Espresso Book Machine (EBM)

Espresso Book Machine (EBM)
A: What can it do?
Print and bind your favourite and/or custom books with colour covers. You can also bind several book
blocks (interior pages) together using the Espresso Book Machine. Here are a few examples of what the
Espresso Book Machine can create:
Portfolios | Personal works | Family biographies | Recipe collections | Collection of student
writing | Zines | Novels | Custom day-planners | Journals | etc.
B: Why is this exciting?
You can engage with the whole process of printing, binding, and trimming the book, and it is equally
thrilling to see it pop out of this chute like a vending machine. It’s also a great way to access out-of-print
or hard-to-find books, as well as self-publish your own books!
C: How does it work?
File Submission
Upload your own PDF files to self-publish a book or
access book titles via ExpressNet— an online catalogue of
books ready for printing.
Printing Process
The cover is printed in colour on glossy cardstock paper.
Meanwhile, the Xerox machine prints the interior pages
(called the "book block") in black & white. The pages are
collected in the accumulator and aligned.
The machine applies glue to the spine of the book block
and presses it together with the cover.
The book is trimmed to the specified dimensions. The
book drops into a chute. Done!
D: Preparing your book file submission
1. Please ensure you have saved two separate PDF files (one for the cover, another for the book
block) ready for printing. Book covers can be printed in colour on glossy cardstock, whereas
book blocks (interior pages) can only be printed in black & white. If you would like assistance in
preparing your PDF files, please visit us at the Makerspace.
*Note: Print resolution is up to 1200 x 1200 dip RIP resolution and up to 2400 x 2400 dip resolution with
halftone screen 106 lpi or 150 lpi.
Ensure that your book block (interior pages) fits within the following dimensions:
# of Pages
0.100” (2.54mm)
5” (127mm)
1.875” (47.625mm)
4.5” (114mm)
8.2” (208.28mm)
(based on
11” x 17”
(based on
11” x 17”
The book block will print double-sided on Letter-size paper (8.5” x 11”). Excess margins will
be trimmed off.
Determine your book page count:
a. First, check that your book block PDF does not contain any double-page spreads or
b. Your final page count is the total number of pages in your book block PDF file—
including blank pages, dedications, author pages, etc.
E: Questions
We’d be happy to answer your questions. Visit our Makerspace at the Edmonton Public Library today!
EPL Makerspace (Stanley A. Milner Library)
7 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2V4
Phone: (780) 442-7184
Email: [email protected]