Now, OPD patients in SMS can get doc consultation cards

Many roads dug Masked robbers snatch `4 lakh in Udaipur Dilapidated house
before monsoon, far
destroyed in old city,
from completion
notice sent to others
Jaipur: Commuting on many
arterial roads has become an ordeal for residents as the utility
service providers and civic bodies are digging roads right before the monsoon and leaving
trenches and ditches behind.
With the monsoon approaching, partially completed
work on culverts and open pits
on major roads are increasing
risk ofaccidents.
At present , a private telecom
company is laying cables and
digging roads all over the city.
Similarly, JDA has initiated construction ofdrainage work at
eight places. However, work is
done at a sluggish pace and it
looks nearly impossible for the
roads to be ready by monsoon.
Asenior JDA engineer said,
“We cannot complete the work
and meet the deadline, however,
our target will be to attain safe
stage before June 30. The city
collector has also issued a notice
that digging work on roads cannot be carried out in rainy season and the work will be stopped
after first shower.”
Though the JDA claim that
all digging activities will be
closed by June 30 prior to monsoon, the ground reality is starkly different and it looks impossible. Heaps ofdug-up mud,
bricks and brick-chips, sand
and open pits are found on many
areas such as Mooti Doongri,
Chomu House Circle, Pareek
College and at many places traffic movement is obstructed. The
telecom company has also dug
roads on Shanti Path and Prabhu Marg which were recently
constructed by the civic body.
Officials claim the construction work ofdrainage is moving
at snail pace as the traffic department has not given consent
for one-way traffic on these
routes and carrying out work
during daytime.
PWD yet to hand
over land record
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Jaipur: It further noted that
PWD is yet to handover the
complete land record of
kilometre-wise availability of
right-of-way (ROW). It also
mentioned that some roads are
having zero ROW and NHAI is
facing a lot of resistance from
landowners in these cases.
Taking a jibe at the PWD,
NHAI also claimed that the
newly declared NH projects
(earlier with the PWD) are in
dilapidated condition with
absence of cross drainage
facility. Some other stretches
have shown no improvement
even after repeated repairing
and the only solution is to
reconstruct them.
The government on the
contrary asserts that NHAI has
failed in fulfilling its duty. “It is
after their failure to maintain
them that we asked for handing
back of the project to us.
Neither they maintained nor
was there any construction. The
onus is on us now” PWD
minister Yunus Khan said.
“About 33 projects of 5,880
km are under NHAI, where work
was scheduled to finish long
ago but they are still pending.
Public ask questions to us and
we are accountable to them,”
Khan said. Over the issue of
handing over the land, he
mentioned that everything was
under the process of transfer.
AJDA engineer said,
“Though permission for working has been increased from 8
hours to 12 hours at night, it’s always a difficult task to work in
the dark and possibilities of
breaking pipelines are high.
Moreover, there are many electric cables beneath the surface. ”
Udaipur: In a broad daylight robbery, two masked
men snatched away a bag
containing Rs 4 lakh from an
elderly man who had withdrawn money from a bank at
UIT bridge here.
According to the police,
63-year-old Poorna Shankar,
a resident ofPaneriyon ki
Madri, who work with a real
estate firm, had come to the
Axis bank at UIT bridge in
the morning hours to withdraw money for his boss
alongwith his colleague one
Lokesh. After withdrawing
Rs 4 lakh, Poorna Shankar
had kept the money in a bag
and stood outside the bank
waiting for Lokesh to get his
bike from the parking area.
Meanwhile, two masked
men came on a bike from the
UIT circle direction and
snatched away the money
bag from his hand. The incident was so quick that Poorna Shankar couldn’t even
realize what had happened.
Raje seeks special package
during meeting with Modi
Road-Water- Power
Network, CISF Cover
On CM’s Agenda
Jaipur: Criminals are fearlessly taking on policemen in Rajasthan and the number ofcops
killed by them in 2013 is only
second to those in Punjab. This
has been revealed in the statistics reported by the National
Crime Bureau (NCRB).
In the same year, 182 policemen were left wounded during
encounters with criminals, according to the NCRB data.
The state witnessed the
death ofa total of57 on-duty
cops in 2013. Ofthem, 11 were
killed by criminals, while 45
died in mishaps. One policeman was killed during riots.
