MARCH 2009
A man lays flat on his face, fists pounding the dirt in anguish.
His hair is matted with sweat. His face, stained with tears
and dirt, is contorted in pain like the gnarled, twisted olive
trees looking on. This is our Savior? This figure among the
shadows of the garden of Gethsemane is our Lord Jesus
Christ? Where is his spotless, white robe? His encircling
white halo? Where is the heavenly spotlight that should float
around his figure, highlighting his flowing, golden-brown
hair? Why aren’t his hands neatly folded in serene prayer?
The man we see before us is struggling to drink the cup that
God has placed before him. There is one indisputable truth
told in the picture painted before our eyes. Jesus intimately
knew what it meant to be alone and to struggle with God’s
seemingly impossible will. Easter is not a distant event, from
an age gone by, a story of a struggle beyond our
understanding. If the “God-man” really is like you and me,
then we can very much relate to the events of that
remarkable night.
Have you been in your own dark garden of Gethsemane
walking alone? Betrayed by a friend? Deserted by those
around you? Abandoned? Asked to do the impossible? The
next time you think no one cares… take time to walk to the
garden… and see the man of sorrows. He endured this… for
you. He wanted to fully know and understand your dark
nights and your endless days of despair. He came and gave all
he had because… “God so loved the world.” Our Lord drank
from that cup that you might live. And he rose again that he
might live through you.
All of us at Goforth Media want to urge you to take time and
really listen to one of the radio stations God has so graciously
given us to operate in His name. Listen, ever so closely, and
you will hear that wonderful, life-changing message in song
and sermon. We believe his grace, on display in the Garden
of Gethsemane is nothing less than amazing… and we want
to share it!
Power 88’s new voice: Ralph Mitchell
The most rewarding thing about working in Christian radio,
after many years of secular radio, is all the positive feedback
and words of encouragement from our listeners. People tell
me that I help them wake up in the morning. What they
don’t realize is that they get me going as well! It’s a great
way to start the day – sharing back-and-forth with other believers. Looking back on how God directs our lives is really
amazing. I started my radio career while in the College of
Engineering at Louisiana Tech University. My first full-time
job in radio was at a FM Christian station in Shreveport,
Louisiana. In the years since, I’ve been very blessed to have
been mentored by some fine broadcasters. Now it seems as
though I’ve come full circle and get to play Christian music
on the radio once again. Looking back on the journey, it’s
quite clear that God has been gently leading me every step of
the way. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your
mornings on Power 88.
Photos of Goforth Media construction and operation are available at our special web page. Click on
Winter’s chilly days are giving way to the fresh
promises of spring. Perhaps that’s a picture of
your life right now. You may be hoping to step
out of your fatigue and staleness to grasp a new
start. The worries of keeping up with bills and
surviving through our financial crisis has you
wishing for the kind of restart the flowers and
trees enjoy.
We understand. That’s why we’re here, 24 hours
a day with God’s encouragement. It is during the
darkest of days that Christian radio shines the
brightest. From the time your clock radio signals
the dawn of a new day to the moment you drift to
sleep each night, this ministry is with you all the
way. Even when you find yourself awake in the
middle of the night, burdened by your responsibilities, you can reach out and we’re there. We
want to reach the hearts of struggling believers
and those who don’t know our Lord with a message of hope and love. That’s the message going
out to thousands of listeners every day and we’ve
been doing it for years. It’s the mission God has
put into our hands.
Monday, April 6th at 6 pm
Government Street Baptist Church
Government Blvd at I-65 West.
Tickets are $15.00 at the church office
Doors open at 5 pm.
penetrate the hardest of hearts. We want
folks all along the Gulf Coast to know
that God can take their despair and
staleness and replace it with His renewing
strength. Let these words of the Psalmist
lift you this season to new places:
You, O Lord are a shield for me, My
glory and the one who lifts up my head.
I cried to the Lord with my voice and
he heard me from his holy hill. I will
not be afraid of ten thousands of
people who have set themselves against
me all around.
As we support you, we’re also thankful for the
encouragement you can bring our way through
your prayers and financial gifts. This is a team
effort. You provide a foundation for us to minister and together we send out a message that can
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Its an exciting time to be here at Power 88. We were
recently asked to become a reporting station. What does
that mean? The songs that we play on Power 88 will now
be included in airplay charts along with other Christian
radio stations across the country. Only a few are asked
to become a reporting station, so it's a major honor to
even be considered. You can now see our weekly spins
online at Click the "Christian"
format link menu bar at the top of the page and then
search "WBHY" under the Playlist tab. What does this
mean for Power 88 listeners? It won't change anything
you hear on a daily basis from what we normally do or
play. But it will mean we'll have more artists visit us in
studio and you’ll get more chances to win cool prizes. So,
thanks again for listening to and supporting this ministry.
1. Free to be me
2. You Never Let Me Down
3. Revelation
4. Never Be the Same
5. I Will Rise
6. Finally Home
7. There Will Be A Day
8. The Motions
9. From the Inside Out
10. One True God
11. Whatever Reason
12. Suddenly
13. Bless His Name
14. Love it Away
15. In The Hands of God
16. Two Hands
17. Believer
18. Hope Now
19. You Found Me
20. Taken By Storm
Francesca Battistelli
Marvin Winans Jr
Third Day
Chris Tomlin
Mercy Me
Jeremy Camp
Matthew West
Seventh Day Slumber
Mark Harris
Jeremy Riddle
Krystal Meyers
Jars of Clay
Addison Road
Big Daddy Weave
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