RSG Newsletter May 2015 - Riverside Glen Family Council

Vol. 17, Issue 5
Message from the General
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Welcome New Residents
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Alzheimer Society
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PAL Program
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Volunteer Department
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Chaplain’s Corner
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May 2015
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Mother’s Day
Garden Party
Sunday, May 10th at 2pm
Tickets at the Village Office
Mission Statement
Our Mission is to
provide holistic health
care in a home
environment located
within an internal
neighbourhood design
that promotes a caring
community, with
emphasis on optimal
health and life purpose
for each resident.
60 Woodlawn Road East, Guelph, Ontario, N1H8M8
Phone: 519-822-5272
Fax: 519-822-5520
Message from
Bryce McBain
Greetings Residents, Families and Team Members,
Our village was bustling with excitement in April!
From nearly 100 children hunting for hundreds of Easter
Eggs in our Courtyard to an extraordinary Volunteer
Appreciation week to listening to the animated Bob Munsch
reciting some of his classic storybooks to our PSW Pinning
Ceremony…our village was destination ‘SMILE
Thank you once again volunteers for making time to make a
difference at The Village of Riverside Glen. We hope that
we made you feel sincerely appreciated for how you make
us feel every day that we see you in our home.
Thank you Jim Artuso and Bob Munsch for making many
children feel joy and as many adults feel like children
through sharing Bob’s incredible gift of story-telling with
Congratulations on your graduation Conestoga College
students!! Thank you PSWs for choosing to share your
learning experience with us.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t also share that April marked the
month when our Village application for re-zoning for a
Health Centre and Living Classroom was approved by City
Council. Thank you to all who have supported us through
this process.
Please plan to join me in recognizing our most
compassionate, dedicated and caring team members for
Caregiver’s Week, May 11th -17th and enjoy this edition of
our monthly newsletter.
Warmest regards,
Bryce McBain
Riverside Glen
welcomes new residents
to our community
Alex McLean
Vivian McLean
Phyllis Guidolin
E Komo Mai
Long Term Care
Margaret Szakal
Richard Cimerman
Egidio Roncato
Liberale Monico
Lorne Millar
Chaplain’s Corner
Residents, Families, and Team Members:
I want to share a few tidbits I read from an 85 year old counsellor talking about the upside of
"The disadvantages of aging are well-known. I realized I was in trouble when a trusted doctor said to
me, 'When you get to be a certain age your body organs have a working coffee together once a
week. Their agenda is, "What can we do to surprise him?" A little later they start meeting daily!!
He described the situation well. However, old age also brings many good things and new
adventures. Older people often forget things. A 56 year old executive went to see his physician,
concerned that he had the beginnings of dementia, as he was forgetting some important things in his
day. The doctor asked him if he was paid for his memory. No, he was paid for the big decisions he
made. "Who is paid for their memory in his workplace," asked the doctor. "His secretary." The doctor
replied, "Then you should not try to memorize everything yourself or your secretary will lose her
job." With a chuckle, the executive went back to work.
Many older people, he says, have trouble sleeping. I'm blessed with anxious insomnia, the kind that
Oliver Wendall Holmes had. His wife said, "Oliver had been through many horrible situations. Most of
them never happened!!" So use your insomnia as creative insomnia: pray, write a letter to a friend,
decide what kindness you can enact the next day.
Finally, it makes a difference how we look at things. A mother told me she and her four-year-old went
out one spring day to see the colourful tulips that lined the perimeter of her backyard. The mother
gasped as she saw the rabbits had eaten 4 of them. The little boy pointed out all the ones the rabbits had
left!! She learned from her son that she should concentrate on what she still had left, not on what she
had lost.
The counsellor concluded: "Songbirds sing brand new songs every season because they grow new
brain cells during the previous singing season. May we be helped to discover our new song and to sing it
A good thought for the coming of spring; and yes, it is coming!!
