisco,
Robert Grand, UGLH, Claude Vonstroke, SLAM
UPC: 807297443400
Simon Pauls
Support by: Joy Kitikonti, SLAM, Someone Else,
D.Diggler, Patrick Zigon
Something big is coming to us! From Moscow in the RhineMain region to Offenbach! Simon Pauls landed and presents to
his Soño Vivo debut a grandiose album, consisting of 15
selected songs. He embodies with his album “Promise“ a
minimalist and deep side of himself. A journey to endless
dephth and fullness of sounds, paraphrased by emotions and
feelings. Moved to unbroken – clear sound worlds, you will
understand and dream about what the artist Simon Pauls
wants to express with his album. On his work you find
cooperations with his friends Plotka, Mary Mercury and G. M.
who provide for brilliant and striking vocals. Impulsive Chords
and synthy sounds, metallic percussions and broad pads you
can expect here. This sound is different! Russian! No 08/15
beats, but nevertheless rousing. Music for dancing, musig for
relaxing, music for dreaming... That´s exactly what his style
constitutes. Simon Pauls´ album personalize what Soño Vivo
stands for ~ Live your dreams!
UPC: 807297443400
Various Artists
Precious Danceable Vol.5
Played by: Roland M. Dill, Paco Osuna, Nudisco,
Robert Grand, UGLH, Claude Vonstroke, SLAM
UPC: 807297437706 | phone +49(0)69/94547159 | [email protected] |
Releases 04th April 2012
(CW 14)
Hardage feat.
Michael Franti
There's enough for all of us remixes ep
Supported by: Echonomist, Bloody Mary, Lee
Curtiss, Timo Mass, Someone Else, Cosmic
Surfing the hipe of the first releases "Vibe Me record"
continues to follow the club-line with another powerfull
tech/house release still on colored limited vinyl 12" and
digital too. VIBE003 Remixes EP (colored vinyl and
digital) was born when the magic voice of Michael Franti,
famous american singer, met the club-vibes of these
guys.... that had retouched the single "There's enough
for all of us". From the elegant techno of DEEPCHILD
(Trapez, Affin), to the deep dry-groove of BUTANE
(Crosstown, Alphahouse, Rrygular), we're pushing on
the wall by the "man-of-the-moment" in Spain:
MARCOS IN DUB (Goa, Highgrade, Monofunk)...
where funny techno and warm ambient make you dance
smiling. this remixes EP is closed by an old-school
house remix of MUSSEN, where the 909 and 808
sound is all you need... vibe is life. stay tuned.
UPC: 807297444902
VIBE003 | phone +49(0)69/94547159 | [email protected] |
Releases 11th April 2012
(CW 15)
Your Love
Available at Traxsource since 04th March 2012
liked by: Dustin Zahn, UGLH, MANDY, Paco Osuna,
Haito, Leo Leal, Betamines, Roberto Rodriquez,
Pizeta, Wehbba, Steve Parry, Satoshi Tomiie
reviews in: Ibiza Voice, ISO Disco, Nerdy Frames,
Tillate Mag, Debug, DJ Mag and more
Brand new project from Bass United label boss Dory
Kahalé and Minneapolis singer Sophia
Shorai sees the pair deliver a superb cover of this 1978
underground French disco classic…
DJ, Producer and label owner Dory Kahalé has been a
key part of the US electronic music scene for the last two
decades recording under a host of names and working
with numerous labels. He may have been best known
for his acid techno recordings as DJ Apollo in the
nineties but in recent years it’s his work under the Dirty
McKenzie moniker that has been gaining him support,
particularly from the Nu-Disco and house scene.
Now Kahalé has embarked upon a new and exciting
project, joining forces with Minneapolis singer & pianist
Sophia Shorai to form Nobiilo (pronounced No-bee-lo).
Shorai was born in Zimbabwe and raised in Minneapolis
where her talents as a classically trained jazz pianist led
her to become a regular performer on the Jazz circuit.
