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Thank you for purchasing this product. Please read user manual
carefully before using and keep it for future reference.
Product Introduction
Tatung direct heating type rice cooker, TRC-6STW, is the first one made with
optional On/Off warmer switch. Keeping warm function can be not performing
without unplugging the power cord when users do not wish to keep the rice
warm for long time. Nevertheless, it provides a stainless steel inner pot that
can cook rice without worrying any substance peeling from the cookware. It is
an ideal electric kitchen appliance for every family.
Open button
Water collector
Keep warm off
Keep warm on
Warming switch
Function indicator
Cook button
Note:The picture is subject to real object
Rated voltage
Rated power(W)
7.06 lbs
Inner capacity(L)
Rice cup capacity(cup)
Stainless steel
Measuring cup
inner pot
Steaming tray
Power cord
Malfunction check
5. After both outlets plugged in, if the warmer switch is in
the "ON" position, the "WARM" light indicator will be
switched to the cook position after 2 to 3 minuets. It does
not mean the rice is being cooked. It means the rice
cooker is ready for cooking. If the warm switch is on the
"OFF" position, then no "WARM" or "COOK" light will be
lit unless the cook button is pushed down for cooking.
Please be aware of the purpose of the warmer switch.
The warmer switch does not contain cooking function but
whether to keep rice warm or not. Please notice that user
must push down the cook button in order to cook rice.
6. By closing toward to the end of cooking process, there
will be some water boiling sound and a switch click
sound. At this moment, the cooking process has been
completed. Please allow 10-15 minutes more to open
the lid so the rice will be better cooked. If the warmer
switch turned on, the "WARM" light indicator will be
automatically lid. In the mean time, keeping warm
function starts. If the warmer switch is turned off, no
indicator light will be lid after cooking. Please be
aware of the condition affected by the warmer switch.
Malfu nctio n
Proble m
Plate heat up
No foreign matter exists between inner pot and
heating plate.Please clean before cooking if any
foreign matter exits between
4. Plu g power cord to th e outle t and plu g in th e
oth er end to th e ric e cooker.
Serie s
1. Measure rice with measuring cup. Rinse rice
clean .
2. Pour rice into inner pot, and add water to appropriate
Ex: To cook 4 cups of rice, need to pour water up
to level 4 for rice.
The water volume can be added or reduced
according to personal treference and rice variety.
Never add in water over the maximum level.
3. Cle an and dry outs id e of in ner pot, th en put it back
to th e ric e cooker gently and tu rn le ft and rig ht to
make it adequate ly conta ct with heatin g pla te .
1. Mid dle connectio n lo ose
Plate doesn't
2. Heatin g pla te component
heat up
is burned up
Plate doesn't
Circuit and power disconnect
heat up
1. Indicator connection loose
2. Indicator is broken
Resolu tio n
Make sure switch, socket,
fuse, power conductor has
no failure, and plug in well
S end to Tatung Service
S end to Tatung Service
1. Serious deformation send to
Rice is not done
well or cooking
time is too long
1. Heating plate deformation
Tatung Service Department
2. Turn around the inner pot to
2. Inner pot tilted to one side
make it normal.
3. Foreign mater exists between
3. If stick foreign matter wipe
inner pot and heating plate
clean with sand paper.
4. Inner pot deformation
4. Purchase new inner pot from
5. It’s varied from the rice
retailer stores.
5. Anneal rice according to
Rice burned or
over done or can
not keep warm
1. Cook key disconnect to
the leverage linker
2. Alnico temperature
restrictor failure
3. Thermostrat burned or loose
1. Ste am valv e in sta lle d badly
2. Ste am regurgita tio n valv e
defo rmatio n or smudgy
S end to Tatung Service
1. Install as instruction
2.Clean and maintain according
to requirement
180 days limited warranty.
If the inner pot is damaged to certain level or any foreign matter exits on the heating plate,
it may cause overheat on the rice cooker. Users must avoid any of improper use, such as
force cook bottom down to stir fry and deep fry. Tatung Co. of America, Inc. will not be
responsible for any misusage. Please contact 310.637.2105 Ext.216 ragarding any
service question.
Special announcement:
All the data are checked to the letter. If any misunderstanding occurs due to the print failure
or misunderstanding of the content, our company withholds the right of final explanation.