Blessings to you,
Rev. Brenda Woodall (Chaplain)
In Memoriam
The Board of Directors, Management,
Team Members and Residents were
saddened by the passing of
Nick Krem
Ronald North
Rolfe Skerritt
Eric Bower Bessie Cole Betty Crowe
Stan Hall
Norman Harrison
Riverside Review, Vol. 17, Issue 5
May 2015
For more information:
Guelph Office: 207 – 255 Woodlawn Rd.
West, Guelph, Ontario N1H 2Z7
Phone: (519) 836-7672
Help for Today. Hope for Tomorrow…®
Family Learning Series
For family (and friends) of people with Alzheimer’s
disease and other dementias
Please plan to attend all 3 sessions as they build on each other:
Overview of Dementia, Brain Changes & Treatment
Communication and Connection
Responding to Behaviour Changes
Monday, May 14, 11 and 25th
Hospice Wellington (lower level), 795 Scottsdale Drive
All sessions are from 1:00 to 3:00 pm
Registration for the Family Learning Series is required.
To register, please call 519-836-7672
Riverside Review, Vol. 17, Issue 5
May 2015
May Health 2015
How Can I Improve My Health?
Daily stretching: sit on the floor with your feet
against the wall. Reach for your toes. Hold for
3 minutes. **try not to round your back, keep it
as straight as possible. For more stretching
ideas ask your Kinesiologist.
Clear and copious: Did you know that dark urine
means you aren’t drinking enough water?
Increase your water consumption, put a water
bottle on the desk, counter or wherever you
work. Drink, Drink, Drink!
Do this one at home or in the gym. Start standing,
then lay down with your stomach on the mat or
floor. Now stand back up, nice and tall. Do this
10 times. Easy? Do this 20 times.
Do squats. Start with 20, then increase each day by
5. By the end of the month you will be doing
180 squats in a day.
Choose 4 of the following vitamins/minerals. Each
week pick one and do some simple research to
see how your chosen vitamin/mineral is used
by your body and what foods are high in your
chosen nutrient. ie/ Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Iron, Omega-3, Omega-6,
Take the stairs! Only use the elevator at work when
you are with a resident.
Share some kindness and happiness today. Find 3
people; co-workers, friends, family and tell
something you appreciate about them or how
they make you happy.
Choose 2 foods that are high in fibre, try to incorporate them into at least 3 meals each week.
Love cheese? Choose ones that are less than 20%
milk fat (M.F on packaging)
Do you drink sugary drinks like pop or juice? Try
to cut pop or sugary juice out of your diet for
the month of May! Only the bravest and most
committed will try this challenge. Might be
one of the hardest challenges but I know you
can do it!
For those coffee drinkers out there, do you like
double-double? Why not try milk instead of
cream or cut down to a regular.
Are you a smoker? Try cutting out 1 cigarette
today. Each week try to cut back at least 1
cigarette. Not a smoker? Find a quiet place, sit
for 5 minutes, and take deep breaths. (this
could be done in your car, no radio).
Park on the far side of the parking lot; at work or at
the grocery store
Go outside! Go for a walk after lunch/supper to
help digest your food. Go for a walk to your
mailbox, the end of your street or even better
around the block!
Focus on your posture; Bow-Tie High. If you see
other people who are slouched remind them to
stand tall.
Do you use your tablet or cell phone right before
bed? It can disrupt your sleep! Make some
changes to improve your sleep.
Hold a plank for 30 seconds. Each week increase
the time by 30 seconds.
Decrease the amount of sugar you are consuming.
Cook with oil instead of butter
Try something new! Go to the grocery store and
grab a fruit or vegetable that you have never
had. Go online and find out different ways to
prepare your choice. Share with your friends
and/or co-workers your experience. Maybe
they will have suggestions or you can introduce
them to new food.
Stand on 1 foot when you wash your hands. Stand
on the other foot when you are waiting for a
second assist for transfers.
March or tap your toes while sitting as you do your
Come to the gym and bounce on an exercise ball
for 90 seconds before or after your shift.
Calf raises, push-ups, lunges, planks, sit-ups there
are so many simple but effective exercises that
you can do at home, at work and take no more
than 5-10 minutes. Pick 2 exercise and try to do
them every day. Talk to one of the Kin’s for
idea or if you need help creating a plan.
