Make Money With Facebook The First Ever Guide On How To

The First Ever Guide On How To
Make Money With Facebook
by Hooman Noori
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Table Of Contents
Batteries NOT Included
How To Make The Most Of This Guide
Setup Your Profile For Success
The Positives Of Privacy Settings
Tips For Socializing
Become A Friend Magnet
Key Sources For Making Money
How To Discover A Niche
Target And Exploit Your Niche
Profit With Your Profile
Double Your Traffic
More Creative Cash Ideas
Fun With Fake Profiles
Creating Groups The Right Way
Boosting Your Group’s Popularity
Making Money Off Members
Maintaining Group Success
Social Ads Exposed
Maximum Ad Profits
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
You’ll soon discover that purchasing this guide was one of the best decisions in your life. I’m not joking, you
can make some serious cash with the opportunities that I’m going to tell you about. Rest assured, this guide
contains absolutely NO filler or useless information. There’s no point in filling the pages with irrelevant
content. The guide may be short, but it’s packed with a high concentration of valuable content. All the
techniques and profit strategies are original, up-to-date, and strictly based on my own experience from
making money on Facebook. You will not find any ridiculous claims about becoming a millionaire, because I
am not a millionaire myself, and if I was, I probably would not be writing this. On that note, please read the
next two sections to get a feel for the guide and how to make the most of it.
Batteries NOT Included
Batteries, as you probably know, are used to energize various electronic devices that we use everyday. But
people themselves also rely on energy, such as food energy, spiritual energy, energy from exercise,
emotional support energy, and motivational energy, which they use to accomplish daily tasks.
It’s up to you to have the energy and motivation to follow through with the steps in this guide. I’m giving
you easy, step-by-step instructions for making money on Facebook. But I’m not going to do everything for
you – YOU have to take action. Money won’t just fall in your lap by reading this guide – you have to USE it.
The truth is, around 80% of the people that read this guide will not make a penny from it. You won’t see
statements like these written by any other “get-rich-quick” guru because they’re all about scamming you
into believing their ridiculous claims that anyone can make $3,000+ a day.
Luckily for you, this guide is backed by a 56-Day, No-Questions-Asked 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. As I’ve
stated before on the website, I don’t need your money, I’m already making money with Facebook. If you
feel that you fall in the 80% of lazy people who won’t make a penny from this guide, please ask for a
refund ASAP. There is no point in wasting your time reading something if you won’t put it to use.
The other 20% of people who purchase this guide will find it very informative. These are the types of
people who are either already making some money online, or ordinary people who are just getting started,
but because of some unfortunate financial circumstances they are really determined to succeed.
Regardless of which group you fall into, you can make money with Facebook if you try. It really depends
how willing you are. In the next section, you’ll find a few tips that may improve your potential for success.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
How To Make The Most Of This Guide
The best way to learn from this guide is to take action each step of the way as you follow along.
1. Open a word processing document on your computer (or have a paper and pen/pencil handy) and
jot down notes on strategies or techniques you want to remember from each section.
2. Open an Internet browser to perform the steps from that section, or explore the steps.
3. Refer back to the section if you have trouble following through.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each section of the guide. If you have any questions or get stuck, you may
post your question on the Support Forum, where I promise to respond to it within 72 hours. I am
also available to answer your questions via online chat on Friday afternoons 2-4PM GMT. Please
see the Support Forum for more details regarding contact information.
(Note – If you see a thumbnail image or screenshot anywhere in the guide, CLICK TO ENLARGE it)
As I stated in the previous section, it’s really up to you to put forth the effort. But here are just a few more
pointers and tips to help you get started.
Spend about 30-45min each day with the guide. You may think you don’t have this much time, but
I bet you have a lot more time in your day than you think. Chances are you already prioritize your
daily activities, but you don’t realize it. Whenever you make a decision to do something, you are
prioritizing that decision over something else. In economics, this is called opportunity cost. Your
opportunity to learn to make money with Facebook may come at the cost of not being able to do
something else. Remember, it’s all about how badly you want to make money. So...
Set goals and motivate yourself with visual imagery of what you really want. We all want money,
but not just for the pieces of green paper. Figure out what you really want. Most likely, it’s a
feeling that will come about from buying something you really want, a feeling of being financially
free, or some other feeling that will come about from doing something with the money you make –
not the money itself. My advice is to focus on that feeling everyday for just 5 minutes. Close your
eyes and visualize yourself making the money on Facebook, doing whatever you want with it, and
then achieving that end result feeling...and really feel it. The more you do this, the more it will help
you manifest your goals into reality.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Before you can start making money on Facebook, you have to get your profile. Although there are other ways
to make money on Facebook without having an account, this step is essential for you to get a feel for how the
social network operates. In this first chapter,
chapter I’ll walk you through how to Setup Your Profile For Success,
Success The
Positives Of Privacy Settings, Tips For Socializing,
and how to Become A Friend Magnet.
Magnet Even if you’re
already an active registered user,, you may still learn a few new things from reading this section.
Setup Your Profile For Success
Open an Internet browser, and go to On the front page, you’ll see a light blue box
that’s titled “Sign up for Facebook” and below that it says “It’s free and anyone can join.”
1. Enter your REAL full name – Using your real name will give you credibility and people will trust
you more. Almost
ost everyone on Facebook uses their real name, whether they’re trying to make
money or not. Using a fake name or a nickname actually puts your account at risk of being
disabled or deleted by Facebook. If you’re concerned about privacy, rest assured that Facebook
offers a lot of privacy settings, and I’ll show you exactly how to set them in the next step.
2. Enter your email address, a password, your REAL birthday (month/day/year), and click on the
green button to Sign Up. You’ll most likely be shown a verification
verification image, and then it will tell
you to Confirm Your Email Address. Go ahead and do that.
3. When you click on the link in your email, you’ll see a quick 3-steps that will ask you to enter
your email password, your school/company, and your network. SKIP all 3 of these steps.
4. Now you’ll arrive at your home page. Click on the “View and edit your profile” link:
5. Start by adding a picture of yourself. I hate to be shallow, but picture is the first thing people
look at when they see your profile,
profile and they will judge you by it.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Setup Your Profile For Success (continued...)
Make sure you’re either smiling or doing something fun. You want your picture to give a
friendly and approachable vibe. Do NOT use a fake picture or anything other than a picture of
yourself because it will make you appear questionable and suspicious.
Check the box to agree to the terms, and then click the “Upload picture” button.
6. Once you’ve uploaded a picture, you can click on the other tabs to fill out other info. You don’t
need to fill out everything right now, because most people don’t read most
mos of it anyway. For
now, here is a list of what you should fill out:
Basic – Sex, Birthday, Hometown
o Do
o NOT add political or religious views – it will just give certain people a reason
to form a biased opinion towards you.
you. Politics and religion are touchy
touc subjects in
general, and cause more harm than good. Try to avoid them unless you’re
planning to make money off them (which is not a bad idea).
Contact – Emails, IM Screen Names,, City/Town, Website (if you have one)
o Make sure you have AIM and MSN for screen names. Don’t worry about the
website for now, we’ll get to the use of that later.
Education – College/University -or- High School
 SKIP Relationships, Personal, and Work sections (we’ll cover these later)
7. Now that you have your profile setup, it’s time to choose your network,, which is a school, city
or country. Your network is very important because all your Facebook activities, your friends,
and profile exposure will be through your network. You should consider what network your
real friends are on, the primary language spoken by people on the network, and its population.
Population is one of the most important, but having some existing connection with that
population is also key. Remember that you can only change your network once every 60 days.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
The Positives Of Privacy Settings
Some people think that if their profile is open and viewable by everyone that they’ll get more friends.
Believe it or not, this is wrong.. Psychologically, people will be more interested
interested in becoming your friend
if they can’t view your profile. Keep in mind, this section is about setting YOUR privacy, so if you are
uncomfortable about anything, or if don’t agree with
with me, feel free to change it. The settings I
recommend are designed to give you the maximum exposure in your network while keeping you
protected from random strangers messing with your private information.
1. To
o get to your privacy settings, click on the “privacy” link in the upper right corner of your page.
2. You should see a page like this:
3. Profile Privacy – I recommend keeping most of the options on default but changing the “Status
Updates,” “Photos Tagged of You,” and the “Videos Tagged of You” options because these will
help promote your profile to others on the network, thereby increasing your friend requests.
Change “Status Updates” to “Friends of Friends”
Change “Photos Tagged of You” to “Friends of Friends”
Change “Videos Tagged of You” to “Friends of Friends”
Leave everything else on the default,
defau “Only Friends” setting.
Click on “Save Changes” and go back to the main privacy page by clicking the “Privacy”
link near the top of the page, above the tabs, where it says “Privacy > Profile.”
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
The Positives Of Privacy Settings (continued...)
4. Search – Keep everything on default except the “How Can People Contact You” section.
You don’t want to be receiving tons of unwanted messages, or allowing just anyone to view
your friends list. Changing these will protect your privacy and also encourage friend requests.
o UN-check
check “Send you a message”
o UN-check
check “View your friend list”
Tips For Socializing
Facebook is a social network, so you need to be social! As I've mentioned earlier, YES, there are ways
to make money on Facebook without even having a profile, and I'll show you that later - BUT for now,
the amount of money you make will mostly depend on how many friends you have, and the quality of
your friends. Follow these 5 simple guidelines:
1. When selecting a friend, first click on their “View Friends” link if available, to see how many
people they are connected to. You should choose people with large friend lists across multiple
networks, because this means they are active and social, and will most likely connect you with
more friends. Choose from different cultures, ages, and try to request guys and girls equally.
