Hardware Technician Posting 2015-2

#206, 6741 Cariboo Road
Hardware Technician Burnaby BC
V3N 4A3
Technical Supervisor Summary:
BC Technology for Learning Society, operates the Federal Government program: Computers for Schools.
CFS refurbishes donated computer equipment for distribution back to BC schools. Since 1994 we have
donated over 135,000 computers and supported over 380 youth in work experience opportunities.
As part of this dynamic team, hardware technicians are responsible for testing and repairing donated
computer equipment, while ensuring a diverse group of people have proper instruction and support
while learning computer skills. Applicants must have some post secondary training in an IT related discipline and are looking to close
the gap between book learning and hands on experience, in order to secure future full-time employment.
This position is part of the Technical Work Experience Program (TWEP), an initiative of the Computers for
Schools Program. This opportunity is perfect for a new graduate from an IT related field.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Technical Skills:
1.Troubleshoot, repair and test used IT
equipment donated to CFS. 2.Oversee the refurbishment and quality control
of outgoing computers. 3.Refurbishing and cleaning computers, laptops,
peripherals, tablets, mobile devices, printers,
servers and flat screen displays. activities.
4.Deploying system images via PXE Boot.
People Skills:
1.Provide technical assistance and mentorship
to a diverse volunteer base for their daily
2.Be able to work well in a team environment
3.Have a good work ethic and be able to meet
deadlines to high customer service levels. Other: 1.Perform various warehousing duties, including
the regular off loading of trucks. 2.Organizing warehouse pallets.
3.Be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
4.Participate in our annual inventory count.
5.Cleaning & packaging computers Required Experience & Qualifications:
1.Must enjoy working as a team.
2.Good communication, time management, inter- personal & problem solving skills.
3.Flexible & adaptable to new people & situations.
4.Completion or partial completion of a diploma,
degree or certificate in an IT related discipline from
a recognized post-secondary institution.
5.Thorough understanding of Windows 7 & 8.
6.Understanding of Linux and basic commands.
7.Must be between the ages of 15 - 30.
Salary: $14/hour Resume and cover letter must be sent via email
attachment in 1 (one) PDF document to Robert
Nguyen at [email protected] with the
Subject: “(Your Name) - 2015-2 Technician”.
Interviews to commence immediately.
This position is funded through HRSDC’s Youth
Employment Strategy. All applicants must be
between the ages of 15 – 30. The position is full
time, contract, lasting up to 26 weeks. Students
are encouraged to accept career-related
employment, at any time, during their work term.
1. Healthy snacks & refreshments
2. Maximum $300 reimbursement for 1st successfully completed certification, in your field. ie. A+
3. Positive work environment.