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A Closer Look at CCC
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Year 2008: Gift to the
Community and Nation
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Year 2009: Gift to the Church
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Year 2010: Gift to the Triune God Golden Jubilee Interviews
Golden Jubilee Edition
Vol. 9 No. 3
CCC Turns Golden...but, why Gold?
Theme: “Celebrating Golden Jubilee; Faithful Past, Grace-filled Future”
CCC at 50...
Striving to Improve and Streamline its Mission in Education
Fifty years of communion and mission in proclaiming the Gospel
Values of Truth, Justice and Love through learner-centered and technologyenabled programs and services with Religion at the core is, indeed,
something to puff up with pride.
That is why Cainta Catholic College has reasons to celebrate not
only to promote its image of “agent of renewed integral evangelization
and social transformation in the diocese” but to continually improve and
streamline its mission in education as a whole.
As the SY 2009 – 2010 started, as I, being the college president, spoke
and enlightened the body at the annual General Assembly of the bases of
our Jubilee Celebration in the contexts of the Scripture, The Holy Bible,
Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter (Tertio Millennio Adveniente), in
November 1994, and CCC’s Vision-Mission, 5-Year Development Plan
and the 5 Thrusts. Thus:
The Bible Says….
“The Jubilee Year always accounted holy and set aside for rest…
and was to be kept as a Sabbatical year of special solemnity with the
following purposes:
1. Regeneration and Renewal,
2. Worship of God, and
3. Service of community
“Tertio Millennio Adveniente” states….
“The term JUBILEE speaks of joy, not just an inner joy, but
jubilation… which is manifested outwardly for the coming of God, that is
also an outward, invisible, audible and tangible event…”
“2000 will then be celebrated with commitment to Justice and Peace.”
Pope John Paul II
November, 1994
Regina Lucis, Vol. 2 No. 1 , page 3
June- October 2009
By: Mr. Augusto C. Oraa and Mrs. Leony C. Maranan
The blessing of the newly renovated CCC Auditorium which took
place last February 15, 2010 has strong significance and relevance. It was
concelebrated by the priests of the Diocese of Antipolo and was graced by
CBCP President, Rev. Bishop Nereo Odchimar.
Bishop Odchimar delivered the message quoting that, “Before a
cornerstone is laid there must be a foundation of the building structure, which
Jesus Christ redeemed to HIS body as the temple, that was destroyed and built
again after three days when HE rose up from the dead.”
“To date, it is of several knowledge that the church is the mystical Body of
Christ and we, as faithful are the members united in communion and mission
making united in communion and mission, making together for a common
goal to love GOD and have faith in HIM,” he added.
As CCC celebrated its Golden Jubilee, the Bishop further stated that, “It
is just right for all the school personnel to worship GOD in songs and prayers
of thanksgiving for giving Cainta Catholic College, which in turn serves as
an instrument for evangelization and transformation of students as human
persons, and there by live as a community of peace and integrity.”
CCC, therefore expressed its gratitude to Bishop Odchimar for spiritually
uplifting message . It extended its gratefulness to the parents for bringing
their children closer to GOD to live their lives to the fullest according to HIS
image and likeness.
The CCC Auditorium, having been fully blessed, will serve as the
landmark of the institution being the center for culture and arts.
Illustration by: Celine Mesina
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 1
Cainta Catholic College Golden Jubilee 1960-2010
What is a Jubilee Year? -defined in Leviticus 25:9 as Yovel in Hebrew as the Sabbatical year after 7 cycles of 7 years.
The word jubilee is derived from the Hebrew, “Jobel” which means “a ram’s horn”, an instrument in proclaiming the
The Jubilee is a Year of Worship, Service, and Rejuvenation
-Excerpt from the Opening Remarks of
Rev. Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos
“General Assembly” CCC Plenary Hall
Date: Feb. 23, 2009
7/8/2010 9:34:49 AM
News / Feature
Ginintuang Uhay
“A Closer Look at CCC”
Vol. 9 No. 3
By: Jerah Almira B. Pega II-BSBA, Danielle Erika Hill, III-St. Robert Belarmine & Jessica Aldaba, III-St. Albert the Great
As Cainta Catholic College is now about
to turn to its JUBILEE YEAR it would be
nice to take a look on how our dearest Alma
Mater came into its existence.
history of cainta catholic college
The year was 1931. Rev. Fr. Jose Tajon was the parish priest of Our Lady of Light. Since he ran a school at the Manila Cathedral, his former parish, he
deemed it wise to open a Catholic school in Cainta so that the children of the town could avail of primary education. From charity money and donations,
Fr. Tajon was able to maintain the school free of tuition, but with regularly paid teachers. He indeed established a feat of sorts, as he was able to have this
arrangement even during the duration of World War II. Enrollment increased each year up to 1944. The pupils were housed in three classrooms made of nipa
and wood. All throughout the prewar years, until the Japanese occupation and the American liberation, classes were continuously conducted.
But in December 1944, Fr. Tajon died. And with his death, Cainta Catholic School unfortunately ceased its operation.
In 1959, Fr. Daniel Courtens, another CICM priest, was appointed parish priest. Having observed the expenses and the risk the youth of Cainta faced in
wanting to have a secondary education offered in neighboring towns, he decided to reopen Cainta Catholic School. SY 1960-1961 began with 74 students enrolled with important emphasis given to religious instruction and moral formation. Special participation in all church activities was stressed as a basis for moral
life. Along this line, vocational education was also provided so the youth could be prepared to have a livelihood in the future.
Initially the school was housed in two rooms -- one for the boys, and one for the girls. In 1963, a new building was constructed to house eight classrooms,
an administrative office, an adequate library, a laboratory and a faculty room. Fr. Courtens kept the cost of the building construction secret, attributing it namely
to the Roman Catholic Church and some generous benefactors as sources of funds. In fact, people wondered as to how the school managed to survive with the
low fees collected.
The year 1964 marked the milestone for CCS. The first batch of 44 graduates received their diplomas. As the student populace kept on growing, there was a
need for additional classrooms. The old church building was converted into a two-story edifice. A new building was constructed to connect the main one with
the old church structure. Teachers were given land in the subdivision near the parish, now called Teachers’ Village. Fr. Walter de Vilder made this possible as
parish priest and school director in 1965.
With the assumption to office of Msgr. Alfredo Sta. Ana in 1975, CCS became a two-level school. The elementary level started with Kinder and Grade 1, and
grade level was opened each year up to grade 6. He instituted the GAWARASAL and BEC and gave scholarships for the poor and free tuition for employees’
children, all the while continuing Fr. De Vilder’s projects.
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 2
7/8/2010 9:34:56 AM
Ginintuang Uhay
Golden Jubilee Edition
News / Feature
Scholarship / Free Tuition Fee
For Employees’ Children
Basic Ecclesiastical Community
The Pre-Elementary department was opened in SY 1988-1989 through the initiative of Msgr. Mariano T. Balbago Jr., who succeeded Msgr. Sta. Ana as
parish priest and school director. By then, the student population had reached 7000. Facilities were improved, additional classrooms were built and old buildings
were renovated. K1 and K2 rooms were air-conditioned. The Cardinal Santos building was constructed, and the Adoration Chapel was built. An administrative
building was built to house all offices. The construction of the Formation Center began. There was no end to the growth of CCC as it worked for the attainment
of its Vision, Mission, goals and objectives. The 1990’s marked more improvements. Computer subject was added to the curriculum of both the Elementary
and the High School levels but religion as core of all subject areas was kept alive and strengthened.
In school year 1996-1997 pursuing the five-year development plan of the school, a College level was opened offering courses in Bachelor of Science in
Elementary Education (BEED ) and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education ( BSED ). The Cainta Catholic School became Cainta Catholic College.
In September 16, 1997, Fr. Efren C. Villanueva was appointed as the new College President. Believing in the school’s potential for development
and excellence, he instituted reforms in an encompassing fashion. In academics, a progressive development of instruction and curriculum was instituted
simultaneously with the professionalization of the teaching staff by sending a sizable number of teachers for post-graduate studies at DLSU specializing in
different fields. Information Technology and Computer Education were substantially enhanced, introducing state-of-the-art hardware and software to fully
automate offices. Laboratories for Science, Computer and Speech, alongside a Home Economics building, were constructed.
