With March being the month when St Patrick’s Day is celebrated, we often hear about the
“Luck of the Irish.” Although we are not all of Irish decent, we are lucky to be a part of Jackson
Elementary for many reasons. We had a great turn out for parent-teacher conferences this spring,
we continue to have one of the hardest working staffs in the district and we have a dedicated
group of parent/grandparent volunteers. Thanks for all that you do to make Jackson the great
place that it is.
Carla Davidson
Jackson Principal
Jackson parent Amy Renner has been named
Outstanding Building Volunteer for the 20132014 school year. Amy has one daughter that
currently attends Jackson, Jordan. Amy volunteers weekly in multiple classrooms supporting
students with academic tasks, as well as assisting with numerous
PTA events and covolunteer coordinator. Staff describe
Amy as someone
who makes connections with every child
by making them feel
special. We thank
Amy for all of her
contributions to Jackson Elementary.
Thursday, March 6, 2014, was our Jump
Rope for Heart Day. Students jumped so others
can have strong hearts. This was a tremendous
way for students/families at Jackson to help others. As always the Jackson families were very
supportive of this event and opened up their
hearts. This is an awesome way to help with
heart disease. Way to go Jets! A tremendous
thank you goes out to all the volunteers who
helped. Without you, this event would not be
possible. A huge thank you to Kaci Maire, who
was in charge of getting treats, volunteers and
sending for prizes.
The mission of the Jackson community is to develop independent thinkers and learners who are
respectful and r esponsible citizens as demonstrated by m
ultiple data sources.
April 2014
APRIL 2014
1......................................... PTA Meeting 6:00 PM
2....................... Iowa Assessment Window Opens
3............................ Jackson Notes Updated Online
7.......................Enrichment Clubs begin 3:45-4:30
8................................................SCRIP Orders Due
9.............................................Jetliner Articles Due
Early Dismissal 1:30
10.......Hy-Vee Healthy Food All- School Assembly
Jackson Notes Updated Online
SCRIP Delivered
11....................................... Tornado Drill 3:00 PM
Jackson Pride Day
14................................Enrichment Club 3:45-4:30
17.......................... Jackson Notes Updated Online
18... PTA Family Fun Event: Breakfast with a Buddy
8:00-8:45 AM
Early Dismissal 1:30
21................................Enrichment Club 3:45-4:30
22........... 2nd Grade to Museum of Natural History
SCRIP Orders Due
24...............................................Fire Drill 3:00 PM
SCRIP Delivered
Jackson Notes Updated Online
28................................Enrichment Club 3:45-4:30
30...........................................Early Dismissal 1:30
Students should not be arriving at school before
8:40 AM. Staff supervision is not provided until this
time. Dropping students off prior to 8:40 can contribute to behavior issues and safety concerns. Thank you
for your cooperation regarding this issue.
A lock down drill was practiced
again in March to simulate our
response to an animal or person
presenting danger to the people in
our building. During a lock down
drill the office announces via the
intercom that everyone needs to
lockdown immediately. Students,
volunteers, and staff position themselves out of sight of an interior building intruder and
stay there until an all clear announcement is given
The Cedar Rapids Police Department has encouraged us to hold this drill several times throughout the
year. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free
to contact Mrs. Davidson
Just a quick reminder about calling in for a student
absence: Please call the Attendance line at 558-2210
and leave a message.
If your family will be moving and not attending Jackson next year, please call the school
as soon as possible and inform Ms. Skogman.
This information will be important as we plan
for next year.
Hy-Vee Cash 4 Students is a program that helps
the area schools earn extra cash. All Cedar Rapids and
Marion Hy-Vee Food Stores, Hy-Vee Drugstores, and
Hy-Vee Gas are participating in this program.
For every $200 in Hy-Vee receipts collected, HyVee will donate $1 to Jackson. Please collect and turn
in receipts from 5/1/2013 - 4/30/2014. There is a
drop off container in Jackson’s workroom, along with
the Box Tops and Labels for Education. Photocopies
of receipts are accepted.