Attacks on policemen are
reported frequently in the
state, especially in Mewat region which comprise Alwar
and Bharatpur. Cops are surrounded and attacked frequently when they were chasing
criminals in several villages in
this region.
In 2013, twelve policemen
Jaipur: Chiefminister Vasundhara
Raje during her first formal meeting
with Prime Minister Narendra Modi
on Wednesday demanded that a special
package should be earmarked for the
state based on its geographical conditions.
Raje, who is currently in New Delhi,
met Modi and senior Union ministers
during the day. In her meeting with Modi, she discussed the prevailing conditions in the state and its demand – requesting strongly for a special package Raje during a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi on Wednesday
as additional assistance to the state.
modernaisation and strengthening of
She said the desert state, which faced in the rural areas ofRajasthan.
Earlier during her meeting with the state police and requested that the
drought-like situations with less rainfall, depleting ground-water level and Union finance minister Arun Jaitley, Centre should ensure CISF security for
she had raised the same demand. Raje popular religious places in the state inacute shortage ofdrinking water, needcluding Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti Dared additional assistance from the Cen- informed Jaitley that the economy of
the state had been damaged during the gah at Ajmer, Brahma Temple at Pushtre to deal with the crises.
kar and Srinathji Temple at Nathwada.
Advocating her demand, Raje tenure ofthe previous Congress govWith Uma Bharti, she discussed
ernment and that the state government
brought to the notice ofthe PM that the
state was the largest in the country and needed special assistance to stabilize early redressal ofthe inter-state water
dispute with Punjab, to ensure that Rathe expenditure here on development it.
jasthan gets its share ofwater at the
The chiefminister also met Union
ofthe hilly terrains and the tribal belts
was more than any other state. She said home minister Rajnath Singh and wa- earliest. She also discussed the inflow
it was a major challenge to develop ter resources minister Uma Bharti. In ofpolluted water from Punjab to Rajasroad-power-water network connecting her meeting with Rajnath Singh, she than, which has led to damage ofcrops
the sparsely populated hamlets located requested for Centre’s assistance for and spread diseases.
Uttar Pradesh
and injuries in terrorists/extremists operations, encounters with criminals, riots, dacoity
operations, border duties and accidents)
were killed in public by criminals in Rajasthan while nine
were killed in Uttar Pradesh
and three in Tamil Nadu. Rajasthan didn’t report a police casualty in terrorist or extremist operations. Nearly 20 policemen
were killed in Chhattisgarh
while taking on Naxals. Rajasthan was behind only Kerala in
terms ofcops being injured
while chasing criminals. While
182 policemen were injured in
the state by criminals and 50
during riots, encounters with
criminals had left 261 policemen wounded in Kerala.
Senior police officers said
the situation has improved as
compared to 2011 when 18 cops
were killed by criminals. The
figure is followed by 15 in Uttar
Pradesh. Chhattisgarh had reported only five deaths, followed by four in Madhya Pradesh and two each in Punjab
and Maharashtra.
“Due to proximity with
Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, criminals in
the state are acquiring sophisticated weapons – even automatic guns – in bulk. However, the
armors for the police remain
more or the less same, especially among the lower ranks in the
force. The guns are still to be
loaded in a cumbersome manner before being fired. It makes
the police teams helpless while
carrying out raids in sensitive
areas. It should be taken into
consideration that most ofthe
policemen were killed during
confrontation with criminals
who used firearms,” a senior
police officer said.
Besides, supervisory negligence and lack oftraining for
handling habitual criminals
are also blamed for the problems and death the state policemen are facing.
Frequent attacks on police
teams in Rajasthan – especially
in the state’s Mewat region –
have put a question mark over
the law and order situation. Illegal mining, dacoit menace
and arms smuggling are cited
as major reasons behind such
incidents. The poorly equipped
police force is rendered the cops
helpless during confrontation
with criminal armed with sophisticated weapons.
Now, OPD patients in SMS can get
doc consultation cards from e-Mitra
Jaipur: With the increasing number ofpatients
coming to the outpatient
department ofthe Sawai
Man Singh (SMS) hospital, the hospital administration has decided to
rope in e-Mitra/Common
Services Centers (CSC) to
issue OPD registration
cards to the patients.
