LUMESE NANO EYE LIFTER Causes of dull and tired looking eyes

Causes of dull and tired looking eyes
Everyone's appearance can take a post-holiday hit. One of the key factors
to dull and tired looking eyes is having too little sleep. Insufficient sleeping
hours prevents our skin cells from renewing and causes under-eye bags.
The tissues under the eyes have a flat gently tense tone in youth. Age and
other factors can let the muscles sag and fat bulge. Some call this
protrusion blepharochalasis and more commonly called under eye bag or
baggy eyelid. It is a very common condition seen with normal aging,
fatigue or being tired, allergies, swelling, obesity and certain medical
The eyes are surrounded by protecting fat. The facial eyelid muscles and
skin hold this retro-orbital fat in place resulting in a youthful line starting
from the eyelashes to the cheek. Gravity and the wear of time can make all
facial tissues sag.
Under eye bags form from the fat gentle pressure on this lax muscle,
ligament, and skin wall. In some cases there is extra fat behind the support
wall creating the baggy eyelids. Sometimes there is relaxed extra skin
(dermochalasis) causing the eye bags. At other times the lid muscles are
just thickened. Upper eyelid bags can be the result of drooping eyebrows.
Under eye bags are also a sign of insufficient natural lymphatic drainage,
resulting in water retention, an accumulation of fat cells and a progressive
loss of firmness as the delicate eye contour is progressively stretched out of
its original shape.
Conditions associated with eye bags:
• blepharochalasis
- uncommon combination of protruding skin folds of
eyelids, severe thinning of lid skin, recurrent episodes of lid swelling
and inflammation
• dermochalasis
• hypertrophy
• protrusion
• brow
- extra skin
of the orbicularis muscle - eyelid muscle overgrowth
of intraorbital fat
ptosis - baggy upper eyelids from drooping brows
• combination
of the above problems
Dark circles are the result of any one or combination of the below distinct
1. Inadequate micro-circulation. Inadequate movement of blood provided
by fine capillaries in the area around the eyes, either due to hereditary or
natural aging, results in a build up of blood-starved oxygen. The
de-oxygenated blood takes on a purple/black tone which is visible through
the extremely fine eye contour skin.
2. Environmental damage. Mainly due to the effect of incidental sun
exposure over many years, UVA/UVB rays further thin the already very fine
eye contour skin, and increase its melanin content beyond normal levels
(melanin is skin's natural coloring). Thin and delicate skin is prone to
developing uneven, excess pigment in response to the sun's rays.
3. Gravity. Over time, the eyelid skin moves downward, initiating more
stretching and thinning. Thinner skin more readily reveals what's going on
Although the eye contour is normally well circulated with blood, the
appearance of dark circles reveals a slowing-down of micro-circulation and
a loss of vascular tonicity.
Puffy areas around the eyes are the result of malfunction of lymphatic
drainage system of under eyes area. Lymphatic system is responsible for
removal of fat globules from intercellular space such as under eyes area.
Different diseases and conditions can affect normal function of lymphatic
system such as some kidney or heart diseases. It is very common that stress
and stress related conditions could result in puffy bags around the eyes.
Puffy eyes can also be the cause of fluids getting trapped in the tissues
under the eyes. Usually, the eyes are puffiest when we awake. It can be a
sign of sinus and allergy problems or dermatitis if itching or redness
accompanies the puffiness. Not only these, hangovers can produce puffy
eyes as well. At first the alcohol lowers the anti-diuretic hormone (ADH)
but as the hangover gets into full force, ADH increases again and helps
the body to retain fluid. Drug induced hypothyroidism (such as lithium)
can also cause puffy eyes.
In a glance, puffy eyes that are not due to hay fever or allergies develop in
response to one or more of the below factors:
1. Inadequate lymphatic drainage. Many women, and some men, have a
hereditary tendency toward developing an excess of folliculine hormone, the
same hormone which can result in cellulite and swollen ankes.
2. Poor elimination of metabolic wastes. If you drink any amount of coffee,
alcohol, or if you smoke or work in a city environment for weeks on end,
raised levels of inflammatory proteins (the result of free radicals) can
produce visible swelling in areas where skin is thin, such as around the eyes.