Human Resource Management and Center for Integrated offices came into existence and were progressively systematized.
Mrs. Cecilia Cerezo, Registrar Head completed
her M.A. in School Leadership at DLSU
As the new millennium approached, a new president of the institution was installed in the person of Fr. Paquito G Gallego. The entrance of Fr. Pax into
the school in SY 1999-2000 paved the way towards widening the horizons of academic excellence, which the school primarily desired. Academic personnel
were encouraged to focus on the curriculum, discipline, the school’s well-being and standard, with special emphasis on the cleanliness of the school. With both
Academic and Administrative departments in place, the contruction of the new T.H.E building was realized, the former Accounting and College offices inside
the administration building were transformed into classrooms for the College department. Since the Perpetual Adoration Chapel is located outside of the school
campus, the former office of the property custodian was refurnished into a prayer room for the spiritual needs of both the students and the employees.
As the institution celebrates it’s Tri-fest, marking 75 years as catholic primary school, tenth year of the College Department and closing of the Sapphire
Year of the High School Department, Msgr. Arnel Fuentes Lagarejos was installed President of Cainta Catholic College at the same time Parish Priest of Our
Lady of Light by Most Rev. Gabriel Reyes, D.D., Bishop of Antipolo.
In November 2006, CCC was accorded Level 1 Accreditation by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission and Accreditation
Under the administration of Msgr. Lagarejos a variety of management techniques were initiated. The management spearheaded the conduct of staff
management audit resulting to well informed management decision. Customer services survey and performance evaluation of school administrator were carried
out to gauge the level of satisfaction of student’s and personnel in the services provided by school offices and administrators. These measures resulted in the
streamlining of the organization for a more efficient and effective delivery of quality Catholic education.
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 3
7/8/2010 9:35:10 AM
News / Feature
Ginintuang Uhay
Vol. 9 No. 3
The Man Behind: Example of Love and Service
By Zandra C. Malubay
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 4
Who would have thought that
a simple man’s vision, wisdom and
dream would come into its fullness
and being?
It has been four years since this
man of powerful voice and compelling military physique had taken his
foremost step in the portals of our
school not just as an ordinary human
being but as the Father of the multitude – Parish Priest of Our Lady of
Light Parish and President of our
Mother school, Cainta Catholic College.
Throughout these years, we are
all witnesses of his never-ending
service and unfailing concern to all
Caintaños. He unceasingly works
hard to carry out the mission God
has entrusted to him. A servant of the
v The tuition and miscellaneous fees were rationalized by lowering the
miscellaneous fees as a way to open access to CCC education. Children of
employees were granted tuition fee discounts as incentives to their committed
service to CCC.
Angel Michael
Angel Raphael
Angel Gabriel
Our Lady of Fatima
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Manaoag
St. Aloysius Gonzaga
St. Benedict
St. Charles Borromeo
St. Dominic
St. Ignatius of Loyola
Lord, who cares for us, motivates us
in fulfilling our goals and restores us
to true life. This man I’m referring to
is no less than “the man of nobility
and CCC’s true pride”, Rev. Msgr.
Arnel F. Lagarejos. He has always
aimed to do things that would be
classified as “big”, that would create
an impact. He serves as our guiding
star in rediscovering who Christ really is. He adds color to our lives and
makes our church and school a better
place for our spiritual and intellectual
Cainta Catholic College has been
undergoing physical restructuring
which is coupled with advances and
improvement on the educational program that the school offers.
Through Monsignor’s dream-
ing and working for big things for
the betterment of our school, CCC
continues to grow as a competitive,
Christ-centered and conducive environment for learning.
Join me in recognizing the manifold, turning-point changes, Rev.
Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos effectively
accomplished and continues to develop as we formally commemorate the
50th founding anniversary of Cainta
Catholic College.
To Rev. Msgr. Arnel Lagarejos, CCC
family is very much grateful for
your coming in our midst. You are
another God’s bestowed blessing.
The success of CCC would not have
been promising and possible without
you as our dearest Father.
v Cainta Catholic College adopted a revised statement of Vision and
Mission and was laid to everyone to foresee its reality and to reflect on.
General assemblies and focused group discussions were conducted as means
for consultation, cascading, and eventual owning of the vision and mission.
v Names of each class sections were amended from the name of places
found in the Bible to the given name of the Saints.
v CCC Plenary Hall.
v OLLP Historical Marker
v Renovation of Parish Formation Center
v Renovation of comfort rooms and the Pre-School department as well;
Lawn tennis court; Digital Timer at the gym. brick
Revived Cainta Catholic College Cooperative
v December 11, 2007
v December 21, 2007
v CCC’s Handog Pag-ibig Project
“Handog-Buhay…Dugo ay Buhay”
in partnership with Our Lady of Light
Parish Knights of Columbus Council
No. 7844 held the First Blood-Letting
Program at the School’s Health
to initialize the first ever Handog
Pangkabuhayan to its partner
7/8/2010 9:35:30 AM
Golden Jubilee Edition
Ginintuang Uhay
v CCC offered new courses. From the initial four courses, progressively
more title courses were catered. Based on the Ladderized Education Program
(LEP) concept, Caregiver and health Care Services (or Practical Nursing)
courses can become a ladder towards a BS Nursing degree. The Computer
hardware Services and programming courses are ladder towards BS in
Computer Science.
v Five Educational Thrusts:
1. Evangelization
- by promoting spirituality among CCC
family, Religion being the core of the curriculum
(RCC) and through catechetical instruction
2. Academic Excellence
- by developing a dynamic curriculum
through revitalization of faculty development
3. Governance
- by redeveloping programs, incentives and
4. Financial Sustainability
- by strengthening the spirit of ownership
and stewardship through students retention and
increase in enrollment as a result of extensive
marketing and PR program
5. Social Relevance
v February 25-26, 2008
v Our father President, Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos, laid down his
– Towards CCC Golden Jubilee and beyond, during the yearly Institutional
Planning and Development.
v Rev. Msgr. Arnel Lagarejos initiated CCC Faculty Newsletter, Regina
v 2010
v Accepted the offer to join Junior PBA Team and became the adviser &
consultant of CCC carrying the banner of Air21 PBA Team.
v Construction of Our Lady of Light Groto beside the Parish Formation Center
v Construction of the new Grade School Administration Office.
v Renovation of the Finance Office
v Renovation and Formal Inauguration of Cainta Catholic College
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 5
v Putting up Biometrics
News / Feature
7/8/2010 9:35:40 AM
News / Feature
Ginintuang Uhay
Vol. 9 No. 3
year 2008: gift to the community and nation
CCC Celebrates 48th Foundation Anniversary
By: Mr. Andy Arcilla
With the theme, “Celebrating Golden Jubilee: Faithful Past, Grace-filled Future“, activities were lined-up and successfully carried out. As this year’s chairman of the celebration, Mr. Reldino R.
Aquino, head of the Finance Department, said,
“The theme of our Golden Jubilee Celebration is a very fitting adage which means-Christ’s faithful follower and proclaimer of Truth, Justice and Love, we, at CCC acknowledged in ourselves that
so much graces have been poured out in our institution. We invite our graduates to come back home at CCC…looking back after 50 years of continued search for growth and development and fruitful
endeavors with innate aggressiveness and thirst for their success. This is the time to enjoy those memories again. I challenge you to share your glorious past to the new generations and fill the gaps that
set apart from your beloved Alma Mater.
May God’s grace-filled future be upon us. Thank you.”
