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First Issue Feb 2014
Daryl Hall & John Oates
Happy New Year and Welcome to the flagship launch of Steel
Notes Magazine!
Steel Notes Magazine is a monthly online publication, and digital
download, chock full of what’s happening on the local, regional,
national, and international arts and entertainment scene.
We will be providing our readers with specialty topics, such as:
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Check out our premiere issue for interviews, concert reviews,
pictures, and more from local artist “Zo”, national artists Hall and
Oates, International artists-Red Elvises, and Macabre artist- Waylon Bacon, plus much more.
Future issues will be available as a digital download,
Thanks for stopping By and Happy Reading!
Alexxis Steele, Editor-In-Chief/Publisher
Concert reviewSands Event CenterSeptember 30th, 2013
By Alexxis Steele
On Monday evening September 30th, 2013
Daryl Hall & John Oates walked onstage at The Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, Pa to a near capacity crowd of cheering adoring fans,
of all ages ranging from seniors, baby boomers, down to the twenty-somethings.
The Roar of the crowds adulation was loud and strong
enough to send chills up your spine, when the intro to
their first song of the night,
the hit-Maneater began,with Daryl dressed in blue
jeans, printed tshirt, leather jacket and sunglasses, and
John in blue jeans, tshirt, and vest.
As that familiar sound of the signature saxaphone part
in the intro began, Daryl hit his first pitch perfect note
& you could close your eyes, and suddenly you were
brought back the 70's to 80's all over again, with the
crowd, clapping, and singing along.
The five piece backup band , which included, guitar, bass, drums, congas, and their sax/keyboard player,
was as tight as a band could be with harmonies so perfect and soothing as they played amidst the purple
and blue background.
Continuing on with their string of hits, came their second song- "Out Of Touch". Daryl encouraged fans
to clap along, and it was obvious that they were definitely not "Out Of Touch", with the audience , but that
time was standing still at that very moment.
Before the audience had a chance to sit down the song blended into another Hit- from Rock 'n Soul - Say
It Isn't so, which ended with smooth guitar riffs by John Oates that his fans have come to know and love.
Working backwards into their discography, they brought back the memories of the late 70's , from the
album No Goodbyes with the song -It's Uncanny. The sound of the sax resonated through the entire venue,
and had the crowd grooving and swaying along with it.
Daryl asked the crowd how they were doing , and commented on how this feels good. He talked about
being in his own reality and proceeded to talk about the Sober albumn , which their 1975 song-Alone Too
Long, which was chosen as the intro song for The Hit HBO show-Hello Ladies, sang by John Oates, his
only lead vocals for the evening.
For the next song Daryl wanted to bring back the crowd to the early days and quipped about his mother
being a Gambler, introducing their song Las Vegas Turnaround.
Sequeing into the next song was another crowd pleasing hit, -She's Gone A classic guitar and horn driven
song, that sent the crowd cheering.
Finally my all time favorite Hall & Oates song, Sara Smile which Daryl mentioned had earlier been requested from someone in the crowd began. He went on to say, it is a song that has to be sung every night,
and has to be played , and like their song- Shes Gone is real , this is also as real as it gets..-The crowd (
myself included), sang along to the chorus, with Daryls voice echoing through the entire venue and bringing the crowd to their feet with another standing ovation.
Next up Daryl got on the keyboards, and had the crowd on their feet , dancing, and
clapping . Midway through the song his sax player came out front , as Daryl egged on
the crowd to sing with him. He asked the question and the crowd gave the answer, and
brought the whole room to their feet, while they swayed in time to sax man's solo.
At the end of the song, Daryl, John, and the band dissappeared off stage, while the
crowd screamed for more.
After a brief period of time, the band walked back on stage, with Daryl once again ,
behind the keyboards. As the first encore song- Rich Girl started, the band broke out
with neon tambourines, during which time fans rushed the front of the stage. The guitar player threw his picks out to the crowd, then proceeded to play his guitar with his
teeth. Moving along, the band blended into You Make My Dreams Come True.
The culmination of the evening was when the final encore song- Private Eyes began.
Once again, the crowd was on their feet, dancing, clapping, cheering , and singing
along with the chorus. For the fans, the night seemed to go by too quickly, not wanting
the night to end, hoping there would be yet another encore to hold Daryl & John there
just a little longer. It was a night to be remembered for all the fans that attended the
show, leaving with a little “Rock N Soul” in their hearts from Daryl & John!
The Local Spotlight
“The Dreamer” a
poem by Zo
The Dreamer...
He views the world with the hope of a child, within his
Angels speaketh 2 him softly-aloud.
At night he Prays 2 The Heavens 4 the world’s scars 2 heal,
through his Art he reveals his unbridled truth, according
2 the truth he feels, though many a friend hath turned
their cold backs on him,
& hath giveth him frost winter chills.
Even Still, he giveth freely his heart wanting nothing in
often 2 have it crushed by those he hath trusted, as they
place his heart’s ashes in urns. Furthermore, these bruises
run deep whilst they seepeth & burn, & in the Dreamer’s
sleep he doth toss whilst he turns.
But The Dreamer stays faithful, 4 he duly believes, insight
is a sweet-sour morsel,
so as he’s enlightened he grieves. U see,
The Dreamer only wishes that everyone were free, but
his pain resides in reality & how he wishes things 2b. Yes,
I know The Dreamer well, like the whale knoweth the sea,
& I hath seen The Dreamer’s eyes, 4
The Dreamer is Me.
“Zo” was born in Bethlehem Pennsylvania to an Ethiopian mother and a Haitian father. He graduated
from Temple University with a BA in English literature and a Minor in Dance. Zo started dancing, writing songs, poetry, and short stories at the age of seven.
“Zo” successfully performed at the APOLLO THEATER in NEW YORK CITY as a dancer at 18.
Leaving his life as a former English Literature teacher, he pursued other areas to use his talent. In
March of 2012, ”Zo” & Visual artist Wendy Smale signed a publishing deal ,with Grammy winner Ken
Cowle & his ”Soul Asylum Publishing”. The first Book of Poetry “Inspiration, Harmony & The World
Within”, was released on November 9th 2012 with many more books to follow in the coming months.
Featured Model of the Month
February 2014
Elizabeth Aston
Photos courtesy of Tim Hunter Photography
Elizabeth Aston- Model, actress, vocalist
This West Hollywood beauty is more than just
a pretty face! Elizabeth Aston is the ultimate
combination of beauty and brains combined, at
it’s finest! The camera loves Miss Elizabeth, as
seen by her above photos, by the fabulous Tim
Hunter, but rest assured, there is much more
that she has in store for the world to see by her
many talents!
2000 was the year that Elizabeth first started
performing as a vocalist for her first band
called The Stilettos, a San Diego based band
that combined Rockabilly, and Blues, into a
campy lounge act.
In 2004, she became the founding member of
Grease Demon Entertainment, which was the
first major company to bring in the very popular ‘Psychobilly” music into North Orange
County clubs such as The Key Club., of which
her follow up act to The Stilettos, , the 20052007 band “The Frightmares” also performed .
In 2009 she became the founding member
of Batcave Hollywood, a monthly Gothic,
Electronic Dance, and Industrial alternative
music venue that holds themed party nights.
The venue holds several different dancefloors,
and The Medusa Lounge.
Not only is she a personal assistant, and protege of mega producer, Kim Fowley’s, she is
also a member of Kim ‘s Hollywood Sexual
underground parties which hold breast cancer , and other benefits at venues such as The
Beauty Bar, and the Bronson Bar.
In 2013 Elizabeth’s acting and musical skills came to the forefront, with the inclusion of her on several projects on tv, and videos.
She appeared on “Holliston” on The Fearnet Channel, in a commercial for The Dr. Phil show, #1928,
and AMC’s Freakshow, in the “No Normal” Parade Episode #8.
