How To Set Up FaceTime on the iPad 2

How To Set Up FaceTime on the iPad 2
1. Open FaceTime app on the device.
2. Your FaceTime account is tied to your iTunes account or Apple ID. If you
have the account, sign into your iTunes Account/Apple ID on the screen. If
not, tap “Create New Account”.
3. On this screen, fill out all the fields, including First Name, Last Name, Email
and Password. The Email will be your new Apple ID. Your password must have
at least 8 characters and include a number, an uppercase letter and a
lowercase letter. After verifying your address, tap the “Next” button.
4. Tap “Sign In”.
5. You need to create a FaceTime address, so your iPad can be able to receive
FaceTime calls. The FaceTime address is an email address. By default,
FaceTime uses the address associated with your iTunes account. If you want
to use another email, type it here. If not, just tap "Next".
6. If you switch email addresses, you will probably get a message like this.
Follow the verification directions in the email you receive.
7. Once verified you should be at your contacts screen and then you need to
follow the directions to set up contacts in FaceTime.
***Be aware that when you set FaceTime up on your iPad you might be able to
skip a few steps. We have seen different things depending on how the iPad is
configured for the school settings. Also, different devices may access
FaceTime in a different way.
Setting Up Contacts In FaceTime
Open FaceTime on the iPad.
2. Tap Contacts in bottom right hand corner. Then tap the „+” symbol in the
upper right hand corner.
3. Add first and last name and email address (or phone number for an
iPhone 4 user). You can add any of the other contact information if you
choose. Then tap done in the upper right hand corner.
4. Tap Add to Favorites.
5. To call someone using FaceTime you must use a WiFi network and both
parties must have each other set up in their contacts.
Tap Favorites and then tap the name of the person you wish to call and start
using FaceTime!