Source: Ginintuang Uhay
Vol. 5 No. 3
January-March 2008
2008 Activities
General Assembly 2008
Blessing of the Preschool Dept. Handog Pag-ibig Chorale Cocert
CCC Spiritual Retreat,
Baguio City
CCC ALUMNI-Mrs. Omana, Mrs. Morales, Mr. Felix, and Ms. TeruelHandog-Pag-ibig Mass
Mass of The Holy Spirit,
Antipolo Shrine
Mrs. Iligan, DATA ACCESS owner holds the first Yearbook
48 Foundation Anniversary
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 6
7/8/2010 9:35:56 AM
Ginintuang Uhay
Golden Jubilee Edition
News / Feature
year 2009: Gift to the church
Cainta Catholic College at 49
By Pauline Mae E. Hernandez
Cainta Catholic College celebrated its 49th Foundation Anniversary from February 11-13, 2009 with only one year from its Golden Anniversary, our beloved institution did not hold back from
making the celebration as festive as it should be. Numerous booths and two rides, the Caterpillar and the Ferris wheel were put up, causing the students to wear beautiful smiles on their faces...
“We gather this day on a very special occasion for the entire CCC community… our 49th Foundation Anniversary, the mid-point of a 3-year long celebration towards to the Golden Jubilee Year
in 2010. We give thanks to God for the 49 fruitful years of much grace. He has poured in our institution for the gift of the CCC community being Christ’s faithful follower and proclaimer of truth and
sower of justice and love for the young.
A special opportunity to thank you all who have worked with me in making this day’s event a success. Likewise, I would like to thank our college president for the unique privilege and trust he
has given me as the chairman of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations.
Finally, I rejoice also in the resilient faith and ever-enthusiastic love of the entire CCC community and our partners’ community. If I maybe so bold, I would like to conclude my message by
quoting from the end of St. Augustine’s great classic, The City of God. The very words I would like to use next year, they express well my sentiments of gratitude and hope: “I am done. With God’s
help, I have kept my promise. This, I think, is all that I promised to do when I began this huge work. From all who and those who are satisfied I ask, not to thank me, but to join me in rejoicing and
thanking God. Amen.”
-excerpts from the closing remarks of
Mr. Reldino R. Aquino
Source: Ginintuang Uhay
Volume 7 no. 3, Dec. ’08- March ‘09
2009 Activities
GS Supreme Student Council Oath-Taking
Pres. Cory Aquino’s Interment
Handog-Pag-ibig Pangkabuhayan Beneficiary
Relief operations after Typhoon Ondoy
Reproductive Health Seminar
CCC Cooperative Gen Assembly
Teachers’ Seminar on
Curriculum Design
Fr. Catalino Arevalo -Lenten Recollection 2009 (OLLP)
49 Foundation Anniversary
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 7
7/8/2010 9:36:01 AM
News / Feature
Ginintuang Uhay
Vol. 9 No. 3
year 2010: gift to the triune god
This is it, There’s no other…….CCC at 50
Augusto Oraa
It’s the Golden Jubilee of CCC, jubilee of jubilee, a time for transformation into an ICON School and a more united CCC community. It is just right to CCC, of CCC, and for CCC. Let us therefore
clap our hands and shout forth loud songs of joy; dance for its triumph to the tune of “Shout for Joy”, Let’s Get Loud”, and “This is it”; let’s also pay tribute to CCC’s fruitful past and glorious present.
And on the Jubilee Day and onwards, let’s pray to the Lor5d through Our Lady of Light for the school’s brilliant future in the academe. This is it, there’s no other.
The jubilee celebration started on June 1, 2009 during CCC’s General Assembly where Rev. Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos emphasized the continuous promotion of the school’s advocacy on the Gospel
values of Truth, Justice and Love as well as the 5-point THRUST of Evangelization, Academic Excellence, Governance, Financial Stability and Social Relevance. This is the take off of the long
celebration of CCC’s Golden Jubilee. This is it, there’s no other.
As kick-off activities, a motorcade was held on June 14, 2009 having its route from Cainta Municipal ground to Estrella, Greenland Subdivision, Floodway and Midtown then to De Castro and
through Marick back to CCC Campus, where a performing band and dancing majorettes welcomed the parade. This is it, there’s no other.
Another activity and the most important kick-off celebration was the Mass of the Holy Spirit held on June 15, 2009 with Most Rev. Gabriel Reyes, D.D. Bishop of Antipolo as the main celebrant
for the morning mass for Basic Education where the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit were emphasized. The afternoon mass for the College was presided by Rev. Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos. Every after
mass, the Jubilee Prayer was recited. This is it, there’s no other.
Since Jubilee year is a year of hope and transformation in the hearts, mind and spirit of people particularly the officials, teachers, non-teaching staff and students of CCC. On November 26, 2009 a
Holy Mass was celebrated by His Eminence Gaudencio Rosales along with Rev. Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos, Rev. Fr. Paquito Gallego, Rev. Fr. Melchor Abutog,Rev. Fr. Blaise Jose E. Garcia, MMHC,
Rev. Fr. Tony Gerente and Rev. Fr. Virgilio Lachica as concelebrants for the commemoration of the fifth anniversary of Pondo ng Pinoy where CCC was the second biggest contributor among the
schools under the diocese. On this day also, the Cardinal re-launched the Pondo ng Pinoy with presentation of its flagship project , the HAPAG-ASA Integrated Nutrition Program which aims to help
the poor and malnourished for the improvement of their health conditions. Likewise, Rev Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos stressed that Pondo ng Pinoy teaches us how to become generous and helpful and it
also helps remove greed in hardened society. The mass ended with the recitation of the Jubilee Prayer leaving on the people’s hearts, a flame of love and desire to support the program. This is it, there’s
no other.
Aside from the major activities, there were other important activities organized by CCC such as: Inter-scholastic symposium on Evangelization, Jubilee Reconciliation, Vigil with a Healing,
Seminar on PREX, CCC’s Computer Literacy and Computer Aided Learning; Catholic Teachers Congress; Catechetical Instructions to Public Schools, etc. This is it, there’s no other.
Board of Trustees
Most Rev. Gabriel V. Reyes, D.D., Chairman of the Board
Rev. Fr. Paquito G. Gallego, Vice-Chairman of the Board
Most Rev. Francisco M. de Leon, D.D., Member
Rev. Msgr. Rigoberto S. De Guzman, Member
Rev. Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos, SThD, Member
Atty. Carmencita P.L. Logan, Corporate Secretary
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 8
7/8/2010 9:36:06 AM
Golden Jubilee Edition
Ginintuang Uhay
News / Feature
This is the moment!
The much- awaited month of February----
Come now the month of February where the Golden Jubilee was celebrated. The month-long celebration started with literary contests, Math and Science camp and jubilee pilgrimage for employ-
ees during the first week. For the second week, there were Book Fair, Jubilee Quiz Bee, Family Quiz Bee, Jubilee Fun Run, and Grand Parade with Street Dancing and Alumni Batch Floats. The third
week started with a Thanksgiving Mass followed by the Critique Hour of the Musical Play and Employees Night. On the following day, a Jubilee mass was celebrated followed by the blessing of the
newly-renovated CCC Auditorium, likewise where the Jubilee marker was unveiled and as qouted by Rev. Msgr. Arnel Lagarejos during CCC employees’ Christmas Party last December
18, 2009, “This Auditorium would be the landmark of our Golden Jubilee year Celebration.”. Furthermore, he equipped that the rise of the pristine CCC Auditorium also entails it to be
the center for culture and arts. One tantamount reason why in the afternoon of February 16, Ms. Pilita Corales took the center stage with her beautiful and heartwarming OPM songs. The
third day was opened by Ash Wednesday Masses exclusively for CCC students. Employees and guests witnessed the Musical Play of High School and Grade School. On the fourth day of the week-long
celebration were the field demonstrations of Grade School pupils and street dancing by High School students. On the fifth day, field demonstrations of College students and teachers with administration
employees as well as the High School and Grade School Teachers were presented. The Gala Night for the Musical Play followed at six o’clock in the evening. And on the sixth day the JS Promenade
of the High School Department was held at five o ‘clock p.m. To highlight the Jubilee celebration, the fourth week was reserved for Drama Fest and Parade of Characters and Alumni activities like:
Livelihood Program, Legal Opinions on Land Problems, Job Fairs, and the Grand Alumni Homecoming. This is it, there’s no other.