Recently she has worked as a studio session vocalist, at Studio 5109 in Hollywood, and has recorded
background vocals on a Kim Fowley, Lita Ford & Cherie Currie musical collaboration cd.
Rounding out her very productive year, she appeared in a music video with Dee Snider of Twisted
Sister fame, and has more projects in the works,which we will bring to the forefront when the time is
There is no doubt that our February Model Of The Month- Our special Valentine, Elizabeth Aston is
the total package!
2011 saw Elizabeth as the Pre-party host for The Namm show, in California, where she represented
Schecter Guitar Research, and also acted as a model agent, providing girls for diferrent booths.
Miss Elizabeth supports many charities, such as Rock Your Boobies (For Breast Cancer research)”My
Friend’s Place”, which is in support of homeless Hollywood teens, and
Pinups For Vets. She was chosen to be the first girl of 2014 to represent them!
By Alexxis Steele
Multi-talented, international artist Igor Yuzov, is the quintessential frontman for Siberian Surf Rock
Band, Red Elvises.
Originally from The Soviet Union, where rock n roll was illegal and where he was considered a rebel,
Igor decided
to leave Russia for America, with his folk band- Limpopo where he was personally greeted by then
president Ronald Reagan.
In 1993 Limpopo competed on the international version of Ed McMahon’s star search, and won $5,000
in that contest.
The band settled on the west coast, making California their home, and in 1995, The Red Elvises were
born, after Igor had a dream that Elvis Presley came to him, and told him to start playing Rock N Roll.
Igor and his Russian friends started playing on
Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade. Their
street musician days did not last long, however,
as they drew such huge crowds that the City of
Santa Monica brought them to court and ordered
them off the streets.
Since then Red Elvises have been constantly
touring, with occasional breaks from the road to
record an album or take part in film and television projects. This constant work for the last
15 years has led to them gaining a world-wide
following, with successful tours all over North
America, Europe and Russia (Red Elvises bootlegs have been found in Siberia).
Igor & Red Elvises have declined several major record deals, prefering to maintain independent status and produce all their own work. This includes 11 studio albums, one live
album, a live concert DVD and a Greatest Hits compilation. Added to their long resume
is work in film (Six String Samurai, Mail Order Bride, Armageddon, Skippy) and television (Melrose Place, Fastlane, Penn and Teller’s Sin City Extravaganza, VH-1 Behind the
Music, MTV). They can be found playing everything from large festivals to private parties,
small venues to massive stages such as 2005’s Live 8 Benefit Concert. Whatever the event,
wherever Igor & Red Elvises go, they bring the party with them.
I have had the pleasure of seeing Igor and Red Elvises, in their early days, back in 1996, at
the now defunct Casey’s Nightclub(Formerly The Green Pine Inn), in Allentown Pa. The
band had a very entertaining and colorful presence, and was most certainly the kind of
band to see if you wanted to have a great time.
Over the years since I last saw them, a myriad of different musicians from many other
countries have joined them,including United States, Israel, Puerto Rico and Bulgaria, to
name just a few. Everyone who performs with them for any length of time brings something different both energetically and musically. At various times shows have included
keyboards, accordions, sax, clarinet, trumpet, flute, banjo, mandolin, tuba and many other
Fast forwarding to the present time, Igor and the
band recently performed at The Musikfest Cafe,
for Oktoberfest , on October 12, 2013, which I
attended, and also did a short live radio interview
with Igor himself.
If you came that night to see an awesome show,
you certainly would not be dissapointed! The band
aimed to please as Igor engaged the crowd with
hand clapping and sing- a- longs, with his faithful
followers that knew every word of his song lyrics.
Igor Yuzov was dressed in a red satin suit and jacket, playing the accordian, Oleg Bernov, in a Psychadelic Red and Black wave print, with a huge Red Flying V Bass, and the drummer, Garrett Morris in a red
satin shirt and pants, with a red brocade jacket.
The band itself had the new addition of two female musicians- Sarah Johnson, the vocalist in her form fitting red dress and high heels, effortlessly switched back and forth playing the saxaphone, flute, and keyboards, and Dregas Smith in her red sequined dress, on keyboards and backing vocals as well.
Igor and Oleg swayed onstage in perfect harmony, as the crowd on their feet, replied back to their questions with the words- "Potato Chip".
Moving swiftly from one song to the next, with the crowd cheering and singing along- Igor motioned for
girls to go up on stage to join them for their popular anthem, "I want to see you Belly Dance"
Of course since they were performing during Oktoberfest, the night would not be complete without a polka, as Igor teases the crowd he asks Are we having fun yet? It was obvious they were,
with their hands and drinks held high, in total appreciation.
Igor and Red Elvises are the ultimate high energy party band with non-stop crowd pleasing , audience participation music that makes you want to dance, and shout! Without a doubt the band has
evolved to a cult following status wherever they go, and has something for everyone to appreciate, and have fun with. I know I am looking forward to seeing them again, and would highly
recommend them to anyone as a must see show!
Check them out at: www.redelvises.com
Interview with
Los Angeles
artist and film
maker Waylon
I couldn’t say exactly – I know when I was around
five I became heavily fixated on drawing squids,
but I’ll bet I was doodling before then. What really got me going was a book a friend of mine had
about how to draw monsters. I copied that book
religiously, and then started going off pictures of
movie monsters from books I got at the school
library. So really, my love of drawing, horror movies, and books all came from the same life shattering event! Amazing.
Flattered! That’s what I’m going for!
I didn’t have a lot of influences for the longest
time, other than my mother, who is also an artist.
But my parents took me to see the documentary
‘Crumb’ when it first opened at the sorely missed
U.C Theater in Berkeley, CA, and I got really into
cross hatching after that! I also discovered Ralph
Steadman and Bill Griffith around that time. I’ve
been trying to develop my drawing style a bit
more lately, and have been looking a lot at early
Marvel Comics, like the original X-Men – hoping
to broaden my horizons!
The nice thing about having my hands in
both art forms is when I’m sick of one, I can
turn to the other. Film making is extremely
exhausting, and drawing is very quiet.
stress over, and when it was over, you felt
like you’d just found the key to making life
interesting! By the time I got out of High
School, I was pretty determined that this is
what I wanted to do, even if I never made a
dime off it. It’s just a great way to pass the
time. Although if people like what you do
it’s a definite plus.
by Alexxis Steele
That’s a tough one to pin down – I actually don’t
think about it a whole lot! It’s just an extension of
me – morbid and obsessed with pop culture.
I had the pleasure of speaking with Waylon about his Macabre artwork and film making to find out what makes him tick..
Well, as I got older I discovered that I was very
socially outgoing, which is at odds with the
solitary life of an illustrator. I also enjoyed productions, probably brought on by helping my
Dad turn our family home into a haunted mansion every year for Halloween. There was a real
pleasure in having a large project to work on and
I’d just like to make sure it continues to
grow and I don’t repeat myself too often. I
strive to never get to comfortable with what
I’m doing. I like to shock and horrify myself.
As always, I’m working on illustrations for
the new issue of ‘Beatdom’, who I’ve been
happily drawing for since 2011.
I also just finished a music video for Oakland’s Lumerians (http://lumerians.com/) that
is a ghoulish homage to Italian cinema (the
song its self is a tribute to ‘Goblin’), and has
been getting some great notices, including a
nod from ‘Dangerous Minds’! I’m also finishing up a documentary on my father, who
passed away this September.
To see more of Waylon’s work go to: www.
Cherie Currie
by Thomas Richmond.