2. The BEST way to expand your friend
friend network is to begin by adding friends of friends. These are
more likely to accept your request, and chances are they will fit better into your network. Once
they accept, you can add friends of their friends, and so on. To do this, go to a friend’s profile
and click on “View Friends” to see their list. Then go through and “Add as Friend” for each one.
3. Quality NOT Quantity - When you get a friend request from anyone else, try to follow these
ines. Only add people that have big friend lists and are members of many groups.
groups This
will help your network grow much faster, and help you make more money. Remember, there is
a 5,000 friend limit on Facebook, so just hoarding friends is not a great strategy. Choose wisely.
4. Join groups that you’re interested
in. But don't just join, be active and social in the group!
Write on the group wall, add pictures, send a message to the group creator and tell them how
much you like the group. If group members ask questions on the wall or in the discussions,
nd and try to answer them, because this will make people request your friendship. Note
that you can only be a member of 200 groups, so also choose these wisely based on population,
and how well they fit with your friend list.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Tips For Socializing (continued...)
5. Keep in mind that less than .0005% of the Facebook population is making money off it. So for
most people, it’s really not about the money, they’re on the network just for fun. That’s why
making a profile is important, so you can grasp this fun aspect of it, and better recognize the
opportunities for making money. Try to have fun yourself, treat your friends on Facebook as
you would treat your real friends.
Try to get 200 friends over the next 10 days. Facebook has a limit of about 20-30 friend requests per
day, so don’t go over the limit or your account may get deleted!
Become A Friend Magnet
Although you'll need to actively seek out friend request at first, eventually you should aim to
encourage friend requests from other people. This is why you should choose high quality friends with
large networks. Before you start drawing people to your profile, you should have at least 200 friends
racked up, so keep adding 20-30 friends daily. It may take about 10 days to get 200 friends. You can
keep making friend requests for as long as you like, but keep in mind that it's a lot easier to sit back and
let other people add you. Here's 5 quick steps that can make you into a friend magnet:
Make sure you have a fun and friendly photo on your profile. (I mentioned this earlier as well)
Write comments on your active friends’ walls.
Write comments on group walls.
Add relevant and interesting photos to your groups. Then make a comment on the group wall
to announce that you added photos. People will notice you and want to be your friend.
5. Change your profile picture once a week. Remember in the privacy section we set this to show
up for your Friends of Friends, which means tons of people will see your new profile picture on
their News Feeds. Trust me, this makes people curious and they will either check out your
profile or want to be your friend. But don’t change it too often because it may annoy people.
Overall, the main goal is to make yourself as visible as possible. If you sit around and don’t actively
participate, no one will be aware of your existence. The trick is to get your name and face out there to
as many people as possible, and that way you increase your probabilities of getting friend requests.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
In order to make a lot of money with Facebook, you have to really understand the Facebook market, which
consists mainly of college students, even though it’s now open to everyone. Since it’s a younger crowd,
certain niches will work better than others. You also have to know how to take advantage of the
opportunities, and how to recognize new ones as they arise. In this chapter, I’ll cover the Key Sources For
Making Money, How To Discover A Niche, and how to Target And Exploit Your Niche.
Key Sources For Making Money
On the website, I mentioned that you won’t need to sell anything, and that’s true, you won’t have to
bother with accepting payments or deal with unruly customers. Although there may be many of ways
to make money with Facebook, I can only show you what I have experience with at this point. Here are
the 2 main sources for making money that I have used with much success:
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing involves making money off other people’s products, and it’s the easiest and
quickest way to make money with Facebook. You don’t have to sell anything; all you have to do is
post referral links. When anyone clicks the link, they will arrive at a page that sells a product. If
they purchase that product, you get paid a commission for the sale. Certain products pay more
commission than others. You don’t even have to promote products, because you can also promote
websites that pay you for free sign-ups. In the next sections I will show you what types of affiliate
programs to promote, how to post them on Facebook, and exactly how to maximize your profits.
WARNING: Posting affiliate links IS AGAINST FACEBOOK RULES. However, I will show you exactly
how to get around these rules, in a way that most people don’t know about.
Of the people who actively make money with Facebook, this is the most commonly used method,
although most people don’t know how to use it properly. In fact, there are certain advertisements
on Facebook that have been proven ineffective, yet some people continue to waste money on
them because they just don’t know any better. I’ll show you the most effective ways to do this,
even though it’s not as profitable as the affiliate marketing.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
How To Discover A Niche
The majority of the Facebook population is 18-26, so you will need to focus on promoting niches that
are appealing to that age group. If you’re in that age range yourself, it makes it much easier to think of
things, but if you’re not, here is a brief list of ideas.
car insurance, gasoline, auto-related, online personals, opposite sex, diets, gym memberships, acne
cremes and medication, cellphones, ringtones, music downloads, portable music players, movie
rentals, downloads, dvds, tv shows, video games and systems, laptops, apparel, shoes, celebrities,
books, jobs, school-related, credit cards, and various trends
NOT Appealing:
mortgage, real estate, life insurance, health insurance, prescription drugs, erectile dysfunction,
stocks, retirement, and any other topics related to older people.
So how do you figure out what to focus on? To make money, you should choose to promote what
people already want and are willing to buy. Don’t choose something just because you like it – choose
only things that you know will appeal to the Facebook market.
Figuring out a specific niche may be challenging at first, and that’s why you need to stay socially active
with your profile, so you can get a feel for what people are interested in. Another way of figuring out a
niche is to stay up-to-date with latest trends. Following are a few sites I used to keep up with trends.
I don’t just use these to get an idea of what to promote, but also HOW to promote.
Trend Hunter
Has some good information on mostly electronic devices and gadget types of trends.
Google Hot Trends
Displays the top 100 hottest Google searches of the day. This gives you an idea of what people are
searching for online. If a term/phrase is repeated 3 or more times, then it may be good. Most of these
searches are related to news and not things that you can promote, but from the news you can also get
ideas. For example, if there’s a movie on the list check out DVDs, if there’s a music artist then focus on
music downloads. Then use what’s hot as a way to promote that generic DVD or music product.
Yahoo Buzz
This is similar to Google Hot Trends, but with more in depth explanations and articles.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
How To Discover A Niche (continued...)
Trend Watching
This is more technical and gives you an idea of overall world consumer trends. Not necessarily the best
for the Facebook market, but it gives you some nice ideas.
These sites will give you an idea of what’s popular or growing in popularity. Once you decide on a
niche topic,, you can start to focus on adding more friends that would be more interested in that topic.
This will help you make more money. You can
c do this in 2 ways.
1. Add people who are interested in a specific topic – Visit one of your friends’ profiles that
includes a lot of information on their personal interests. Each of these is a clickable link.
When you click on a term/phrase,
term/phrase, it will show you all the people in that friends’ network who
also share that same interest. Add the ones that already have one or more friends in common
with you,, who also have lots of friends and group connections.
2. Join a group related to the topic. You can also create your own groups, and I’ll cover this later.
To find a group, type in any related terms in the search field to the left of your screen.
On the results page, click the “Groups” tab to browse through relevant groups.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Target And Exploit Your Niche
(Please note, this section is long because I wanted to be as detailed and easy-to-follow as possible)
Once you have a general idea of what you want to promote, it’s time to figure out a specific targeting
strategy so you can exploit the opportunity. As I briefly discussed in the Key Sources For Making
Money section, you can either exploit your niche through affiliate marketing or advertising. For now
I’ll cover affiliate marketing – I’ll explain more in depth AD STRATEGIES later in the guide.
Your niche can be quite broad, so to get more specific the next step is to browse through products on
affiliate networks to figure out what you want to promote. Following are the 2 best affiliate networks
that I use to make money on Facebook:
Use this network to promote eBooks and other digital files.
Sign-up for a free account here
Commission Junction (CJ)
Includes thousands of popular stores and shopping websites, such as Apple, Best Buy, HP,
Blockbuster, eBay, and many others.
Sign-up for a free account here
Also includes many popular stores, similar to CJ.
Sign-up for a free account here
Amazon Associates
Sells lots of books, music, movies, and a lot of other stuff. It’s popular among younger crowds.
Sign-up for a free account here
I want to stress the importance of being familiar with an affiliate network’s policies. In fact, you should
also be aware of Facebook’s policies. A lot of people crash and burn because they don’t follow the
rules. Their accounts get disabled or deleted, then they wonder what they did wrong, point fingers
rather than admitting their own mistakes, and they end up getting really discouraged.
Trust me, I have wasted a lot of time making these same kinds of mistakes, so it’s really wise to follow
the rules the first time around. CJ in particular can be really *cough* anal *cough* about generating
traffic through your own website. And that’s where it gets tricky because technically Facebook is not
YOUR website, you don’t own Facebook (I know you wish you did... me too
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Target And Exploit Your Niche (continued...)
In addition, although Clickbank will let you post their affiliate link on Facebook, Facebook will most
likely disable or delete your account if you post too many blatant affiliate links on their site.
Luckily, I will show you a technique that will get around both of these blocks. In order to use affiliate
links properly on Facebook, you will have to have your own website, but I promise this is a lot easier
than you think. You don’t have to develop any web pages or know any sort of code. I will show you
exactly what to do. All you need is your own hosting and a domain name.
