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PS 40
Grades K-1 – Next Stop Broadway
“5, 6, 7, 8!” Get ready for a song and dance experience like you have never had
before. This club will explore musical theatre, dance and music – and give you the
chance to do it yourself! Not only will you get the chance to work on your turns
and time-steps, but you will also work on creating your own original songs!
Grades K-1 – Super Soccer Stars $25 Insurance Fee
Come and learn about the world’s most popular sport in this fun and active class.
Super Soccer Stars will teach you basic skills, warm-ups and tips on how to keep
fit. So sign up, build your self-confidence and become part of the Super Soccer
Stars team!
Grades 1-3 – Dance Around the World
In this class, dancers will learn styles such as African, Jazz, Ballet, Salsa, AfroCaribbean, Indian, Hip Hop, Funk and Swing. They will dance to music from all
over the world and play games that help them listen to the sounds that make each
style and culture unique. This class encourages an awareness and appreciation of
other countries’ historical dance styles and inspires them to find a common
colorful thread that runs through ALL movement.
Grades 1-3 – Game Masters
Measure and take risks, think critically and learn how to negotiate diplomatically
when playing and creating fun board games in this action packed class. Students
or “game masters” will learn how to work independently and as part of a team
while exploring fun board games along the way!
Grades 2-4 – Wearable Art
Whatever you make, you wear! Jewelry design will be the focus of this class, and
kids will create necklaces, earrings, bracelets, friendship pins, and tattoos along
the way. Watch out for an original T-shirt and hat here and there. Students can
show off and sell their creations in a silent auction during the showcase.
Grades 3-5 – Urban Explorers $40 Field Trip Fee
Put on your Pith Helmets and come along with us as we explore the wonders of
this unusual and amazing urban habitat! Discover local wildlife, observe the flora
and fauna, and visit the natural and man-made Wonders of NYC. This class will
involve a lot of bus and/or subway fieldtrips, so explorers will return a little bit
later on those days; parents can expect notes to inform them (and can come along
on some of the trips)!
PS 40
Grades K-1 – Music To My Ears
Sing, play instruments and move to music in this kindergarten music class. Learn
to keep a beat and tell the difference between loud and soft. In this class, activities
introduce you to the fun and artistic foundations of music.
Grades K-1 – Movin’ & Groovin’
This high-energy class combines rhythm and dance to get everyone movin’ to the beat!
We will explore different dance and movement styles through a wide-range of fun
music, imaginative games, and exercises. In this class you will certainly have fun
finding new ways to move to the groove!
Grades 1-3 – 3D Art
Let’s build! This club is a 3-D visual arts class with an emphasis on creativity, fun and
invention! You will learn Sculpture - clay, foam, paper, wire; Carving - linoleum,
potatoes, soap; 3-D Printing; Mobile and Collage. Art lessons will be based on
technique, craft media and art history. Whatever you make will be a unique
expression of your creativity.
Grades 1-3 – Super Soccer Stars $25 Insurance Fee
Come and learn about the world’s most popular sport in this fun and active class.
Super Soccer Stars will teach you basic skills, warm-ups and tips on how to keep
fit. So sign up, build your self-confidence and become part of the Super Soccer
Stars team!
Grades 2-4 – Songwriter’s Studio
Students will examine the craft of songwriting through the use of poetry,
percussion, and singing. We will write songs as a group and individually, and
each student will develop proper singing techniques and leave with a core
understanding of musical vocabulary.
Grades 3-5 – Art of Comics
Ever wanted Wiley Coyote to catch the Road Runner? Ever thought of a new
cartoon character? Anything is possible in this class as students develop skills in
drawing and creating cartoons. All artists will have the opportunity to turn their
preliminary sketches into colorful characters as they create their own original
comic strip!
PS 40
Grades K-1 – Jr. Asphalt Jungle
This energetic class will be having tons of fun in the schoolyard. Get ready for four
square, stickball, chalk games, and many more as we explore the most popular
games on the playground! And not just recent games – we’ll explore games from
days past, and have a “ball” on the playground!
Grades K-1 – Arts & Crafts Alive
Through creative investigations of cultures around the world, students will create
arts and crafts that come alive through performance! From masks and
instruments to puppets and crafts, each project introduces a new way to make art
come alive.
Grades 1-3 – Weird Crazy Science $25 Materials Fee
In this class, we explore science creatively, using our right brain and all of our senses.
We'll taste the periodic table, discover the science of music and explore the solar
system, space and even dinosaurs through dance, theatre games and puppetry. We
will paint, color and craft experiments that help us understand friction, force,
chemical reactions and so much more! We'll stay clued into science in the news and of
course we'll launch an air rocket or two. This class is perfect for the creative and the
Grades 1-3 – Star Performers
Become your favorite pop star! From Hannah Montana to the Jonas Brothers, we
will learn to sing and dance like these amazing pop stars - and even create our
own performing personalities. Each week we will work on the vocal skills, dance
moves and personal style it takes to become an American Idol!
