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The Best
at Any Age
It’s time to put your best face forward.
Facial rejuvenation can help you look
and feel your best, and it’s more achievable
than you may realize.
“Women are often concerned that cosmetic enhancement is vain,
but I simply view it as maintenance. You maintain your home,
your car, and your health. Why wouldn’t you maintain a part of your
health that directly impacts your psychological well-being?” says
board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Heather Rocheford, founder of
the discreet and boutique-style Rocheford Plastic Surgery.
“It’s not just for Hollywood; your neighbors are doing it.
It’s time you feel confident in your appearance again.”
The signs of aging can start as early as your 30s, when creases
begin to form around the forehead and brows. For minor repair,
Dr. Rocheford recommends minimally
invasive fillers and injectables, which
require little risk and downtime.
When patients lament of
tired-looking eyes, an upper and lower
lid blepharoplasty can be performed
in-office and under local anesthesia
to “make eyes more open and bright,”
she says.
Sagging jowls and loose neck
skin are often next to need cosmetic
attention, and Dr. Rocheford offers
both full and mini facelifts.
“My goal is to give patients
a natural look that shaves off years
without making them look like a
different person,” says Dr. Rocheford,
who also offers breast, tummy, and
body procedures.
As the only all-female plastic surgery practice in St. Paul, Rocheford
Plastic Surgery offers a uniquely feminine touch. “I can relate to my
patients, and that’s a big advantage,” says Dr. Rocheford.
No-pressure consultations obtain a complete health history and
identify patients’ primary areas of concern. Treatment options are
then presented with a transparent disclosure of all costs.
“My goal is not to sell you the most expensive procedure,” she
emphasizes. “I’m more interested in a long-term relationship where
I can continue to make you feel good about your appearance at
every stage of life.”
The practice also offers a community of happy past patients who
are willing to share experiences with potential patients who might
be hesitant to take the plunge.
“The best part of my job is making a positive difference in
someone’s wellbeing,” concludes Dr. Rocheford.
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