The Hy-Vee receipts collected so far this school
year will earn $863 for Jackson’s library and technology. Keep those receipts coming as they really do
make a difference. Thanks for your support!
A change in the accounting system will now
allow you to access your
child’s meal account balance, account history, and
make account deposits
through the Internet using
the website LunchDeposit.
com. Your child’s six digit
District ID number will allow
you to access this feature.
If you are unsure of the
number, please contact the
Jackson Office at 558-2471
or the Food & Nutrition
office at 558-2305. At the
elementary level, the ID number also appears in the
lower left hand corner of low and negative balance
letters sent home from the cafeteria.
Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards are accepted for LunchDeposit payment. There is no fee to
access the balance and the account history. Be aware
that a bank handling fee of $1.50 per transaction will
be assessed when depositing funds. Please note that
this fee goes to the bank and the Cedar Rapids Community School District does not profit from this service.
To create an account, go to www.lunchdeposit.
PTA Meeting: Tuesday, April 2nd at 6:00
in the library (free childcare)
Roscoe’s Pizza Night: Thursday, April 11th
Family Fun Event: Friday, April 26th 5:30-7:30
PTA Reminder
The current PTA Board is still seeking replacement board members for the
2014/2015 school year! Please contact us at
[email protected] if you are interested in being nominated, or if you would
just like more information on what these jobs
consist of. Thank you for your consideration!
Follow the District on
Make A World Of Difference
At Jackson we are so fortunate to have such a strong
core of volunteers that help in so many ways around
the school and in the classrooms. Special thanks this
month go to Kaci Maire for coordinating a wonderful
Jump Rope for Heart event. Also our Thursday Folder
ladies (Amy Renner, Shelly Davidson, Nicole Papini &
Julie McMahan), for taking charge and coordinating
the conference lunches for the teachers. Also thanks
to the many parents who donated time and materials
to both of these events! Please let us know if you are
interested in training to be Volunteer Coordinator next
year! This position is a great “team” position and we
will train you!
Amy Bower ([email protected])
Amy Renner ([email protected])
This spring here at Jackson we are continuing our
after school learning program called The Extended Day
Learning Program (EDP). EDP is offered after school
on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1st through 5th graders who are working on increasing reading strategies
and skills. Students qualify based on mid-year reading
district assessments. Last term, students qualified on
beginning of the year reading assessment scores. EDP
gives children additional support in a relaxed, small
group atmosphere. EDP supports expected grade
level school district student learning expectations. The benefits of EDP include more opportunities to
show academic success based on district learning assessments, extra time for students to learn in a familiar
site based school setting, and small group instruction
from highly qualified Jackson teachers. First through third grade lessons are led by Mrs.
Richards, one of our first grade teachers at Jackson. Ms. Trumpold, one of our Jackson third grade teachers works with third through fifth grade students to
increase fluency, decoding, and comprehension. Mrs. Walter, Jackson’s instructional coach, works
with all students to improve oral and written responses
to questions. EDP started in February and runs through the end
of May. There is no charge for this program, but
students must do their best to attend faithfully for the
best learning benefits! Here are some of the things
that Jackson Jets say about participating in EDP!
“I like EDP because I get to see friends; it is a quiet
time where I can learn new things about reading!” 4th
grader participating in EDP
“The activities at EDP are fun! I set goals and try to
reach them!” 5th grader participating in EDP
“I love reading with my friends and teachers at
EDP.” 2nd grader participating in EDP
Several factors are taken into consideration when
assigning students to classrooms for the upcoming
year: academic achievement level, gender, and social
skill development are a few of the variables that are
considered. Every effort is made to form heterogeneous groups that will enable students to experience
optimal success with academic, as well as social pursuits. Since academic and social growth is our main
concerns, keeping friends together is not a priority.
In fact, it is hoped that changes can be made each
year, providing students with the opportunity to work
and play with a variety of students and to form new
Parental input regarding specific student needs
is appropriate. This input needs to be in writing and
submitted to the principal by April 30th, 2014.
*Note: Parents are encouraged not to select a particular teacher, but instead to give input as to how we
can best support their student’s needs. No promises
are made. Assignments for each school year will be
available in August.
