Softball - Recreational Services

Divisions: Co-Rec
Intramural Softball entries will be online only through IMLeagues, June 1-5. Information
Procedure: on how to register with IMLeagues is available on our website at The
team captain/manger can create a team. The team will be placed on a waitlist until registration
fees have been paid. The team captain/manager can contact the Recreational Services office
between normal business hours to pay the entry fee and receive a coupon code. The coupon
code then can be entered through IMLeagues and the team will be allowed to move off the
waitlist into an appropriate league. If needed, you may find a team to participate with or
additional players for your team by using the "team/player wanted" board posted in the
Intramural Gallery at the Rec Complex.
Eligibility: All participants must have a valid K-State student ID or K-State Faculty/Staff ID. Participants
must have been enrolled in the spring semester, be enrolled in summer session, or be
employed at Kansas State University. Spouses are eligible to play if both the husband and wife
play on the same team and must present a form of identification to play. For those participating
in outdoor intramural sports, presentation of a summer pass or facility membership is not
Softball teams will be organized into leagues and play will be round robin. Games will be
played on Wednesday nights, with games beginning at 7 pm and 8 pm. All games will be held
on the Intramural play fields.
Play begins Wednesday, June 10.
Awards will be given to the winning team. A minimum of four teams must enter.
Entry Fee: $25 plus tax per team to be paid at sign-up.
1. Games are to start at the scheduled starting time. There is a 5-minute grace period, then a forfeit will
be declared if your team does not have enough players to begin the game.
Co-Rec Leagues -
10 players (5 women & 5 men)
9 players (5 women & 4 men)
8 players (4 women & 4 men)
There is a penalty for fielding 8 or 9 players instead of 10.
2. Report to the fields and a field supervisor 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time for field
assignment and sign-up.
3. Rain-outs: The decision to postpone a day’s games will be made one hour prior to the starting time
of the day’s first games. Visit our website or social media for information regarding rain-outs. Rainouts will be rescheduled.
4. No officials, using summer co-rec softball rules (2-pitch).
5. Playoffs will be held for Co-Rec leagues. The playoff schedule will be posted at the end of the
regular season on IMLeagues.
Co-Rec Rules
Summer Co-Rec play differs from spring semester Co-Rec softball. See Co-Rec summer softball
rule book for specialized information concerning these changes. Please make your team aware
of these differences before league play beings.
Rule books can be found on our website or on the IMLeagues website.