“10 Embarrassing Mistakes Women Make Who Wear Lace Wigs

“10 Embarrassing Mistakes
Women Make Who Wear Lace
For The First Time”
10 Embarrassing Mistakes Women Make Who Wear Lace
Wigs For The First Time
If you have never worn a lace wig before and you don’t take the time to learn about how to
properly wear your wig you will make numerous mistakes. By taking the time to learn about the
most common mistakes that women make when first wearing the wig you will ensure that you
have a positive experience the first time you wear your lace wig. Not to mention that taking the
time to learn about the different mistakes will extend the life of your wig because you will learn
the proper care techniques required to maintain your wig.
Lace wigs are not just for people who have no hair, many people who still have their own hair
wear them to help enhance their own looks. Celebrities like Beyonce, as well as everyday people,
wear lace wigs in addition to their normal hair to create some sensational hairstyles. While
majority of mistakes are made by woman who have never worn a lace wig before, they are not
the only ones to make some of the embarrassing mistakes that you will read about here. Many
celebrities have been caught by the spotlight making some of these mistakes that you want to
learn how to avoid.
Here are the 10 most embarrassing mistakes, along with their solutions, that women make when
wearing a lace wig for the first time.
Number one:
Before putting on your lace wig, you will need to wrap your own hair so that the wig is
undetectable. The problem with first time lace wig wearers is that they do not wrap their hair
properly, so it causes the wig to look puffy rather than natural. Your hair is not naturally puffy,
so having a puffy spot here or there tells people that you are wearing a wig.
Solution one:
To ensure that your hair is wrapped properly you will want to wrap your hair around your head
while it is wet, which is also called a wet wrap. Once your hair is wrapped, you will need to sit
under a hair dryer so your hair can dry before you can put the lace wig on. When wrapping your
hair ensure that it is wrapped around the head as tightly as possible, this allows the wig to sit as
close to the scalp as possible.
Number two:
Before you wear your wig, you will need to cut some lace from around the edges so that the lace
base does not show while you are wearing the wig. First time lace wig wearers often do not cut
10 Embarrassing Mistakes
10 Embarrassing Mistakes Women Make Who Wear Lace
Wigs For The First Time
enough lace because they are afraid of making a mistake, which leaves the lace visible against
your skin. If you are out on a date and the wind blows just right to move the hair away from the
hairline, your date will be able to see the lace edge… and that’s embarrassing.
Solution two:
Do not cut off too much lace. If you are unsure of how much to cut off ask a professional stylist
to help you. To ensure that the lace wig looks natural you will only want the lace to be visible at
the part rather than along the hairline.
Problem three:
The hair of the lace wig turns dry and brittle. Dry and brittle hair in a lace wig is going to stand
out because it does not look like your natural hair. Not to mention that allowing the hair to
become dry and brittle you are cutting down on the life of your wig. If you go out in public with
dry and brittle hair people will stare at your hair because of how unhealthy it looks.
Solution three:
Treat the lace wig the same way that you would treat your own hair. Many lace wigs are made
from human hair, so to keep the hair in excellent condition you need to condition the hair on a
regular basis. When conditioning the hair make sure you only use products that are approved for
use on lace wigs. Using products that are not designed for lace wigs will cause unnecessary
damage, which shortens the life of the wig, but also makes it appear dull and lifeless.
Problem four:
You cut the hairline incorrectly, so it does not look like a natural hairline it is too straight and
perfect. Many people make the mistake of thinking perfection is the key to wearing a lace wig,
but you want things to look natural and perfection is not a part of natural. Having a straight
hairline, also known as a razor edge line, is the sign of a poorly applied wig. If your wig is not
properly applied, you run the risk of the wig falling off in public… and that’s embarrassing.
Solution four:
Rather than trying to cut the hairline yourself, take it in to a professional lace wig stylist. The
professional stylist can cut the hairline to make it look natural, which helps make the wig look
real. Taking the lace wig into a stylist to have it professional cut along the hairline also ensures
that the wig itself is not cut into.
10 Embarrassing Mistakes
10 Embarrassing Mistakes Women Make Who Wear Lace
Wigs For The First Time
Problem five:
Many first time users use the wrong type of glue when securing the lace wig to the hairline. If
you use the wrong glue, your lace wig will stand out because you can see the glue along the
hairline. Applying the wrong kind of glue or too much glue leaves a shine along the hairline that
light will reflect off of, drawing attention to your hair.
Solution five:
When using glue to secure your lace wig to your hairline you want to use lace wig glue that is
going to dry clear, this prevents people from seeing the glue along the hairline. In addition, when
gluing the wig to the hairline do not use any type of products on the hair until the glue has
completely dried, this can take up to 12 minutes depending on the glue. If there is too much glue,
which is evident from the hairline being shiny use a small amount of alcohol on a cotton ball
along the hairline.