I first started talking to Cherie Currie in late
2006, when I heard that one of the members of the 70s rock band The Runaways,
Sandy West, had passed that year due to
cancer. I had seen her play drums in her
own band more than once, and for some
reason on Myspace, I felt compelled to
console Cherie with the grief of losing her
best friend, Sandy. Since then we developed
an online friendship of working together.
She being the rockstar, chainsaw, wonder
woman that she is, we then met again from
a new network.
Having to put trust in someone is a hard
thing to do, with hear say, and bad press
or just not being honest with whom you
converse with. To me , Cherie has always
been a good judge of character, and I thank
her for that. It has helped us become better
friends, which led her to introducing me
to her brother and sisters. I live here in San
Diego, and although she is far north of me,
she has always had a heart for people who
generally care and look out for her best interests . Even my best friend has helped her
in many ways.
I’m proud of her for what she has accomplished, and for what she continues to do for herself, especially
the love she has for her fans and friends. She’s back touring these days . She is an author and was into acting for awhile
Under the Radar
Under the Radar: Orphan Black
by Lori Kapes
Under the Radar showcases movies, music, and TV shows that
are cracking in to the mainstream.
The summer of 2013 saw a lot of male-fronted movies and songs
topping the box office and the Billboard charts. On the television
front, however, female-fronted shows are dominating the
airwaves and the internet. Orange is the New Black, the latest
offering from online service Netflix, about a group of inmates at
a women’s correctional facility, has been making waves in popculture. However, a lesser known show has turned in to the cult
hit of summer.
The BBC America show, Orphan Black, stars Canadian actress
Tatiana Maslany as a British drifter, named Sarah, trying to turn
her life around when she witnesses the suicide of a woman who
looks just like her. That’s only in the first three minutes of this
intense thriller. The former orphan, partnered with her foster
brother Felix (Jordan Gavaris), quickly discovers that she’s a
clone and from then on it’s a race to discover who is behind
this elaborate science experiment. Along the way they meet
people who are potentially on their side, like Delphine (Evelyne
Brochu), or somewhere in between, like Paul (Dylan Bruce).
They also come across other clones, all portrayed by the greatly
talented Maslany.
When it premiered in March, the joint British and Canadian
production was averaging just half a million viewers per episode
– comparatively AMC’s Breaking Bad averaged 1.5 million its
first season. Thanks to word of mouth Orphan Black’s fan-base
began to expand after the season one finale in June. Even though
Maslany, who plays seven different characters over the ten
episode first season, wasn’t nominated for an Emmy award the
audience continued to grow as a result of the snub.
The first season is out on DVD and will re-air Saturdays at 10
p.m. on BBC America starting September 14th. Season 2 will
premier April 2014, so that’s enough time to catch up on this cult
too. She loves that chainsaw of hers, that creates beautiful works of art made from wood, and the charity
work she does. She has one great kid, who is a musician in his own right and has a cool ex-hubby. I was
asked to write about one of three former Runaways that I know, to commemorate my friends first issue,
and I chose Cherie who is the one that I am closest with. I wish you all the best ! Thomas Richmond.
In da city liquor store notes and quotes
In Da City Liquor Store Notes & Quotes 9-9-13
First and foremost, I think just about everyone in the world that ever desires to drink an alcoholic beverage, knows that
in Pennsylvania, the Wine and Spirits stores are STATE run, still. Which means you need a STATE ID to get some of the
stuff sold there, right? Obviously. Yet every blessed day, people come in without a legal ID. And think the employees
will risk their livelihood and serve an alcoholic beverage, a controlled substance, just cuz someone might say, “I’m old
enough, trust me”. Famous last words. Add to that, real minors, trying to get served. People from other countries that
don’t know or care that they might have to be 21 to get alcohol in PA, and the list of funny stuff just goes on and on.
I’m here to share with you the best one yet. Expired ID’s of people that are clearly over 21. If a mom, comes in with her
child, an older child, between the age of 14 and 21, but has a drivers license, and you ask for ID, everyone in the group,
has to provide ID. Here’s the funny. No one but mom’s ID is expired. But the teenage, and 18, 19, or 20 year old all
have valid ID. No alcohol is served. Mom can’t get it because her ID is expired. Expired ID is not valid ID. Yikes, deal
with that angry mom on a daily basis. It happens.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend come in. Suppose GF is 22, and BF is 20. They are together, she wants to buy champagne, or a fine
wine for dinner. He’s just with her. No alcohol. Bummer right? Actually she has to go to another store, leave him in the
car, and get the alcohol herself. At a location where they never saw or asked for ID for him. Rules rules rules.
Partially dressed, and not totally functional customer walks in. A little staggered in their walk and talk. Bloodshot eyes,
open shirt, button down open, but a shirt is ‘on’ nonetheless, covering the shoulders, but exposing gaudy chest hair,
stomach, and pectoral areas of older mans body. Can’t speak to clear either, and this guy wants a big bottle of Whiskey.
Wait, his fly is down, and only his belt is holding up his pants, and you can visibly see his underwear, hanging out. No
shoes, no shirt no service comes to mind, but its not the law. Asks for a big bottle of a select bottle we keep behind the
counter. I give him a mini-bottle, and take a 5 dollar bill from the close to 80 dollars he is waving around on the counter.
A mini-likethe kind in an airplane or a hotel room. Long story short, he gets a little bottle, and change, walks away,
doesn’t say a word. Probably thinks it was a big one, and goes on his way. Not to be served again, by me.
CLOSED SIGN BY A REGISTER: There is a sign on the counter that says the register is closed. An employee is doing
something in the computer at the register, but the customers can’t read, “This lane closed”. Here they come. The first
one misses the sign and plops down a bottle or bottles and starts gesturing to the employee, to take their money. Now,
others are watching, and they scurry up, lining up in a closed lane. This just gets funnier and funnier. Before you know
it, someone is 5 persons deep, and says “What’s taking so long? Why isn’t this line moving faster? We don’t have all
day. Even though the first person has already been told, this lane is closed, please choose another register, multiple
times, they keep offering the money.
PEOPLE OF WALMART COMPARISONS: Pajama pants, curlers in the hair, open zippers and parking in the fire lane
where “rent a cops” constantly warn patrons that they’re vehicle can be towed away. Wait, I forgot to mention the loud
boom boom systems, left running so everyone in the store and near vicinity gets to hear their choice of music over
anything else in a 100 yard radius. Pajama pants, please people, whatever happened to dressing something considered
“clothes to go out in” instead of wearing pajama pants to go get a bottle of wine or liquor? What’s up everybody? I’m
not an old fart, but do I need to see Barney, or Sponge Bob, or whatever kiddie pajamas on grown men and women over
the age of 21 to go get their alcohol for the night? Curlers in the hair, this one is strictly for the ladies. Please explain
to us men, why curlers are okay in the Wine and Spirits shoppe, but no okay to go out and drink at the bar? I’m just
going to leave that one out there…nice right? Open zippers. I can go on and on about this, but I just don’t want to. I
remembered to close the top of my pants, but I’m so distracted with the thought that I’m going to get some alcohol soon,
that I either can’t squeeze in my pants to close my zipper, or my zipper popped and broke, and I don’t care, OR I just
stopped thinking about zipping up my pants, as soon as I achieved pants closure, it was such a great feat of power and
squirming, ahhh the relief, my pants are up and closed. Not the zipper, just the pants. Lastly, the fire lane bandits. I’m
only going to be in the store for a second. Wooo hooo here I come, rush rush rush, in get my bottle, I didn’t drop it and
break it. Now I get to hurry up and wait in line, WTF? Why can’t this line move faster, I’m double parked, in the fire
More on these and many other topics- next month.
Brodians Banter
How Do You Sell Yourself?
OK!, You’ve written a song, you’ve recorded it: now what do you do?
You send a copy to the music director at the local stations for a little publicity.
(ok, first you post it on one of your webpages and then notify all of your friends).