I would have recommended free web hosting, but CJ will not allow this because you do not own the
domain name. The easiest way to manage your own domain is to get your own hosting. But don’t
worry, this doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get both for less than $20/yr.
I highly recommend Netfirms for domain names. I have over 50 domains with them, and they are very
cheap and fast. Do NOT use GoDaddy, they are too expensive and their interface sucks. Not to
mention they will try to sell you so many things you don’t need. You can get a domain name from
Netfirms for only $6. GoDaddy will say $1.99, but there’s a catch, you have to buy their hosting too.
For the actual domain name, choose something related to your niche topic. Only get a .com, and avoid
other domain extensions. If you have trouble finding an available domain name related to your niche
topic, you can always choose something much broader. If you have trouble figuring this out, post a
question on the Support Forum, and myself or someone else will try to help you out.
I’ve used a number of web hosts over the years, including GoDaddy, HostGator, Blue Host, Media
Temple, IX Hosting, HostMonster, and many others. Of those, the only one I would really recommend
is HostGator because I have used them the longest and have had the least problems with them.
However, to help you out, I have a couple HostGator Coupon Codes that can save you a bunch of
money, including getting your first month of hosting for just 1 penny! Use these following codes to
save a bunch of money on hosting (I’m not sure which ones still work, so try them all):
Coupon Code – “hostgatorcoupon” ($9.94 OFF)
Coupon Code – “jury” ($9.94 OFF)
Coupon Code – “hgc25” ($9.94 OFF)
Coupon Code – “Hostcritique” ($9.94 OFF)
Once you have your web hosting and domain name setup, you can get started. You should also have
your affiliate accounts setup at this point as well.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Target And Exploit Your Niche (continued...)
1. Go to any of the affiliate networks
network and get a link to a product. Here’s a quick overview of how
to get your exact link from each of the affiliate networks.
Commission Junction
nction (CJ)
Login, then click on the “Get Links” tab:
From there it will show you a bunch of “General Categories” that you can browse
through. Find a merchant that you want to promote. Let’s choose the Apple Store:
Click on “View Links” and it will take you to a page with lots of products and promotions
listed. Click on “Text Link” and
and in the window, click on “Get HTML” to show the link.
The link shown will look something like this:
<a href="" target="_top">Apple
op">Apple Store</a>
<img src=""
10480544" width="1" height="1" border="0"/>
All you need is the part that I’ve highlighted in yellow. Just so you know, the link is
always in between the quotes in the <a href”LINK”>
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Target And Exploit Your Niche (continued...)
On LinkShare you have to Join Programs first, because each of the merchants have
different promotion rules and policies. Click on the “Join Programs” tab:
Then browse through the categories
categories until you find the merchants that you want to
promote. Let’s say you choose Kaplan products since it’s marketable to students:
Simply check the boxes to promise to abide by their agreement and policies, then scroll
to the bottom of the page and click the “Apply to all checked programs” button.
I would actually recommend applying to as many, if not all, LinkShare programs at once.
That way you don’t have to wait to get approved each time, just apply to all of them at
once, you have nothing to lose,
los and it will save you time later.
When you’ve been accepted to some programs, click the “Create Links” tab:
This will take you to a page with a list of all the merchants that you can promote. Click
on the one you want to promote. Let’s say, as another
another example, you choose, a popular online dating site. You can choose different link types:
Click on the “Textual” link option.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Target And Exploit Your Niche (continued...)
LinkShare (continued...)
This will take you to a page that lists different links. Each of these will land on a
different page. Click on the one that you want to use. It will show something like this:
Rather than copy the whole thing, you only need part of the link. I’ve demonstrated
which part of the link to copy in the code example below:
<a href="*tUM0&offerid=85515.10000046&type=3&subid=0">Search&nbsp;for&nbsp;that&
nbsp;special&nbsp;someone</a><IMG border=0 width=1 height=1 src=";special&nbsp;someone</a><IMG
Only copy the highlighted part, and paste it into a new text editor file for later.
First login here,, then go to the Marketplace:
Then search for a product using the drop-down
menus and sub-menus.
menus. On the search
results page, click on the “create hoplink” option under the product you want:
Use the top hoplink that shows up in the window. Copy it to a text editor file for later.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Target And Exploit Your Niche (continued...)
First login here,, and then you can go directly to the Text Links here.
Open a new browser window to, and find the page or product you want to
promote. Then plug that URL into the Link to Any Page at Amazon block:
Add a name to the link so you can keep track of it, and then click the “Get HTML”
button. It will give you a code like this (only copy the highlighted part):
20&amp;l=ur2&amp;o=1" width="1" height="1"
border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />
2. Now that you have your affiliate link,
link, you have to realize that you CANNOT just post this on
Facebook, since it’s against the rules. You’ll have to use my Double-Masking
Masking technique using
your domain name and hosting.
hosting To make it easier to work with your hosting, download and
install a free FTP software that I like to use, called GoFTP.
Masking Technique (conceals
your affiliate links)
3. Open a new notepad or text editor file on your computer, and copy/paste CODE #1 into it.
Save the file as “index.htm”
4. Open another new notepad or text editor file on your computer and copy/paste CODE #2 into
it. Replace “YourLinkGoesHere
YourLinkGoesHere” with your affiliate link. Save the file as “index2.htm”
That’s all there is to the actual Double-Masking
code.. The next few steps will show you how to
upload the files to your hosting, so you can start using the technique online.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Target And Exploit Your Niche (continued...)
5. Open up GoFTP, and you’ll arrive at this screen:
You’ll need to enter your hosting details to be able to access the files
files on the server. Click on
the “New Site” button, and give your connection a nickname.
Enter your “Host” which is “”
Enter your “User Name” and “Password” for your hosting. Then click on “OK” to connect.
6. When you get connected, you’ll see 2 lists of files/folders side-by-side
side in the GoFTP browser.
The left side displays files on your own computer, and the right side displays the server. On the
right (server) side, scroll down and double-click
on the “public_html”
lic_html” folder to open it. The
“public_html” folder contains the folder for “yourdomain” where all your site files are.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Target And Exploit Your Niche (continued...)
7. On the right side of the GoFTP browser, double-click
click on “yourdomain” folder to open
op it. On the
left side of the GoFTP browser, find the “index.htm” and the “index2.htm” files you made
earlier. Make sure you’ve inserted your affiliate link into the “index2.htm” file.
file Now you need
to decide on a word or phrase related specifically to the product you’re linking to. For example,
if you’re selling an acne-cream,
cream, you could use the phrase “clear-skin”” or you can use the brand
name of the product that you’re promoting. Click anywhere on the right side of the GoFTP
browser to make that side active. Then
Th click the new folder button
on your domain. Name it with the word or phrase you chose.
to make a new folder
This will make a new folder on yourdomain. Name this folder with
with the phrase related you
decided on earlier, which was “clear-skin”
in our example.
8. Double-click
click on the new folder you created on the server, and then drag-and-drop
“index.htm” and the “index2.htm” files from your computer into the new folder on the
th server.
So what did all of these steps accomplish?
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Target And Exploit Your Niche (continued...)
If you followed the steps correctly, you will have successfully Double-Masked your affiliate link. Here is
a diagram to show you exactly what you have accomplished:
This new link is a lot cleaner and lets you get around the Facebook rules. Furthermore, since
“” is located on YOUR domain, it also complies with the
affiliate network rules that require the use of your own domain.
You can re-use this redirecting technique for any other affiliate links you make in the future. Also note
that you only need to ever make one “index.htm” file. Once you’ve made that file, all you need to do is
make a duplicate of the file for any other affiliate link. Now that you have a hang of using GoFTP, here
is a quick review of the steps you need to follow:
Make a duplicate copy of “index.htm”
Open a new text editor and copy/paste CODE #2.
Replace “YourLinkGoesHere” with your affiliate link.
Save the file as “index2.htm” and close it.
Open GoFTP and connect to your server. Open the “public_html” folder, and within that, open
yourdomain folder. Make a new folder and name it relevant to what you’re promoting.
6. Locate “index.htm” and “index2.htm” on your computer. Drag-and-drop them into the folder.
Please note that not all merchants on affiliate networks allow redirecting of links. So please make sure
that you read each merchant’s terms and policies carefully before proceeding. With that said, knowing
how to Double-Mask your affiliate links will come in handy in the next few sections.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
This chapter will cover ways to make money strictly through your own profile on Facebook. The overall goal is
to draw as much traffic to your profile as possible, so that more people will visit your affiliate links. As with
most other methods described in this guide, it’s best that you have a lot of friends before proceeding.
Profit With Your Profile
In this section, I’ll show you exactly where and how to post affiliate links around your profile. HOW
you post your links is very important because it can make a huge difference in how many people click
on them. Remember, quality is more important than quantity, so don’t go crazy and post zillions of
links (which may even get your account disabled by Facebook). Instead, follow this brief list of
guidelines on where and how to place your links:
As your Website – you can edit your profile to include an affiliate link as your “website” in
your personal information section. If you choose to do this, don’t put an affiliate link to a
specific product or even to a specific niche. Instead, the best approach is to link to an entire
store, because it makes it seem as if that’s your favorite store. Most people on Facebook
don’t have their own websites anyway (besides their profiles), so if you link to a store, it
makes it seem like you just really like that store a lot. Make sure to mask the link properly.