Problem six:
When you wear a lace wig that is not the same texture as your own hair, it is obvious that you are
wearing a wig. The reason for this is that the texture of the wig stands out from what your natural
hair used to look like, which makes a difference in lace front wigs. When wearing a lace front
wig if the texture is different styling your hair will be difficult, and the wig will stand out in the
front when compared with the back of your hair. You should also watch out for the color of the
wig, many women choose the wrong color so they end up looking like they are wearing a wig.
Another problem with the texture of the hair is if you purchase a wig made from synthetic hair
because of the dangers of synthetic hair. One of the biggest dangers of synthetic hair is that they
are made from plastic, which is especially dangerous if the wig catches on fire, your skin could
be melted all the way to the bone. Another problem with it being made from plastic is the
irritation and discoloration that can be found on your skin due to the wig rubbing against it.
Solution six:
You want to select a wig that matches the same texture as your own hair. For example, if your
hair is a soft texture that is straight and dull, you want to pick a lace wig that matches that.
Picking a wig with shiny hair makes the wig stand out against your dull hair. When picking out a
full lace wig you want to choose the same texture as your own hair because it allows you to
easily care for and style your hair, you will not have to fight with it. When choosing the color of
10 Embarrassing Mistakes
10 Embarrassing Mistakes Women Make Who Wear Lace
Wigs For The First Time
your wig you want to choose one that matches your skin tone, so that the wig looks natural. If
you can not match it to your skin tone, your other option is to match it to the color of your
eyebrows. The closer the color is to your skin tone the more natural it will look, so it will not be
obvious that you are wearing a wig.
With how dangerous synthetic wigs are the most important thing you can do is choose a high
quality lace wig made from human hair. Selecting a human hair lace wig helps reduce the
dangers associated with wearing a synthetic wig because the hair will not burn your skin down to
the bone. Plus, being made from real human hair there is no risk of discoloration or irritation to
your skin.
Problem seven:
When you wear a lace wig that is not the right density, it can make it obvious that you are
wearing a wig. The density of the hair is referring to how thick or thin the hair is. Having heavy
density causes the wig to sit funny on the top of the head giving it an unnatural look. Having a
lot of hair coming from the temples also looks unnatural.
Solution seven:
You need to determine what hair density is going to suit you before buying a wig. If you have
thin hair you do not want to select a heavy lace wig because that will be too much hair, instead
you want to select a light lace wig. Once you get your wig, take it to a professional stylist to have
them thin it out so that it looks good with your face and your lifestyle. It is always good to have
too much hair compared to too little because you can have the lace wig thinned out easier than
having more hair added to it.
Problem eight:
Many people make the mistake of wearing the wrong color cap underneath their lace wig.
Wearing the wrong color cap allows the cap to show, which signals to people that you are
wearing a wig of some sorts. Imagine going out for a night on the town and finding a person you
are interested in. You push your hair back out of your face and the cap hiding your hair is visible,
talk about an embarrassing moment that will haunt you forever.
Solution eight:
You want to choose a cap that is as close to your normal skin tone as possible. While it can be
10 Embarrassing Mistakes
10 Embarrassing Mistakes Women Make Who Wear Lace
Wigs For The First Time
difficult to choose one that matches your skin color exactly getting it as close as possible is
important because it allows you to blend the cap in using powder that matches your skin tone.
You can also dye the cap to the correct color of your skin tone if you do not wear makeup.
Problem nine:
Another problem people have is not styling the wig properly or styling it in a way that does not
look good for their face. Not styling your wig properly can lead to early damage of the wig, but
can also affect how your hair looks. When wearing a lace wig you want your hair to be properly
styled to suit your face so that you look outstanding, rather than looking thrown together or
Solution nine:
Rather than trying to style the wig on your own, take it into a professional lace wig stylist. The
stylist can give your lace wig a proper clip and curl so your wig looks just as good as your own
hair. If your wig is the same texture as your original hair you should easily be able to style your
own wig because it is as easy as styling your own hair.
Problem ten:
When people put the wig on many times, they do not properly secure it, so the wig comes off.
Having your wig come off or even shifting on you is embarrassing because then people know
that the perfect look you have achieved is not your own look, which that embarrassment can last
a lifetime.
Solution ten:
Your best bet to secure your wig is to extra bobby pins and clips in addition to the any adhesive
you use. Bobby pins and clips look natural because everybody uses them when styling the hair,
but with the adhesive, you cannot go too thick because you do not want it to show, most wigs
come with hair clips inside the wig to offer extra security. What type of adhesive you use will
depend on how active you are, the more active you are the stronger you want the hold on the
adhesive to be.
As soon as you get your lace wig, you can put it on and see firsthand some of the glaring
mistakes that people make. Once you have seen the mistakes firsthand you will have a better idea
of what not to do when wearing a lace wig. Not to mention that once you own a lace wig you
10 Embarrassing Mistakes
10 Embarrassing Mistakes Women Make Who Wear Lace
Wigs For The First Time
will be able to play with it to see exactly how you can fix some of the biggest problems.
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10 Embarrassing Mistakes