The fusion of musicianship, song writing and production
that these two bring to the table makes for a very
interesting marriage and sees it’s first fruit with this
single, a cover version of Jo Bisso’s 1978 French discofunk classic. The package opens with ‘Dirty McKenzie’s
extended mix’, a low-slung funk laden affair that fuses
deft guitar licks, disco centric bass and Sophia’s
wonderful vocals into a whirlwind of old school
dancefloor action. Next up we have UK Nu-Disco
pioneers Faze Action at the controls; they take the
original parts and rework them into a mix that starts like
classic Human League and blossoms into a classic slice
of electro disco. To complete the package fellow
Minneapolis artist Estate takes the reins and deliver two
different and original interpretations, one inspired by their
own home town, the other by disco capital, New York
city. This may be the first we’ve heard from duo, Nobiilo,
but with quality like this it certainly won’t be the last,
UPC: 807297444001
Omat Ghar
Deep Frontiers EP
UPC: 807297446500 | phone +49(0)69/94547159 | [email protected] |
Releases 11th April 2012
(CW 15)
Himan, Jackspot
Tagus EP
Himan (Freerange, Kant, Abstract Theory) and his fellow
Jackspot debut on FLASH with a pair of relentless deephouse affairs: Tagus is an uplifiting tune, that "hands in
the air" calling track you were looking for!
In proper 90s style Desertflower goes darker for a full-on,
acid-house tinged masterpiece; FLASH regular Martin
Patino plays with the original track blissfull chords and
the result is the second daytime party anthem of the
UPC: 807297445008
90 Meter
UPC: 807297446609
Various Artists
97 98 99 - a label compilation
Hell Yeah Recordings turn 100 releases and this is a
functional retrospective to (re)discover the early singles,
the best remixes, the cult versions, some guilty
pleasures: the always evolving sound of a forward
thinking italian eclectronic label trough his distinctive
recordings ... HELL YEAH!
Contains music by Luca Baldini, Radio Slave, Oliver
Koletzki, Santos, Dusty Kid, Umek, Blatta & Inesha,
Congorock, Riva Starr, Dyno, Florian Meindl, Crimea X,
Enzo Elia, Margot, It's A Fine Line, Marco Dassi, 3io and
UPC: 807297447002
Paul Mag
001 Deeply Mine EP
Paul Mag opens the doors of Labella Recordings
Renaissance's with his new Ep. Two Electro - Deep
tracks with obscure vocal lines and progressive analog
pads. Using a strong "techno" structure Paul Mag
creates an original mix of deep emotions and hard
UPC: 807297445107
LAB032 | phone +49(0)69/94547159 | [email protected] |
Releases 11th April 2012
(CW 15)
Will Bailey
Warhead Part 2
My Techno Weighs A Ton is run by infamous
Sharkslayer: Release 001 comes from one of UK's
hottest imports right now, Will Bailey. He's been djing
since 1999 and making music since around 2002. WB
has produced under different aliases such as Twocker
with Calvertron, Rudi Stakker, Bass Weazal,
Dreadstemz, Low Steppa and Punk Rolla and probably
more... He runs a label called Simma Records, and his
music gets support from artists such as JFK, Diplo,
Dillon Francis, Sidney Samson, the Crookers, Wolfgang
Gartner, Zinc, AC Slater, Drop the Lime, Kill the Noise
and John Dahlback. Nuff said, Will is a baws.
UPC: 807297441505
Andre Crom
Holdin' On EP
Available at Beatport since 28th March 2012
support by: Solomun, DJ.T, Laura Jones, Maxxi
Soundsystem, Luciano, Homework, Wildkats,
Viadrina, Nhan Solo, Shir Khan, Tsugi Magazine
For OFF 30 Andre Crom presents his first ever solo
release on his own label.
Holdin' On and No Sleep are 2 massive peaktime
anthems, whose big basslines, catchy synths and
memorable vocals will destroy every dancefloor, and 2
deeper remixes for the earlier or later hours of the night.
Without further words, we'll let the music speak for itself.
UPC: 807297441505
Majesty & Vanz
Rote Liebe 005
UPC: 807297447101
Mass Digital
UPC: 807297444308 | phone +49(0)69/94547159 | [email protected] |
Coming in the near future:
colours & shapes ep
UPC: 807297445206
Daniel Mehes
Courage / Number 58
UPC: 807297447200
Move Baby Remixes
UPC: 807297447408
True Love EP
UPC: 807297447408
Eskimo *
Nordwest Passage - The Remix EP
UPC: 807297447309
Schulleri &
Eiblonski *
UPC: 807297447606 | phone +49(0)69/94547159 | [email protected] |