empowering Prepare for an birth with

Why Choose
Our comprehensive
Hypnobirthing Australia™
childbirth education
courses prepare you
and your birth partner
with the knowledge
and confidence you
need to have a calm,
gentle, empowering birth
You will learn how to:
• Make informed decisions about birth &
communicate effectively with caregivers
• Create and maintain a positive mindset
• Overcome fears so you can break the
fear-tension-pain cycle
• Use self-hypnosis to condition yourself to
release endorphins during birth
• Trust your body and understand how it
has been designed for birth
Jamie Hocking HPCE
Jamie Hocking is the Director of Mindful
Pregnancy. Jamie’s mission is to
inspire women to embrace the naturally
transformative experience of pregnancy,
and to provide them with tools and practices
to support their emotional wellbeing and
personal development during pregnancy,
birth, and into motherhood.
Prepare for an
birth with
Jamie is a Hynobirthing Australia™ Certified
Practitioner, and has used Hypnobirthing
during both of her births.
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• Achieve a state of deep relaxation so you
can birth calmly
You will discover that childbirth free of fear is a
joyous, celebratory, empowering experience.
The Hypnobirthing
Australia™ Advantage
Hypnobirthing Courses
The Hypnobirthing Australia™ program is
uniquely designed for the Australian birth
experience. Each class is made up of
childbirth education components and practical
components including active relaxation and
breathing exercises, hands-on massage
techniques and hypnosis practice.
What gives our classes the edge?
The course and techniques are all designed
with the Australian birth experience in mind.
The course includes Australian handouts,
practice tracks recorded with Australian
accents, modern training and birth videos from
Australia & New Zealand, up-to-date birth
information, and engaging classes.
Birth can, and should be, a positive
experience – one that you will always want to
remember! Demand the best for your baby’s
start in life and experience the Hypnobirthing
Australia™ advantage.
Hypnobirthing provides you with the
knowledge you need to feel confident,
and the techniques to remain calm and
in control during your birth, just as
nature intended. Birth with love and joy!
Group Courses
Flexible Options
Learn the Hypnobirthing Australia™ program
in a small group setting. This 12-hour course
is taught in either four 3-hour sessions or over
two 6-hour sessions. Check our website for
details on current course dates.
We are flexible. If the courses listed do not
suit you, contact Jamie for additional options.
For instance, we can organise half-private and
half-group sessions or make arrangements to
suit mothers close to their estimated due date.
Private Courses
You only get one chance to
birth this baby. Be prepared!
Learn the Hypnobirthing Australia™ program in
a private setting. We will work with just you and
your support person. The course is a 12-hour
course and sessions will be arranged at times
that suit all parties.
Refresher Courses
This course is for women who have already
taken any full Hypnobirthing course. In this
3-hour refresher class we work with you to
determine your needs and customise the
content accordingly.
To learn more about Mindful Pregnancy and
the Hypnobirthing Australia™ program or to
book in for a course contact Jamie at :
w: www.mindful-pregnancy.com
m: 0430 229 598
e: [email protected]