100th Anniversary of In Flanders Fields
Sunday, May 3rd
Cinco De Mayo
Tuesday May 5th, 2015
Music with Paul Schalm
Wednesday, May 10th at 10am in LTC
Meet & Greet Lunch in RH
Wednesday, May 10th at 12:30pm
Special Bookmobile Visit Tea Social
Tuesday, May 12th at 3pm outside LTC
Music with Aiden Purnell
Friday, May 15th at 1030am in LTC
Piano Recital in LTC
Saturday, May 16th at 2pm
Music with Bill Johnson in LTC
Monday, May 18th at 2pm
Visit with the Humane Society in RH
Tuesday, May 19th at 7pm
The Importance Of Residents Council in RH
Thursday, May 21st at 10:30am
Team Trivia Night
Thursday, May 21st at 7pm in RH
May Health Celebration
Tuesday, May 26th at 2:30pm in RH
Mothers’ Day
Garden Party
Sunday, May 10th, 2015
2:30pm at the Courtyard
$7 for guests
Refreshing homemade
beverages and delectable treats
with music by Denis Sheerer
History of Aviation
May 29th at 2pm in RH
Riverside Review, Vol. 17, Issue 5
May 2015
A note from your
Shift Work – A Fight Against the Natural Sleep Schedule
May 10-16th is Caregivers’ Week. Here at Riverside Glen, caregivers spend all day
(and night) caring for residents. Team members take pride in this work, but there are some
additional challenges when it comes to shift work. Effects of these challenges include
sleepiness and fatigue in the work place and can lead to poor concentration, missed days,
accidents, errors, and injuries.
Why do night shifts disrupt our sleep schedule? This has to do with the circadian
rhythm. Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a 24hour cycle. They respond primarily to light and darkness. The circadian rhythm is so ingrained in each one of us that shift work is going against the body's natural desire to be
asleep at nighttime and to be awake during the daytime.
Symptoms of Shift Work:
Excessive sleepiness
Disrupted sleep schedules
Reduced performance
Irritability and/or depressed mood
Tips for Minimizing the Symptoms of Shift Work:
Wear dark glasses to block out the sunlight on your way home
Keep to the same sleep schedule, even on weekends
Eliminate noise and light from your sleep environment
Avoid caffeinated food and beverages close to bedtime
Avoid alcohol before sleeping
Prioritize the most demanding work early in the shift when you are most alert
The workplace should be brightly lit
Try to avoid fast food and vending machines by bringing a bagged meal to work
Try to meet Canada food guide nutrition requirements
Try to incorporate regular exercise into your schedule
Shift work is something that many team members at Riverside Glen have learned to adapt
to because they are dedicated to providing exceptional care. Please take this time to thank
and appreciate all the caregivers you know!
Laura Kratz & Christine Hames
Riverside Review, Vol. 17, Issue 5
May 2015
Volunteer Appreciation 2015
The week of April 12th—18th marked
Volunteer Appreciation Week 2015!
We had the opportunity to thank, appreciate,
honour & celebrate our volunteers multiple
times over! What a joy it was to give back to
those who give SO much.
Last year we welcomed over 175 volunteers
into the village who gave a total of over 7500
If you see a volunteer around the village, be
sure to give them a word of thanks no matter
what time of year it is!
Riverside is pleased to welcome the
following volunteers to the
Lauren Dawson
Vivian Cao
Selina Tian
Barb Clayton
Sonja Holmes
Jordan Taylor
Thank you for your support!
Riverside Review, Vol. 17, Issue 5
May 2015
Volunteer Appreciation 2015!
Interested in Volunteering at The Village of Riverside Glen?
Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (519) 822-5272 ext. 863 or email
[email protected]
Apply online at:
Riverside Review, Vol. 17, Issue 5
May 2015
Movie Screening June
16th at 7:30pm
Thank you to everyone
who has registered
their #MayHealth
goals with us.
Join the Village in a
celebration on May
26th at 2:30pm.