Golden Jubilee Activities February 2010
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 9
7/8/2010 9:36:12 AM
News / Feature
Ginintuang Uhay
The Grand Alumni
The Process
By: Gelly Anne Ciudad
n the occasion of its
Golden Jubilee celebration,
CCC’s Alumni Association
Incorporated organized a Grand
Alumni Homecoming last February
26, 2010. Graduates from several
batches attended the said spectacular
event. The reunion kicked off
with a Thanksgiving Mass which
was celebrated by the institution’s
President, Rev. Msgr. Arnel F.
Lagarejos. In his homily, he gave
emphasis on the Fifth Commandment
which is “Thou shall not kill”. He
said that the sin against the said
commandment includes cursing,
hatred and judgment against our
neighbor. According to him, hatred
is deeper than anger because of
our refusal to forgive somebody’s
fault; likewise, when we curse
other people it means that we are
destroying their dignity as a human
person. Msgr. added, “There is no
perfect relationship. As a Christian,
Jesus asks us to make way for
reconciliation. Because sometimes,
when we hurt somebody we are
waiting who will reconcile first”.
He continued, “The better Christian
should make the first move towards
reconciliation. The season of Lent is
the best time to reconcile and to patch
broken relationship”.
In the Prayers of the Faithful,
Rev. Msgr. Lagarejos specifically
prayed for the success of the said
reunion, asking the intercession of
the Almighty that the said gathering
will give way to further strengthen
the Christian bond among the alumni
of the institution.
concluded with Msgr. Lagarejos’
words of gratitude for all who will
participate in the Grand Alumni
The reunion proper began with
an invocation led by the Musikainta
Parish Youth ministry members, it
was followed by the singing of the
Philippine National Anthem.
In his welcome remarks, Msgr.
Arnel F. Lagarejos, stressed the
importance of the said homecoming
to the alumni. “Being a part of this
institution”, he said, “it is always
good to be back home. In this
institution, we met our lifelong friends
and even our loved ones. Occasions
like this, is a good venue to reminisce
the memories we had have during
our stay in Cainta catholic College,
formerly known as Cainta Catholic
Welcoming the members of
CCC’s growing family, a hand mime
presentation led by the some of the
graduates of Batch ’74 to the tune of
“Welcome to the Family” followed.
Mr. Generose C. Gonzaga, Vice
president of CCCAA Inc. made the
guests and batch acknowledgements
starting from the senior most
graduates up to the youngest
Atty. Cristino Pablo, Director
of CCCAA Inc. made the special
citation for the different alumni
who made a great contribution for
the good of the community. Mrs.
Marilou Valencia, the acting College
Dean together the President, Rev.
Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos awarded a
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 10
Vol. 9 No. 3
plaque of recognition to the different
outstanding alumni of every batch
who in the past years become
successful in their chosen field.
Of course, any occasion will
not be complete without any food to
share. A sumptuous dinner followed
wherein the different batches prepared
different foods of their choice that
they shared together. While eating,
the diners were entertained by a
series of slide shows showing how
Cainta Catholic School begun and the
people behind it until the present day
Cainta Catholic College. Noel
Patalinhog of batch ’83 and Jonathan
Ramos of batch ’88 serenaded
the crowd with their renditions of
different love songs. After the dinner,
a series of special numbers followed;
selected alumnae from batch ’74
presented a series of energetic dance
numbers to the tune of different
retro music. With their groovy dance
moves, they were able to persuade
the crowd to dance with them. The
CCC Alumni officers also performed
another dance number, while the
Herald Choir serenaded the ecstatic
crowd with their angelic voices.
Another performance coming from
the selected college and high school
students delighted the crowd, as they
danced to the booty music of today’s
In between the performances,
there is a raffle draw wherein alumni
will bring home a special prize,
courtesy of the different batches who
contributed the said prizes which
include sacks of rice, appliances,
kitchen wares and many more.
After the series of performances, Fr.
Jerome Marquez,SVD, of batch ’82
delivered an inspiring message, he
gave emphasis on the Golden Jubilee
of CCC, saying that fifty is a very
significant figure.
Another touching message comes
from Mrs. Segundina Omańa,one
of the first teacher of the institution.
She is already 85 years old, in her
message, she narrated her teaching
experiences in Cainta Catholic
School. She also expressed her words
of congratulations for the institution
for reaching another milestone.
Her message was presented to
the audience via a Movie Maker
The most awaited part of the
celebration is the concert of the
singing sensation Ms. Aiza Seguerra
and her band. She entertained the
audience with her soulful voice as she
performed a series of songs.
She dedicated every song to the
different batches starting from
the first graduates up to the last
batch. In between her performance,
she expresses a few words of
congratulations for the institution
for reaching its Golden Jubilee. Ms.
Aiza Seguerra rendered different
songs from different circa some of
her renditions were Hard Days Night,
Runaway, Ipagpatawad Mo, and the
Eraserheads songs such as Magasin,
Huling El Bimbo and Alapaap and
some of her originals such as Take
Me I’ll Follow, Power of Two, and
the crowd favorite pagdating ng
Fruits of Labor
Alumni Night
7/8/2010 9:36:19 AM
Ginintuang Uhay
Golden Jubilee Edition
News / Feature
“On the hot seat”- Golden Jubilee Interviews
Interview with Rev. Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos
By: Danielle Erika Hill
definitely not – that would be too ideal and
probably…improbable. But, at least, let’s say
we have 300 graduates, and let’s say if 20 or
25% of these will be more persons of integrity,
persons who are living the Gospel values, I
believe, at least we have done our part.
D:Of all the things you’ve done for CCC, what
would you say is your crowning glory, your
Danielle: CCC has just celebrated its Golden
Jubilee, and all of the past presidents have had
their dreams for this institution. Would you say
your dream for CCC is fulfilled?
Msgr Arnel: To a certain extent I would say
yes. You know you cannot fulfill it perfectly,
but I believe that to a certain extent we have
influenced some of our graduates to become
more honest people – I will not say all –
Msgr: I believe it’s up to other people to judge
that, because it would be too presumptuous on
my part. Parang mayabang masyado. When
you talk about a legacy, it’s up to other people
to say what it is. I believe it’s too proud and
presumptuous of a person to go “ah, this is my
legacy.” So I refuse to answer that question.
D: So if all the past presidents of CCC, from Fr.
Tajon to Fr. Pax, if all of them were to appear
before you right now, what would you tell
Msgr:Thank you very much. You have done a
good job. And I have done my best to continue
with your legacy, because our task is primarily
evangelization – we are here to evangelize our
students, our teachers. You have done your part,
and I would like to say thank you for beginning
this, and I have done my best to continue and
fulfill your vision.
D: Looking towards the future, what are your
future plans for CCC?
Msgr: Well, I really plan to upgrade our
academics, and we are working towards Level
II accreditation. My more immediate plan is to
upgrade the standard of education by means of
all these kinds of training seminars that we are
giving our teachers.
Msgr: It depends on God’s will.
A Message From Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos
From the very beginning I have always
advocated for the Gospel Values. I always
dreamed of CCCians to become people
of integrity and examples of honesty and
fairness. That is my dream, that is what I’m
working for. Let us try our best to live these
Gospel ideals, because, you know, we have
so many problems in our society already –
corruption and all these kinds of injustice in
our society. That’s why I give importance to
the principles of honesty, trustworthiness,
integrity and justice – because I believe this
is what the country needs right now. And this
is what I dream for CCCians.
D: And after CCC?
Interview with Mr. Reldino Aquino
By: Casey Anne Cruz
(Photos: Angellica Castillo)
March 30 ’10
Jubilee celebration of our college, how will you
rate the celebration from the scale of 1 – 10?
“Actually, it’s 10.5, because the result is beyond
the expectation, most of the people said. Also
we had 2 yrs. preparation and 1 yr. celebration,
every year we had the different celebration but
this year is the most special one.’’
2.) Beside your other qualities as a leader,
what have you proven after the celebration?
Good morning Mr. Aquino, we’ll only ask you
some questions for our Golden Jubilee Edition
of Uhay.
1.) As the chairman of the concluded Golden
“I have proven that a good special leader, with
a good followers and hardworking community
members at CCC will mean a success. I can’t
do that all by myself. Teachers, Employees and
Silent Participants are also behind these things
like janitors and school guards because they
are the one who maintain the cleanliness and
orderliness in our institution.”