Be Part Of the
fOOd and nutritiOn team
help feed Our future
it’s easy!
Go to:
Click Link: Employment, then
How to Apply
Complete: Food and Nutrition General Application
The WOW (Walk on Wednesdays) with Jackson's Walking School Bus will resume again this April, weather
permitting. Students that were registered this Fall will automatically be registered again this Spring and will be
contacted by a coordinator when the walks resume. If interesting in joining these walks, watch the Thursday
electronic folders in April for more details on registering or contact a coordinator.
Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.
Julie McMahan
[email protected]
Lisa Anderson
[email protected]
Nicole Papini
[email protected]
Jackson’s Book Fair will be Monday, April 21st through Thursday, April 24th. The Book House (formally O.G.
Waffle Book Company) will have a selection of books, including moderately priced paperbacks at appropriate
reading levels, available for purchase by Jackson students, parents and staff. The selection includes a variety
of picture books, concept books, beginning chapter books, intermediate novels, and informational books on
many subjects.
All students will have the opportunity to visit the book carts on Monday or Tuesday to view the books and
to record the titles and prices of the books they wish their parents to consider for purchase on their Wish List
(provided by the LMC). Only those students actually purchasing the books will return later in the week to make
their purchases.
Purchases may be made by cash or check; please make
checks payable to Jackson PTA. The school or staff is not
responsible for lost money, so please provide an appropriate payment method for your student(s). Participation in
the Book Fair is strictly voluntary.
Also, NO substitutions will be made for replacement
of your student’s selections that are “out of stock” without
your prior approval, by signature, on the student’s “Wish
Jackson LMC will receive a percentage of revenues
generated by the Book Fair for purchase of new books for
the school LMC.
If you have any questions, please call Mr. Reynolds,
Teacher/Librarian, at 558-2242
Business Items:
Kindergarten and 1st grade music program is May 14th at 6:30 PM in the Taft Middle School Auditorium.
All –City Music Contest is on April 6th at Jefferson High School. All participants should have submitted
their registration form and fee to me. I will receive the exact times for your students that signed-up when the
schedule is completed and I will send your student home with a note stating the exact time and room for their
contest performance! Good luck!
JAZZY JETS Show Choir is FULL. No more sign-ups will be taken. If your student signed up after the roster
was full, you should have received a notice saying they are on a waiting list in case someone cannot be in Jazzy
Jets when the spring arrives. If your student was one of the first to turn in their sign-up form then you should
have received a note and information regarding the rest of the Show Choir season.
A Reflection on Music theory: your family can try something cool with this in mind!
Music has the special quality of bringing people together. Think of your last big get-together, was there
music going on? Cultures all over the world use music for many of the same reasons; one function is for times
of gathering. Even in ancient times, people would get together to dance, sing, meditate on music, and tell
stories or news with music.
Communities realize that music can affect people’s feelings and ideas in a unique way. The emotional affect
music has on a group of people is so powerful, that during the Dark Ages the Catholic church banned many
forms of music and even harmonious chords. But soon people used music’s emotional affects as entertainment
during the Enlightenment period and the best story tellers of Renaissance times were the singing troubadours.
Today we enjoy music in many different forms but its emotional appeal for groups of people is still present.
This is not just theory, it is scientific! Music lights up our whole brain! When we are listening to music, all
main areas of our thinking is activated: the logical parts, the creative parts, physical parts, and emotional parts.
Because our brains are so active while listening to music, our synapses are making lots of connections and our
bodies can physically be affected. For example, calm music may help to slow or calm your breathing down just
like an upbeat song may get your body motivated to take a run or get adrenaline pumping for a competitive
When a group of people share these affects together, the experience becomes even more powerful.
FAMILY CHALLENGE: Find a song or piece of music the whole family enjoys. Use it as a time that you can
connect as a family together without conversation. This could be a song to use before bed, in the mornings,
in the car, or getting ready for family dinner. I think you will be surprised how quickly a positive and calm connection can be made when you use music this way! It also helps children to remember important times you
all have together!