A warm welcome to
Jennifer Allen who has
joined the Village of
Riverside Glen team as
our Social Services
Coordinator. She will be
working in our Long Term
Care and looks forward to
meeting Residents, Team
Members and Family
Cinco De
Join in the
Celebrations on
May 5th
Wisdom of the Elder
This year, the Schlegel Villages
event to celebrate the Wisdom
of the Elder will be the
Festival of Flavours.
We are looking for Resident
Recipes To be submitted to
the Village Office By May 25th.
1. A committee will choose
top recipes to test.
2. A taste testing will be at
The village on June 25th
Where top recipes will be
chosen to enter in final event
Categories: Drink, Appetizer, Main
Course and Dessert
The Dressing Room
Clothing Sale
Friday, May 22nd, 2015
10am to 3pm
Retirement Library
Taste of Italy
Help us celebrate Italy on
June 11 at the Village.
To support the plans on
this day contact
Stephanie or Meghan in the
Recreation Department.
[email protected]
A dose of knowledge from the Nursing Team
May is a very special month where we celebrate Hospice Palliative Care week beginning May 5th
and May 11th begins Care Givers week. We will be holding events and activities for both these
weeks in the Village.
Care Givers includes everyone in our Village - Housekeepers, Nurses, Laundry, PSWs, Food
Service, Maintenance, Recreation and Administration. Everyone has a role in providing life
purpose through meaningful activities and quality care with each and every Resident. It's a time
to appreciate the hard work our team members do every day to maintain excellent standards of
high quality care.
Hospice Palliative Care is provided round the clock for residents at the end of their life by a team
of dedicated and passionate care givers. We are committed to compassionate care that aligns with
residents wishes and goals for care.
Our Dignity Quilt is almost completed. If you haven't seen this beautiful work of love, it is
upstairs by the Wellness Centre in LTC. All residents have had an opportunity to sew stitches
into the quilt and around the butterflies making it a stunning work of art. We want the dignity
quilt to be used each time a resident leaves the village for the last time but when not being used
we want to display it for everyone to enjoy and appreciate it's beauty.
If you have any questions or comments please reach out to myself or any of the Leadership team.
Long Term Care Family Council
Next Meeting:
Thursday, May 28th, 2015
Long Term Care Fitness Room
All Family Members Welcome!
Ruth Auber
Director of Care
A Note from the Village Advisory Team
The VAT would like to invite you to join us on Friday, May 22 in the afternoon in the
Retirement Cafe for an Ice Cream Social. Our intention is to take some intentional time to get
to know each other and deepen our relationships with each other!
Please consider joining our VAT as we offer input, feedback and support to the leadership team
in their quest to fulfill our aspirations and operational plan. We meet on one Tuesday per
month at 6:30pm. Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 26 at 6:30pm in the Retirement Library.
Please speak to Tricia from Recreation in LTC or Caroline from Recreation in Retirement if you
would be interested. We are looking for family members from both sides of the building, a resident from LTC, and a number of team members. Thanks for considering the opportunity to
share your voice and pursue culture change!
Councillors made the decision at a council planning meeting Monday April 13th to allow the Living Classroom to
continue at The Village of Riverside Glen. Way to go Guelph... clearly you see the value of having the Living
Classroom in your city.
A huge thank you to all the Team Members, residents, volunteers and students who assisted with the creation of the
Personal Support Worker Promotional Video. Please see the web link below to view the final edit. This video will
appear on the Conestoga College Website soon!
Congratulations to the Personal Support Worker Graduating Class of 2015!
The Practical Nursing Students have finished up their second semester and are enjoying some much needed down
time. They will return to class May 11, 2015.
My name is Amy Stiles, Faculty of Nursing from
Conestoga College. I am a Registered Nurse
with an
extensive background in Acute Care, Acute Psychiatric Nursing and Long Term Care. I have been teaching Practical Nursing
Students and Personal Support Worker students in the Living Classroom at The Village of Riverside Glen for more than 5
years. Every year...I ask my students.... what kind of life do you want for Guelph’s seniors? For our parents and
grandparents…and inevitably ourselves one day?