On your wall – other people write on your wall, but you can actually write on your own wall
as well. This is a good place to post links especially if you have a lot of people posting on
your wall regularly. Make sure to make the link relevant to the wall post discussion.
Don’t ever spam or post irrelevant links. This can hurt your reputation. One way to avoid
this is to post links to deals/discounts at certain stores, so that you’re “informing” people
about awesome savings. The best way to go about this is to sway the conversations (such
as on your wall), to become more relevant to the types of stores you want to promote.
o For example, post on someone else’s wall and ask them what kind of laptop they
have. When you post on someone else’s wall, the usual protocol is that they will
respond back on your wall. They will tell you about their laptop or whatever product
you asked about. Then on your own wall, you respond and say something like,
“cool, yeah, I got my own laptop at (link) they have some awesome deals”
o The trick to this linking strategy is to not do the exact same thing too much. Switch
it up. Don’t always talk about deals and don’t always talk about the same products.
Be creative and figure out other ways to slip links into ordinary conversations. And
remember, the more you post on other people’s walls, the more people you draw to
your own wall. But be genuinely friendly with people, as you would be in real life.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Profit With Your Profile (continued...)
On your status – This is especially effective since you’ve set your privacy settings such that
your status will also be shown to friends of friends. So, technically, if you post your link
here depending on how large your friends’ friend lists are, it may be seen by thousands,
AND it will conveniently show up as a link.
To change your status, click on the “What
are you doing right
ht now?” link. This will give you
space to type into, which looks like this:
Type something like, “is checking out the deals at (affiliate link)” or something similar.
Another place where you can post your affiliate links is on your pictures, and more
specifically, on your profile picture(s). Don’t worry, you don’t need to own Photoshop or
have any knowledge of it. You can use a very simple and free software called Picture Shark,
to stamp your pictures with your text. Click here to download Picture Shark.
o Download
ownload the software, install it, but don’t open it yet. First you’ll need a picture to
use, that you want to put as your new profile picture (although you can re-use
same one). Locate the image file on your computer to find its dimensions. In
Windows, you can either hover your mouse over the file to see it:
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Profit With Your Profile (continued...)
Or, you can select the file in an explorer window, to see the dimensions on the left:
o Whatever the dimensions of your photo, jot it down. Now open up Paintbrush or
the most basic drawing program on your computer. Depending on the program you
use, it will be different, but in Paintbrush, choose “Image > Attributes” like this:
Set the width
h to half of whatever your picture width was. Set the height to
whatever your picture height was divided by 10. So for example, if your picture
dimensions were 960x1280, set the dimensions of the paint file to 480x128. There’s
no need to do this in your head, just use a calculator (on your computer). If the
numbers end up with decimals, just round them off, it doesn’t have to be exact.
o Now that you have the painting file at the correct size, type your masked affiliate
link into it,, for a store, and a quick
qu 2-3
3 word description to let people know what the
link is for.. For example, type in “Get
Great Deals at”
You can use different colors, but try to make the text stand out as much as possible.
Black text on a white background works, but so does black on yellow. Be creative.
Then save the file as a .jpg (jpeg) file. Name it something related to your link, so you
can tell it apart later in case you make more of these types of image files.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Profit With Your Profile (continued...)
o Open up the Picture Shark software. With this you can imprint as many pictures as
you want with your affiliate link. Click the screenshots,, and follow the steps:
Here is an example of the final result:
While I’ve explained everything pretty clearly, feel free to post any questions on the
Support Forum if you have any issues. The only issue I can foresee is that if you
already have a file with the same name as the output file existing in the location that
you’re outputting to. This can give you an error. So make sure you check the
“overwrite existing files” box to prevent this.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Profit With Your Profile (continued...)
o Adding your affiliate links to your pictures is especially effective when you have a lot
of friends. Remember we set your privacy settings to show your profile picture
updates to friends, so just like your status updates, it can potentially be viewed by
thousands of people. The best way to take advantage of this is to use really eyeeye
ing photos. If you’re a girl, don’t be shy about it, sex sells. And hey you guys
out there, it’s the same thing. But of course, females generally tend to have a higher
appeal, so if you’re a guy, take a picture with your hot friend.
o There is one more thing you can do, if you don’t have a hot friend (or even if you
do). I only recommend doing this once a week, and ONLY if you 5+ REAL pictures of
yourself on your profile, which have already been seen by your friends. In this case
it’s okay to take a picture
picture of a really hot model, or a crazy/funny picture and post it
up for just 1-2
2 days. This will get a ton of attention and views. It really helps if you
can somehow relate it to your affiliate link or the product you’re
you’ promoting. It’s also
more effective
tive to do something like this around special occasions and holidays. For
example, around Valentine’s Day I put up this image and made over $500 in 3 days:
I had the domain redirect to my affiliate link with, which is actually
growing in popularity among the younger crowd. I have a bunch of other domains
and redirects like this. Trust me, I am one of the very few people on Facebook to
use this technique,
technique, and although I’m usually pretty humble, I would even go as far as
saying I’ve pioneered this on Facebook.
Facebook And it’s highly effective because pictures
are like the fuel of Facebook. But be warned, it is a very risky technique, I doubt
Facebook condones it. Although with high risk comes high return, so you just
j have
to take it down quick and quit while you’re ahead.
That’s why I’m only selling 1,000
1 000 copies of this guide. Because if everyone starts using these
methods, Facebook will find out and figure out ways to block it. That’s also why I won’t
show you all my affiliate ads. I don’t want everyone knowing about how I make money with
Facebook. It’s actually counterproductive to invite competition.. One of my friends
convinced me to write this guide in the first place, otherwise I really wouldn’t have.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Profit With Your Profile (continued...)
Overall, you want to avoid posting in places that can get you reported. You technically can’t
get reported
eported through your own wall or by posting a link as your website, on your status, or
pictures (unless someone decides to be an idiot and report your whole profile, which rarely
happens).. Try not to post anywhere else other
than these places. I keep stressing quality
and I’m going to say it again – don’t go crazy and post in zillions of places! Posting your link
in a select few quality places will actually make a you a lot more money, trust me. Plus,
staying genuinely social and friendly will lower your chances of getting reported as spam.
Double Your Traffic
Although I already covered a few tips on how to Become A Friend Magnet,, there are several other
ways to increase the amount of traffic to your profile, which will get you more friend requests, and
thus, make you more money. However, you will have to put forth a little more effort at first
fir – but once
you establish the pipelines, you can just sit back as your traffic flows and your income grows.
If you feel you’ve already exhausted your options for attracting friends on Facebook, the best
alternative is to get people from outside of Facebook
Facebook to join your network. How do you do this?
Join discussion forums – More specifically, try to join forums related to the niche topics you
are promoting, or forums that cater to people willing to spend money. There are forums
online for just about every topic you can ever imagine possible. Run a simple Google search
to find a forum. Make sure to choose a forum that allows “signature links” under your
posts. A signature link is a link that you can set to appear after every post you make:
Browse the forum to see if any other members
membe have these links under their posts. If so,
sign-up and start posting genuine questions and answers, just as you would ordinarily have
conversations with your friends. Fill out some basic information on your forum profile
add a fun and friendly picture of yourself if possible. This will make people trust you. In
your signature link, add something like, “If You’re Cool, Add Me On Facebook” and link it to
your Facebook profile. You should add something like “if you’re cool” because believe it or
not more people will respond due to the reverse psychology aspect.
Please note: I actually only recently posted my signature link in the forum that I’ve shown
the screenshot for, simply because it’s totally unrelated to any of my Facebook niches.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Double Your Traffic (continued...)
Try to join 2-3 different forums, and make 1 post per day on each. Each post should take
you approximately 2-3 minutes to login/logout, and about 3-4 minutes to read a thread or
previous post(s) and type up a brief response. The more posts you accumulate on a forum,
the more credibility you will have, and of course, the more places your link will get placed.
Try to make it a habit to Private Message other members to further inquire about posts,
and then lead the conversation to somehow keeping in touch with each other through
Facebook. As long as you’re natural and genuine, you can rack up a lot of friends this way.
If you have a Myspace profile, or any other social network profile, make sure to add a link to
your Facebook profile to it. Most people have multiple social network profiles anyway.
Although I won’t cover how to create profiles on other sites, they’re all free and fairly easy
to get started with. Try Myspace, Hi5, Bebo, LinkedIn, and any others you know of.
There are other methods I’ve used that also work, but before I explain them, I have to admit that it’s
nearly impossible to know if these actually work well or not, because they draw random traffic. If you
attempt any of these methods that I’m about to describe, please note that you won’t really be able to
tell if it works or not, other than by observing an increase in your number of friend requests.
Stamp interesting photos with your profile link. Just as I showed you how to stamp your
profile pictures with your affiliate link, you can do the same thing with other interesting
photos, and instead stamp it with a link that redirects to your profile, such as
“” and post these on the forums you join, where they will
get a lot of views. Choose photos related to the forum discussion and your niche topic.
Create a video related to your niche topic, and add the same profile redirect link on the
description of your video, whether you post it on Youtube or other video sites as well. The
more interesting your video, the more effective this is. For example, if your niche focuses
on electronic gadgets, buy a gadget from a local store, play around with it and do a video
review like they do on CNet. Then you can return the device right back to the store, so you
don’t lose any money. Make sure you are familiar with the store’s return policies though. If
your niche is diets and exercising, teach people a few tips on how to get in shape and
demonstrate some exercises. Once again sex sells, so to boost your video views, put a
picture of an attractive female at the halfway point of your video. This will show up as your
video thumbnail (on Youtube at least), and more people will click on it.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
More Creative Cash Ideas
In this section I’ll show you a few more ways that you can maximize your profits on Facebook through
your profile and posting affiliate links.
