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Your Smile.
Their #1 Priority.
Dedicated to advanced restorative and
implant dentistry, St. Paul Dental Center
has been giving the community something
to smile about for over 25 years.
Joseph Trowbridge, DDS
Scott Lingle, DDS
mplants are the truest replacement for natural
teeth,” says Dr. Scott Lingle, one of two implant
doctors at St. Paul Dental Center. “It’s very
gratifying to fulfill the needs of our patients,
whether it’s a teenager born with a missing tooth, an
adult who has lost teeth due to trauma, or an older
patient who cannot receive good results with dentures.”
During a comprehensive evaluation, the doctors
conduct a thorough review of a patient’s dental
history and also inquire about desires and expectations.
“There is a lot of misinformation out there. We take the
time to go through the different options—replacing one
tooth, several teeth, or an entire arch—and explain the
procedures. Our ultimate goal is to improve a patient’s
quality of life,” explains Dr. Lingle.
In addition to improving appearance, implants also
give patients improved chewing strength to support a
more diverse diet and better health.
Advanced Options, Compassionate Care
The state-of-the-art office provides instrumentation
and techniques that are continually updated, such as
the GALILEOS ComfortPLUS 3D imaging unit, which
decreases radiation exposure and improves visualization
of patients’ gums and teeth.
“Implant fixtures have improved as well,” notes
Dr. Joseph Trowbridge. “With laser etching technology,
the fixtures are more like biological materials and bond
much better than in the past.”
Understanding that fear often prevents patients
from visiting the dentist, the doctors emphasize patient
education in order to eliminate the unknown. Oral
sedation is offered to ensure a predictable, comfortable
“The personal, warm, and caring environment we
create is due in large part to our experienced and
considerate staff. It really is a team effort,” says Dr. Lingle.
“They provide top-quality support and care.”
30 East 7th Street, Suite 101
St. Paul, MN 55101
Two Convenient Locations
Working in partnership with St. Paul Dental Center, The Dental
Implant Center in Minneapolis was opened to further provide
exceptional, convenient patient care. The practice now offers
beautiful, fully functioning TeethXpress® with the precision of
computer-guided surgery.
8325 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 150
Golden Valley, MN 55426
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