How do you present yourself?
A CDR in a plain paper sleeve really doesn’t make a good impression.
it looks cheap and it makes people think you really don’t care - and, if you really don’t care then
why even bother?
This basic rule I’m going to tell you, not only works in music but, also works in everyday life:
Nobody will take you seriously unless YOU take yourself seriously.
Some printing on the disc looks far more professional than something hand written - and, it’s easier
to read.
It helps if you include a picture of the band - studio pictures are always the best but, some outdoor
shots in an appropriate setting are also nice.
A biography/ information on the band, usually less than one page long is recommended.
In the bio, don’t try to come off as something you’re not.
Slogans like “We’re going to rule the world” or, better than [majorly known act] really don’t cut it.
Don’t try to be too personal in your biography (or, for that matter, in your song lyrics).
The DJ doesn’t care what car you like, how much beer you can drink or, how much you love your
Just be truthfull, be yourself: this is where we’re from, the music [artists] we like - who we’ve been
compared to, where we’ve played (and some upcoming gigs).
And, try to watch your language.
There are certain words which can not go over the air. There are certain things you can’t discuss.
You can’t talk about killing certain people, putting down any race or religion, you can’t say things
about people or places which aren’t true and you can’t discuss certain types of sexual activity.
You can romantically refer to ‘making love’ but you can’t say something blatant like ‘plowing your
brains out’ - that just doesn’t work.
Some majorly known music artists have been known to ignor some of these rules.
In cases such as this, the major record labels send out censored versions of their songs to the radio
stations (some may call this misrepresention of the artist/product they have to sell).
But, as local acts, you may not have this luxury.
If there is a mix of playable and non playable music in your CD then, as a courtesy, make a note in
your bio as to which songs may contain objectionable material.
The DJ’s will play the safe ones.
There are fines for playing objectional material on the air and DJ’s/radio station do not want the
Give them peace of mind and they’ll give you peace of mind.
Remember: you work with the DJ’s, not against them!
Rockin’ Around
with Michael Hendrick
Recently, the editorial ‘We’ left the East Coast and headed west. “The west is the best,” Jim
Morrison said. It is true and it is also kind of sad. After fifty-six years in the same time zone,
the Eastern Standard Zone lost the fun it used to be.
Personally, we first heard rock and roll in New York, as Roy Orbison exposed his whiney
heart over radio in my parent’s old Desoto. At five years old, we watched the Beatles arrive at
Shea Stadium on the tv and the resulting new british revolution followed on the screen. In
our teens we spat at the stage of CBGB, pogoed and slammed.
New York City, the City that never sleeps must have been napping when the Hip Train arrived in Colorado and Washington with legal weed. How can it
be the hippest city in the world when the most delectable commodities are easier to get here
in the west? Our eyes moisten with tears of sorrow when we consider this anomaly. We think
of the swinging forties and fifties when the Rat Pack ruled the dark streets and the punk
rock in the seventies that restarted the heart of rock and roll in the face of the disco machine
uptown at Studio 54.
EXTRAORDINARY, is a column exploring the normal, unusual,
extraordinary and down right weird upcoming artists of our local performing
arts community. By embarking on this journey H.Q. Deceit and B.B. Strange
hope to bring these arts to the public’s attention. Thereby allowing these
performers to gain the recognition they work so hard to achieve and deserve.
The different performing arts that we will cover include but are not limited to
the following: dancers, singers, actors, artists, photographers and bands. Some
of the more unique acts will included poi, hoopers, fire performers, tattoo arts,
staff performers, stilt-walkers and theater groups. Each installment will feature
a different spotlight performer from the local area. Individuals or groups will
be rated on a success scale from one to five stars. Pictures, videos, audio and
interviews will be included within the column. Contact information and booking
rates will also be provided for each act we screen. B.B. Strange and H.Q. Deceit
take our job very seriously. After all, we are looking for the EXTRAORDINARY!
~H.Q. Deceit and B.B.Strange
We miss the dirty old New York City of our youth with her dirty pavements, leering pervs
and beggars with outstretched hands. They brought a sense of danger that seemed vital to
the city, like the visage of Moondog standing on Sixth Avenue shouting his poetry and scaring more timid foot traffic to the other side of the street with his two-horned Viking helmet.
Philadelphia still sports a layer of dirt on it but Disney constipated the Big Apple by cleaning
up Times Square, the once-beloved center of sleaze. The last time we walked down to Greenwich Village and got thirsty for a beer, we had to walk eight blocks…eight blocks!!! In NYC
for a beer? The real indignity came with viewing the Lower East Side out the window of an
Applebee’s because that was all we could find.
And what happened to the 25 Cent XXX Sex Show on Forty Second Street? As bad as it
turned out to be, how could anybody resist finding out how much of a show you get for a
Well, now we reside in Washington, home state of the most prolific serial killers. The Son
of Sam fell far short of some of the body counts we see here. To the south a couple of states,
we have California so that gives us our minimum daily requirement of nearby whack-jobs.
What is the difference between bad behavior at the Jersey Shore and bad behavior in LA? LA
dresses it up better and has blondes. It all comes out the same on TMZ, though.
H.Q. Deceit
B.B. Strange
Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Mutants of all ages, Welcome to the most EXTRAORDINARY show on earth. HQ and BB recognize the talents of the accustomed and the unusual. Extraordinary by definition is: different from the normal, unique, spectacular. A feat that many strive for, but few
succeed. Our goal is to seek out as many unseen extraordinary acts from our local area, and focus the
spotlight on them. Giving their routine the recognition it deserves. Finding these fantastic acts will be no
easy task. Sure there are many to choose from, but how many are truly extraordinary?
BB Strange and HQ Deceit @ Trocadero theater Philly Zombie Prom 2013.
With Halloween on the horizon we decided to pack up the car and venture out to the Trocadero
theater located in Philadelphia, Pa. for the annual Zombie Prom. As we approached the theater hordes
of Zombies came from all directions flooding Arch Street merging at the theater. After a short wait in
line we were deemed zombie enough and given entrance to that special night of dancing, romance, and
brain eating zombies. Upon entering to our left was a line to get bloody prom pictures to reminisce the
gory evening. Limping along to our right was a line leading to the makeup artists who were transforming people into brain eating zombies for a small fee. As we entered the large ballroom, the bass from
mixing beats and club music was taunting our feet. As we danced, a photographer approached us complementing us on our make-up, which was done by the talented Eddie Dierolf from Mutated Soulz FX.
The photographer took a few pictures, we thanked her and crept. on to the bar to grab a drink before
heading to the balcony for a better vantage point to scope the band we came to check out.
The band Live Not On Evil took the stage with lead singer and guitarist Rob Windfelder. A gothrockin, horror-punk band that drove the crowd wild with their nothing but original music. This band
is no stranger to the zombie prom, having performed previously at the 2012 event. They are based out
of their hometown of Philadelphia and signed to Creep Records. Having three albums to date, Live Not
on Evil is proving to be a force to be reckoned with due to their creative and catchy lyrics and dominant
live performances. Their pounding drums, mind shredding guitar riffs, and vocals that rip at your heartstrings all point to one sign. If you don’t know about Live Not On Evil, then you’ve got some homework
to do.
Go check them out @ http://www.last.fm/music/Live+Not+On+Evil/+wiki if you think you can handle
it, also like their page @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Live-Not-On-Evil/168189693393 ,or better
yet, experience them live. we inquired about an interview with the lead guitarist, Rob Windfelder, however we were misdirected and regretfully missed the opportunity to interview him.
On the success scale we would rate Live Not on Evil 4 stars out of 5. Giving them the status of
AWESOME!!! If you ever find yourself in the Philadelphia area, we highly recommend Live Not on Evil
as a must see band whether you’re a fan of horror-punk rock or just in the mood for a great show. This
band delivers on all fronts, and rarely disappoints.
