audition script - Richmond Ward Productions

PRINCE. Oh Dandini, it’s so hard being a Prince. I never get to meet any real girls and now I have to
be married before my 21st birthday. I wish I could be normal... like you Dandini.
DANDINI. It’s not as good as it may sound, your highness.
PRINCE. You don't understand Dandini... it is hard work being a Prince.
DANDINI. Well... why don’t we swap roles your highness? Then you will see how dull and hard it is to
be a ‘normal’ man.
PRINCE. Ok- I'll be you and you'll be me. I'll be the cheeky Dandini and deliver the invitations and
you can wear the Royal sash for a day. Deal!
DANDINI. I get to wear the Royal sash?
PRINCE. Yes – but for just one day. How does that sound?
DANDINI. Bring it on! (They swap sash and invitations.) How do I look?
PRINCE. Seriously cool. You'd better practice though. Get used to all the adulation and the ladies
thrown themselves at your feet.
(Dandini mimics the Prince)
PRINCE. Don't be cheeky Dandy. How do I look? (Does a Dandini impression)
DANDINI. You look surprisingly handsome Sire. But after all. you are now the gorgeous Dandini, ‘Royal Companion to the Prince’.
PRINCE. Oh Dandini.... You do make me laugh... right I’m off to find some real girls in the village! I’ll
take the forest path and meet you later at the Tinkling Brook.
pg. 1