Expand Your Scope With Applications
If you recently sign-up for Facebook upon starting to read this guide, then chances are you
probably don’t have much, or any, applications installed on your profile page. Since your goal is
to get people to click on your affiliate links on your profile, don’t install too many applications
because it can clutter your page and distract visitors from your affiliate links.
However, applications in moderation can help boost your profile success, making you appear
more socially active, and also allow you more space for posting your affiliate links. The two
applications that I highly recommend are Super Wall and Fun Wall, both of which are nearly
identical, but just made by two different companies. Both of them let you share videos, photos,
graffiti, messages, and other random stuff with your friends who also have the application
installed. Although both are very popular, most people have either one or the other, so having
both will let you connect with wider range of people.
You should use these the same way that you use your wall, except you can add videos, photos,
and graffiti to your messages, which makes them more fun and interactive. When you post
affiliate links on a Fun or Super Wall, it can be simultaneously posted on the walls of all your
friends, so thereby increasing the number of clicks you get. Don’t use these too much because
sometimes it can get annoying. Try to limit your use of either of these to 1-2 times per week,
but make those uses really count by sending creative, meaningful messages.
Overall, if you install more applications after these 2, you should aim to install ones that have a
lot of ACTIVE users. You can check out the Top Applications Leaderboard at,
which ranks all Facebook applications in order of the number of users.
Posting Elsewhere For More Exposure
While I don’t do this very often, posting your links on the wall of a popular friend is pretty
effective. You should only do this on the wall of a friend that gets enough posts that your post
will get pushed down and disappear within 24hrs. Otherwise you will need to keep track of
your post and delete it yourself after it’s run a 24hr course. Don’t make more than 5-7 of these
types of posts in a day, and don’t keep them up for longer than a day.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
More Creative Cash Ideas (continued...)
Remember to post them your links a way that’s relevant and genuine. Just like the way you
post affiliate links on your own wall, the strategy is to start a conversation relevant to what you
would be promoting, and get the other person to ask you a question. Then you respond back
on their wall and include a link that’s relevant to your conversation. For example, let’s say you
looked at your friends profile, and they have a particular movie listed as one of their favorites,
or a video trailer forr an upcoming movie on their profile. So you post on their wall (no links
yet), saying something like, “cool you like --- movie, same here, I nearly got the whole series for
free.” You have to make a statement that will be somewhat exaggerated, that will pull people
in and make them curious. Then when they ask about “how you almost got the DVD for free”
you tell them by posting a link on their wall. Here’s how it would look in the end result:
Bank On Photo Tagging Prank
This is technique is VERY effective, and by far one of the quickest ways to make some cash, and
the last time I did it I banked on approximately $250 in the same day. But
ut like any of the other
highly profitable methods, it also carries a substantial amount
amoun of risk. I got the idea from one of
my friends who was just messing around with the photo tagging function.
When you upload a picture on Facebook, you have the option of “tagging” a person in the
picture, so that the picture will also show up in that other person’s photo albums. This
technique takes advantage of the fact that the sharing of pictures is by far the most popular
aspect of Facebook. There are 2 very important requirements to keep in mind:
1. First, you have to be familiar with adding your affiliate link stamp to your picture, as
I covered in the Profile Profits section.
2. Secondly, you have to do this in a humorous way, and make certain that the links are
related to the photos as closely as possible.
This isn’t about just tagging a photo
photo like you ordinarily would. It’s about posting a photo that
actually does not have any of your friends in it, and tagging them despite it! Trust me, if you do
this right, it’s hilarious, will grab a lot of attention, and draw a TON of people to your links.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
More Creative Cash Ideas (continued...)
Here’s the proper way to misuse
misuse the photo tagging function and get lots of attention:
1. Figure out which friends you want to target. It’s best to choose friends you have
some familiarity with because the prank relies on somewhat poking fun at these
people through the pictures you post. For it to be funny, you have to know them.
You should also choose friends who are the most active and have a lot of friends.
And lastly,
stly, they should be light-hearted
light hearted with a sense of humor, so that they don’t
end up taking it too seriously. But even if they take it seriously, it may generate
more buzz and be even more effective. Although then you run a higher risk of
getting in trouble
troub with the Facebook rules.
Why is this technique so effective? Because when you tag your friend,
friend not only will
that be announced to all their friends, depending on their privacy settings, it may
also show up in a lot of their friends of friends News Feeds.
Plus, since it’s a new
picture, it will also show up on the News feed of all your friends and all your friends
of friends. So basically, thousands of people will see these pictures at once.
You can pull this prank in 2 ways. You can either tag several friends at once and post
all the pictures into a new album at one time, or you can create an album, and add a
new photo once every few days. If you think it’s going to be well received, then do
one at a time, but if you think it’s going to upset some
some people, do it all at once.
2. Once you’ve decided on which friends you want to prank,
prank, try to find funny pictures
on the web that mimic or exaggerate their flaws in some way. For example, if a girl
crazy about cheap stuff, post a picture like this, and tag her in it:
Make sure you stamp your relevant affiliate link on the picture. For example in this
picture, you would post a link that would redirect to deals at Wal-Mart.
It can either come off like a harsh insult (if you don’t know the people well enough,
or it can be really funny). Either way, it’s bound to grab A LOT of attention.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
You should aim to be sarcastic, but not overly insulting. It doesn’t have to all be
about stores or shopping either. Let’s say you know a guy that likes to play soccer.
You could post something like this:
But instead of tagging him as the guy playing, tag your friend as one of the cows, and
make a comment under the photo about how your friend loves playing soccer. Your
affiliate link stamped on the photo can be related to soccer in some way.
Another idea I’ve used is posting a photo album based on a movie theme, and
ging different friends as the various movie characters. Then I stamped the
images with my link to movie watching sites and movie rental sites.
sit is a
ovie watching site that pays $1 for every free member sign-up
you refer. You’ll
have to sign-up
up with them through the LinkShare affiliate network. I’ve made some
money with them, and it’s just really easy, because you’re not even selling
Just get creative with this. As long as you know the members and do it in good fun,
you can keep doing it without much consequence and keep raking in the money.
Fun With Fake Profiles
You can probably already guess what this section will be about, but before I go any further I would like
to provide a brief disclaimer and word of warning.
I do not approve of making fake profiles of real or living people, unless you have their written permission to do so. By
choosing to make fake profiles, you take full accountability for your own actions, and you accept whatever may happen as a
result. I will not be held liable for any consequences or damages that you may experience as a result of making a fake
profile. I am in no way responsible for anything that happens to you as a result of your actions. The entire Make Money
With Facebook guide is meant for entertainment purposes only.
The reason I wanted to provide that statement is because not too long ago, a man
ma in Morocco was
sentenced to 3 years in prison for making a fake Facebook profile impersonating the Prince of his
country. He was charged with identity theft, but after much international controversy, he was
released. Even though we have a lot more freedom
freedom in the US, you should be careful if you choose to
make fake profiles. Once again though, with high risk comes potentially huge profits.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Fun With Fake Profiles (continued...)
While I don’t recommend making fake profiles of real or living people, I have done it before with dead
celebrities. Celebrities are an exception, and most likely no one will care if you make a fake celebrity
profile of a dead person. Personally, I would recommend that you choose either dead celebrities or
fake celebrities that don’t actually exist, for example, such as movie or book characters.
How exactly do you make money with a fake profile? Simple – the same way you do with a real one.
The only difference is that you have celebrity-status, so accumulating friends is a lot easier. Here are
some basic guidelines to follow and things to be aware of, overall:
This isn’t an original idea, a lot of people have done this before. But most people don’t do it
to make money off it, because they don’t even know you can. So you have a huge
advantage, because even though there may be over 500 profiles of Elvis for example, most
of those are inactive. Most people who have made a fake celebrity profile have done it for
kicks, just a one time thing, and left it there with no real aim or intention. So instead, if
you’re socially active with your fake profile, you can actually gain popularity with real
people and make more money. People will get a kick out of having an active fake or dead
celebrity on their profile, trust me, I have a few of these types of profiles.
For this to be effective, you need to mimic the persona of the celebrity as much as possible.
If it’s a movie character or whoever else, fill out the profile with information that fits their
actual character. Even when you post comments, try to “speak” in a style like your fake
persona. Add lots of photos from their movies, books, or real life. Keep everything sarcastic
and humorous – everyone knows it’s fake, so don’t take it too seriously.
The way to seek out friend requests at first is to “View Friends” of the same celebrities’
other profiles, and add some of those people, but make sure to also send them a brief
message when you do this, in the style of the persona, so they know you’re the real deal.
One challenge is not appearing too much like spam, because obviously what you’re doing is
kind of sketchy to begin with. So with your celebrity profiles, do NOT post links too many
links on walls or places other than your own profile. This will get your profile deleted by
Facebook, and trust me, when you have 2,000+ friends and making $15-$20 a day off it, this
really sucks – I’ve had it happen before – be careful. You’re a celebrity, so people will be
checking out your profile enough anyway. That’s why you should actually fill it out and keep
it interesting. Instead of posting lots of links elsewhere, just make sure you have a Website
link, and that you stamp your pictures with links, as I showed you earlier.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Fun With Fake Profiles (continued...)
