PART I: Your analysis of some issues raised by the documentary, The Corporation
= 50 points
This analysis (preferably typed) has several components:
A) A discussion of THREE specific things you learned from the film that impacted you---explain in detail what and why!
B) Your opinion of at least one ISSUE raised (corporate responsibility, externalities, “terminator biotechnology”, water
privatization, commons ownership, patenting life, etc, etc...)
C) The film diagnoses a corporation with a psychopathic personality disorder, suffering from these symptoms:
(1) callous unconcern for the feelings of others, (2) incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, (3) reckless disregard for the
safety of others, (4) deceitfulness: repeated lying and conning others for profit, (5) incapacity to experience guilt, (6) failure to
conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors.
Evaluate this diagnosis by describing specific actions by corporations as they relate to EACH symptom.
** (this means you must come up with 6 different examples from THROUGHOUT the film--one for each symptom!)
D) Your overall critique of the film
Please do not forget to include your notes taken while viewing the film.
PART II: A creative evaluation of a corporation of your choice.
=50 points
Step 1: Choose a corporation and do some googling! (specifically about its corporate responsibility)
Step 2: After considering issues raised by the documentary as well as reflecting upon what you have researched about
the corporation you chose...answer these questions:
a. What do you think of the corporation you have researched?
b. What kind (if any) of externalities does it create?
c. Is it “good” or “bad”?
Step 3: Be creative! Types of creative evaluations include (but are not limited to) political cartoons, poems, collages,
interpretive dances, etc...but MUST INCLUDE at least TWO (2) FACTS from your research that back up your evaluation!
**Be sure you cite the sources of your facts!
some useful websites are: ----lists select “green” companies ----click on industries, then type site articles about companies ----free search for companies: get “ethiscore” research & strategies for more -----check under “news” and other websites under “resources” ------check out “Hall of Shame”
and if you hate Monsanto...please visit this site!
....check out its home page while you’re there!
This counts as a test grade!!