3.) What were some of the challenges and
hindrances encountered by you but made you
stronger in handling the event
“Typhoon Ondoy, because the climax of the
celebration subsided. I have think on how would
I take these people and also the celebration back
again to the tip of the iceberg, if the focus of
everyone is all about how they will bring their
houses and families back into normal.”
4.) If ever you’ll be assigned again to handle
almost the same task, would you accept it? Why
or why not?
“Yes. I will, if it will be for good and at the
same time for the institution.”
5.) What will be your message to everyone
who helped you and most especially in our
CCC Institution?
“Of all the things that we have accomplished
in the past years I truly believe that the most
enduring are the things that cannot be seen
... “things of the heart.”
Interview with Pilita Corales
By: Danielle Erika Hill
Ginintuang Uhay correspondent
Danielle Hill was fortunate enough to get
a quick personal interview with worldrenowned singer PILITA CORALES
after she performed her afternoon concert
last February 16, accordingly entitled
“An Afternoon with Pilita”. It was a
fully enjoyable event…..Below is a full
transcript of the interview.
Danielle: Good afternoon, Miss Corales.
Pilita: Please, just call me Pilita.
D: Okay then, good afternoon, Pilita.
The Golden Jubilee Mass
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 11
P: Good afternoon, good afternoon.
D: So, this is what -- a HUGE performance,
isn’t it?
P: Well, I hope so; it’s my first time here.
D: Oh, it’s your first time to perform here
in Cainta?
P: In Cainta, probably, yeah, at least in this
theater. Yeah, first time. And it’s a very nice
theater, very easy to sing in.
D: Why thank you! So, Msgr. Lagarejos
invited you to sing here, right?
P: Yes, Monsignor invited me to come here.
Although I met him already last year pa.
D: Where?
P: Through my friend, Evelyn, who is also
here in CCC. [Evelyn waves at us from
the background.] So that’s how. I met
Monsignor on her birthday.
D: What made you decide to accept the
P: Actually when he told me it was today,
I said, you know, Monsignor, if you can
change the date for me, because every
Tuesday for this month I’m singing at the
Holiday Inn, so I said it cannot be, but since
today is actually your fiftieth anniversary…
well, that’s what happened, yeah.
D: So having now performed in our humble
school, do you regret having accepted the
offer or are you happy with your decision?
P: Oh, no, I’m very happy to have accepted
it; I just feel a little bad that I cannot stay
long because I have a rehearsal at 6:00
before we do the show [Full House, in
which she co-stars]. But apart from that
everything is fine.
D: So you have performed in other schools
before, right?
P: Ah yes. Last week-- no-- two weeks ago,
I did, like, the homecoming of St. Paul’s
D: How is CCC different from the other
schools you’ve performed in?
P: Oh, well, maybe [the other schools are]
just a little bit bigger…Like in La Salle we
performed in the gym…I think only the
size was different.
D: Otherwise it’s the same?
P: Yes; [here in CCC] the students are so
wonderful, they’re so nice to sing to and
they appreciate everything you do.
D: So supposing we have another event,
would you still be willing to perform here?
P: As long as I’m available, there’s no
problem. At all.
D: Any messages for CCC on its 50th
P: On its 50th I hope they have one
hundred and fifty more, and I hope
all the students will study well, will all
graduate with honors; and I take this
opportunity to thank all of you for
coming this afternoon and I hope that I
will see you again very soon.
D: We hope so too. Thank you, ma’am, for
your time.
CCC auditorium - the landmark of the institution being the center for culture and arts.
7/8/2010 9:36:24 AM
12 Literary
Ginintuang Uhay
Vol. 9 No. 3
By: Danielle Erika Hill, III- St. Robert Belarmine
Who would have thought that such great talent could be found in this humble institution? For so many years now, Ginintuang Uhay has been receiving hundreds upon hundreds of literary
contributions, ranging from essay to short stories, and, of course, the ever present poetry. Love is the most common topic, of course, and so is friendship, past experiences and reflections. Much
time and effort has been put in each and every single one of these creations by their authors. All are masterpieces in in their own unique way, and their authors truly have something to be proud
These people, the authors, write in either complex or simple styles, deep and meaningful or light and happy. Each author has his/her own unique style and approach to literature- no two
authors are alike in style. No two authors tell exactly the same story. The authors of the works you are about to read, dear reader, are such. They have but one thing in common. They are all
writing of and for CCC, in celebration of its Golden Jubilee.
Why Gold?
By Juliette Michelle Acielo
A medal of gold (or something representing gold) is given to
first place winners in competitions. The Golden Age, in classical
mythology, is the first age of the world depicted by happiness.
The “golden years” refer to a period wherein there is
general success and prosperity. The fiftieth year is referred
to as the golden anniversary. What does gold have to do with it all?
Gold, as we all know, is a metallic element with a high
value in the market. As beautiful and pricey as it is, gold has some
properties which make it worth the money.
Not only is it resistant to corrosion but it is strong as well.
The fiftieth anniversary of a group, an organization, or an
celebrates its success and longevity. While it changes as time
passes, it endures for a particularly long period of time.
Not all establishments reach their golden anniversaries,
so the golden celebration is considered toy be an important one.
Thus, the year 2010 is a meaningful year for Cainta Catholic
College as it observes its fiftieth year of communion and mission.
From the renovation of buildings and the construction of the
CCC Auditorium, from the Golden Jubilee Fun Run to the
Grand Parade, CCCians (students and employees alike) have
taken part in the celebration.May CCC continue to mold its
students to become wholesome individuals guided by God’s love.
Evangelizers Of Truth, Justice And Love
Adapted from the CCC Golden Jubilee Prayer
Lyrics and Chords by: Mr. Marvin L. Oquendo
Golden Jubilee
“A Time
to Look Back”
By: Rhoniel Anthony Dc. Brondo-III- St. Albert
Golden Jubilee marks the fiftieth anniversary of maybe an establishment or
anything that is important. It is the time to give thanks for the ups and down,
joyful and sorrowful moments and the like. And of course, always give Him the
credit of the success.
Cainta Catholic College, my dear Alma Matter, is on its climax. Fifty years of
happiness, struggles and pain is the significance of this event.
Looking back to the past is the most satisfying part of life because of it, I can
appreciate who and what molded me to what I am right now. Different changes
have approaches in but still what its aim is to shape and direct lives to the winning
path. Many have grown here. Some of them were already flourishing to their chosen
road. When a students successes, who are the ones proud of Him/Her aside from their
families? Their teachers, aren’t they? And most especially their school isn’t/it will be
very rewarding for their mentors once it happens. How about me? As son as I can
stand on my feet, I will see to it to visit them always because their lifetime is spent
teaching and enlightening young minds. Also the school, itself, plays the largest part
of my life.
Junior-Senior promenades, field demos. Fun runs, are not the main part of the
celebration but what are more important are the values and lessons on the years that
have passed.
May this year be a good and fruitful year for all of us.
A Song of Victory
By Augusto R. Oraa
Heavenly Father, Almighty Father
We celebrate your gift of life and glory.
In the fullness of time, in the fullness of those years
We celebrate with pride and honor our Golden Jubilee
Our hearts rejoice in victory with CCC
For thy fiftieth glorious existence
A preferred school in the diocese
Founded on justice God has brought
So with His love that aflame in her
And with the truth of light to guide her.
Ref.: Blessing and glory and all the power
And all the honor and all the wisdom
To our dear and beloved alma mater.
Send forth to us your spirit of communion and mission
As we walk in the light of Christ our Lord.
We maybe a renewed evangelizer
Proclaiming your Good News of truth, justice and love.
Together with Mama Mary, Our Lady of Light
With the apostles and martyrs of every age, we pray…
As we rejoice in the mystery of our salvation
We pray to Christ, our Lord and Savior.
We are hoping, our dear Lord, this year will be time for us,
A time of grace, consolation of peace…
As Christ-centered school for evangelization
Whose mission of truth, justice, and love
Is to nurture the hopes of youth and find a place
A better place of lasting peace and integrity
And a place where they can be competitive
And become global citizens of good stature.
