RC Intern Development Programme 2015

Intern Programme
The purpose of the programme is to provide new engineering
graduates or Work Integrated Learning diploma students with work
experience and skills to ready them for the job market. This provides
an option for companies to outsource their interns for specialised and
focus training.
Target Audience
The programme was developed to comply with the requirements of
the various Universities of Technology for the Diploma in engineering
programmes. The programme is also applicable to recent graduates.
Resolution Circle provides the intern training service in our advanced
and specialised facilities. Resolution Circle will invoice a customer for
the intern-training programme and may also recruit interns. Resolution
Circle will employ the interns, however customers may elect to rather
employ them in their own environment. The price is fixed for one-year
Programme Overview
The Internship programme develops 17 key skills areas, with various
commercial Skills Stations in the Resolution Circle ecosystem
providing these skills. The programme is applied and operational in
nature, e.g. interns develop these skills by working in various areas
of the commercial business. The Resolution Circle ecosystem was
design to provide commercial services (as a for-profit company) while
providing experiential learning.
 Focused internship programme to develop wellrounded technical professionals
 Customisation options provide an opportunity to
include your own training and induction
 An environment specifically customised for high
quality intern development
 Cost-effective approach to development without
consuming precious resources
 An opportunity to retain surplus bursary holders until
capacity is available
 Opportunity to utilise BBBEE Skills Development
The goal of the programme is to develop the following:
 Employability;
 Promotability;
 A can-do attitude; and
 Accelerated professional careers.
Skills Areas
The 17 skills areas are grouped into four high-level programmes as
A 4-week, classroom-based programme during which interns spend
time assimilating applied theory, develop soft skills and skills to
survive as a professional. The skills areas are: Personal Development,
Professional Development, Entrepreneurial Development, and
Technical Development.
Engineering Intern Programme
Vocational Skills
An 18-week programme during which interns spend time in technical
training workshops, developing vocational skills in 6 key trades. The
vocational skills covered in this programme are: Electrical, Electronics,
Industrial Automation, Carpentry, Fitting and Turning, and Boiler
Making that includes welding.
Professional Life
A 9-week programme where interns are exposed to various aspects of
business and professional life by rotating though different departments
and skills stations. This may also be customised to include 4-weeks
on-site experience at sponsoring companies. The skills areas covered
are: Entrepreneurial Life, Business Life, Community Life and Industry
Technical Skills
A 13-week programme during which interns apply their technical
skills in various areas to develop technical operational skills and
work on real projects or jobs. The skills areas are: Self-learning, DIY,
Arts and Crafts, Research, Design, Production, Quality Control, and
Maintenance and Support.
Why Resolution Circle?
 Interns and technology development is our core
 A successful track record of delivery
 100% commercial focus, 100% University of
Johannesburg owned
 100+ industry professionals employed by
Resolution Circle provide a breadth and depth of
 Level 2 BBBEE contributor
 Approved by University of Johannesburg and other
universities for Work Integrated Learning
 Advanced, horizontally integrated technology
Resolution Circle has a capacity for 300 engineering interns every 6
months for the year programme.
A four-week slot exists in the 2nd half of the programme to customise
aspects specifically for a customer and its interns.
Industry partners are welcome to discuss options to become part
of the programme. The skills station system provides flexibility for
partners to introduce their technology and train large number of future
Companies are encouraged to sponsor small projects (R&D,
prototypes and others) for the interns to work on. This provides
real-world experience and solves problems at the same time. These
projects will be priced and project managed with fixed delivery dates
and outcomes.
Contact us
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