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Frequently Asked Questions
College of Nursing and Health
What degrees does Madonna’s College of Nursing and Health offer?
There are undergraduate (BSN) (prelicensure), degree completion (BSN), master’s degree (MSN)
and doctor of nursing (DNP).
What BSN programs are there?
The undergraduate program for prelicensure students leads to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing
(BSN). Students who complete this program are eligible to sit for the NCLEX® Examination. There
is also a degree completion program for registered nurses with diploma or associate degrees.
Finally there is recognition of the LPN with an adapted Plan of Study that moves them into the
prelicensure program.
What are the admissions requirements for the undergraduate Nursing major?
Students must be accepted into the Pre-Nursing program and meet the following requirements:
• Accepted into Pre-Nursing (including all final official transcripts)
• Letter of application/intent addressed to the Chair, Undergraduate Nursing
• Completion of Madonna University Writing Assessment and any required writing workshops
• Established Madonna University GPA (min. 12 semester hours) of 3.0 or higher
▪ Students who hold bachelors or higher degrees may be considered with fewer than 12
Madonna University semester hours
• Completion or expected completion of all pre-requisite courses
• Satisfactory completion of an entrance test unless exempt
Which entrance test is Madonna University using?
The nursing program is currently using the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) critical
thinking entrance test. The national average score for this test is 71.1%.
How many credits will transfer to Madonna from another college or university?
Madonna will transfer up to 96 university credits and 74 credits from a community college. Please
review Transfer Guides to determine which credits transfer.
Is there a waiting list for the undergraduate Nursing program?
Students who apply for the nursing major are admitted, denied, or put on an alternative list for
a specific semester. If students on the alternative list are not placed in the desired semester,
they are accommodated first for the following semester. Madonna enrolls students in the
nursing major twice per year.
What GPA do you need to get into the undergraduate Nursing program?
A student needs to have a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher with a minimum of 12 semester
hours at Madonna. However, most successful applicants have higher GPAs.
How competitive is the undergraduate Nursing program at Madonna University?
Recently, Madonna has been accepting 40 to 50 percent of qualified applicants with 20 to 25
percent on the alternative list.
Rev. 12/12/12
Frequently Asked Questions
College of Nursing and Health
Undergraduate (continued)
How many students apply to the undergraduate Nursing program?
It varies each semester, but it averages 120 to 150 each semester.
How many students are admitted into the undergraduate Nursing program?
Each semester, 64 to 72 students are admitted to the Nursing program. Admission is offered in the
Fall and Winter semesters; applications are due January 31 and July 31 respectively.
How much is tuition?
Review the current Course Schedule for tuition rates.
What type of professional organizations are part of the Nursing program?
Our undergraduate program has an energetic student organization: Madonna University Nursing
Student Association (MUNSA). MUNSA has won many awards for their efforts including chapter
achievement, community health award, image and breakthrough award, outstanding student
president and most recently the scrapbook competition.
Madonna is also proud to have its own honors society chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International,
the Kappa Iota Chapter.
How do students get involved?
There are open memberships to various committees for the undergraduate and graduate programs
that afford student input into the organization of the department. A full listing is available in the
What graduate programs are there?
The graduate program for students with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) can lead to a
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in different specialties including Adult Primary Care Nurse
Practitioner (NP), Adult Acute Care NP, or a combination of either of these NP specialties with
Advanced Hospice and Palliative Specialization. The administrative specialties include the MSN in
Nursing Administration and the MSN/MBA dual degree in Nursing and Business Administration.
There are also Post-MSN Certificates in Adult Primary Care NP, Adult Acute Care NP, Advanced
Practice Hospice and Palliative Care, and Business Strategies for Nurses in Advanced Practices and
Role Specialties. Finally, there is Post MSN Doctor of Nursing Practice program.
What are the admissions requirements for the Master of Science in Nursing Program?
Go to the Nursing Graduate School and visit any of the MSN program pages for specific admission
requirements for each major.
How much is tuition?
Review the current Course Schedule for tuition rates.
What is considered full time for the graduate program?
Students must carry nine credits or more to be considered a full time student.
How many semester hours do I need to be enrolled in to qualify for financial aid?
Students must carry a minimum of four semester hours per term to qualify for financial aid.
Rev. 12/12/12
Frequently Asked Questions
College of Nursing and Health
Graduate (continued)
How long does it take to complete my Nursing graduate program?
Madonna University recognizes adult learning theory and understands many adults have competing
priorities. Each student is allowed to individualize their Plan of Study. Full time students can
complete their degree in 2.5 years. Part time students have the luxury of adjusting their studies to
fit their lifestyle, deciding how long it will take to complete their program. However, a maximum of
six years is allowed for MSN completion.
When are graduate classes offered?
Most graduate classes are offered in the evening from 4 to 7 p.m. Business administration classes
are typically offered from 7 to 10 p.m. Many of these classes are offered online allowing students
to tailor their schedule around an adult lifestyle.
What facilities does the Madonna graduate program use for clinical rotations?
The College of Nursing and Health offers abundant clinical affiliations throughout lower Southeast
Michigan. However, a student may also choose a clinical location of their choice; once approved by
faculty and an affiliation agreement is in place, students can begin with the new clinical facility.
What is the pass rate of Madonna students for Nurse Practitioner boards?
2009 statistics are as follows:
Acute Care NP: 100 percent (American Nurses Credentialing Center )
Primary Care NP: 100 percent (American Nurses Credentialing Center )
Are the Palliative Care NP programs and certificates available online?
Palliative Care courses are a combined effort of campus and online courses (hybrid model). For the
Post MSN Palliative Care certificate, there is one on-campus course and two hybrid courses. Clinical
practicum hours can be completed near students’ home by arrangement.
Are there jobs for students upon completion of their degree and/or certification?
Advanced practice nurses are in high demand. Careers are plentiful especially in rural and
underserved populations.
What is the DNP?
The DNP is the Doctor of Nursing Practice program. This program is a professional degree designed
for nurses seeking a terminal degree in nursing practice. As an alternate to research-focused
doctorate programs, it is a clinical doctorate designed to develop health care leaders who maximize
quality, reduce cost and increase access to health care. In addition, DNP graduates are prepared to
fill the national need for more doctorate-prepared nursing faculty.
Rev. 12/12/12