Drill- 1) part of tool that bores holes 2) boring tool with drill 3) training by repetition 4) repeated
exercise 5) safety routine 6) routine 7) predatory mollusk
You know that band. The one at the local club that kick’s ass every time you see them? Drill is that
band. They are also the reason why I chose to name this article Drill. They are a band that is hard
hitting, in your face with attitude, hard working and one of the best-unsigned metal bands I have
ever had the pleasure of seeing live. I had the honor of speaking with Jason Lilley, the vocalist for
the band, about some of the history of the band as well as the rebooted version of Drill. You won’t
find any rock star attitudes in this dressing room, just a bunch of regular guys doing what they love.
Raleigh based, Drill came to fruition in January
1997. A local band that played a few local shows,
it was just a hobby for most of the members. That
is until 2001. “After going through several lineup
changes….we finally decided to get serious around
the year 2001” said Jason Lilley, the vocal genius
behind the band. Drill began working on becoming a regional breakout band and then a national
band and possibly a deal.
Originally named Drill 187, the group decided that
maybe a change was in order. They had just done
some reunion shows locally with the core members from when Drill 187 was experiencing their
biggest success, but in mid-2012 when several
of the guys wanted to drop out again, the rest of
the band dropped the 187 out of respect for the
members that left. Lilley is quoted in saying, “We
decided to drop the 187 from the name as a tribute
to them leaving because with those guys gone, it
just wasn’t quite the same band anymore.” With
that, Drill 187 became Drill and rebooted.
When asked about using social media, Lilley was quick to endorse using sites like Facebook and Reverbnation. “It’s our very lifeblood” says Lilley “ A band can’t make much noise these days without
working social media.” Drill has videos and music available on ReverbNation. They also have music
on iTunes. When asked if he felt an online presence was important for the band and their fans, Lilley
was quick to admit that if social media had the presence when Drill first came out in 2001 like it does
now, Drill would have had a bigger push and fan base. “You can literally make fans anywhere on the
planet now online…USE IT!”.
Carlos Ameri
Ron Dalgo
Since Drill has been a band with touring and many other experiences under their belt, I wanted to know
if they had any tips for up and coming bands. Lilley had excellent advice for anyone thinking about
getting into the “business” of music. “You better love what you do if you want to be serioius. First
thing, write, write, and write some more. You can never have enough good songs and the more you
write, the better you get at it. Second, get educated about the business. It is the single hardest job to
become a success at. Third, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!!! If it’s not any fun, it isn’t going
to last.” When asked about the craziest thing that ever happened to them while touring, Lilley took a
minute to think about it, but then came back with an answer that not even this reporter was expecting.
“I decline to answer because parties that were involved had to be relocated through Witsec and it could
compromise their safety.” How’s that for an answer? He did finally answer the question, “I can’t really think of one thing that stands out. We had a BLAST back in the day and many seriously crazy and
dangerous moments.”
Drill is currently finishing up a new EP and have plans to have it out by the end of the year. The new
single “Crush” has been released and is available on their ReverbNation page. There is also new merchandise coming as well as several other items. By the time this article is published, they will have
opened for Salvia in a hometown show in Raleigh and will have played the side stage at the Virginia
Chili Cookoff with groups like Dope, Saliva, Soil, Trapt and Sevendust to name a few. They are also
hoping to have some HUGE announcements coming soon!
Drill has been known to describe their sound as metal that is heavy, yet have a melodic
groove metal/heavy rock vibe. They are a bunch of guys that wanted to write cool tunes
and have fun, which eventually turned into a serious endeavor. “Good music is good
music, no matter the “genre” of metal…everyone is different and has different tastes,
that’s why it is a good thing that the spectrum of “metal” can encompass so many different styles and flavors” says Lilley about the genre Drill plays. Using personal experiences, as well as things that go on in the world, Drill’s songs always put a positive spin or
message into their songs.
Drill is looking forward to meeting new fans and cool new friends from this interview and want everyone to check out their Facebook page www.facebook.com/drillofficial and ReverbNation www.reverbnation.com/drill187 If you are looking for a cool band with kick ass music, then Drill is the band for
you. The current lineup consists of Jason Lilley-vocals, Ron Dalgo- guitar, Matt Fredrick- bass, Bobby
Stansbury- drums and Carlos Ameri- guitar.
The Underground
Underground- 1) beneath Earth’s surface 2) covert 3)
contrary to prevailing culture
The Sound Hole in Myrtle Beach, SC is just a small club right off Ocean Blvd. that
caters to unsigned bands on a daily basis. On any given night you will hear 4 different genres of music and may even be lucky enough to catch a new band playing their
first show ever. My first experience with the The Not So Evil Dead was just that, a
Monday night with several acoustic sets and then a band that was sweet music to my
ears! A band that played Punk music. I don’t mean the water down punk music we
have all become accustomed to, I mean hardcore punk like the Misfits, Rancid, Bad
Religion and Green Day. They were loud, they could play their instruments and they
were a three-piece band that doesn’t have huge stacks of amps, but an amp for the
bass and an amp for the guitar.
The Not So Evil Dead is a 3 piece punk band out of Myrtle Beach, SC. The current line up is Thomas
Boswell- Bass and Vocals, Dillon Yancey- Guitar and Kyle Sheppard- Drums. When asked how they
decided to play together, Thomas says, “We were just a bunch of friends who knew how to play instruments
and figure we would put it to use.” They have enjoyed playing together for at least the past year regularly
and have found that when they play live, they actually play even better. They describe themselves as
nothing more than a bunch of kids who knew how to play their instruments and shared a love for REAL
Punk and playing fast.
They joke about when writing their music they say they use four chords instead of the usual three chords
punk bands normally use. When playing a show they throw in a mixture of covers and their own music.
Thomas jokes that “I tend to have a bad memory when it comes to lyrics….it comes to us randomly.” When
writing, the band says they can just be sitting around playing and someone play a cool riff and the other two
will jump in.
Since they were a generation that grew up with the Internet, The Not So Evil Dead have made sure that their
fans can find them on every possible medium.
The Sound Hole in Myrtle Beach, SC is just a small club right off Ocean Blvd. that caters to unsigned
bands on a daily basis. On any given night you will hear 4 different genres of music and may even be
lucky enough to catch a new band playing their first show ever. My first experience with the The Not
So Evil Dead was just that, a Monday night with several acoustic sets and then a band that was sweet
music to my ears! A band that played Punk music. I don’t mean the water down punk music we have
all become accustomed to, I mean hardcore punk like the Misfits, Rancid, Bad Religion and Green
Day. They were loud, they could play their instruments and they were a three-piece band that doesn’t
have huge stacks of amps, but an amp for the bass and an amp for the guitar.
Thomas states, “I feel the Internet has really changed up the music game. Some are good changes and
some are bad. Although it does make it easier for a band like us to get more recognition outside of South
Carolina.” You can go to the band’s ReverbNation page and download their music for free. They feel like
it is important to support bands in other ways because bands need the support of fans in order to get their
music released and even played on the radio.
Since I had seen them at a small club, I began hearing stories about Bear. Bear,
according to some of their fans, was the bands one-eyed manger. So I asked Thomas,
Dillion and Kyle about their “manager” Bear. This is the official story of Bear. “Bear is a stuffed bear that
we have been claiming to be our manager. He is a drug addicted bear that lost an eye in a knife fight with
Kyle after Kyle caught him trying to sell our equipment.” Yes, folks,
The Not So Evil Dead is a perfect example
of the “diamonds in the rough” you will find
at your local club or bar. Most fans forget
that all of your National level bands started
out in a small club like the Sound Hole in
Myrtle Beach, SC. Without local venues
giving young and upcoming bands like The
Not So Evil Dead an opportunity to play, you
wouldn’t have acts like Five Finger Death and
Slipknot. Get out there to your local clubs and
support your local music!!!!! Next time you
are in Myrtle Beach, be sure to check out the
Sound Hole at 1004 Chester Street.