The hospital has taken
the help ofinformation
and broadcasting department and a patient can get
aregistration card from
SMS Hospital authorities
said in 2014, they are expecteing the number of
patients in the OPD could
go up to 30 lakh
the nearest e-Mitra to get
consultation and treatment from doctors at the
SMS hospital.
SMS hospital additional superintendent Dr
Ajit Singh said last year
(2013), the patients in OPD
were more than 25 lakh
Bold & ‘beast’: Criminals kill 57 cops in ’13
By the time he shouted for
help, the robbers had disappeared in the busy traffic.
Additional SP Rajesh
Bhardwaj, DySP Murlidhar
and SHO Amba Mata police
rushed to the scene and took
details ofthe incident. However, till late, there is no
breakthrough in the case.
and they are constantly
increasing as large numbers ofpatients also come
from neighboring states.
He said in 2014, the
hospital expected that the
number ofpatients in the
OPD could go up to 30
The hospital’s arrangements for getting
registration from e-Mitra
would help the patients in
great deal as they would
not need to stand in long
queues at the OPD counter to get registration or
renew it. They could get
the registration from the
nearest e-Mitra and could
take consultation and
treatment from the doctors directly in SMS hospital.
The new facility ofeMitra has already been
implemented from July 1.
Arvind Sharma
The old building being demolished on Wednesday
Jaipur: The Jaipur Municipal
Wednesday swung into action
and razed a three-storey dilapidated building in the Walled
City which was making the area unsafe for residents.
Before arrival ofthe monsoon, the corporation demolished the old building after issuing notice to the owner
situated in Jai Lal Munshi
Marg in Chandpole area.
“House number 2551 was in
apoor condition and it was vacant, however, despite issuing
warning to the owner, it was
not razed. Demolition charges
will now be taken from the
owner,” zone commissioner of
Hawa Mahal (West), Madan
Sharma, said. Following complaints from neighbours, the
building was razed by the JMC.
Learning from the recent
incidents in New Delhi and
Chennai where buildings collapsed, the JMC started issuing notices to dilapidated
building owners in the Walled
City area.
“We have identified 13
more such buildings and action will be taken soon. Few
owners have started repairing
their buildings but the others
will be demolished,” Sharma
According to JMC officials,
there are nearly 30 dilapidated
Cyber crime graph soars in Raj
Jaipur: Setting up of a cyber crime police station has led to registration of more
such crimes in the state and the Pink City. In 2013, Rajasthan reported 239 cases of
cyber crimes under the Information Technology (IT) Act, up from 147 than last year,
according to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) data. Jaipur also witnessed a
jump of about 60% in cyber crime cases with 110 FIRs registered last year. Jaipur has
reported fifth highest number of cyber crime cases under the IT Act in 2013 next to
Vishakhapatnam, Bangaluru, New Delhi and Hyderabad. Compared to 112 cases of
cyber crimes in 2013, only 69 cases were registered in 2012. Cases registered under
IPC sections related to cyber crime were 21 in
2013 compared to only 5 in 2012.
Senior police officers said investigation into cyber crimes has been stepped up, following introduction of new technology and investigation methods. TNN
buildings in the Walled City area which have been declared
unsafe. To make the area safe,
the JMC has vacated the nearby area. City mayor Jyoti
Khandelwal also inspected the
spot during the demolition
Residents said the drive is
commendable as these buildings were serious a threat. “In
the past, the authorities failed
to take action against such
building owners even after
continuous incidents ofaccidents were reported. We appreciate the drive,” said Govind
Jain, a local resident.
During the monsoon season last year, four old buildings
collapsed. “After the drive, the
residents will take the warnings seriously. We will take
strict action this time after the
grace period is over,” Sharma
According to the Rajasthan
Municipal Act, the buildings
should have precautionary
warnings suggesting they are
likely to collapse. The municipality is also empowered to demolish such buildings ifthey
are about to collapse after an
analysis by engineers.
“Most ofthese buildings
have a background offamily
disputes or are occupied by
tenants. These people oppose
demolition and thereby led to
this situation,” the zone commissioner added.