Guided too by the burning eternal flame
Of the Lady of Light as its patronage
Continuously spread her incomparable radiance
With overflowing grace, chrism and glory
Over the whole CCC community
Making each one a victor and socially responsive .
(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)
We pray, O Lord for our dear CCC…
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 12
7/8/2010 9:36:27 AM
Literary 13
Ginintuang Uhay
Golden Jubilee Edition
Ni : R. V. Cerna
Ni: Allan S. Salazar II-BSED
I. O Cainta Catholic College, paaralang sinisinta,
Mula sa sawali’t kawayang matibay
Itinayo ka ng mga paring banyaga
Na sa iyo ay tunay na nag-aruga.
Sa kandungan mo, kamusmusan ay kinalinga.
II. Sa iyong bakuran, mga diwa’y nahubog,
Karunungan, kagalingan, napanday, nalinang.
Mula sa aba mong silidna puno ng mga pangarap,
Mga kabataang hitik ng dunong,
Dumating…umalis…dala ay iyong mga pangaral.
III. Ngayon, sa hinaba-haba ng panahon,
Ako ay masaya at muling nagbabalik,
Dala ang watawat ng isang tagumpay,
Sa iyong mga kamay… ako ay humahalik.
Paaralan ko…asng anak mo… sa iyo ngayo’ynagpupugay!
IV. Sa iyong Ikalimampung Jubileo,
Kaming lahat ay buong galak na angkakaisa.
CCC…paaralang inagkin, tinitingala, itinatangi,
Ikaw ay tagumpay na iwinawagayway…
Mabuhay ka Cainta Catholic College, MABUHAY!!!
By Augusto R. Oraa
You were like a mustard seed sown on a fertile soil
Sprouted into a small, firm and strong preferred school
Then branching out several building structures
For the population increase of students
Desiring to get catholic education at CCS
So kudos to you beloved, looked-up alma mater.
You’ve pruned graduates through a Christ-centered curriculum
Enabled by technology with the core values
Of truth, justice, love integrating faith and life
Thereby transforming graduates into peace and loving humans
This made them bear good virtues and fruits of achievements
So kudos to thy fruitful past and glorious present
You have created a tertiary department
To complete the school’s levels of learning
Now you are a fully established institution
Preferred in the diocese for the evangelization
Of students to be spiritually aware
So kudos to you loving and caring alma mater
These accolades can’t be achieved without the flame
Of the Lady of Light that continuously burn
Oozing with a different kind of chrism and grace
We are then jubilant of these honors and adulations
With abundant joy and triumphant songs of praise
So kudos to our dear and revered alma mater
On your fiftieth years we wish you more blessing,
Glory, wisdom, power, honor and strength
That God might endow to a precious college
That has moved and still will be moving on and on
To quality and excellence catholic education
So kudos to you, alma mater of integrity
From Cainta Catholic School you’ve strived
To fully become Cainta Catholic College
Where knowledge gained and stored in the students’ mind
Can never be hoard just like mere information
But can be transferred and shared to those wanting to learn
So kudos and keep imparting knowledge to people!
CCC pinagpala kang tunay!!!!
Nayon ay iyo nang tinataglay ang tagumpay
At ang mga mag-aaral na nahasa at nagdaan sa iyong mga kamay
Ngayon ay nagagalak at sayo’y nagpupugay
Hanggang sumilay yaring liwayway
Ang layuning sinimulan upang ikaw ay pagyamanin
Ay tunay na namunga at ngayo’y sumasaatin
Maging mga pagsubok ng araw, buwan, at taon ay aming susuungin
Pagkat aral mo’y sumasaamin
Masdan mo kami ngayon, tinitingala ka’t nais kilalanin
Gaya ng nakaraan, maging sa kasalukuyan
Tanging aral mo ang susundin,
Masaya, at lubos na galak ang aming nararamdaman
Dahil sa pag-aaruga mo’t pagpapanday sa aming karunungan
Kung kaya’t dangal mo ngayo’y aming tangan.
Kami ngayon pinakamamahal na paaralan,
Ipinagdiriwang kang walang hanggan,
Ngayon at ang bukas namin ay malinaw
Waring maihahalintulad sa mga ulap sa kalangitan.
Aral, Pangaral, maging ang mahirap na nagdaan
Mula sa iyo paaralan……..
Aming tangan hanggang sa walang hanggan .
CCC Our Dear Alma matter
By: Lee Brenciis-III-St. Bernard
A building is as strong as its foundation,
May it be poorly built, it will sway
Even to me lightest of storms
But let the foundation be strong,
That even tempests can break it apart, even for long
A foundation is as strong as the materials used in it,
Used wood and cheap stores it would surely collapse
But use strong steel and the finest stone it will stand for long.
An institution is as credible as its experience.
An institution newly-formed, there would still be doubts
But an institution that is so strong, that even time can’t break it
There is credibility for its experience.
Oh, our Alma Mater built by the purest of heart ,
Our foundation being the triune God, our materials, his lovely people.
Our institution ravaged by time and challenge, yet still standing
Producing Christ’s faithful graduates, the future leaders of our church &
Oh! Our Alma Mater, who cares and teaches us for decades
Yet you still stands to care even more, for Christ flock it holds
For the children of God it still serves and it will continue to be
May our Almighty Father, and the blessed Mary, Our Lady of Light
Still stands next beside us, to hold, to guide, and to care for us,
In this world where Satan is the prince, may our school enlightened.
Let the blind lead the blind and they will both fall,
But let the enlightened lead the ignorant and they will both be in God’s
loving hands
For the ignorant children will be enlightened from your teachings,
Being inspired by the holy Ghost, it would forever be enlightened.
As our golden year unfolds, may we not seek blessings first
But let us thanks the Heavenly Father for all the blessings he had given
May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire, as our Alma Mater continue to
enlighten and nurse children of God, that needed spiritual and rational
teaching for them to be saved.
May this year be not the last, that this year will mark a new beginning.
A new start of a new era, a beginning of a new decade
Our faith be stronger still, and our inspiration never fade
May we not fear the coming years, the things that time will bring.
As my glorifying poem uphold our glorious school.
May we not forget what God had written, to educate the fool
To remind everyone where we all came, all lass and lad,
Whatever you do, whether you act or drink, do it all for the glory of
2009 11-14 ccc uhay 2nd issue OLD.indd 13
7/8/2010 9:36:31 AM
14 Literary
“Ang CCC...Sa Aking Mga
ni Cat Cerna
Limang taong gulang nang ako’y nag-umpisa
Pinasok ang isang yugtong may halong pangamba
Sa aking nagkakaedad na diwa, aking naaalala
Isang malawak na kuwartong puno ng mga munting paslit
May kanya-kanyang mesa at upuan na kay liit
Sa isang sulok ay eskaparateng nag-uumapaw sa gamit,
Mga krayola, papel at mga laruang plastik
Mula sa harap, nakatayo ang isang babaeng kay amo ng mukha
Siya si Titser Rizza, ang unang gurong nagpamulat
Sa kahalagahan ng CCS sa paghubog ng aking karakter
At paglinang sa mga natatagong talento’t kagalingan
Sa paningin ng isang kinder, napakalawak ng paaralan
Di matarok kung saan nag-uumpisa’t nagtatapos
Ang tinatawag nilang Cainta Catholic School!
Subalit, ako muna’y mag-aaral…dapat talagang mag-aral!
Dahil sino ba naman ang di magkukumahog kung
Ang guro mo ay si Mrs. Odette Mendoza!
Sa isang pagkakamali’y may kaakibat na pamalo
Minsa’y may pingot pa sa tenga
Ilang beses na ba akong pinatayo
Dahil sa di ko makuha ang simpleng aritmetik?
Isa, dalawa, tatlo…di ko na matandaan
Makukulay na alaala ang iniwan sa akin ng Elementarya
Una at Ikalawang Baitang – dilaw!
Anupa’t walang anumang sandaling kay dilim
Lalo na’t ang nakaagapay ay kahalintulad nina
Gng. Teresita Fusilero at Bb. Brenda Calapati
Kay sayang matuto sa piling ng mga magigiliw na guro
Ikatlong Baitang – pula!