Be sure to check back next month for another up and coming band! If you have a new band
that you would like to see featured in “The Underground”, please send me an email with the
band’s information (Facebook, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, etc, etc.) Till next time! Remember to support your local music!!!!
Here is how you can find The Not So Evil Dead on social media.
picking on each other and most importantly,
they draw the audience in with their comedic
styling’s as well as their music abilities. They
quite possibly could be the next Green Day.
When asked if there was anything else they
would like to add to this interview, all three
members were very quick to say, “We would
like to thank our families and friends for all
of their support. They ROCK!!!!”
The Not So Evil Dead is a perfect example
of the “diamonds in the rough” you will find
at your local club or bar. Most fans forget
that all of your National level bands started
out in a small club like the Sound Hole in
Myrtle Beach, SC. Without local venues
giving young and upcoming bands like The
Not So Evil Dead an opportunity to play, you
wouldn’t have acts like Five Finger Death and
Slipknot. Get out there to your local clubs
and support your local music!!!!! Next time
you are in Myrtle Beach, be sure to check out
the Sound Hole at 1004 Chester Street.
Be sure to check back next month for another
up and coming band! If you have a new band
that you would like to see featured in “The
Underground”, please send me an email with
the band’s information (Facebook,
ReverbNation, SoundCloud, etc,
etc.) Till next time! Remember to
support your local music!!!!
Hip Hop In A State Of 911?
Some say Hip hop lost its soul. They feel the music sold out. Hip hop artists now get tons of sponsorships. Sneaker,soft drink, clothing line and other types of companies all are writing big checks to today’s
artists. Some of the deals include saying the company’s name in the lyrics from making sure that company’s product is with you at all times. I even read T-Pain had to pretty much sleep with a company’s product in order to get paid. Is that what the problem is? Is it that the music is money driven today? Well, Hip
Hop has always been about getting out of the struggle, Getting out of the hood. So I would think people
would be happy for those that were able to make it out and get legal money. A lot of money at that! I personally think sponsorships is an amazing opportunity for those that made it out of their struggle!
Others say Hip Hop lost its creativity and authenticity in its lyrics. I can agree with that statement. If you
turn on a hip hop station, every other song is talking sex money and drugs.Timberland mentioned during
a radio interview that each song sounds like it’san extension from that previous song. The same artists
are being played on the radio with the same subject matter. How many times can you rap about being in
the club with women getting drunk and high? The music does get very repetitive then again, if you go to
a Hip Hop night club this weekend, these same songs are playing loud in the clubs with a packed floor of
people singing the lyrics line for line. That goes for any city. It will be the same scene all over the world.
I’ve also noticed a lot of the middle-aged fans have a problem with today’s hip Hop fashion. It went from
tight leather jackets with Jerry curls to baggy clothes jeans and loose shirts to tight pants and neon colors
garments. Some say the fashion is feminine. One of the latest trends among popular rappers are kilts. Is
it a kilt or is it really a skirt they are wearing is a popular question. A lot of the style is very foreign to the
core Hip Hop fans and they feel it is not Hip Hop at all. Personally, I’m not a fan of the kilts or the tight
jeans but some new styles aren’t bad. In my honest opinion I feel some of the new styles aren’t too different from the old styles. It’s another way for Hip Hop fans to express themselves and be different.
Hip Hop is everywhere. In stores, schools, tv commercials so on and so on. Hip Hop is global. The
culture has taken over all seven continents and continues to spread in new markets. It’s in fashion,
cartoons, movies, video games, sports, etc. So why would someone say that Hip Hop is dead? Why
would people not love the music they grew up listening to that has achieved so much success?
First, let’s touch on a brief background on Hip Hop. Hip Hop started in the Bronx, Ny. In the projects
if you will. It originated from Dj’s working with Reggae beats and songs and putting their own twist
on the music. The local people started Breakdancing and putting lyrics to this new music. Before we
knew it, it was EVERYWHERE. It catapulted popularity nationwide. Soon enough you would hear it
in every inner city and urban community. It was real and raw. Finally music for the youth that felt they
didn’t have a voice. It only took a matter of a few years before it would reach commercial success.
With artists such as Grand Master Flash, Sugar Hill Gang, Run DMC and others creating songs that
would touch millions across the Us Nation. Fast Forward to today, Hip Hop is still the music for the
youths but also for the middle aged listener as well. It is accepted by all cultures. Next to pop music
and country it is the top music genre for this generation. Sounds like a real underdog story huh? So,
why are a lot of Hip hop fans unhappy with the music?
There are other issues that people have but the question comes to mind. Who is to blame if Hip Hop is
in a state of 911? Is it the artist? They are the ones writing and performing this music. They are creating
the content. Is it the Labels? They are the ones investing money into the artists, their wardrobe,music and
shows. Is it the DJ’s and radio stations? They are the ones choosing to play the music for the public to
hear. Oh wait, or is it the public? Is it the fans? They are the ones requesting the music, singing it at the
parties and clubs. They are the ones playing it loud out of their cars and singing the songs outside. Really,
if Hip Hop is in a state of 911, Who is to blame? Who do we point the finger at?
Personally, I don’t think Hip Hop is dead at all! Hip Hop is stronger than EVER and continues to grow.
It’s gone way beyond the music. It’s a lifestyle. Today’s Hip Hop has opened the door for people of all
backgrounds to express themselves and not be afraid to let the world hear their story. Artist like Kendrick
Lamar, Eminem, J.Cole and others all have different stories and weren’t your typical gang banging, drug
selling rappers. They are able to express themselves in a way that people feel they can relate, especially if
the listener knows nothing about robbing someone at gunpoint. Today’s Hip hop motivates and is merged
with so many styles of music.You can hear Hip Hop in pop, country, rock and now even in dubstep and
techno.As Hip Hop was growing a lot of people said it wouldn’t last. Right now, Hip Hop looks like it
will be heard for a while and will keep evolving! Go Hip Hop! over 40 years old!
Star Trek into
Having been a Star Trek fan since the original
series was on NBC back in the 1960’s, I’ve
seen the various reboots of this franchise
choke on itself and excel. The original Star
Trek (TOS) nose-dived into a black hole after
the first season. The show is a high level of
technobabble and efforts to stay true to science
while telling a science fiction story, were a
struggle for even the best of writers. Where the
networks wanted a monster of the week, Star
Trek’s monster typically was the manifestation of some human weakness as represented
by a monster or other bad guy.
Star Trek was resurrected for its second and
third season through a tremendous outpouring of support from the fans. But, eventually
network and studio agendas overtook what
the public wanted and Star Trek went into the
recycle bin.
Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek,
took his product from Desilu (Turned Paramount) and put the show into syndication,
breathing new life into an old product. The
show was rebooted into a Saturday morning
cartoon where writers and artists could now
use drawings instead of art and special effects
to move the story. But, how many eight year
olds understand the principles of warp drive
and transporters. The animated (not cartoon)
Star Trek was not considered mainstream trek
but, it received enough notice to put Star Trek
Phase II on the drawing board.
This refurbished series was to star the original
cast in a redesigned starship with new stories and special effects. The entire series was
trashed and turned into Star Trek The Motion
Picture in the wake of Star Wars success.
Star Trek The Motion Picture almost killed
the franchise. The movie was slow-moving
(although majestic), written in pure Roddenberry format with no real bad guy and
only some evolution to a higher level of
being. Roddenberry was practically fired
from Paramount for wasting the money.