If technical improvement occurs, it will be included in new version of user manual and will
not inform; the product appearance, color changes, please refer to the actual product.
Circuit diagram
7. It is a stainless steel inner pot and the bottom of the rice may turn like brown
color. It is normal due to the stainless steel material of the inner pot. We
suggest the users to add little bit more water in the inner pot to avoid this
situation and not to keep the rice warm for more than couple hours.
Warm indicator
Temperature limiter
Water level and rice capacity:
8. To cook the brown rice, just simply add half cup water additional to the water
in the inner pot. EX: 3 cups brown rice with 1.5 more cup water additional to the
water up to gauge 3 in the inner pot. It is not recommended to cook less than
two-cup rice in this rice cooker whether for cooking white or a brown rice. Please
be aware of it.
1.Due to the capacity, please do not fill water more than 6 on the scale in the
inner pot. Please notice that the water will spill out through the valve and
cause the starch spilling all over the counter top if the water is more than 6gauge.
9. How to clean the rice stain on the bottom of the stainless steel inner pot. Take
off the stainless steel inner pot from the cooking pot. Soak it in clean water for
half hour and use provided spatula to scoop and wipe off the rice stain gently.
2.The maximum capacity is 6 cups for white rice and 4 cups for brown rice.
Because every cup of brown rice requires 0.5 cup more water.
10. After cooking, check water collector and pour out the water from the
collector and place it back. Please do not pour out the water when it's hot.
3.Porridge and congee are not recommended on this type rice cooker.
Because the rice starch can be spilled easily through the valve when water is
boiling. The rice cooker can be easily damaged or shortened the product life
by cooking porridge and congee.
Note: After plugging in, if you do not wish to keep the rice warm after cooking,
put warmer switch in "OFF" position. It is not recommended to keep rice warm
over than two hours. In order not to keep the rice warm for too long, warmer
switch should be turned off after couple hours.
4.Tatung Company of America, Inc. will not be responsible for any
Water collector
Take apart
Take apart
Hold the water collector and pull.
Fit in
Click in the water collector into the groove.
Fit in
1.Inner pot – take out the inner pot from the cooking pot. Soak in clean water
for half hour and use provided spatula to scoop the rice stain on the bottom.
Then wash with water or soapy water and dry with paper tower or cloth. Or
put it into dishwasher for wash and dry.
2.Cooking pot – rice and other foreign matters may be stuck to the heating
plate and users shall wipe it off with soft and dry cloth. The stainless steel
inner pot can be more adequately contact with the heating plate after
foreign matter removal. Therefore, the rice can be cooked well and tasted
3.Collector – pull out the water collector from back of the cooking pot and
drain off the water in the water collector. Wash it with clean water or dish
soap. After washing and cleaning, place it back to the same spot. The water
will drift without it.
Steam valve
Take apart
1. Pull upward while turning the left and right.
1. Do not put in damp or unsteady place.
2. Turn off the warmer switch when the rice cooker is not in use.
3. Make sure the plug fits into the outlet well, otherwise it may cause fire
due to overheat.
2.If there is any difficulty to pull out, push the
valve from inside of the lid.
4. Do not put cooker in damp or unsteady place. Keep away from fire or any
heating source.
5. Keep face and hand away from hot steam outlet on top lid.
6. Do not immerse the cooker into water or rinse it. It may cause electric shock,
a short circuit, or the damage on the rice cooker.
7.Do not put rice cooker or inner pot on the burner top. Keep away from the fire
or any heating source.
8.Be careful of the hot steam coming from the valve on the upper lid.
3. Turn as the loose arrow direction and pull
2. Don't share with other electric appliance with
out to take apart the steam valve.
3. Put cooker out of the reach of children otherwise
Fit in
may cause hazard by misoperation.
1.Aim the triangle mark on the valve body at
the circle mark on the valve cover.
4. Don't cover steaming outlet with cloth lest upper lid
deformation or color change.
2. Turn as the tight arrow direction until
hearing the click sounds.
3.Correctly insert valve into valve hole
on the upper lid.
5. Power cord should not be twisted when unplugging.
Please hold the plug to unplug.
1. Please keep valve clean all the time to prevent degrade the spill-proof
and cooking efficiency.
If the power cord is damaged, please contact
Tatung Service Department.