Kapag naranasan mo nga naman ang tinatawag nilang
“Puppy love”!
Ikaapat, Ikalima at Ikaanim na mga Baitang – Puti atbp!
Aba! Di matatawaran ang aking lubos na pagsaludo
Ang puting bandera ng tagumpay ay nagwawagayway
Samu’t saring mga patimpalak, mapaukol man yan
Sa Akademiks o Palakasan, isama na rin ang Tagisan
Sa pag-awit, pagsayaw, pagandahan at kung anupaman
Tiyak may iuuwing medalya o tropeo na kadalasa’y ginto
Ang mga kalahok na mag-aaral, mag-isa man o grupo
Ganyan ang CCS, tinitingala…sabi ng iba, iniilagan pa!
Sa ‘king pagtatapos, ang mahal kong CCS ay nagbago
Ngunit ito raw ay para sa kanyang ikauunlad
Pagtuntong sa hayskul, siya ngayo’y CCC na!
Ang tila makulay na bahaghari sa Elementarya
Ay nahaluan ng mga kulay na di mawari
At ang dating mga musmos ay natuto nang magrebelde
Umaalingawngaw pa sa aking mga tenga
Ang bulalas ng aming mga guro
Kami raw ang mga pinakamagulong estudyanteng
Ginintuang Uhay
Mayroon ang paaralang ito!
Kami na nga ba talaga?
Unti-unti, lumitaw ang mga bagong gusali
Mula sa dalawang palapag na istrukturang kahoy at bato
Kung saan ang lumang kantina’y nasa ibaba
Ang silid aklatan at Hayskul ‘Faculty’ nama’y sa taas,
Itinayo ang makabagong Centennial Building
Ang malawak na espasyo sa hayskul na kilala sa
Taguring ‘Saudi’ ay nagkaroon ng basketbolan
At naging mataas na Administration Building
Ang ‘Brunei’ ay sumailalim sa pag-aayos
At naging mga kuwarto ng hayskul at elementarya!
IIlan man ang mga mag-aaral sa kolehiyo
Sa paglipas ng panahon, ito’y nadagdagan pa
Patuloy ang mga pagbabago
Naglililok at bumubuo ng pangalang dadalhin
Ng mga magsisipagtapos sa hinaharap
Vol. 9 No. 3
Upang makatulong sa ating mga mag-aaral
Ang dati’y madilim na ‘Auditorium’ na naging
Saksi sa maraming mga paligsahan at programa
Minsa’y naging pansamantalang kantina pa
Ngayo’y binigyang muli ng buhay at sigla!
Maraming salamat, Msgr. Lagarejos!
Salamat sa lahat-lahat!
CCC…sa aking mga mata
Ikaw ay mananatiling natatangi,
Minamahal kong Alma Mater!
Sa aking paglisan sa CCC
Upang magpakadalubhasa sa ibang kolehiyo
Ako’y tunay na nahapis
Adios sa lahat ng narito,naging mabuti man o hindi
Paalam sa aking kanlungan ng labindalawang taon!
Gayunpama’y may saya rin sa aking puso
Sapagkat pinagtibay ako at tinuruan ng lubusan
Nakasukbit sa aking leeg, ilang medalya
Isa roon ay nagpapatunay sa aking katapatan
Taas noo kong paulit-ulit na sasambitin,
“Isa akong tunay na CCCian!”
Ilang taon pa ang lumipas
Sikolohiya ay aking natapos
Wala sa ‘king diwa na sa pagdating
Ng madaling panahon
Ako pala’y muling magbabalik
Sa eskuwelahang aking kinamulatan
Hindi na bilang isang mag-aaral
Bagkus isang empleyadong blangko man sa karanasan
Subalit may halukipkip na mga bagong kaalaman
Kakatwa mang isipin, mantakin ang kapalaran
Heto ako’t naglilingkod at maglilingkod
Iba na ngang masasabi
Dati lamang kung aking babalikan
Limampu’t lima kaming nagtitiis sa init ng silid
Ngunit di naging hadlang upang kami’y makinig
Ibang guro man ay masusungit
Masasabi kong sila’y mga tunay na disiplinaryan
Mga pasilidad man ay simple
Ngunit para sa amin, ito’y mga moderno na
Ngayo’y ‘airconditioned’ kuntodo
Mga opisina pati na rin mga silid aralan
Iilang moog na guro’y narito pa rin
Patuloy na humuhubog ng mga kabataan
Mga pasilidad pati kurikulum, ika nga’y ‘level up!’
By: Pauline Mae Hernandez
I walked the halls of CCC
I entered through its gates
I sat down beneath the shade of its trees
and I laughed there with my friends.
I studied in its classrooms
and read books at its library.
I walked up the stage of its auditorium
and stayed at its kiosk for CAT.
I planted in its plant boxes
and stayed at its corridors
Sat down to watch a game from the bleachers
and sometimes practiced late after class hours.
I’ve waited for group mates at the tree house
and swiped my ID at the guard house
I have entered an office or two
and sometimes visited the clinic for an aching
tummy or tooth.
I took videos at the butterfly garden
and played at its grounds
I did activities at its labs
and here joy I have found.
These are just a few places in CCC
of the million places and a million spots
that I would never forget and always cherish
as I say goodbye to the Alma Mater I keep in
my heart.
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News / Feature 15
Ginintuang Uhay
Golden Jubilee Edition
Ginintuang Uhay:
Dr. Aladdin de Guzman
Mrs. Marilou Valencia
Fr. Efren Villanueva
By: Mrs. Leony C. Maranan and Ms. Cat Cerna
We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to
communicate with a well esteemed figure in the person of Dr.
Aladdin de Guzman, former Grade School Principal and Dean
of Education here at CCS/CCC and currently, the College Dean
at St. Matthew College in San Mateo, Rizal.
Years have passed since the Ginintuang Uhay rose to
existence and in a gradual process, has promoted the school
through its various articles. Dr. Aladdin de Guzman initiated this
and it is similarly rightful to hear the paper's history from him
through this written interview.
* Kailan po ba nagsimula ang pagpapalimbag ng Ginintuang
(When did the publication of Ginintuang Uhay begin?)
Hindi ko na matandaan pero maaaring ito ay June ng
1991. Si Mrs. Valencia ang maaaring higit na makakaalala sa
bagay na ito.
(I don't remember but it could be June of 1991. Mrs.
Valencia probably remembers this matter way better.)
* Sino po ang nagpasimula na magkaroon ng newsletter ang
(Who initiated this for CCS to have a newsletter?)
Ako ang nagpasimula na magkaroon ng newsletter.
Actually, ang vision ay magkaroon ng isang newspaper na
maaaring ipanlaban sa school journalism contest.
(I initiated to have the newsletter. Actually, the vision
was to have a newspaper that could be contended in a school
journalism contest.)
* Ano po ang mahahalagang layunin upang gawin ito?
(What were the vital aims to make this?)
-Magkaroon ng malayang pagpapahayag ng kaisipan
at damdamin.
-Matuklasan ang talino ng mga mag-aaral sa pagsulat
sa iba't ibang genre.
-Maging tagapagbalita at anunsyo ng mga
pangyayaring nagaganap sa loob ng paaralan.
-Mailarawan sa komunidad, sa mga magulang at sa
iba pang mga paaralan kung ano ang paaralan natin.
(Have freedom of expression of thoughts and feelings.)
(Discover the intelligence of the students with writing
in different genres.)
(Become newsmen and heralds of events occurring
inside the school.)
Mrs. Diña Rivera
(Illustrate with the community, parents and to other
academies about our school.)
(Do you think this has been an enormous help to the teachers or
students? In what reason?)
* Sinu-sino po ang mga naging advisers ng Ginintuang Uhay
noong panahon ninyo?
(Who became the advisers of Ginintuang Uhay during your
Mahalaga ang ginagampanan ng isang newspaper sa
mga mag-aaral at sa paaralan. Bukod sa ito ay isang malaking
promosyon sa paaralan, nililinang nito ang kakayahan ng mga
mag-aaral sa pagsusulat.
(The newspapaer plays an integral role with the students and
the academe. Aside from being an enormous promotion for the
school, it enhances the sutdents’ capabilities.)