Thank you for supporting music and all you do,
Miss Kayla Snoozy
Ext: 1485
[email protected]
As the weather warms up and summertime approaches, it is important to be reminded of some safety
tips for our children. The following are a few ideas to
safeguard your child this summer:
Water Safety
No one should ever swim alone.
Always supervise children while in or near water.
Don’t swim in unsafe water.
Teach your child basic swimming skills
Bikes, Skates, and Skateboards
Be sure your child always wears a properly fitted
Wear knee and elbow pads when appropriate
Establish rules about where and when your child
may ride or skate.
Teach your child the rules of the road.
Sun Exposure
Insist your child wear sunscreen and don’t forget
to reapply.
Provide adequate water and fluids to prevent dehydration.
Avoid peak sun exposure between the hours of
11AM and 2PM.
When in wooded or grassy areas, wear protective
clothing or bug sprays to protect against tics and other
insects. Remember to check scalp and clothing after
playing in these areas.
Always wear a seat belt or use a proper car seat/
booster seat when in a moving vehicle.
Remember: children learn from example so be
sure to participate with them when possible. They
will enjoy it and so will you!
The best thing you as a parent can do to help your
child do their personal best on any test is to provide
positive support. This can be achieved by expressing
confidence in your child’s ability to give their personal
best. Let students know tests show how much they
learn, but they should not feel stressed.
On test days, try to provide a calm, stress- free
environment. Get up in plenty of time to avoid any
anxiety in the morning. Try to eliminate as many night
activities that may change a nightly routine.
Teach and reinforce the following:
Get plenty of rest each night.
Eat a good breakfast.
Have a positive attitude.
Relax… don’t worry.
Try hard… do your personal best
Listen carefully and follow directions
Think before you answer
Don’t rush… work at middle speed
Check over your work when finished
Don’t expect to know every answer
Adapted from Tyler Tames the Testing Tiger
Non-Discrimination Policy
It is the policy of the Cedar Rapids Community School District not to illegally discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, creed, age (employment only),
marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and socioeconomic status (students/program only) in its educational programs and its employment practices. There is a grievance procedure
for processing complaints of discrimination. District employees with questions or a grievance related to this policy should contact Jill Cirivello, Director of Human Resources, 319-558-2421;
[email protected] Students and others should contact Ken Morris, Manager of Student Equity, 319-558-1504; [email protected] The District mailing address is 2500 Edgewood Rd
NW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52405-1015.
March is Water Awareness Month and it came JUST in time! Since Jackson’s Green Team has made some
small efforts to make our building more aware of conserving energy and recycling, Jackson’s energy use improved greatly in our last district reports! Way to go Green Team!! Thank you Jackson members for making a
point to turn off lights when they are not being used and to be more conscious of keeping other electronics
off or unplugged when out of use! Each small effort has compiled into a big difference for our building data!
However, our building’s water usage is not even close to being at a conservative number. In fact, we are
considered “in the red” and our numbers haven’t changed in that column for several months. Therefore, this
March Green Team is making efforts to remind everyone of ways to be more water conservative. I am confident
that a little more awareness and we will also see that data improve for our building on the district reports! We
have been invited to share our efforts on a Friday broadcast and will be posting signs by all sinks and drinking
We have also begun to collect our baseline data to be officially a part of the Cedar Rapids School District Comingling buildings. We will begin to have a recycling bin for things that are often tossed in the trash at lunch
time but could be an “instant recycle.” For example, Lunchables come in cardboard boxes and do not have lots
of wet food residue on them. Therefore, it could be thrown straight into recycling without being rinsed. We
should see a large difference in our waste vs. recycle amounts in just that one small effort. The green team will
be working on educating students and teachers on what things in the lunch room are an “instant recycle” item.
A leaky faucet can waste 100 gallons a day. The average 5-minute shower takes 15-25 gallons of water and around 40 gallons are used in 10 minutes.
You use about 5 gallons of water if you leave the water running while brushing your teeth.
Americans are by far the largest water consumers in the world with an average of 150-200 gallons used
per day/ per person. Yet there is estimated over a billion people that do not have access to clean water at all
in other parts of the world.