Grades 2-4 – Fresh Foodies $25 Materials Fee
In this class, students will not only learn about seasonal fruits and vegetables, but
also how to prepare them in fun and creative ways! Each class will end with a
healthy, local, and 100% vegetarian snack made by the students! Students will
even take a trip to a Green Market to speak with farmers and select their own
produce. By the end of the semester, they will have a book of recipes, a beautiful
handmade calendar of seasonal treats, and happy tummies! Creative, nutritious,
and delicious!
Grades 3-5 – Fiction Filmmaking $25 Materials Fee
Wanna make a movie?? Take this class and learn how to use a state-of-the art
digital video camera! Kids will watch commercials, documentaries, and short films
by kids, discussing the message behind the image. While doing improv-acting
exercises, students create characters then write the script around them. Be an
actor, writer, designer and cinematographer! Each child will leave with a DVD copy
of the movie.
PS 40
Grades K-1 – Fairytale Theatre
Fairies and goblins and elves, oh my! Combining storytelling with theatre, this
creative drama class fosters every student’s imagination. Students will explore classic
fairytales and might even create a few tales of their own, bringing new characters to
life on the stage! This is the perfect class for aspiring actors, playwrights or students
who just love the magic and mystery of fairytales.
Grades K-2 – Lego Creations $15 Materials Fee
Legos just got even more fun! In this class, students experience the excitement of
Legos and learning! This class will introduce teamwork, observation, creative
thinking and problem-solving skills all while encouraging the use of creativity and
imagination to build the most amazing creations!
Grades 1-5 – Karate $25 Insurance Fee
Seido Karate is an exciting way for young children to learn not only martial arts
techniques, but to also discover time honored karate traditions. The word Seido
means “the sincere way” which has many meanings including the sincere and
compassionate teaching of students. Classes are a wonderful balance of fun,
games and hard work.
**All students must have a uniform. If your child doesn’t own a Karate uniform,
they may purchase one at registration for $30**
Grades 1-5– Advanced Karate Additional $100 Tuition
For students who are advanced yellow belt and above. Students will spend an
extra half and hour each week perfecting the art of Karate. Dedicated students
train in kumite, advanced kata, meditation, and choreographed fight
Grades 2-4 – Ukulele
Think the ukulele is just for Hawaiian music? Wrong! It's a great instrument for
rock and roll, punk, metal and hip-hop. In this class you'll learn basic music
theory, ukulele chords and technique. You'll also learn a little about the history of
the instrument and get to hear performances from exciting guest musicians. In
addition to learning the course material, you'll also help decide what songs we
learn to play.
Grades 3-5 – Actor’s Studio
Calling all actors! In Actor’s Studio, we will learn the foundation of theatre techniques
that will help for years to come. We will practice speaking to an audience, focus on
individual skills and participate in scene work all while have a great time!
PS 40
Grades K-1 – Jr. Art Attack
This is a visual arts class with an emphasis on creativity, invention and fun!
Young artists will learn to recycle paper to make collage greeting cards, invent
bead jewelry of unique design, and decorate and re-use old things to make candle
holders, mirrors, secret boxes and more. Students will cut, paint, draw, stitch,
glue and sculpt – and turn trash into treasures! Whatever the students create will
be a unique expression of their creativity.
Grades K-1 – Cooking Up A Story $25 Materials Fee
Come and join us for a story, but listen very carefully. Can you guess the secret
ingredient hidden in the book? Each story we read will give you a hint about the
days cooking activity. We will be reading books and making treats, some to eat
and some to play with. Each child will practice measuring, pouring, mixing and
baking. When the club is over, we will have our own cookbook and even a tasting
for grown-ups. So join us for a cooking class—the healthier the better!
Grades 1-3 – Puppeteer’s Workshop
Create your own puppets and bring them to life! Students will start off watching
several puppet shows put on by the teacher’s own collection to get a sense of joy
that goes into play acting. This club will give students a chance build puppets
from lollipops, styrofoam balls, vegetables and fruit, and pop-up paper. Best of all,
every student will get to take their puppets home! The class culminates in a lifesize puppet show at the end of the semester.
Grades 1-3 – Pop Choir
Is music in your soul? Then sing it! In this class, students will learn what it
takes to be part of a chorus through learning and performing contemporary pop
songs! All singers will learn harmonies, melodies and the vocal techniques to
sing songs in a healthy, fun way!
Grades 2-5 – Hip Hop
With a combination of old school and new school hip-hop, you’ll learn cutting edge
street dance movements like popping, locking, hitting, jamming, electric boogaloo,
break and other urban dance moves. This club gives you a hip-hop dance
experience unlike any other.
Grades 3-5 – Super Soccer Stars $25 Insurance Fee
Come and learn about the world’s most popular sport in this fun and active class.
Super Soccer Stars will teach you basic skills, warm-ups and tips on how to keep
fit. So sign up, build your self-confidence and become part of the Super Soccer
Stars team!