However, they hired Harvey Bennet and
produced Star Trek The Wrath of Kahn,
proving Star Trek could be action oriented
as well as cerebral. This movie spawned
four more movies.
In 1987 Star Trek, The Next Generation
went on their air. This new series takes
place some 87 years in the future with a
whole new cast and ship. The main universe of Star Trek has been born. Star Trek
Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager and
Star Trek Enterprise are all spin offs of the
original Next Generation and established
the look and feel of Star Trek as given birth
by the original series. Four more movies
featuring the Next Generation cast were
produced with moderate results. The powers that be decided to reboot the series once
They brought in JJ Abrams to reboot the
iconic franchise. It was later that Abrams
said, he never saw a Star Trek episode, never read anything about it, and was totally
clueless about the series. Well. It showed
on the screen.
Star Trek has a certain pulse, a cadence
that sets it apart from all other science fiction. From the very beginning, the show
strived to be scientifically accurate where
they could be so, when they had to stretch
the truth or invent a gadget, it would make
The show rarely is a shoot them up show.
It is action oriented, but not to the same
tune of what Lucas film turned out with the
Indiana Jones series or Star Wars series.
Star Trek is supposed to move its stories using
character development and good writing. The
show was originally supposed to be modeled
after a western.
Abrams wanted a fresh new look and he got it.
The entire feel of Star Trek went away to be
replaced with this new one. Abrams two movies were driven by action, by inserting quips or
reminders of the original series, and by ignoring
many ,many laws of physics.
Many Trekkers, die-hard Star Trek fans, became highly critical of Abrams divergence from
the original series in look, feel, technology and
changes which challenged the entire canon of
Star Trek. Their first response was, ignore it
and it will go away. Then, there was anger from
Abram’s trekkies fighting with Roddenberry
Trekkers. Terms such as get over it, it’s a stupid
movie and other such pleasant exchanges were
But, the bottom line was this Abrams cranked
out two movies that when you tried to insert
them into forty years of Star Trek, it failed.
There are over seven hundred episodes, ten major motion pictures and the creativity and momentum of a huge cult following the Abrams
films do not fit even with the Alternate Universe
back story.
Why does the alternate universe back story not
work? The USS Kelvin back story does not
exist in the regular universe. Kirk’s father was
never on the Kelvin nor was Kirk’s mother. To
represent this sequence is to suggest the timeline changed sometime before Nero arrived.
Next, the Kelvin’s technology is out of sync
with what was presented in Star Trek Enterprise, which the look was established.
The super nova that Spock describes, even to
say it threatened the whole galaxy, is one very
large bang and would signify the END of the
primary timeline. Only an exploding center of
the galaxy could accomplish that. The center is
blowing up now, as you read this, and cosmic
garbage is being sucked into black
holes. it’s a threat to the galaxy,
today and no pin drop of red goo
is going to stop it. This entire story
line is asking to be scrutinized.
Fictional or not Spock would never
ever try to do what this line suggests.
Kirk being promoted from cadet
to first officer, thrown off the ship,
returns and becomes Captain. Only
in the movies, I guess.
There is a lot of wasted space in
the engineering and shuttle bay
areas. According to Nasa’s comments about spacecrafts, space is
a commodity. The more you have,
the more air you need to fill it, the
harder it is to then again, having
the engine room set being a brewery
is kinda cool. So, we can simply
say, we could use some blue screen
to close things in a bit.
Enterprise built on the ground? The
ship cannot fly.
In Darkness Enterprise underwater? Enterprise soaring through the
air? (it’s a spaceship with engine
nacelles that would rip off due to
atmospheric stress) Bad guy ship
makes it to the ground without the
atmosphere ripping it to shreds.
Kirk having obscure rank problems again. He changes rank in one
movie more so often we don’t know
what he is. Scotty resigns and let’s
his babies to somebody else? The
intermix chamber and the repair
job? Bringing Kirk back to life???
Oh well, guess we’re going to skip
the whole Genesis Planet thing. And
Kahn? No!
Abrams did not do his homework nor did the writers. By itself, they made a great action packed movie
based on the characters created by Gene Roddenberry. They could have used any characters, created
their own, whatever In Abram’s second effort, the reveal of Kahn was about as amazing as watching
grass grow. They could have dropped the whole Kahn thing and did their own thing. In short, there are
over seven hundred episode of material to align with, 700 stories all very different and creative. Some
stories are very good (Wrath of Kahn, Trouble with Tribbles, Best of Both Worlds, First Contact), and
some fall short (Way to Eden, BEM, The Final Frontier). In each instance, the writers of all the episodes, did their homework, followed the Star Trek guide, and came up with their own story.
Chris Pine did well as Captain Kirk. I liked his interpretation. Zachary Quinto became SPOCK. Zoe
Saldana brought the dimensions of Ahura forward like they should have been in the original series. I
believe that had Nichele Nicoles been given more room to expand her roll, she would have done it. I
liked Karl Urban as McCoy but feel he was more intense and less the southern gentleman that DeForest Kelly portrayed. Simon Pegg just didn’t get enough screen time. His version of Scotty is, like
Ahura, the next level Anton Yelchin as Chekov and John Cho as Sulu got a real chance to contribute
into the action again, with the ensemble cast it is tough to get good screen time for everyone.
Benedict Cumberbatch love his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. He gave his performance of Kahn his
best, which as Benedict Cumberbatch is and can be, was great. But, Kahn is a total mismatch for this
man. Ricardo Montalbaln brought charisma to Kahn. You liked him. He was magnetic. Cumberbatch
accomplishes that with his Sherlock Holmes character. Kahn needed more. Nero need more in the first
movie. Consider the bad guys of Star Trek and how they become bigger than life. Kahn, Kor, Kang
Borg, Durass, Gul Dukot, Tholians, Romulans. All the characters bigger than life and all very believable. I didn’t believe Abrams bad guys. They were two dimensional.
Which brings me a full circle. Gene Roddenberry wanted Star Trek to be believable. He wanted the
technology to project out far enough that it wouldn’t be over taken by advances. He wanted believable characters, bad guys that you believed in. Kor wasn’t really bad, he was doing his job to occupy
Organia. The Borg are not bad, they’re living out their existence.
Abrams left the belief factor behind, made nice movies that should not be called Star Trek and not try
to pass the whole thing off as oops! Just pretend its and alternate universe.
Star Trek and Star Trek into Darkness get an 8 on the movie scale for good times and a ZERO for trying to tie into the iconic series without doing their homework. The sad truth is that Abrams does have
more talent than this and could have made a terrific addition to Star Trek had he just taken the time to
do so.
Is Music Finally Dead
My first article had to slap everyone in the face. Future articles are going to deal with real world
things that have to do with music in general some good and some bad. Take it or leave it but for
the sake of the music industry please read it. This will deal with things others are afraid to voice
their opinions about. Make you the reader shake your head, piss you off, and also stop the world
in its tracks, so what better way to do that than tell you about something that is personal to me,
pisses me off and needs to change quickly in the music industry, or should I say the lack of.
So on with the show……
Is Music Finally Dead?
So what’s all this talk about the music industry lately and what the heck is going on in it? In one
corner we have people saying that CD’s aren’t selling and in the other saying that CD sales are
up? In other online talk rock is dead while it’s on the rise. The awards shows suck yet they are
the best ever because of the huge made up stars on them. The industry is laying off yet sales are
up online….geeez it’s enough to make your head spin. Well in the world of music it seems that
it is seriously shaken up as of late. You have twerking, jerking, sharing, suing, and every other
“ing” going on but what really is the state of music in today’s world? What artists are really
selling and what is the underground scene up to? What does the true music fan want from today’s scene? What is your definition of music? I don’t think anyone will ever know for sure but I
wanted to offer my opinions and in this column. We, I, and You the music fan can explore many
parts of what exactly music is in today’s world.
