International Journal of Knowledge Content Development

Introducing the first issue of
International Journal of Knowledge
Content Development & Technology
The development of information communication has made globalized networking possible. The
methods of information distribution have continuously been developed in many different ways, and
the related supporting technology has now reached a dependably stable point.
Libraries, information centers, database distributors, and publishing companies around the world
have established international scholar networks, and have been providing knowledge information
under one interface. Internet portal sites have been providing information published by various
institutions or individuals. Now our technology has developed to a stage where bibliographic information
can be served through the portal sites.
This is an era of contents. Information superhighways will deliver contents, and it is important
to decide how to form the contents and what to contain in the contents. This journal aims to deal
with these issues. The main purpose of this journal is to publish professional articles focusing
on knowledge contents, and to share them with interested colleagues. Furthermore, we expect this
journal to be a gateway to introduce the research achievements of the Research Institute for Knowledge
Content Development & Technology (RIKCDT) of the Konkuk University. We expect and welcome
all kinds of contributions from interested scholars, professors, and students.
This journal will present English‐written articles, expecting to see an enhanced ratio of articles
from abroad by developing an online‐based contributing system or by participating in the KISIT‐
ACOMS. Furthermore, the journal will raise the citation ratio of articles by allowing the open
access to full‐text.
The journal will be published each June and December. The editorial board consists of eight
professors, including Professor Inja Ahn of Tongwon College, as the Editor‐in‐chief. I would like
to show my deep appreciation to editors, Amanda Spink(Associate Editor in Chief, Loughto borough
University), Barbara B. Moran (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Sanghee Oh (Florida
State University), Hyuk‐Jin Lee (Texas Woman's University), Mi‐Kyung Han (Kyonnggi University),
Hyun‐Jin Hong (Chunnam National University), Chul‐Wan Kwack (Kangnam University), and
Younghee Noh (Kunguk University) for their invaluable contributions.
2011. 6. 20
Inja Ahn.