And remember, you can set up as many of these types of profiles as you like. Instead of
trying to make lots of money off just one, it’s best to diversify, also just in case one gets
deleted, you should have a few others in the pipeline. If you have 5 fake profiles each
making $15/day, that’s $75/day, which is really not bad. I make around $100/day off my
fake profiles, although some days it’s less, and some days it’s more. It also depends on
what you’re promoting through the profiles.
Also make sure your links are as relevant as possible to your celebrity profile. This will help
you make more money and also lowers the chance of being reported as spam. For example,
if you choose a movie character, you can post DVD sites or movie rentals. If you choose a
dead president, you can post links to certain eBay items of that president for example.
(Although eBay is fairly low commission, and I don’t use it much, but that’s just an example)
Lastly, although I have only done this twice, I want to reveal a secret that can make you $100+ on the
spot. You will not see this technique discussed anywhere, because overall, most of the strategies in
this guide are very new considering less than .0005% of the Facebook population even makes money
off it. But I have to say that I highly doubt that there are more than a few people using this particular
technique with Facebook profiles. So anyway, here is something that again is a bit risky, but can make
you some good cash depending on how well you do it.
Sell Your Fake Profile
People have been selling Myspace profiles on eBay for quite some time, so a little while ago I
thought, why not a Facebook profile? The only problem I realized was that you can’t sell your
own profile because you give the next person access to your identity. But a dead celebrity
profile works, because you’re only passing on fake information, so it’s technically legal.
Although, once again, I am not sure how well this floats with Facebook rules, so be careful
when you do it. The 2 times I sold profiles I didn’t do so in very publicized ways.
I sold 1 of the profiles on eBay for $107 and the other one for $200 to a friend (same friend who
convinced me to write this guide). But I didn’t post the eBay one for sale as a “Facebook
profile” I just said it’s a “social networking profile” with 1500+ friends. The reason it sold for so
much, when similar Myspace profiles are going for dirt cheap, is because I described how I had
been consistently making $15 or more per day with it. Sure, people sell Myspace profiles, but
that’s not guaranteed income (especially considering Myspace is a spam fest). And Myspace
now gives a warning message to prevent affiliate links, and Facebook doesn’t do that (at least
not yet – because most people don’t know how to make money with Facebook). Anyway, just
make sure when you sell a profile on eBay, you do NOT mention that it’s a Facebook profile.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Whether you’ve exhausted your profile profit strategies, or you just want to take your Facebook income to the
next level, knowing how to take advantage of groups is an essential tool for your social networking arsenal.
Through a group you can make even more money, promote a brand or blog if you have one, share
events/news, and stimulate discussion. Being a group creator puts you in a powerful position. In my opinion,
groups are one of the most popular aspect of Facebook, right beside pictures.
Creating Groups The Right Way
There is actually a right and wrong way, and it means the difference between having a really popular
group and one that flops. If you’ve joined a few groups by now, you may notice that some are more
fun to be a member of. Before you get group happy, check out these step-by-step instructions for
creating a successful, profit-friendly group:
1. It’s absolutely essential to have a lot of socially active friends BEFORE you create a new group. I
would highly recommend that you have at least 400+ friends before making your first group.
2. Choose a topic people will either enjoy participating in, not just a topic that people want to be a
part of. The reason is that a group may get millions of members, but unless a big number of
them are actually active, it really doesn’t matter. Try to also avoid very focused niche topics
because most of these types of groups won’t get too big. One common group-making theme is
recent events, for example, some people have recently been making groups to petition high
gasoline prices – but keep in mind that when gas prices fall, it will be hard to retain the same
number members, keep them interested/active, keep making money off the group.
But it doesn’t have to be so serious either. Making a fast-growing short-lived group is not such
a bad idea either, as long as you recognize that it won’t last forever. Groups that encourage
betting, winning prizes, and stuff of that nature can catch on really fast, especially if you can get
enough friends to spread the word early on. For example, right now, as I am typing this guide,
the Los Angeles Lakers are down 0-2 games to the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals. If I made a
group titled, “I’ll eat a cup of ants if the Lakers lose and this group reaches 10,000 members
before the last game,” chances are I could easily get that many members and more in just a few
days. I won’t do it because I don’t want to eat ants, but you can get an idea of what I mean.
For a group like that, you would write about how much of a Lakers/Celtics fan you are, and post
links to their memorabilia on eBay or other merchant sites. But this is just an idea. Be creative.
3. When you’ve decided on your group idea, click on the Groups link on the left navigation.
4. Then click on the Create a New Group button in the upper right of your screen.
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Creating Groups The Right Way (continued...)
5. You’ll arrive at the Create a Group page (Step 1), so you’ll need to fill out a few things...
o Group Name – Name it something interesting, but be as relevant and specific as possible
o Network – Be as relevant as possible
o Description – Write something that would entice people to join, make it specific
o Group Type – Make sure this is accurate
o Recent News – This is like an extension of the description, it’s optional
o Office, Email, Street, City/Town – Be as real as possible; the more real information you
put, the more people will trust you and be likely to join
6. On Step 2, you get to Customize your group settings and add a picture and website.
o DEFINITELY add a picture for your group! This is essential to attracting a lot of members
early on. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they’ll just add a picture later,
but you’ll soon realize it’s a huge mistake to put off the picture for later. Add it now.
o Add a Website link right NOW. Remember to make your website link and group content
as relevant to each other as possible. Again, a lot of people make the mistake of putting
this off, but the reason to add the link in the very beginning is because a lot of the
people who join most likely will not be active members, meaning they’ll only look at the
group once and not care to look at it again. If you want to make a lot of money off your
group, you better make sure you have your links established BEFORE adding members,
because if you do it later, you won’t make nearly as much profit.
o Leave all the other options on the default and make the group as free and open as
possible to encourage lots of people to join. You can delete any of the content or
members at any time.
7. The last step, is to invite members. This is where it helps to have a huge friend list because you
can invite hundreds of people all at once. When each of your friends join, it will show up on
their New Feed that they joined your group, and they will also be asked to invite all their friends
as well. So just imagine how quickly this can grow, if you start off with a high number of invites.
Invite all your friends, and also invite friends who are not on Facebook to join.
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Boosting Your Group’s Popularity
Now that you have group up and running, in this section I’ll show you how to boost the popularity of
your group and drastically increase your number of members. Here are a few ways to do it:
If your group topic is not a random bet, and is focused on an actual topic, then the best way to
start actively promoting it is to join related group’s and post links to your group. You should
also make sure to note why people should join your group, to encourage them.
Just as you added your own profile to your signature link on various forums, you can also ad
your group link to your signature on forums. In fact, feel free to post your Facebook group link
anywhere online that is relevant to the group topic.
Run a Google search to see what kinds of websites show up for the topic. You can also post
your link on blogs that discuss related topics, and encourage people to join to stimulate more
discussion and learning about the subject...or just for fun. Make sure that whenever you post a
link to the group anywhere online, that you don’t spam – post in a genuine, friendly manner.
Post your link under your email signature for exposure to even more people.
Also post the link on your other social network profiles, and on Youtube videos.
You can register a new domain name and use CODE #2, (but name the file “index.htm”) you can
make the domain redirect to your Facebook group link. Make the domain representative of
your group in some way, and then stamp your profile pictures with the group domain name.
For example, if you had group related to beer pong, then you could get a domain such as
“” and use CODE #2 to have the domain go to your Facebook Group.
Then stamp your profile photos of yourself playing beer pong with that domain name, and
encourage other friends or group members to do the same with their photos.
Making Money Off Members
Aside from having your masked affiliate link as the group Website, there are also other ways to make
money with your Facebook group. A few of these are similar to the Profile Profit methods I described
earlier, although there are a few ideas that are unique to groups as well.
As I described in the previous sections, you can post your masked affiliate link on wall posts and
stamp it on pictures. In a group you can do the same thing, except that you would add pictures
to the group instead of your profile.
You can create discussion topics related to the group, and include links there
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Making Money Off Members (continued...)
Another technique unique to groups is that you can create a related event. You can create
events as an individual, but with a group it’s a lot more effective because your whole group will
know about it. But rather than create an event that people attend in person, make it into an
online event where people arrive at your website and give you feedback on how it looks, or get
everyone to show up at a free chat room, and send them links through the conversations. Get
creative, nearly anything is possible when your group is big enough.
How One Of My Friends Uses Facebook Groups To Make Money
There is one other technique that one of my friends (who’s name and location I have been
asked not to reveal) uses to make money with groups, but it takes a little more effort to
establish than just adding masked affiliate links; although once established, it’s a guaranteed
profit. I will only show you a part of this method because I honestly think he is the only one on
Facebook doing this right now, and he doesn’t want to invite too much competition.
Basically, he lives in a fairly small college town where his dad also owns a take-out pizza place.
My friend noticed how his dad’s business wasn’t doing so well, and questioned how much of
the money spent on radio ads, school newspaper ads, and flyers was actually helping not only
his dad’s business, but other locally-owned businesses as well. He thought it was a waste, so he
came up with an idea to help the local businesses advertise more cost-effectively.
He started a Facebook group that would target local college students, and connect them with
local businesses. This is rarely attempted because 99% percent of groups, if they’re making
money, are trying to do so through ads or something else ONLINE. Barely anyone is attempting
to reach local businesses with Facebook.