Put buckets or basins under the gutters of your house to catch run-off rain water or melted snow water. Use
that to water your potted plants, gardens, or help water your lawn instead of using more water from the tap
or hose.
Place a Jar that is full of water in the back basin of your
toilet. Then each time the toilet flushes, you save that much
clean water still in the jar because it won’t need to refill that
space again. That can add up!
Place a timer outside your shower to let you know when
5 minutes is up.
Do not leave water running when it is not being directly
used at that moment. Brushing teeth, rinsing dishes, watering outside… all times to be sure you turn on and OFF the
running water each time you take a short break.
Make sure the dish washer is COMPLETELY full before
you run it.
Make sure you wait until you have a FULL load of laundry
before you run the washer. This will cut down on how many
times you run the washer.
**Correction from an article in last month’s Jetliner…Glass
is not accepted as a commingle item in Cedar Rapids. We
apologize for any confusion this statement may have caused.
Jackson students are spending some time each day working on learning strategies. We call this focused
strategy work Learn It, Know It, Show It. As teachers, want to provide students with the skills and strategies
to be successful at demonstrating their knowledge in the areas of reading and math across various settings,
including test-taking. Navigating assessments with confidence leads to increased employment ability skills
throughout students’ lives. Jackson students receive explicit instruction in reading and math problem solving
strategies. In addition, students practice strategies such as eliminating answers, picking out key words, use
of scratch paper, and transferring answers to bubble sheets. By helping students fine tune strategies and skills
proficiencies, students will see increased achievement.
All students in grades 2-5 have use learning strategies
to help them take charge of their learning and be more
self-reliant. Specifically, students are learning strategies
to help them demonstrate knowledge in the areas of
literacy and math. Specific math and reading strategies
are designed to help students feel more confident in their
ability to take any assessments. During this time students
are challenged not only to identify the answer but prove
their responses either by showing work or reading through
the passage justifying answers. This accountability helps
students challenge themselves and provides accountability
during assignments and assessments. The more preparation students have with reading and math strategies the
less anxiety they feel in any assessment situation.
Volunteers are out of this world!
Please join the Jackson Staff
for a luncheon in your honor on
Wednesday, April 16th
between 11-1 in the music room
It doesn’t matter if you have volunteered a lot or a little, you are
HUGELY welcome to join us at this stellar event.
Please RSVP by signing the sheet on the volunteer table
or by emailing [email protected]
Proof of Residency
There are many community organizations that
want to share information with students and
staff about educationally-based programming
and events. As part of the ongoing effort to use
less print materials, the District is launching an
online Virtual Backpack site to post approved
Individuals or organizations wishing to post
material on the Virtual Backpack will submit
items electronically and approved materials
will appear online for families and staff to access.
Organizations will find a link to submit flyers
for consideration on the District homepage at
www.cr.k12.ia.us . Families can access the Virtual Backpack from their school Web site.
Join the Conversation
We are pleased to invite parents to communicate
and collaborate with District leaders by joining
the conversation at Engage CR Schools, our new
comprehensive community involvement website.
To sign up, simply visit the homepage at www.
cr.k12.ia.us and click on the engagecrschools
logo in the lower left corner.
All new students entering the Cedar Rapids Community
School District, current students entering a new building
or current students who move to a new residence must provide the proper documentation to establish proof of residency. The name and address on these documents must
match the name and address of the parent or legal guardian
(or primary parent) of the student.
The legal residence of a minor student is the same as that
of his/her parents/guardians. If the residence of a minor is
not the same as the parent’s, the residence must have been
established for the sake of the student having a home and
not for the sake of attendance in the District or a building.
Acceptable proof of residency documents are listed below.
The parent/guardian name and the residence address must
be listed on the document and residency at the address is
Purchase contract with possession date or closing
Most recent property tax bill
Recent mortgage statement
Utility bill (gas or electric) for the last or current
If you rent, please provide one of the following:
A current, signed lease or rental agreement with
the rental term listed
Utility bill (gas or electric) for the last or current
A pay stub from your employer, for the last or current month, showing the resident address
A notarized letter from the landlord with the rental term listed. It must list the property owner’s
name, address, and signature; and the name and
signature of the parent/guardian residing at the
Additional information:
Engage CR Schools will give contributors a
chance to share new ideas, second others’ ideas,
expand upon existing ideas, and offer feedback on
District initiatives. Parents and community members can engage with the District on a variety of
topics anytime and from anywhere.
