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April 2015
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~ April 23rd Meeting ~
Topic: Coaching Adults with Brain Injury: Joints Solutions & Strategies
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Location: Winways, 7732 E. Santiago Canyon Road, Orange, California 92869
RNS is a membership
organization for
medical care
coordination that
provides continuing
education and
Speaker: Dr. Mary R.T. Kennedy, PhD, CCC-SLP
Dr. Mary Kennedy received her Ph.D. degree from University of Washington, Seattle. Prior to earning her
doctorate degree, she received both of her Master of Arts degrees from California State University of
The professional goal
of its members is to
advocate for quality
patient care while
utilizing community
resources in a cost
effective manner
Upcoming Meetings
Currently, Dr. Kennedy is a professor at the Chapman University of Communication Sciences and Disorders
since 2014. She was the Associate Professor at University of Minnesota in Speech-Language-Hearing
Sciences. She has an extensive background as an expert in communication disorders both in the clinical
rehabilitation settings and in academia settings. Her professional licenses included California State and
Minnesota State Speech-Language Pathology; Certificate of Clinical Competence, Speech-Language
Pathology; American- Speech-Language-Hearing Association; Board Certification of Adults, Academy of
Neurological Communication Disorders and Sciences.
Dr. Kennedy received numerous awards such as Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and
Sciences (ANCDS) honors in Nov. 2013. She is a fellow of American Speech-Language-Hearing
Association. She is editor as well as has authored in many professional journals and publications in speech,
language & hearing research arena.
Objectives of the program:
• August 27th
At the end of this presentation, the attendants will be able to:
1. Define Executive Functions (EF) and Self-regulation (SR) after brain injury
2. Identify executive dysfunction and self-dysregulation after brain injury
3. Associate the relationship between EF& SR
4. List how patient learn after brain injury
5. Recognize best practice principles that support a coaching approach
6. Differentiate coaching versus traditional therapy
7. Identify who can benefit from coaching versus didactic approaches
• September 24th
Target Audience: Nurses, case managers and other health care professionals
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• December 3rd
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Luncheon, Networking, Introductions
Define EF & SR
Relationships and patients for EF & SR
Coaching principles
Comparing coaching and other approaches
Meeting adjourn
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Members $25.00
Non-members - $35.00
Vegetarian meal available upon prior request
11:30 - 12:00 Networking
12:00 - 1:00 Luncheon – More Networking
1:00 - 3:00 Presentation for CEUs
CEU’s: Approved for 2 hours
BRN provider # 01219
CCMC Approval Pending
To register for meeting contact: Merrilee De Bry
(714) 280-1816(preferred) or (951) 237-8500
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Presidents Message
April 2015
Page 2
By Renae Paulson, RN
Spring has officially come and I hope you
are enjoying all the blooming plants. It
reminds me that this is the season of new
beginnings. The days are longer and I love
the breezes and sunny skies of the spring
What changes do you make when spring
comes? My earliest memories are of school
vacation, new dresses and shoes, and
playing outside.
And then there are the expectations of
getting the house clean “from top to bottom”.
The curtains and windows were washed,
inside and out, cob webs were hunted down
and cleaned, and everything was moved out
and cleaned.
Last month Dr. Gottlieb spoke to us about
the psycho-social aspects of the pain
syndrome and what struck me was his
studies on the pain culture and how my
beliefs and attitudes impact my behavior and
effectiveness in caring for others. I am
motivated to not just clean up my physical
surroundings but also my emotional cob
webs too.
Dr. Gottlieb is an expert
Management and you can
information on our website.
Ending our meetings with a raffle is a special
treat provided to us by friends and members
and we are truly thankful for the prizes.
See you at the next meeting!
Springtime can also be a time to reawaken
relationships. While cleaning out your
drawers look for opportunities to call an old
friend or send a note to someone you
haven’t seen in awhile. Be sure to ‘ink in’ the
RNS meetings for the 4th Thursday of
everyone month.
in Pain
find his
Renae Paulson, RN
RNS President
Board of
Directors 2015
April 2015
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Renae Paulson, RN, CCM
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Lily Lee-Martyn, RN, MPH, DCH, CCM
Vice President
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Rochelle Stearns
V. P. Committee Member
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Merrilee De Bry, RN, BSN, CCM, PHN, MA
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or (951) 237-8500
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Rita Pathmanaban, RN, CCRN
Recording Secretary
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Toni Bethke
Corresponding Secretary
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Maryanne Sawoski, RN
Member at Large (membership)
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Cell (818) 730-8490
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Please RSVP for meeting by e-mail, phone or mail.
E-mail: [email protected] or Call: Merrilee De Bry
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April 23rd RNS Meeting
Topic: Coaching Adults with Brain Injury: Joints Solutions & Strategies
Location: Winways, 7732 E. Santiago Canyon Road, Orange, California 92869
Speaker: Dr. Mary R.T. Kennedy, PhD, CCC-SLP
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April 2015
Mark your calendar to attend
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Introducing our new member’s business……
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April 23rd Meeting:
Dr. Mary R.T. Kennedy, PhD, CCC-SLP at Winways