So anyway, each week his group raffles off $25 gift certificates that students can use at local
businesses. The group has taken off really fast, and now he has a little over 12,300 members in
less than 4 months. On the main page of the group, for the group picture, he divided it into 4
sections, and charges $200/mo for each ad spot. Local businesses advertise their business
name, address and phone number on it, for a whole 30 days, and they get connected directly to
local college students. Plus, he charges $50-$75 to send out occasional announcements to the
entire group, about 2-3 times per month. Stuff like “such and such pizza place is having a deal
on $5 pizzas this week” and it’s really helped his dad’s business as well. He also creates events
where he invites everyone to shop at a local business and that business will donate 5% of that
purchase to charity, if the student mentions that they heard about the even through Facebook.
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Making Money Off Members (continued...)
He makes around $1000-$1100/mo with it, which lets him focus on school so he doesn’t need
to work as much part-time. The whole concept is completely in agreement with Facebook
policies because no links are being sent out, and no websites are being advertised. To be
honest, I am a little jealous of how he thought of this idea, so I had to share it here. I will be
making a group like this myself as well pretty soon.
Overall, my point with the example from my friend is to show that you don’t have to only make
money with ads and links just because everyone else is doing it. There are unconventional
methods to make money, that may actually be a lot less risky, if you just think creatively. It
really helps to spend time on Facebook so you can get an idea for what people would want.
Maintaining Group Success
Maintaining the success of your group is almost as important in helping it grow in the first place. If you
really want to make money while you sleep, you have to keep your groups active. Here are a few tips
for making sure your groups stay in good shape:
Keep the content fresh – People won’t want to be part of your group if you don’t update it.
This is the main reason why most groups have such a small percent of their users as actually
active. Make it a habit to change the Recent News, Photos, Videos, and Links regularly to give
your members a reason to return and check it out more often.
Create a sense of community – the more REAL your group is, the more people will want to be a
part of it. Connect with new group members by welcoming them into the group. Make a
discussion thread and encourage every new member to post and introduce themselves.
Make it personal – You’ll eventually have people joining who are not your friends, especially if
your group is Global and open to everyone. Recognize these new members and address them
individually. Treating them in this way will make it more likely for them to invite their friends.
Engage the members – Like my friend, establish something that will make people want to
participate in the group activities. He made raffles and gives away prizes. I’ve done this before
with my own groups. I made one group a couple months ago called “If this group reaches
30,000 members, I’ll give one lucky member a free phone!” I got over 31,000 members in just
one week. Of course the people who joined were all interested in iPhones and related
products, so I knew exactly what kinds of things to promote to them. I made enough money to
afford the free iPhone and made a difference of about $400 of profit for myself as well. Short
story, raffles and contests work great, but make sure you have a lot of friends before.
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Thiss last chapter is all about making money through Facebook without actually having a profile. There aren’t
as many creative techniques in this chapter simply because Facebook has a lot of strict rules and you have to
play by them. I put this chapter at the end because I only average about $700-$800
$800 per month with these ads,
which is considerably less than what I make through my other strategies.
Social Ads Exposed
If you’ve
’ve been spending time on Facebook, you’ve probably seen some of the advertisements at this
point. Other than banner ads, which are quite expensive and reserved mostly for big companies, Social
Ads are a quick and affordable for anyone who wants to reach the Facebook market.
market These ads appear
either on the left hand side off the page,, or more recently, they can also appear on the user’s
user News
Feed, and tie into their friends’ activities,
activities like this:
Please understand that without the step-by-step
step guide (that’s been nearly 7 months in the making)
that I’m about to show you, chances are you would crash and burn the first time you tried using these
ads. It’s not as easy to make a profit as you think, or as some of these other scam artists make it out to
be. Sure, it is quick to setup, but you can also lose money quickly. So be careful and don’t jump in
before reading the following guidelines and tips.
How Social Ads Work
First off, unlike posting your masked affiliate links, you will have to PAY to post advertisements.
It's not free like the other methods that I've described. On Facebook, the advertisement
system is either CPC (cost-per-click),
which means that you pay a fee each time someone clicks
on your ad,, or CPM which charges you for impressions (the number of times your ad shows up).
When you first post the ad, you purchase account credit that will go towards the clicks. For
example, if each click costs $0.50, then
then you can purchase $20 of credit to get 40 clicks. Your
advertisement will keep running until you get all the clicks and your credit runs out. You can
refill your account if you want, and you can also modify the ad after it runs it's course.
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Social Ads Exposed (continued...)
How Social Ads Work (continued..)
When your ads are running, Facebook will keep track of your ad statistics with a tool that it calls
Facebook Insights, which gives you reports on the number of impressions, clicks, and other
useful metrics, that help you figure out how to improve. I'll show you how to make use of these
metrics a little later in the next section, Maximum Ad Profits.
So how do you make money? Well, similar to posting your masked affiliate links, you also use
affiliate links for Social Ads - at least that's the most profitable strategy that I know of so far.
The only difference is that you DO NOT MASK LINKS in Social Ads, and you CANNOT USE
Social Ads Don't Always Work
Ads on Facebook are generally a bit more expensive than most other CPC or CPM ads, due
somewhat to the hype, but also because you can target your audience very specifically. The
only problem with targeting your audience is that not all audiences respond well to Facebook
Social Ads, regardless of how good your ad is. This is one of the reasons I lost money early on
when I tried the ad platform. And this is why you may notice articles on the web about how the
Facebook Social Ad platform is ineffective - because it IS ineffective for certain categories.
How To Profit With Social Ads
However, there are a few select groups that respond well to the ads - I'll show you exactly
which categories work and which ones don't. Your ability to profit also depends on how you
present the ad, such as the title, picture, and description. Writing ads is a skill that takes lots of
experience. Luckily for you, you can skip that entire learning curve and just follow my tips.
You will need to design the ad to create more revenue than it costs to run the ad. The first step
is to figure out how to make a profit, and the second step is to maximize that profit. You have
to realize that depending on the ad category, there may be a limit to how much profit you can
make. Don't believe the BS claims about people making $3000/day, it's not going to happen.
Especially now that the Social Ads have been around for a little while, there is a lot of
competition within certain categories, so the amount of potential profit decreases. You have to
know which categories to promote and how to promote them.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Maximum Ad Profits
Now that you have an overall understanding of how the Social Ads platform works, here are detailed
steps that explain exactly how to make money with them:
1. Figure out what you want to advertise. Like I've mentioned before, some categories simply
don'tt work. When I say a category “doesn't
work” I mean that you will lose money with it. An
effective category will make more money than you are paying for the ads, so you turn a profit.
With that said, here are the 4 categories
that actually work:
Online Dating Sites
 Money-Savings Related
2. Choose the category you want to advertise in. Any of these 3 will work. Regardless of which
one you choose, you will need to get familiar with the Facebook Advertising Guidelines.
3. You should read this yourself to get an idea of what you can and cannot do. I won't take
responsibility for your mistakes or inability to read the guidelines. But to give you quick
overview and save you some time, here are the most
mo important rules:
You cannot post redirect (masked) links; you have to link directly to the site you’re
advertising. That means you CANNOT use Commission Junction or Linkshare.
Your ad has to be clean, appropriate, spelled correctly, and not misleading in any way.
You’re not allowed to promote certain products such as ringtones, software downloads,
alcohol, tobacco,, and all that other good stuff. and some other stuff. Make sure you
check the Facebook Advertising Guidelines for exact details because they
th may have
changed since this guide was written.
4. Time to make your first ad. Here is a basic overview of how to post a regular Social Ad. I’ve
never attempted to run my ads through user News Fees, so I can’t show you how to do that.
But here are the basics
sics for setting up your ad:
a. Click here to create a Facebook ad.
b. Enter your affiliate link in the website space:
c. Choose your audience. You can target your audience by location, gender, age, keyword
interests, education level, workplaces, and relationship status and interests. Your ad
will be shown only to the people who fit the description you set. Targeting is helpful,
but it depends on
n what you're promoting.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Maximum Ad Profits (continued...)
d. Add a title (up to 25 characters), description (up to 135 characters), and ADD A PHOTO!
Here is a little trick about the photo that most people don’t realize – the photo gives you
extra space, 110x80 pixels of extra space to be exact. There is no rule against putting
text in your image. If you have an image-editing software, make sure you add large,
bold text to your picture. This will make your ad A LOT more effective. I could be
wrong, but I have yet to see anyone else do this other than myself.
5. Now that you know how to setup a regular Social Ad, you should get on with your specific ad.
Here are some resources and tips for different types of ads:
Affiliate Programs To Use With Social Ads, And How To Profit
These are a few programs I’ve used that convert fairly well with the Facebook crowd. Keep in
mind, these are not affiliate networks; each one is an individual affiliate program for a specific
merchants. You'll have to sign-up for each one separately.
Online Dating Sites
Ad How-To and Tips
Get Started – Use one of the programs above, get your link, and plug it into the ad.
Choose Audience – Set the age 18-30, and the Relationship Status to Single. You can
target either guys or girls, so be sure to adjust the “Sex” and “Interested In” options.
Title – For dating sites, you have to connect to the viewer based on their emotions.
Appeal to their frustrations and lack of a love life. Keep it short and simple.
Questions usually grab attention. Here are a few examples of titles I’ve used:
o “Tired Of Being Lonely?“
o “Are You Still Single?”
o “Stop Being Lonely Today.”
o “Single Life Is Boring.”