I guess I can speak from experience because I actually am an artist in today’s music scene and a
pro one at that. I write songs, play guitar as a solo artist and in a rock band, and help others also
known as producing. I know, rock is dead, or is it? I give music away for free to help others.
I have music for sale all over the world and I have traveled all over playing live at the biggest
industry events. I’ve had some success and experienced failure as well. I’m as real as it gets.
So why are musicians like myself the target of thieves, FM radio, and even the very companies
known as record labels? It seems that they are all against musicians like me. People would rather
get into, play and perform as a cover band? Huh? Hey, here’s a tid bit of fact for you….without
original music being written, recorded, and sold….there are no covers and never would have
been or would be coverbands. Only the prettiest seem to get known regardless of talent. If you
can say the same line over and over then it is a hit but artists that write from their soul and put
more than two notes together are never heard of without digging around for hours on the internet
if you’re lucky to take that time and energy.
Lately I’ve been in front of the TV shaking my head at what I see on the award shows like everyone else. I have seen artists come and go faster than a quarter mile drag race. Where is “that
one artist” who stands out now? You know, the superstar who pisses us all off because they seem
to get everything handed to them. What genre will they emerge from? I am pretty fair about what
I see and am very
critical about music but honestly I haven’t seen an artist in the past 15 years who can hold that
crown. Sure there are a few who get big but they aren’t around long enough to secure the title
or they all are the same artist with a different name. Everyone is a clone of the other so where
is individuality, freedom of expression, and talent? Talent is more important than everything
else. There are way too many computer operators calling themselves music artists and producers with the aid of computer programs. Computer recording programs were designed to capture
your talent and compliment what you do, not invent what you can’t and shouldn’t be doing.
Here’s reality for you, If you have to use auto tune for anything, you are not a musician or
singer. If you need to use a digital instrument to play that one chord you can’t finger on a fret
board, sing in key, make your drum parts fit to the time of the song, and if you can’t understand
what you are saying in the song because you cheaped out on the production then please stop and
find another outlet or pay to have a professional do it for you. Pay the money to get lessons and
for God’s sake!!! Learn what a metronome is and how to use it!!! Learn how to structure lyrics
to pull in an audience, and make a statement not settle for what other do. You may just be that
next big artist I and the world is waiting for. One more thing, when someone who is a big name
platinum selling producer, 30 year world famous veteran engineer or multi platinum,world
famous artist tells you that you suck, chances are that you suck! If they shake their head and do
not say anything after you just recorded what YOU think is a great piece, you suck and they are
just being nice and taking your money. If you put out that sucky music and no one listens to it,
yes again, you suck and need to rethink your career path. But hey, who am I to say that? Creativity is a self expression of one’s inner soul and heart and why should others judge what you
it out loud I and other consumers will let you know by not buying your product. This is a great
chance to also learn what and how business works.
Long gone are the days of rock and roll bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who or pop stars like Elvis, Michael Jackson, or Madonna. They were the some that defined the industry. The ones that
crowds of people would swarm to see to see what they would do next. They were true talent not
the media whores that are now being passed off as talent. Where are today’s Lennon’s, Cobains,
or We Are The World type songs? Where are the song writers that can stop a whole world for
three or four minutes AND make them think? Why would a record label settle for auto tuned
vocals rather than someone who can…..um, SING!? And since when does the person who is
handing their money over to buy this crap settle for it in the first place? I got better things to
spend my money on, I know that.
With all the major labels going under why is it that they can’t realize what the consumer wants?
The indie labels are thriving on what the major labels are pushing away. I’ve noticed recently
at a local record store ( for those who don’t know what that that is, look it up!) that the genres
are organized according to what they think people are going to want. Movies have made it to
the front of the store in a record store. Huh? Excuse the pun but what’s wrong with that picture?
A “record store” is now placing movies in the front over, records? I know what the problem is,
well at least what is being shoved down my throat as a consumer, that no one is buying hard
copies of anything and why should we? With all the download sites out there brick and mortar
is falling apart at the very seams and this entire economy is shaken at the very core of what built
it in the first place yet no one is doing anything to change it. Oh I
get it convenience over substance. I’d rather buy the product of a hard working human then
support an imaginary electronic retailer but that is just me I guess. What about you?
Do you buy or steal music online or are you the person that wants something in return for
forking over your hard earned money? Ever see an empty Big Mac container after paying
for it? Or fill up your vehicle with air? What if your employer said they only paid you for 36
hours instead of the 50 that you actually worked? Ever think about that? The other 14 hours
went to some imaginary thing to be lost forever. Scary to think about but that is exactly what
is happening. To make it in music a musician has to upload music to the very place that 7
billion people every second can steal it. Many people actually pay for a digital version of a
CD but never get anything to show for it except the sound. No art, no words, no heart and
soul of the entity that created it in the first place. Did you know that there are people who
make that CD, record the music, think it up, load their vehicle to play in smoky bars for little
or even….gulp, no pay, all in the name of music? Ever wonder why musicians keep doing it?
It’s because they hope to become that one history changing artist or maybe they just want to
live like you.
A life without music is scary but the world, industry and even you the fan are forcing that to
happen by not buying and supporting a musician do what they are put here to do. Instead you
are pushing the manufactured artist to the top allowing the true talent to sink lower and lower
in the food chain of the industry. Musicians have families, mortgage payments, medical bills,
and many other real life things just like you not just the dunken drug addicts that the media
tells you about and yet they are in a world that is killing them off one crappy artist and song
at a time. For every bad song there is on the radio there are hundreds of songs you’ll never
hear that are good, written by good people, for your enjoyment or to help others or just to
make you bang your head, shake your rear, or talk about the next day. So the state of music is
what you make it. If you settle for crap you’ll keep getting crap. Get out go to a show. Stop
spending your hard earned money on things that kill you like fatty foods, or brainless products to grow hair or remove hair and instead pile your friends in a car and go bang your head,
wave your fist, or scream out a great song with a great musician or band because the music
world is in trouble and needs you to do that right now! Good music is being phased out of the
music vocabulary and being replaced with 1’s and 0’s…….(for those that don’t know what
that is, it’s binary code that started this whole mess in the first place.) Shut your computer,
cell phone, or tablet off and go see a show, buy a real record stocked in a brick and mortar
mom and pop store, or write a song yourself because the world is waiting for you to shine
and become that next big thing that changes the world because at this point the music world
needs it. Music now depends on each and every one of us to take a stand against crap so the
next time you got a few bucks go find a local band and check them out you’ll be the start of
fixing this whole mess.
Next time I’m going to tackle what is going on in the venues that say they support music…..I
can’t wait!
Tom is a professional hard rock guitarist, music artist, and producer with credits of MTV,
NFL Europa, Guitar Player Magazine, and
many big name endorsements that help push
him. Tom has opened for major acts and is a
huge anti bullying advocate. Tom is a hard
rock guitarist that created the band Distorted
Voices as well as his own self titled solo Tom
Martini Instrumental Project. He believes that
politically correct isn’t always the right way
and loves the new world as long as it keeps old
common sense values or even just common
Dumbass Disclaimer: If you are the type of
person that goes to McDonalds to get healthy
food and then complains that you are getting
fat because you ate food from McDonalds, first
stop going to McDonalds because it will kill
you then stop reading my stuff now because
you are part of the problem in this world. If
you think that stealing music online is ok
because being a musician isn’t a real job and
that they don’t deserve to earn money for what
they do, continue reading my articles because
you are part of the problem. Then stop using
music in your life for one day and you’ll realize just how valuable music is. Stop humming,
watching TV, listening to any radio, change
your ring tone to something non musical, don’t
tap your foot, bang your head, or sing in the
Tom Martini