Newsletter March 9

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[email protected]
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Daily 5 Centers
Weekly Homework
Reading Rewards: 100 minutes due Sunday night (3/15)
Social Studies Closed Book Quiz on Chapter 9, Lesson 1 on Thursday
Monday: 1. EOG passage: read and answer questions due Friday
Tuesday: 1. EOG passage due Friday
2. Social Studies: Declaration of Independence passage & study for quiz
Wednesday: 1. Complete “un” prefix card
2. EOG passage due Friday
3. Study for Social Studies quiz
4. Main & Helping Verbs worksheet (front/back)
Thursday: 1. EOG passage due Friday
2. Study for Walk Two Moons & Chinese Cinderella test on Friday
Classroom News/Events
3/14 Showcase of the Stars for
Chorus @ JCC
3/19 Spring Pictures &
PTA Night @
Howell Theater
3/26 End of 3rd Quarter (haven’t
heard of a change in this date)
3/27 Make up Student Day & RES
Talent Show
3/31 Deadline to complete the
RES parent survey
4/1 Boosterthon Fun Run
Teacher Table: read & discuss
Read to Someone: read &
discuss a literary Read Works
passage & answer
comprehension questions
Word Work: Complete Unit 6
Vocabulary book work activities
& cut flashcards
Writing: finish writing a story
using a magazine picture/Writing
Warm Up 41
Read to Self: Read Theory
website on Chromebooks
English Language Arts
The new prefix this week is un which means not.
We will be continuing literature circles with our two novels this week (Walk
Two Moons by Sharon Creech Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an
Unwanted Daughter by Adeline Yen Mah). We will be using Chromebooks
and Google apps to record our literature circle groups’ discussions and share
with other classmates.
Walk Two Moons: Read, discuss, and complete literature circle jobs and
reflection journal for chapters 7-11. A test for chapters 1-11 is planned for
Chinese Cinderella: Read, discuss, and complete literature circle jobs,
reflection journals, literature webs, and vocabulary webs for Chapter 6-8.
There will be a test on Chapters 1-5 on Friday.
We will be working on helping and main verbs this week. A quiz is planned for
4/3-4/8 Spring Break
Week of 4/13: MAP testing
Social Studies
This week, we will be reading and discussing Common Sense, the Declaration
of Independence, and the forming of a new government. A quiz is planned for
this lesson on Thursday. Students will need to study from their own notes to
be prepared for this quiz. It is a closed book quiz.