3. Water retention. Pregnancy, medications, puberty and drugs that affect
hormonal balance (such as the contraceptive pill) can lead to water retention.
Water retention is reflected under the eyes first because the very fine skin in
this area is readily influenced by underlying factors.
Left untreated, puffiness under and around the eyes leads to a build up of fat
cells that distend the eye skin, causing it to lose firmness and (especially in
men) develop permanent cross-hatched lines.
Its extremely difficult to lose this "dead weight", so treatment at the first
signs represents the best course of action.
Wrinkles are part of aging, but age alone is not the sole cause. Only
"laugh lines" are a natural consequence of aging. These hairline
depressions around the corners of the eye, as well as the deeper furrows
between the nose and upper lip, probably occur because elastic fibers in
the skin loosen over time, allowing the skin to sag and fold in on itself.
Repeated muscle movement also causes furrows. Most of the rest of the
lines in a "lived-in face" are a consequence of overexposure to
ultraviolet (UV) sunlight, both UVA (responsible for tanning, wrinkling,
and melanoma) and UVB (responsible for sunburn and basal and
squamous cell carcinoma). UV light may damage skin by increasing the
production of proteolytic enzymes that break down collagen, the
connective tissue located beneath the dermis.
There are several approaches to the problem of wrinkle tissue: laser
resurfacing, dermabrasion, chemical peels, collagen injections , and
topical creams. For a more natural remedy, we have come out with our
very own eye gel. After years of intensive research, proven effects and
scientific validation, we are pleased to present our LUMESE NANO
EYE LIFTER for puffy eyes, wrinkles and dark under eye circles.
Formulated with the purest and safest ingredients to help give us the
beautiful eyes that we have all longed for. Our eye gel is an effective,
affordable cosmetic product – a must for fighting wrinkles, bags, black
rings and tired looking baggy & puffy eyes.
This new treatment allows you to get rid of under eye bags and dark
circles . The eyes are the most expressive feature of the face. The delicate
skin around them is also the most susceptible to the effects of aging and
stress. LUMESE NANO EYE LIFTER is specifically formulated for this
sensitive region, plus all the powerful anti-aging properties contained in
the original eye gel.
The ingredients used in the eye gel help to promote i ncreased collagen
synthesis and protects against free radicals, environmental pollution and
UV rays from sunlight. It contains natural vitamin E to help smooth fine
lines and wrinkles .
Our eye gel is more emollient, less irritating and more effective in
combating everyday problems (including puffiness, eye bags and dark
circles) than any other product. With extended use, it will provide a
significant improvement in the appearance of the eye area.
There are many “miracle” creams, but our eye gel do not only make
promises – we deliver the results in your fight against wrinkles, bags
under your eyes and black rings. Having beautiful eyes is no longer a
dream. Let us help you realize your dream and see the miracles our
encapsulated eye gel can do for your eyes. Our eye gel remedy will help
ban the bags and remove the rings.
Now, who says we can’t have smooth, firm, wrinkle-free eyes?
Untreated dark circles become more prominent with time. No amount of
exercise or increase in water intake can rectify dark circles once they have
established themselves.
Product Introduction
E N Nano Encapsulated Eye Gel is formulated to rebuild damaged skin
that has lost tone and elasticity, especially around the eyes. Facial skin,
especially that around the eyes, is the most vulnerable part of the body to
environmental damage. In addition it also serves the additional function of
emotional response.
Your facial expressions are always changing in response to what happens
around you. This creates tremendous stress in the skin and eye area. Free
radicals interact with normal skin structure and either have a destructive
action or impair biological function. The end result is skin that is not healthy
and looks dull and lifeless. This is particularly true considering the delicate
skin tissue around our eyes.
E N Nano Encapsulated Eye Gel promotes the natural repairing process of
facial skin, especially that surrounding the eyes. This is accomplished by
increasing nutrients to the area and targeting this specific area in helping to
restore firmer skin. Fatty deposits that cause irregularities and lymphatic
fluids are reduced resulting in a smoother, "less puffy" and more youthful
look around the eyes.
Baggy, puffy bags under the eyes (lipoptosis), wrinkles around the eyes, and
dark undereye circles can benefit from this gel. It is quick penetrating and
helps to get rid of baggy, puffy eyes, dark rings and aging wrinkles. It
instantly floods thirsty eye skin area with moisture, thus restoring balance
and plumps up fine dry lines. Our eye gel contains no animal ingredients and
is not tested against animals. It is an oil free gel suitable for use on all skin
types, under or over makeup.
