HTRSA HTRSA Soccer "Juggling Club" WHY JUGGLE?:

Hamilton Twp Recreation Soccer Association, PO Box 3032, Mercerville, NJ 08619
HTRSA Soccer "Juggling Club"
Juggling is the art of keeping the soccer ball from hitting the ground by bouncing it off of one's foot, knee/leg, head, chest, back
or shoulders (no hands or arms as in a game). Soccer juggling will strengthen a player's overall ball control and game. Juggling
is a fundamental soccer skill that is a must in establishing good "touch" with the soccer ball.
Daily juggling at home is best. At first, start by kicking the ball into your hands, dropping the ball down to your feet and kicking
the ball back up to your hands. Then do two juggles with your feet before sending it back up to the hands. Then do three and
four. Then try alternating from your right foot to your left. Then try to include tops of the thighs (alternating from one thigh to
the other); and finally with the forehead. Increase the numbers as your ability increases.
Juggling helps you get a good feel for the ball and improve your ability to strike the ball on the volley. You gain more
confidence on the ball while increasing overall skill. Soccer juggling is the best exercise to develop touch with the soccer ball.
When juggling, learning to control the body is very important. Being able to make quick, bodily adjustments with all muscles is
developed through juggling. Better balance will enable a soccer player to move to the right, while maintaining balance to shoot
the ball to the left, etc. With good juggling skills, players will make better passes, beat defenders more easily, and be able to
hold the ball against defensive pressure, because of better touch on the ball.
As each player reaches a new level of juggling through their career with HTRSA, they will receive a color-coded soccer ball
patch (see below) plus an HTRSA Certificate. Players can apply the patch to the right sleeve of their team jerseys. You MUST be
a registered player on either an HTRSA Team or Hamilton Soccer Club (Travel Division) Team. Division Commissioners will
distribute patches and certificates to the players through their coaches.
All juggles must be done in front of an HTRSA Coach, NOT in front of parents, friends, etc.
RED - "Beginner" (6 Juggles)
GREEN - "Intermediate" (12 Juggles)
BLUE - "Advanced" (25 Juggles)
RED STAR - "Premier" (50 Juggles)
BLUE STAR - "Elite" (100 Juggles)
GOLD STAR - "Super Elite" (200
Juggling Club members will receive additional "Gold Star" patches for exceeding 300 juggles.
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Joyce Mallory & Wendy McLeod
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Chris Greenberg
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