Join the conversation today!
Any student whose residency is deemed homeless
will be verified by our District Homeless Coordinator.
Falsification of any information or document required for residence verification, or the use of the
address of another person without actually residing there may result in revocation of enrollment at
an attendance center and reassignment to resident
Procedure 602.4c may be viewed in full at: http://
April 2
Pig in a Blanket
Sides: Fruit Cocktail
Sweet Potato Fries
Peas & Carrots
April 10
Crazy Chicken Wrap
April 3
Italian Dunkers w/
Meat Sauce
Sides: Apples
Side Salad w/ Roasted
April 4
Chicken Fajita Salad
w/ Breadstick
Sides: School Planned Fruits
and Vegetables
Daily Milk offered includes 1%,
skim, or skim chocolate
April 1
Cheese Lasagna Roll w/
Red Sauce
Sides: Pineapple
Green Beans
April 9
Submarine Sandwich
April 2014
Elementary School Lunch Menu
All meals include milk, fruit, vegetable, grain, meat/meat alternative
April 8
Fish Sticks & Hot Roll
April 11
Walking Taco & Corn Muffin
Sides: School Planned Fruits
and Vegetables
Early Dismissal
April 18
School Planned Menu
Sides: School Planned Fruits
and Vegetables
Sides: Fresh Fruit
Side Salad w/ Roasted
Sides: Peaches
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
April 17
Honey BBQ Chicken Nuggets
French Bread
Sides: Fruit Cocktail
Side Salad w/ Roasted
Sides: 100% Fruit Juice
Fresh Celery
A Minimum of One Fruit or Vegetable is
required for a reimbursable meal
April 7
Ham & Cheese Toastie
Sides: Mandarin Oranges
Steamed Carrots
Mixed Vegetables
April 16
Asian Chicken Salad w/
Salad Crunchies
Sides: Mandarin Oranges
Fresh Celery
Mixed Vegetables
Early Dismissal
April 14
Egg & Cheese Biscuit
Sides: 100% Fruit Juice
Tater Tots
Baby Carrots
April 15
Spaghetti & Meat Sauce
w/ Breadstick
Sides: Applesauce
Fresh Cauliflower
April 23
Turkey Wrap
Sides: Pears
Green Beans
Fresh Cauliflower
April 25
Hawaiian Chicken Rice
Sides: School Planned Fruits
and Vegetables
April 22
Grilled Cheese & Tomato
Sides: Fresh Fruit
Broccoli Trees
Celery Logs
April 24
Assorted Tacos w/
Lettuce, Cheese & Salsa
Sides: Fresh Fruit
Side Salad w/ Roasted
April 21
Turkey & Noodles
w/ Hot Roll
Sides: Pineapple
Sweet Potato Fries
April 30
Sloppy Joe on a Bun
Sides: Mandarin Oranges
Sweet Potato Fries
Friday Alternate
Early Dismissal
Thursday Alternate
Cheese Pizza
Sun Butter & Jelly + Cheese Stick
Fish Wedge
Wednesday Alternate
Yogurt with Muffin
Sun Butter & Jelly + Cheese Stick
Sausage Pizza
April 29
Taco Pizza
Sides: Peaches
Refried Beans
Tuesday Alternate
Chicken Patty
Beef Honey BBQ Rib
Sun Butter & Jelly + Cheese Stick
Cheese Pizza
This institution is an equal opportunity provider
Pepperoni Pizza*
Sun Butter & Jelly + Cheese Stick
April 28
Chicken Tenders
Sides: Applesauce
Green Beans
Mixed Vegetables
Monday Alternate
Sun Butter & Jelly + Cheese Stick
Cheese Pizza
Menu Item (*May Contain Pork)