Seniors in our city have contributed to the growth of this community for decades; its physical beauty, economic growth and
prosperity. Throughout my years in nursing... I have come to understand that seniors want to be recognized for all that they
have accomplished and be treated with dignity and respect. They want those who care for them to understand them, where
they have come from, what shaped their lives, their backgrounds, their abilities and the things that interest them. Seniors
truly want healthcare workers who are caring, understanding, compassionate and possess excellent communication skills. In
fact, these are not skills, they are qualities…qualities that those who care for our seniors MUST possess to meet the needs
and wishes of seniors living in Long Term Care homes (as identified by Ontario’s Action Plan for seniors.) Just like a doctor
in training perfecting their craft in the hospital; nurses and PSWs too… must have the opportunity to understand the
population and the environment that is Long Term Care.
Did you know that even in the hospital, more than
80% of patients are seniors?
Gone are those days when seniors in Long Term Care are isolated from the outside world. Today and right here at The
Village of Riverside Glen, they contribute to something great; the training and education of those who will care for seniors in
the years to come. What a legacy! I am really proud to teach in The Living Classroom; to support the reciprocal relationships
that form between the students, residents and team members here at The Village. In the years to come, Ontario will require
100 000 additional Personal Support Workers to care for the growing population of people over the age of 65. The Living
Classroom is working towards meeting this goal by preparing students to provide quality, compassionate care for our
community's seniors!
Feel free to contact me at any time!
519-822-5272 ext. 607
[email protected]
Spring Cleaning!
Doing your garden clean up?
Separating your perennials?
Have any garden plants that need a new home?
We are looking for donations of perennials (Flowers, Herbs,
Succulents) for our gardens around Riverside Glen. If you
have any extra garden plants please keep Riverside Glen in
mind. They will help us to beautify the outdoor spaces and
add to the resident’s enjoyment of the summer season.
To donate or for information please contact Tracey our
Horticulture Therapist at
[email protected]
Thank you!
Enjoy our Courtyard
Visit the gardens, relax by the
pond and watch the fish, practice
your shot on the putting green,
have lunch with some friends,
watch the fruit grow on the trees
and more this spring and summer.
Leveraging the best of who we
are—April 30
Paths cross again after seven
decades—April 28th
Humber Heights celebrates 10
years of service—April 23rd
Family ties with Chemen Lavi
Miyo—April 21
Celebrating the women at the core
of Chemen Lavi Miyo—April 16
Community in the hills of central
Haiti—April 14
The unique culture of a
Neighbourhood team—April 9
Read these stories and more on
the Schlegel Village website.
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newsletter by email.
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If you have a story to share, please
contact Kristian at
[email protected]
Riverside Review, Vol. 17, Issue 5
Birthday Celebrations
Long Term Care Birthday Lunch
Wednesday, May 6th at 12:00pm
Family Invited but must purchase a meal ticket x858
Retirement Birthday Lunch
Saturday, May 16th at 1230pm
in the Retirement Hobby Room
Village Team
Contact List
Bryce McBain
General Manager
Debra Kuipers
Assistant General Manager
Luisa McKenzie
Wellness Coordinator
Chris Pimentel
Memory Care Coordinator
Michelle Mayhew
Assisted Care Coordinator
Tania Anderl
Recreation Supervisor
Aaron Orrell
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Rebecca Snider
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Melanie Veldman
Hospitality Supervisor
Laura Kratz
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Gillian James/Megan
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Michael Schmidt
Assistant General Manager
Ruth Auber
Director of Nursing
Hubrecht Quist
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Lynn Lake
Neighbourhood Coordinator – Puslinch/Eramosa
Karen Norris
Neighbourhood Coordinator- Mapleton/Nichol
Heath Preston
Neighbourhood Coordinator- Erin/Arthur
Cheryl Ridler
RAI/QI Nurse – Eramosa/Puslinch
Andrea Feys
RAI/QI Nurse – Arthur/Erin
Joanne Malubay
RAI/QI Nurse – Nichol/Mapleton
Ted Mahy
Director of Recreation
Meredith Mcdonough
Assistant Director of Food Services
Christine Hames
Tina Bertrand
Administration Assistant
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