rebounderz air dodgeball tournament rules

Air Dodgeball is a game in which players try to hit other players with balls and avoid being hit
with the field of play being on interconnected trampolines. The main objective is to eliminate all
members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a
member of the opposing team, all by being in the air. Players cannot score an out against the
opposing team while any parts of their own body are touching the playing surface.
 Each player must present a valid form of identification, proof of purchase, and sign a
Rebounderz waiver in order to receive a Tournament/League wristband.
 All participants are required to wear a Tournament/League wristband.
 All participants are required to read this document and understand the rules, policies, and
procedures prior to participating in this activity.
 All participants are responsible for their own medical expenses. Any participant unsure of
their physical condition should check with their family physician or a health center before
participating in the tournament.
 All sales are final. Tournament and League registration fees are non-refundable under any
Proper sports conduct is essential in all Rebounderz Dodgeball activities. Therefore, if a player
or players are ejected from a game, they will receive a minimum automatic next game
suspension if their team should win and advance in the tournament/league. The suspension
becomes effective immediately following the ejection and carries through the remainder of that
game and the following game. Anyone fighting, being unnecessarily rough, arguing with staff
and/or using inappropriate language or gestures are subjected to removal from the games or
building due to the discretion of Rebounderz employees and staff.
Rebounderz reserves the right to change any team name that is deemed inappropriate or
offensive to participants (including but not limited to: names involving profanity, racial epithets,
or of an offensive or lewd nature).
Game Time is Forfeit Time! All Rebounderz events are tightly scheduled based on facility
availability to allow for maximum participation, so keeping the games on schedule is very
important. Please have your team at the playing areas checked-in and ready to play at least ten
(10) minutes before your scheduled game time.
If one team is late/is not present, the team's captain that is present and has the minimum
number of participants required ready to play will be given two options (once a decision
is made it cannot be changed):
1. Take the forfeit immediately.
2. Give the team five (5) minutes to show.
If the team shows, the game must be played with only the remaining amount of time left.
If the team still does not show, it will be a forfeit.
Teams that forfeit matches are not entitled to refunds. Teams that forfeit more than 2
games in league play will be ineligible to participate for the remainder of the current
league in play.
Teams consist of five (5) players. The minimum number of players required to prevent a
forfeit is four (4). At game time, if your team only has the four (4) players present the
game will begin with the four (4) players and no other players that arrive late can “jump
in” and begin playing for their team. The late individual(s) must wait until the
commencement of the next game to participate.
Players cannot use players from other teams as substitutes.
Alternate players may enter when a new game starts, during an injury or to replace a
player during a referee’s timeout.
A game will last up to five (5) minutes.
Teams are not allowed time outs unless it is due to an injured player.
If the game is tied after 5 minutes, play continues until the first player is eliminated in a
sudden death period.
If the last two players from both sides are eliminated simultaneously, play will continue.
The Rebounderz referee will determine the timing.
There will be a one (1) minute break between matches.
A round robin game will consist of the best 2 out of 3 matches. Championship matches
will be played best 3 out of 5 games.
Depending on the make and size of the teams participating in Tournament/League games,
the coordinator of the tournament/league will decide if the tournament will be in a single
or double elimination format along with the number of rounds in the tournament.
The beginning of every game, each team will start with two balls on their side of the
court and one ball will be placed in the middle area when the match has started.
When the whistle is blown by an official, members of both teams begin play.
The winning team is the team with the last player on the court or the team with the most
players left on the court at the conclusion of the game.
If a player attempts to block a ball with his/her ball and drops his/her ball, he/she will be
ruled out. If the ball being thrown was caught by a teammate before coming in contact
with the court, the person throwing the ball will be ruled out.
Once a player is knocked out, he/she must leave the area of play and stand in each teams
designated “out” area. Any player leaving the playing area to retrieve a ball thrown
outside the regulation playing field will be eliminated. Officials will retrieve the balls and
place them in the “neutral” zone.
The “neutral” zone area is the middle pad that divides the playing field in half. A player
may not touch the neutral zone, and will be ruled out if he/she does so. A player will also
be ruled out by the official if he/she crosses over into the other team’s zone for reaching
Players are prohibited from wearing gloves, tape, or anything that can allow an advantage
for catching balls.
Catch-ins will not be allowed during tournament/league play.
A team is not allowed to have all of the dodgeballs on its side of the court for more than
five (5) seconds. This includes dodgeballs that are not being held by the remaining
players (i.e., dodgeballs on floor). If all dodgeballs are ‘possessed’ by one team, that team
has five (5) seconds to roll or throw at least one (1) ball to the other side.
The officials will proceed with the official call that was called first when there are two
A judgment call can NOT be protested. THE REFEREE’S DECISION IS FINAL – NO
A ball that has been thrown and has not been touched by anything other than an active
player or another ball.
Hit the floor.
Hit the wall.
Hit the rafters, netting, support beams, or anything hanging from ceiling or walls.
Hit a player that is NOT active in the game.
 If any player holds a ball more than five (5) seconds, the player holding the ball must roll ball
over to the opposing team’s side. Failure to immediately deliver the ball will result in that player
being called out.
Suicides are never allowed and result in immediate out.
 Players are not allowed to hide behind padded support beams (if present) or any other
structures that can impede the projection of a thrown ball.
 Players repeatedly standing on the wall pads will result in delay the game warning and will
be ruled out upon further violation.
 In the event of a tie there will be a sudden death overtime period with all players returning in
the field of play. The first team to eliminate an opposing player shall be declared the winner.
Players may not lift or support their teammates in catching a throw etc.
Players still required to follow the basic rules of Rebounderz (i.e. no running, straddling
of the pads, etc.).