Studio Information 2015

Studio Information 2015
What To Wear
Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop & Tap Students:
These classes require a ‘Rewind’ shirt (please contact us to place an
order) and TIGHT leggings (no particular color), along with black leather
jazz shoes for Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop & Black Tap shoes (which can be purchased
at ‘dance stuff’). Hair must be pulled back off face. No jewelry allowed.
No socks allowed. Jumpers allowed in winter during class warm up’s. Boys
are to wear black shorts (able to move well in) and Rewind T-Shirt.
Modern/Contemporary Students:
These classes require non-baggy attire, no shoes necessary, NO SOCKS
ALLOWED. Hair pulled back off face.
Ballet Students:
Require a black leotard (can choose from a range of styles at ‘dance
stuff’), pink ballet stockings and pink leather ballet shoes. Black chiffon
skirts are allowed but not necessary. Adult ballet students are allowed to
wear the following: black leggings/tight black shorts/black skirt/tight
black singlet (black leotards and ballet stockings are preferred), and all
require pink leather ballet shoes. Hair in buns for all age groups. No
jewelry allowed. Crossovers and leg warmers allowed in winter.
Littliez & Gromz Jazz/Ballet:
Require a black leotard, pink ballet stockings and pink leather ballet
shoes. Hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun. Pink ballet skirt is
optional. Crossovers and leg warmers allowed in winter.
Adult Stretch/Fitness & Golden Oldies:
No specific uniform. Wear clothes you can easily move and stretch in. Socks
are allowed for stretch/fitness. Golden Oldies are to wear jazz shoes or
joggers. Please provide your own yoga mat. Bring a bottle of water and
sweat towel.
Prices & Payments
General Prices:
60 Minute Class = $11.00
45 Minute Class = $9.00
Littliez & Gromz Jazz/Ballet = $7.50
45 Minute Solos/Duos/Trios = $30.00 per class
30 Minute Solos/Duos/Trios = $25.00 per class
Stretch/Fitness & Beginner Adult Ballet OR Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop COMBO = $10.00
Stretch/Fitness = $5.00
Golden Oldies = $10.00
Dance Deals:
*ATTEND THREE GET THE THIRD FREE – If you choose to attend any three classes,
you’ll get the third class for free! (The class of lowest value will be free).
*FAMILY DEAL – if more than one member of your immediate family is attending
classes, a 10% discount will be taken off ALL your termly fees.
*FIVE CLASS DEAL - you are now able to purchase our FIVE CLASS DEAL which can be
used whenever you choose, within the term it was purchased! Which is a great
option as an alternative to termly fees. Available to our Adult Stretch/Fitness,
Beginner Adult Ballet, Beginner Adult JFH & Golden Oldies.
We have a ‘pay by the term’ policy; all students/parents will be invoiced for
their classes in WEEK 2 of each term, which need to be paid by the end of WEEK 3
of that term. We’ve tried our very best to keep our class prices affordable, so
that it is manageable for students and parents to meet these payments. We accept
cash or direct debit. When handing in payments, please put in a clearly marked
envelope who and what it is for and give to your teacher.
If transferring money into account, please remember to put your name in
‘description’ so that we can identify it. If you have any questions or worries
with meeting these requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact me about it J
We feel performing in concerts are an important part of growing as a dancer, in
confidence and performance skills. It’s also a brilliant way to showcase all the
hard work the students have put in over the year by performing and loving the
stage element to dance!! We will be holding two concerts, a mid-year and end of
year. Costumes will be required for these concert, which we’ll endeavor to keep
reasonably priced and we’ll be re-using beautiful costumes from the past. We
really want to use the gift of dance here at Rewind, to bring people together and
to help others in need. Therefore, we hold our annual Christmas Charity Concert
as our end of year performance, where all the money raised is donated to
Compassion Australia.
Bring your mates!
Dance classes are a great place to bring mates!!
new people each week WHILST getting flexible and
We will regularly be having a ‘bring your friend
that many people can experience dance without it
Catch up with friends and meet
fit at the same time J WIN WIN!
for free week’ at Rewind, so
costing a penny!
Choreography Week
It’s time for our students to experience the wonderful world of ‘Choreography’ at
Rewind Dance! We will be holding a week where our students will attend their
usual classes and will perform pieces they have choreographed themselves. Their
teachers will be giving them helpful tips and pointers in the lead up to this
week. Parents are invited to come and watch the performances in these classes.
This is a lovely way to encourage our students to create and enjoy Choreography,
as well as have fun performing for each other and their mums & dads!
Mock Exams
In 2015 we will be holding ‘Mock Exams’ for all our classes! This is a helpful
way for our students to learn and grow in their dancing abilities and something
extra to work towards during the year. We will be having some very talented and
experienced dancers and teachers come in to help examine our students work and
give them helpful tips on their dance technique, performance and musical
abilities. We are very excited to be introducing these into Rewind and watch our
students achieve more and more through out 2015!
Extra Goodies
FACEBOOK is an important tool for our communication about classes and
events etc. that we will be holding at Rewind. Please ‘like’ the page to
keep you fully updated with the Rewind news.
VISIT OUR WEBSITE!! with lots of goodies
such as: Photography, Teacher Illustrations (by Nicole Berlach),
pictures of our students etc. The timetable, info pack and enrolment
form is also available on our website and all information about the
school, choreographers, and the motivation for our dance school is there too!!
Hen’s dance class packages!
A fun and reasonable priced option for a hen’s party, that is simple
and easy to organize. If you are interested in booking, please don’t
hesitate to contact us!
Any Questions??
Please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Principal: Jemma Payne
Phone: 0401 796 939
Email: [email protected]