November 2014 Newsletter - Ronald McDonald House Charities of

november 2014
from our house to yours
Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley
our mission statement - providing home-like
comfort, support and care for families with
children receiving medical care in
Family Spotlight
Smith Family
When the Smith family traveled to North Dakota last Christmas
to visit family, they were not expecting the present that they got to
bring home.
Tanya & Rance Smith traveled from Gray, Tennessee for Christmas
in North Dakota. On Christmas night, Tanya experienced premature
rupture of the membrane 13 weeks earlier than the family was
expecting to add to their family of two.
The family rushed from Ellendale, ND to Essentia Health in Fargo
where Tanya was put on bedrest and where they would be for the
next seven and a half weeks.
River Eden Smith was born on January 11th, 2014 at 3 lbs. 6 oz.
That’s where the Ronald McDonald House comes in. Rance and
Tanya were amazed when they called and there was not a long list
of criteria to stay. They were sure that they would not qualify, but
they had a baby in the hospital so they could stay.
in this issue
smith story cont.
message from the executive director
thanksgiving charity games
opportunities for #rmhc 4
save the date & giving hearts day
wish list6
For more information visit:
“…the fact
that people there actually ‘listened’ to us and our story…they made us
feel at home. The attitudes that permeated the walls were infectious,
the smiles contagious, and there was always someone there…it was
our safe haven.”
Rance mentioned something that meant the most to them was
The doctors said the most important thing to help River grow and get strong
enough to go home was time with her parents. Rance and Tanya made sure that
she knew that mommy and daddy were there. Without the Ronald McDonald
House they couldn’t be there every day to touch her, talk to her, and sing to her.
The House was not only a roof over their heads and a place of comfort, it was the
first place where River got to come home. River was able to leave her isolette,
but before heading home to Tennessee they had to make sure she was ready for
the trip. The Ronald McDonald House was Rance and Tanya’s first experience
of real-life with River as her parents.
Rance and Tanya mentioned they are not sure what they would have done
without the House, “We slept well, we ate well and we were taken
care of. The staff and volunteers were there to lend a hand,
an ear & a shoulder. Having that assurance and security
of feeling safe and taken care of allowed us to recover from
the initial impact, gain strength and nurture from our
A Note from the Executive Director
hat a fun fall we have been having showing our stripes #forRMHC! I
am so thankful for all of you that have shown your support through wearing
a pin, sporting some red and white socks, and more. We even had some
volunteers knit bomb our tree (see my picture to the left). These stripes serve
as a symbol of the families that we serve each and every day and is a fun way
that we can show our support. This year your support will help us serve over
250 families.
Want to join in the fun? It is not too late! Contact us to see how you can get
a pair of striped socks for a small donation and utilize your social media to
share your messages of hope and support using the hashtag #forRMHC.
Thank you for your continued support of the families we serve. While they
may never meet you, they feel your support each and every day. We truly
could not do this without you!
Jill R. Christopher
Executive Director
The Thanksgiving Charity Games
very year Hope Yongsmith and family join the Rust Family and their friends
in their annual Thanksgiving Charity Games.
The families involved save their coins throughout the year and use the coins as tokens
to take part in different games like broomball, hockey, nerf games, and more. Each
game winner gets the coins from that game and at the end the big winner gets all the
coins to give to the charity of their choice.
Last Thanksgiving Hope’s son, Truman, was the big winner. Truman knew
immediately that he wanted to give his winnings to the Ronald McDonald House! In
early December, Truman & his sister Ellie got to visit the Ronald McDonald House
and drop off the winnings.
What a fun tradition that makes a huge difference! Do you have a fun story of support
for RMHC that you would like to share or a fun idea of how to support? Contact
Erica at 701-232-3980 or [email protected]
Thank you 2014 Board of Directors
We couldn’t do what we do without the help of a wonderful volunteer
Board of Directors! A big thank you to all below individuals for all they
have done for the Ronald McDonald House in 2014.
Mary Ellen Rolfson – President
Tiffany Lawrence – VP of Finance and Treasurer
Jo Carney – Secretary
Mark Bibelheimer
Mark Gemar
Julie Haugen
Kirsten Jensen
Gregg Matejka
Kelly Messerschmidt
Greg LaFrancois
Linda O’Halloran
Charles Poynter
Rena Stenseth
Aubrey Zuger
contact information
RMHC South House
1330 18th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103
Tel 701-232-3980
Fax 701-364-1954
[email protected]
RMHC North House
1234 N Broadway, Fargo, ND 58103
Tel 701-232-3980
Fax 701-234-9582
[email protected]
Double your impact #forRMHC
It’s true, RMHC supporters are the BEST! Thank you for all your wonderful gifts in support of
#forRMHC and our red and white stripes campaign. But there’s still time to show your stripes!
In fact, this holiday season our friends Steven Lind & Todd Axtman, McDonald’s of Fargo,
Moorhead, West Fargo owner operators, want to inspire you to give. They have committed to
matching donations from now until the end of the year up to $10,000 to support the families
who have children receiving medical care in Fargo-Moorhead area.