This is a great product to be used for anti-aging, and to improve your
looks in general. Black rings and puffy bags under your eyes ages you,
and will do your image as a young ageless person no good. Liven up your
face, with smooth skin around your eyes - ban the black rings + bags
under your eyes - and start the new century with young looking
wrinkle-free eyes and no black rings under your eyes / baggy eyes.
Remember - no matter how beautiful you are - wrinkles are aging, and so
are black rings and bags under your eyes.
Ophthalmologist tested. Allergy tested. 100% fragrance free.
Objective: To fight and help remedy puffy, baggy eyes, lighten dark
undereye circles and also to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes.
Our effective eye gel helps and assists to
remedy and remove puffy, baggy eyes, lighten
dark undereye circles
and wrinkles around
your eyes - leaving you with smooth,
wrinkle-free skin around your eyes. It also helps
to promote production of elastin and collagen.
Our eye gel is formulated to reduce the visible signs of aging around the
Skin around and under our eyes are the thinnest and most sensitive of our
body. Our penetrating, non-greasy, anti-aging eye gel treatment will help
fight and remedy wrinkles, puffy, baggy, crepey eyes and dark eye rings.
Our hypoallergenic eye gel remedy will not irritate the eyes - and the
effective gel will help firm the skin, stimulate the collagen and elastin
(connective tissue) for a wrinkle-free, smooth skin.
Puffy eyes, bags and dark rings under the eyes
Puffy eyes, baggy eyes, dark eye rings or wrinkles ruin our youthful
looking eyes. The formula of our clinically proven eye gel contains
encapsulated vitamin C, witch hazel extract and enzymes derived from
soybean to help remedy these problems. It also aids in collagen &
elastin synthesis - protecting the eye's skin, sooth irritation and help as
The gel effects:
In order to fight wrinkles, particularly around the very sensitive skin
around our eyes, we have selected a gel, made from plants chosen for
their synergistic action against wrinkles. Our effective gel helps and
assists to remedy and remove puffy, baggy eyes under your eyes and
wrinkles around your eyes – leaving you with smooth, wrinkle-free
skin around your eye area.
Our eye gel has triple action against aging in that it
The forming of lines; wrinkles appear less prominently while
deeper wrinkles soften;
Puffiness under the eyes; the skin appears firmer; Make those
baggy eyes firm again to regain your youthful looks;
• Dark
rings and shadows appear considerably lighter.
With continued use, the eye area will look significantly smoother, more
supple and younger. Youthful looking eyes are most anti-aging as
people normally first notice your eyes.
Composition of our eye gel:
• Encapsulated
Vitamin C
Topical vitamin C must be in the form of L-ascorbic acid to be useful
to the body and skin. Encapsulated vitamin C ensures stability.
Studies have shown that L-ascorbic acid stimulates collagen synthesis,
provides photo protection, stays in the skin for up to 72 hours, and
prevents UV immunosuppression, a reaction that occurs in more than
90% of skin cancer patients. This unique formula will boost your
skin’s natural renewal system, giving you a healthy, new radiance
while lightening the appearance of dark undereye circles. It also
replenishes essential nourishment and moisture to minimize fine lines.
• Witch
Hazel Extract
Skin soothing, skin-tightening and toning, non-drying natural
astringent, anti-inflammatory and refresher. Witch hazel extract is
proven to be radiation-protective and sedative.
• Enzyme
Derived From Soya Bean
Enhanced Natural Collagen (ENC) III is a unique compound derived
from cell walls of yeast. It is a powerful immune booster and it triggers
an immune response in the body, creating a system of defense against
a broad range of pathogenic organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungus,
parasitic and neoplastic invaders). Its potent anti-oxidant properties
impart effective free radical scavenging activity.
ENC III has been found to stimulate or modulate macrophage cells
(leukocytes, or white blood cells).
Dosage and use
- Spread a small amount of LUMESE NANO EYE LIFTER around
the eye area.
- Pat gently with fingertip.
- Use night and day.
- Strictly for EXTERNAL use only.