Si Mrs. Marilou Valencia ang alam kong tanging naging
adviser nito. Hindi ko alam kung may pumalit sa kanya matapos
na mawala ako sa school. Maaaring higit niyang maaalala ang
iba pang detalye ng pagkabuo ng pangalang ito.
(What I know was that Mrs. Marilou Valencia was the
sole adviser of the paper. I don't know if anyone else replaced
her after I left the school. She may probably remember well other
details about the development of its name.)
* Dahil noo'y wala pang kompyuter, paano po isinasagawa ang
(Since computers were not yet virtually present at the time, how
was the publishing being done?)
Mag-aaral, aayusin ng mga editor at pagkatapos
ay gagawa ng isang 'dummy newspaper' kung saan ang mga
artikulo ay idinidikit ayon sa paraan ng paggawa ng isang
newspaper. Ang printing press ang gumagawa ng pag-aayos ng
lahat kasama na ang layout.
(Like what was to be expected, students will contribute
articles, the editors does the modifications and then creates a
dummy newspaper wherein articles are pasted according to the
way a newspaper is being done. The printing press arranges
everything including the layout.)
*Ilang issue po ang mayroon sa loob ng isang taon? Magazine o
broadsheet type po ba ito?
(How many issues were there in a year? Was it in magazine or
broadsheet type?)
Sa pagkatanda ko ay dalawa. Ang una ay newspaper at
pagkatapos ay ang magazine na parang yearbook. Sa pagkaalam
ko, matapos na lumabas ang unang issue, nagkaroon ng mga
problema sa paglilimbag kung kaya't hindi nagawang ito ay
(I remembered there were two. The first was a newspaper
and then, a yearbook-like magazine.)
*Sa palagay ninyo po ba ay malaking tulong ito sa mga guro at
mag-aaral? Sa anong dahilan?
*Bilang isa sa mga naging haligi ng CCC at mahusay na
tagapamuno, ano pong mensahe ang maipaaabot ninyo sa aming
mga manunulat at kontribyutors?
(Being one of the pillars of CCC and competent administrator,
what message would you impart to us, writers and contributors?)
Ako rin ay isang manunulat. Sa pagsusulat, nabibigyang
laya ang iyong damdaming lumikha ng mga lathalaing hindi
naibibigay sa karaniwang tao. Sa pagsusulat, lumalawak ang
iyong pananaw at pang-unawa sa mga bagay-bagay. Hindi
ka basta napatatangay sa damdamin at emosyon. Sa halip,
nagiging mapag-isip at matalino sa mga bagay na nais gawin
o likhain. Isang katangian ang maging manunulat. Ipagpatuloy
at palawakin ang katangiang ito. Sana ay ipagpatuloy ang
paglilimbag ng broadsheet at makasali kayo sa patimpalak sa
School Journalism sa iba't ibang kategorya.
(I am also a writer. With writing, your emotions are
set free to create literaries ordinary people are not afforded
to have. With writing, your viewpoints and understanding on
various matters diversify. You won't be easily led by feelings and
emotions. Instead, becomes more of a thinker and intellectual
with things wished to be achieved or bring about. Becoming a
writer is a quality. Further continue and enhance this quality.
Hopefully, broadsheet publications will continue and you could
join in the School Journalism competitions, encompassing
various categories.)
When Fr. Efren Villanueva became CCC President, he
appointed Mrs. Dina Rivera , Dean of College of Education to
revive Ginintuang Uhay.
These were some of the previous advisers of
Ginintuang Uhay who helped mold the shining “gold” in the
publication: Mrs. Marilou Valencia, Mrs. Mary Jane Chicote,
Mr. Joel Filamor, Mrs. Lulu Cortez, Ms. Cristeta Estrada, and
Mrs. Rhoda Legazpi.
Ginintuang Uhay: Now and Moving On
The Ginintuang Uhay steadily continued to develop its facets and moved along with time and by 2008 to present, it flourished to achieve the most awaited recognitions. Last January 15 and
22, 2008 at St. Anthony’s School in Manila, CCC staffers bagged their first 11 awards, competing along with 20 other schools at the first MAPSA Press Conference. With building confidence and fiery
passion for journalism, the advisers and student staff pushed further and by February 17 to 18, 2009, they took hold of 14 awards, proud of garnering First place marks in different categories of the
competition. Again, headed by MAPSA and held at St. Michael’s Retreat House in Antipolo City.
2010 proved to be another year of cornucopia for Ginintuang Uhay. This time around at La Sallete, Silang Cavite last Febuary 9-11, 2010. Ginintuang Uhay Staff won 11 awards in the
individual category and 5 awards in the news category.
Behind the success are the consultants namely: Rev. Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos and Dr. Joel C. Javiniar and the advisers: Mrs. Leoncia C. Maranan, Mr. Andres Arcilla and Atty. Carmencita
PL. Logan working together with the Ginintuang Uhay staff . WITH THESE ACCOMPLISHMENTS and SPECIAL PEOPLE, the PUBLICATION is CONTINUOUSLY MOVING ON... for GOD’S
Uhay Staff in Action
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News / Feature
Ginintuang Uhay
Cainta Catholic College
A community of Christ’s faithful in communion and in mission
and an instrument of the local church, Cainta Catholic College
proclaims the Good News of Truth, Justice, and Love, integrates
faith and life to form human person, and thereby build a society of
integrity and peace.
Under the patronage of Mary, Our Lady of Light, Cainta Catholic
College strives to become preferred educational institution and
evangelization and religious formation of the Diocese of Antipolo.
In a collaborative and committed community of faith, it offers
learner-centered and technology-enabled programs and services,
with religion at the core to form competent and socially responsible
human persons who are faithful stewards of creation.
Vol. 9 No. 3
Looking Forward to a Grace-filled Future
by: Pauline Mae E. Hernandez
Indeed, Cainta Catholic College, in its fifty years
of existence, has gone through a lot. Yet, during her
transition and development throughout the years,
even as she experienced downfalls because of the
world war, she remained faithful to the Church and
her vow to form a community of Christ’s faithful in
communion and in mission. Never did she give up
on her struggle.
Looking back at the years CCC has endured,
we can see that she had lived a faithful past. Right
now, CCC is glorious as she celebrates her Golden
Jubilee, her fiftieth year. And though her history and
her present is a beautiful and colorful one, there is
still more to come.
Cainta Catholic College is now facing an even
more grace-filled future. The construction of its
landmark, the CCC auditorium, is just the start of
Cainta Catholic College’s transformation. In the
near future, Cainta Catholic College may become
Cainta Catholic University, offering courses same
with the colleges and universities we know today.
It will have better and more facilities for teaching.
As the school gets better, there may also be a rise
in its student population. The school will also adapt
more ways to improve the education it provides to
its students. More programs, organizations, and
clubs may also be started to help hone the skills
and talents of the students as well as to provide
them with meaningful extracurricular activities.
The improvement of our institution will not stop
there. The Cainta Catholic College community will
continue with its mission of not only serving the Lord
but the rest of society as well, especially the ones
in need. There will be more outreach programs
and activities such as blood-letting, community
cleaning, feeding programs, and many others for
the employees and students to participate in.
As always, it will continue on forming its
students into competent and socially responsible
human persons that will eventually be the prides
of our country. These are the things that we all look
forward to and the things that we know CCC will try
to achieve.
After fifty years of academic excellence, Cainta
Catholic College is now looking forward to years of
continuing success and excellence. It will celebrate
more jubilees in the future, jubilees that will be
more joyous and are part of God’s graces to the
whole CCC community.
Rev. Msgr. Arnel F. Lagarejos
College President
Illustration by: Angelo Encisa
Mrs. Cecilia V. Vinluan
VP for Administration
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Mrs. Cecilia C. Cerezo
Registrar Head
Dr. Joel C. Javiniar
VP for Academics
Mr. Reldino R. Aquino
Finance Manager
Atty. Carmencita PL. Logan
HRMD Manager
Engr. Lea D. Canivel
Ms. Aurora C. Arciaga
HS Principal
Mrs. Lerma S. Fernandez
GS Principal
7/8/2010 9:37:00 AM