This Holiday season show your support #forRMHC.
• Use your social media to encourage others to support RMHC
• Wear red and white stripes
• Decorate your desk or office with stripes
• Have an office red and white day
• Share your RMHC experience
Share your stories of support
For a donation of $15 or more, you can not only cover the cost of what families are unable to pay, but you can get a pair
of red and white striped socks (while supplies last). Don’t forget, donations through the end of the year will be
doubled up to $10,000!
We hope you will support us and use your voice #forRMHC because healing happens together.
Contact Erica at [email protected] or 701-232-3980 for more information on how you can participate.
Partnership Opportunities #forRMHC
Amazon Smile
Do you shop on Amazon? Check out: and .5% of the price of your eligible
purchases an go to the Ronald McDonald House! It’s easy and free. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon
you know. Same products, same prices, same service.
Start shopping with AmazonSmile and choose Ronald McDonald House Charities of
the Red River Valley. You shop - Amazon Gives.
Matching Gifts Programs
Does your employer offer a matching gifts program? Check it out and see if you can double your contributions! Thanks to
all employees and business who take part in these programs to help this community offer a home away from home.
Thrivent Choice Dollars
Are you a Thrivent Financial member? Thrivent Financial lets you recommend where charitable funds go by directing your
Choice Dollars and participating in voting events. Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley is excited
to be on of the charities that your Choice Dollars can be directed to! Consider directing your Thrivent Choice Dollars to
Vehicle Donation Program
If you think that old car in your driveway isn’t good for much, we would like to turn your thinking
around! Donate your vehicle, boat, or RV and help us provide a home away from home for families with
hospitalized children in Fargo-Moorhead area.
IAA will event pick your car up so it does not have to be in working condition. The Ronald McDonald
House gets the proceeds when it is sold, and a hefty tax deduction could be rolling your way! For more
information call 855-cars-help (855-227-7435) or check out
For more information visit:
Save the Date
th 2
4 ,
rua nn
u r d h o l i m i d n S e m i-f 2 . 3 9 8 0
.m. t r t a b l d : 7 0 1
$60 r e q u
For tickets or more information,
call Erica at 701-232-3980
or visit
Giving Hearts Day
Thursday, February 12th, 2015
24 hour online giving opportunity
Thanks to Dakota Medical Foundation, on Giving Hearts Day all donations
received of $10 or more online will be matched up to $4,000. Watch for fun
ways to get involved with Giving Hearts Day on Facebook & Twitter.
Don’t Miss out on a 40% Tax Credit
in North Dakota
Make a gift to the Ronald McDonald House Endowment Fund
The state of North Dakota has a wonderful giving opportunity
for individuals and businesses that would like to give to non-profits.
Endowment Gift
Gift Amount $5,000
Federal Tax Savings -$1,400
ND Tax Credit -$2,000
Net Cost of Gift$1,600
Individuals and businesses quality for a state income tax credit of
40% up to $10,000 for businesses and $20,000 for couples filing jointly,
on gifts of $5,000 or more. For example, individuals in the 28% federal tax
bracket max realize savings as shown in the table below.
wish list
White Bath Towels
Body Wash
Lotion (travel size)
Men’s Body Wash
Women’s disposable razors
Feminine products (pads/panty liners)
Hair brushes/combs
Travel Kleenex packs
Keurig pods - Decaf Coffee and Tea
Powder Dish Washer Detergent
Garbage bags – Tall Kitchen (13 gallon),
Hefty Black garbage bags (30 or 33 gallon)
Ziploc bags – gallon size
Individual sizes of:
o Cold Cereal
o Fruit snacks
o Easy mac
o Pop Tarts
Canned meats – tuna, chicken, Vienna Sausage, etc.
Thermal Lunch bags
Flour sack dishtowels
Can openers
cleaning supplies
• Swiffer wet cloth refills
• Swiffer multi-purpose cleaning solution
• Laundry Detergent (hypo-allergenic if possible)
• Scotch Brite shower scrubbers & refills
• Scotch Brite disposable toilet bowl scrubbers and
replacement heads
• Fabric softener sheets
• Lysol Wipes
Diaper wipes
Shoe Buffer Wipes
Postage Stamps
Diapers – sizes 1, 2 and 5
Travel Kleenex packs
Hot Cold packs
Gift Cards
• Phone Cards (60 or 120 minutes)
• Movie Tickets – Marcus Theatres
• Red River Valley Zoo passes
• Yunker Farm passes
• Restaurants
• Local Event Tickets
• Gas Stations
• Home Depot
• Michaels/Hobby Lobby to purchase décor, activity
items and craft supplies
*items in bold indicate our most
• Barnes and Noble
urgent needs
Thank you for your response to the
Polejewski Family appeal. Because of you we
were able to meet our match of $5,000
“We have been extremely blessed
to be in such a caring environment
during a hectic & stressful time.”