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Spine Specialists
A: of Michigan.
Where do I go for
: back and neck pain?
Spine and neck pain affects more than your body; it affects your entire
life. Hope is closer than you may realize.
Dr. Louis Radden of Spine Specialists of Michigan has the education,
skill, experience, and perspective needed to help patients of all pain
levels achieve relief—even if they have already had surgery.
“I want patients to know that I’m excited about this subspecialty,
and I’m excited to take care of them,” he says. “We’ll listen to you, help
you articulate your pain, and explain your condition and treatment
options so that you are completely comfortable with your plan.”
Most importantly, he stresses, a visit to his office does not
guarantee surgery. Only about 10 percent of his patients require surgical
intervention and only after all other options have been exhausted.
Conservative First
Following a full, on-site evaluation using the latest diagnostic
technologies, Dr. Radden first recommends a conservative approach such
as chiropractic care, aquatic therapy, or physical therapy.
If pain is not satisfactorily alleviated, he recommends next-level
intervention such as medication management, epidural steroid injections,
or nerve block therapy, which uses image guidance to pinpoint paintriggering nerves.
Minimally Invasive Surgical Expertise
When surgery is the best option for relief, Dr. Radden offers the most
proven, minimally invasive surgical procedures.
Spinal cord stimulator implantation and rhizotomy are minimally
invasive outpatient procedures that selectively target malfunctioning
nerves and halt pain in its path. Compression fracture pain can be
alleviated with kyphoplasty, which injects a cement-like material into
bone cavities to deaden pain-causing nerves and stabilize the bones.
During cervical or lumbar disc replacement, Dr. Radden employs
minimally invasive techniques to stabilize the spine while preserving
New in March 2015, Spine Specialists of Michigan is launching an
outpatient robotics program using the Mazor Robotics RenaissanceTM
Guidance System, a spine-specific technology that yields minimal blood
loss and faster recovery.
“If you’re in pain, let me help,” says Dr. Radden. “The sooner you
seek treatment, the sooner we can improve your quality of life.”
Louis N. Radden, DO
Symptom Watch
Experiencing these symptoms?
Call Dr. Radden.
• Neck pain with or without pain
radiating into the arms or hands
• Back pain with or without pain
radiating into the legs
• Burning, numbness, or tingling in
the hands or feet
• Weakness in upper or lower
• Difficulty grasping or holding items
Patients are talking…
“I tell people that he’s the one
that saved my life.”
“After the surgery, I have no
pain anymore!”
“He’s given me my life back.”
Louis N. Radden, D.O.
Board Certified
Reconstructive Spine Surgeon
32270 Telegraph Road, Suite 110
Bingham Farms, MI 48025