Step 4: How to Juggle a Soccer Ball (keepy-ups) Introduction Easy Steps!

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Step 4: How to Juggle a Soccer Ball (keepy-ups)
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Juggling the ball refers to keeping the ball in the air by bouncing it off your feet, chest, head, thighs
and other parts of the body. While it may appear as a fancy skill that is used for showboating, its
usefulness goes much beyond that. Learning how to juggle a soccer ball can improve your touch as
well as your overall balance.
While a soccer ball can be juggled using any part of the
body, the primary parts used in this activity are both the feet.
The area which makes contact with the ball is mostly the
front part of the laces of the shoe and the area below that, as
shown in the figure.
To juggle the ball, you should give it a back spin by kicking it
upwards with the area of the shoe described above. The
backspin helps in keeping the ball towards your body when
it bounced off your foot, or any other part that is being used.
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Remember to keep your toes pointed slightly upwards, and keep your legs straight.
Here is a YouTubevideo by TheSoccerEssentials that explains how to juggle a soccer ball.
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How to Practice
First of all, remember that juggling is a skill that cannot be learned overnight. It can only come with
consistent practice. Having said that, the practice routine described below is the fastest way you can
learn how to juggle because it is goal oriented. Learning juggling without a goal oriented practice
routine can get you frustrated very quickly. Here is what you do 1. Hold the ball, and drop it onto one of your foot (start off with your dominant foot, as it can be
easier). Kick it up using the juggling technique described above. Once the ball comes up, hold
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the ball. Repeat the process with your weaker foot. Carry on doing this till you get feel a degree
of comfort. You will feel that when the ball does not drift away from your body and you are
consistently able to kick and hold every time.
Now is time to start COUNTING. By that what i mean is, you should repeat the step above, but
this time instead of holding the ball after you hit it the first time, let it go down and try to hit it
back up with your other foot, and THEN hold the ball. So instead of holding the ball after one
touch, you are holding it after two touches, one from your dominant foot and the other from
your weaker foot.This may take a little while to get used to, but provided you practiced the first
step well enough, you should get this soon enough. NOW, once you are able to achieve this,
count “TWO” in your mind.
From here on, the aim it to just get better. Since you are at “TWO”, your only aim when you are
practicing the juggling drill should be to increase your count. So once you have achieved “TWO”,
your next target is to get three touches before you hold the ball. So if you start off with your right
foot then a count of ‘THREE” means – drop, right foot , left foot, right foot, hold. Once you
achieve that, it is obvious that your next count target will be “FOUR”.
Keep practicing like this, and keep increasing the count. A good target to have is 20. But really
speaking, the sky is the limit.
As you get better, try to use other parts of your body, like your thighs, chest, and head.
Important Tip : It is a MUST to learn juggling with both feet. Learning juggling only with your
dominant foot will defeat the purpose of this drill, so make sure you always practice with both your
Practice Objective
As mentioned above, a good target to have is 20. So if you are able to make to 20 counts ( 10 from
the left foot, 10 from the right), then you will start to see the benefits of this drill.
Practice Duration
A 20 minutes practice session should be sufficient.
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