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Maximum Ad Profits (continued...)
Online Dating Sites
Ad How-To and Tips (continued...)
Description – While the title appeals to their frustrations, the description contrasts
by giving the person hope and makes them curious enough to click. Try to start off
your descriptions with phrases such as:
o “Discover...”
o “Experience...”
o “Meet...”
o If you’re
you’r targeting guys, put a picture of a hot girl; if you’re targeting girls,
then put a picture of a hot guy. Use pictures that are as real and natural as
possible. A good site to grab pictures from is College Humor,
Humor from their Cute
College Girls section (for pictures of guys, I honestly don’t know because I’ve
never made dating ads targeting girls).. The pictures on this site will be big, so
you’ll need to crop and resize them to 110x80. You can do that using and you won’t need to download,
load or install any software:
Using it is pretty straight forward. Save the file to your computer, and then
upload it to your Facebook ad.
Overall, you want the ad to give them a really quick preview of how this dating
service can change their life. Exaggerate just a little, but not too much.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Maximum Ad Profits (continued...)
I use ClickBank for these types of products, and the best programs change every now
and then. Rather than list products here, it's better if you just visit ClickBank on your
own to see which products rank well. Go to the Marketplace:
Select “Health & Fitness” and click the “Go” button to see the top-ranking
Ad How-To and Tips
Get Started – Find a digital product that ranks well on the ClickBank search result
page.. Although you won’t know which ones convert the best without trying them,
generally the ones that rank higher are more popular because they work better.
Choose Audience – Set the age 18-30.. Not everyone on Facebook is out-of-shape,
the best way to narrow down your audience is by targeting specific locations where
people are out-of-shape.
You could use Googlee to research various locations and
figure out a couple ideal places to advertise. But to save you the time, I’m going to
share with you a special 2-page
2 page report that I’ve been using with great results. In
2005, Linda Slater Dowling, a certified national health professional and CEO &
founder of the Nutritional Institute, conducted a study of over 10,000 students at
660 colleges and universities. She concluded her study with a report that includes
the “Top 20 Fattest” and the “Top 20 Fittest” universities.
The Fattest And Fittest Schools Of 2005
Before you start making the ad, you have to decide how you’re going to promote the
product. The report will give you a good sense of where to advertise, but not every
product will be effective everywhere. For example, if a school is one of the “fattest”
then chances are they don’t care as much about all of a sudden getting a chiseled
body as they care about losing weight or simply getting in decent shape. On the
other hand, students at a more health-conscious
health conscious university tend to be a better
target market for products that promise six-pack
pack abs or a really toned figure.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Maximum Ad Profits (continued...)
Ad How-To and Tips (continued...)
Title – For health/diet/fitness ads, once again you should aim to emphasize the
feelings of frustration that potential customers have with their weight or health
issues. Questions usually grab attention. Here are a few examples of good titles:
o “Get Rid of Your Fat Body “
o “Girls Don't Like Fat Guys” (targeting out-of-shape males)...and the opposite,
“Guys Don’t Like Fat Girls” (targeting out-of-shape females)
o “Easy Weight Loss Secrets”
o “Be Proud Of Your Body”
o “10 Ways To Lose Weight”
Description – The description should either contrasts by giving the person hope, or
elaborate on the glimmer of hope already in the title. Make people curious with
your words. Try to start off your descriptions with phrases such as:
o “Discover...”
o “Powerful formula”
o “Easy steps”
o “Secret system”
o If you’ve read the Facebook Advertising Guidelines, you know that your ads
should not be misleading. So if you’re targeting guys, a good picture will
show an in-shape guy, and likewise, to target girls, choose an ad that shows
an in-shape woman. Try not to make your ad too “sexy” because some
women are actually turned off by the sight of a woman in a bikini. Instead
use pictures that show a fit midsection. Always keep your audience in mind,
and put yourself in their shoes. Here are 2 examples of good pictures:
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Maximum Ad Profits (continued...)
Money-Saving Related
I titled this category of ads “money-saving
related” because it involves taking advantage
of current news or trends to promote a product that will save people money. For
example, gasoline prices have recently sky rocketed.. I’m taking advantage of this
through a Facebook group and an ad for a product that helps people save gas money.
It’s been very profitable so far, and actually, I’m hoping gas prices go over $5 because it
will actually help me make more money! I use ClickBank for these products.
Honestly, this particular ad campaign has made me a little
little over $1,300 this month, so I
would rather not go into it in very much detail here because I feel one of the reasons for
my success is that I have zero competition. Overall, these money-related
topics depend
and have a lot of room for variation in product
product and promotion strategies. If you would
like more help with this topic, I would prefer to help you via the Support Forum.
Setting Your Bids and Budget
Finally, once you’ve setup the ads for any of these categories, you’ll have to figure out how
much to bid on clicks or impressions, and how much to spend. You’ll need to do a little math,
but don’t worry I’ll make it really easy for you. Just follow these
thes 4 simple steps.
1. Potential Revenue – Figure out how much commission you will make from a single ad
conversion, or find out what your minimum commission would be. For example, if you
are using the Health/Diet/Fitness product from ClickBank, it usually
usual gives you this
amount under the product description in the Marketplace:
2. Average Costs – Look at the suggested range for your Cost-Per-Click
Click, which will be based
on the contents of your ad. This means that you will compete with other people who
are trying to show similar ads as you, so you will need to bid between a minimum and
maximum. I recommend bidding a little higher than
than the average. For example,
(Bid Range/2) = ($0.35 + $.050)/2 = $0.425
Thus,, if the average Cost-Per-Click
is $0.425, you should bid $0.4
44-$0.45. If the bid ends
up costing less, you will be discounted the difference, so don’t worry about bidding high.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
Maximum Ad Profits (continued...)
Setting Your Bids and Budget (continued...)
3. Potential Clicks – This depends on your budget, bids, and the product’s potential
conversions. Continuing the same example from above, let’s assume you set your
budget to $15. There is a $5 minimum, but typically you don’t want to set it higher than
your potential revenue (which in this case is $20.99). You’ll need to figure out how
many clicks you can get from your set budget:
(Budget/Cost-Per-Click) = ($15/$0.45) = 33.3 clicks
So, if you set a $15 Budget, and pay $0.45 Cost-Per-Click, you will get 33 clicks.
4. Potential Profit – This next part requires a little estimation. You don’t know how many
of those 33 clicks will make you money, so you have to guess and hope that you’re right.
There is no way of knowing for certain unless, a) you ask the person who sells the
product, or b) you start running some ads and get some statistics in your ClickBank
account, which will give you an idea of how certain products convert. “Conversion” is
the ratio of clicks to sales, usually expressed as a percent.
Typically, you’re safe to assume that conversions are less than 5%. That means, out of
33 clicks, less than 5% of them will actually buy the product. Out of 33 clicks, 5% equals
1.65. Since you can’t have 1.6 people, or 1.6 sales, you have to assume the worst-casescenario, which is 1. ALWAYS round to the lower number, to prevent losing money.
According to your budget of $15, you will get 33.3 clicks, and 1 sale, for which you’ll
receive $20.99 of commission. Your profit is the your commission minus your budget.
Commission – Budget = Profit
$20.99 – $15.00 = $5.99
This is the absolute worst-case-scenario, and I highly recommend that you analyze your
ads from this perspective to make sure you profit. Sure, $6 is not much, but you have to
realize that as long as you have a profit, no matter how small it is, all you have to do is
to increase your budget and you can increase your profit. The most important thing is
figuring out a consistent ad that will make A PROFIT, don’t be fooled by how little it
seems. I could go into more in-depth ad analysis, but it really all depends. You have to
play around with the wording in your ads to try and lower your bid range, while also
finding products to promote that have the best conversions. If you have specific
questions, please post on the Support Forum.
© | It is forbidden to copy this report in any manner.
You may be wondering why I think so, or why I didn’t talk about making money with applications in my guide.
There are a couple reasons I didn’t talk about “monetizing applications” in my guide:
I’ve never made an application before – There’s a lot of people talking about getting rich with Facebook
applications, but I would bet that 99% of those same people have never made their own application.
Honestly, I’ve never made an application, and I don’t ever plan to.
Applications are very expensive to build – Let’s face it, I’m not a programming guru, and most likely you’re
not either. So if either of us wanted to make an application, it would mean having to hire a programmer.
Even the programmers in India are not cheap. Trust me, I’ve seen prices quoted in the thousands, and that’s
the low-end. Most applications require a lot of money, and they’re a huge risk.
Most applications fail miserably – So basically you have to invest a lot of money up front and risk losing it all.
Over 75% of applications started by ordinary people end up flopping. The successful ones are usually
developed by companies that have millions of dollars of funding already.
Even the applications that are successful sometimes have trouble generating revenue. And to be honest with
you, the biggest problem I see with applications is that you’re investing all that time and money and effort into
something that could be worthless if Facebook decides to put a halt on applications. Personally, I’m starting to
notice that Facebook users are getting bored, and even somewhat annoyed, with the hoards of pointless
applications (myself included). Of all the ones in existence, very few of them have actually been profitable,
and even those aren’t guaranteed to stick around.
So the reason I stay away from applications is because my money-making methods require zero up front
investment (except for the Ad Strategies), and I basically have nothing to lose. If Facebook gets shut down
tomorrow, sure it might suck, but at least I haven’t invested millions of dollars in a stupid application.
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