Concord Fax Online

Concord Fax Online
Businesses of all sizes — from SMBs to the world’s largest global enterprises — rely on Concord
Fax Online to deliver continuous, secure, compliant and affordable fax services from anywhere,
at any time.
Key Features
Concord Fax Online leverages the power and flexibility of the Cloud to provide “always on” faxing without fax machines, fax software or servers, paper or phone lines. Customers can view,
print, forward and import faxes into other applications whenever and wherever e-mail can be
accessed. It’s that easy.
Managed Services
and premium support
Modern network for
impeccable reliability
Integrate with Custom Applications
On l i n e. A ll t h e t i m e.
Print-to-Fax & MS Office Plug-in
Send & Receive from email
Concord Fax Online’s advanced, highmonitored and managed at two remote
24/7 availability for every critical document
administration and
capacity global network architecture is
data centers around the clock, ensuring
Unlimited scalability
Connect Fax Machines via FaxLync
Connect MFP’s via FaxLync
Send to or from network folders
All users have access to local or toll-free numbers that are never busy, guaranteeing the highest possible uptime for inbound and outbound calls. Whether it’s a one-time fax sent at 2 a.m.
or a high-volume batch received by 10,000 customers across the globe, Concord Fax Online
accommo­dates with unparalleled reliability, security and speed.
and global availability
Leverages traditional
fax machines and
Support any email
Tight integration with
Microsoft ecosystem
101 Stewart Street, Suite 1000, Seattle, Washington 98101 USA
E-mail: [email protected]
Corporate Sales: Toll Free: 1 888 271 0653
USA: (+1) 206 486 6955
Germany: (+49) 89 1250373530
A Fl ex i b l e a n d S e c u re Sy ste m for C omplia nt C ommunicat io ns
Concord Fax Online is trusted by top international companies and is embedded in some of the
world’s leading software products. It supports faxing from desktop applications, custom backend
systems and even traditional analog fax machines and multi-function printers on a consoli­dated
platform for integrated reporting and compliance management. Concord Fax Online can be
used to fully comply with industry-specific regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS and the GrammLeach-Bliley Act.
“It’s been a pleasure working
with Concord Fax Online. . . their
sup­port is very personable and
there have been no implementation problems.”
— Jim Schwantes,
IT Manager, Perez Trading
Supe r ior C ustome r Se r vice
Concord Fax Online receives rave reviews from its customers
because it provides impeccably reliable, high-availability services around the clock, and offers full-service customer care.
The company’s customer service representatives are highly
trained and work alongside development and network operations teams to ensure that customer needs are met quickly
and efficiently.
Afford a b l e Fa x S e r v ice s tha t Lowe r TC O
Concord Fax Online’s Cloud-based fax services enable cus­tomers
to reduce costs in a myriad of ways. Businesses save by paying
only for the service they use, and by elimi­nating the expenses
associated with fax servers and software, fax machines, supplies
and maintenance. Concord Fax Online works seamlessly with your
existing infrastructure, and because the services are so easy to use,
IT Staff are free to concentrate on more important tasks.
“Concord Fax Online
solutions is saving us 60%
over our previous process.
I am very happy with the
service they provide. From
an IT perspective, it’s really easy to support.”
—Lorraine Spencer,
IT Manager, Johns Hopkins
University School of
Medicine CME