Instructions for How to Make Paper Star Lanterns Equipment: 

Instructions for How to Make Paper Star Lanterns
paper or card-stock
craft punch for holes
glue or double sided tape
fishing line
Print the template onto your paper or card-stock, on the white/plain side. There are 3 sizes. Small – prints
out all 5 sides on one sheet of paper. Medium – You need 3 sheets of paper. Large – 5 sheets of paper.
(Make sure when you print to choose the right page. I’m a dope and kept printing out all 3 sizes. So if you
want to make the medium star, print out 3 of page #2)
Step 1: Cut out along solid lines, and fold along dashed
lines. Make a small cut between the flaps at the bottom (see
next pic).
I found it’s easier to punch out holes at this point, before
it’s glued. There are all kinds of craft punches out there.
Make sure to get one that has a far reach (not the mini
stapler kind) so you can get to the middle.
Step 2: Glue cut out into a cone-shape using the tab on the side and glue onto the inside of the cone so
it's hidden away. Glue all 5 parts into cones.
Step 3: Pick two of the cones and glue them together using
the glue-tabs. The two tabs of one cone go inside the adjacent cone, like this.
Step 5: Continue gluing all the cones together until all five are
connected, but don't glue the first and last cones together. Instead, thread a few inches of clear fishing
line halfway up the first cone, and halfway up the last cone. Carefully tie the line so the star connects. Of
course don’t put a real candle in there. Duh. Use a battery operated tea light or attach stars together on a
string of lights. The now have short, battery operated strings. I get my craft supplies at Michael’s.