Danville Family YMCA Personal Training

Danville Family YMCA Personal Training
People join the YMCA with a high motivation to become
healthier but sometimes you need help and support!
The Y strives to make available to you the most
experienced and professional personal fitness trainers. Our
trainers cover a vast array of clientele including athletes,
sedentary adults, seniors, teens, and individuals with
disabilities. Our nationally certified personal trainers can
design a personalized training program specifically for you
based on your individual profile and goals.
Whether it's losing weight, toning up, building muscle,
increasing stamina, or preparing for an event, YMCA
Personal Training will help you reach your fitness goals
through personalized training and we'll help you learn how
to stay that way for life!
Ready to take the next step?
1. Fill out the Person Contact Information (Attached).
2. Select your preferred trainer from the biographies
3. Select your desired training package (Prices attached).
4. Return this packet to the Front Desk at the Danville
Family YMCA.
Once the packet is received, your trainer or the Health and
Wellness Director will contact you within 24 – 48 hours.
*Sessions are 30 minutes each*
1-on-1 Personal Training
Two (2) sessions:
Six (6) sessions:
Ten (10) sessions:
Twenty (20) sessions:
Non Members:
Train Together (2 People)
*Participants must train at the same time*
Non Members:
Six (6) sessions:
$75/each person
$90/each person
Ten (10) sessions:
$100/each person $125/each person
Twenty (20) sessions:
$200/each person $225/each person
Package Deals
Starting-off Package:
Non Members:
Package includes a 1-on-1 one (1) hour consultation with the personal trainer of your
choice, dietary analysis, and a custom workout designed to help you reach your goals on
your own.
Note that personal trainer does not supervise the workout delivered.
Deep Stretch Package:
Stretching has many benefits including increased muscular blood flow, decreased muscle
tension, increased joint range-of-motion, increased muscle elasticity, and decreased risk
of activity based injury. This package includes 4 sessions with a personal trainer covering
proper technique, trigger points, and use of rollers and massage balls.
Weight Loss Package:
Package includes a consultation with the personal trainer of your choice, fitness
assessment, dietary analysis, and twelve (12) 1-on-1 sessions with your trainer. Designed
for those serious about losing weight!
Personal Contact Information
Name: 
Home Phone: 
Best time to call: 
Work Phone: 
Best time to call: 
Cell Phone: ______________________
Best time to call:_____________________
Email address:___________________________________________________________
Birth date: 
Sex: 
Personal Physician: 
Phone: 
Person to contact in case of an emergency:
Name: 
Phone:  (HM/WK)
What is the reason you have decided to begin a personal training program?
(check all that apply)
___Weight control/loss
___To stay in shape
___Increased strength
___Increased flexibility
___Improved cardiovascular fitness
___Reduce stress
___Reduce low back pain
___To gain weight/muscle
___Increase energy level
___To stop smoking
___To lower cholesterol
___To feel better overall
___To tone/firm
What would be the best time of day for you and your trainer to meet?
____5:30 - 8:00 am
____2:00 - 5:00pm
____8:00 - 11:00 am
____5:00 - 8:00pm
____11:00am - 2:00pm
The YMCA offers several trainers: Dina Julian, Jessica Hunter, Kylie Dryer, Tony Nixon, and
Chris Turner.
Please read over the attached biographies and select the one you prefer.
_________Dina Julian
_________Kylie Dryer
_________Jessica Hunter
_________Chris Turner
_________Tony Nixon
Jessica Hunter
 ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
 ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
 ISSA Specialist in Fitness Therapy
 ISSA Specialist in Strength and Conditioning
 ISSA Specialist in Senior Fitness
 ISSA Elite Trainer 1
Jessica has overcome obesity by losing 92 pounds. Her passion is to
help others achieve their fitness and/or weight loss goals too! She
focuses on nutrition and will help keep you accountable. She has
armed herself with a course in motivation that will help blast through
excuses and keep you on the path to success. It doesn’t matter where
you are at in your journey, Jessica can help you.
Jessica is currently two courses away from an Associates Degree in
Exercise Science.
Dina Julian
Dina is a graduate of Brigham Young University
with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Fitness.
She began her career in 2004 as a fitness
instructor for the Danville Family YMCA. She
is currently the Water Exercise and Senior
Program Coordinator, teaching water exercise
and SilverSneakers® Muscular Strengthening
Range of Motion classes working with the
Active Older Adult population, and teaching
individuals about healthy living and physical
“As a fitness professional, a wife and mother of three active girls, I understand first hand
the challenges of balancing healthy habits with the demands of a busy life. I also suffer
from Fibromyalgia Syndrome so I know the daily struggle it is to be active, but I feel best
when I can keep my body in motion. Exercise can change your life and affect the way
you feel about everything. I am motivated in helping others realize this potential.”
Dina’s training involves working with active older adults, strength training and
cardiovascular conditioning, weight management, balance and coordination training,
fitness for daily living activities, stretching for increased range of motion, and exercise for
those that suffer from fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, arthritis and diabetes.
-BS in Health and Fitness from Brigham Young University
-ACE Certified Personal Trainer
-ACE Certified Health Coach
-YMCA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
-Water in Motion Certified Instructor
Kylie is a graduate from the University of Indianapolis with a Bachelor of Science
Degree in Physical Education Sports Administration. She began her career in
2008 as a Fitness Specialist for the Danville Family YMCA. She is currently
teaching evening Water exercise class, and is a certified First Aid and CPR I
nstructor. She works with everyone in our wellness center from pre-teens to
active older adults and loves to teach individuals about living a healthy lifestyle.
began my career as a fitness specialist in 2003 in Indianapolis working as a
fitness specialist for New Lady Fitness. My biggest accomplishment was working
with a lady whom had a shoulder replacement and double knee replacement.
When we began working together she had only about 10% movement in her
shoulder. When I was finished working with her she had 90% of it back. It was
then that I realized I wanted to make this my career. I enjoyed working with this
individual and teaching her new things as well as watching her reach her goals.
When I work with individuals I take their goals personally. If they do not get their
goals then I feel like I did not do my job.”
Kylie’s training involves weight training and cardiovascular conditioning, total
body toning, fitness for daily living, as well as flexibility.
BS in Physical Education Sports
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
YMCA Certified Group Fitness Instructor