Electronic Cigarette Retailer, E-Liquid Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Kiosk Vendor & International Web-based Supplier

Electronic Cigarette Retailer,
E-Liquid Manufacturer,
Wholesaler, Kiosk Vendor &
International Web-based Supplier
Join the TKO Vapor family today
& be part of our success story!
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TKO Vapor strives to be the leader in the production of the
highest quality electronic cigarettes, liquids and accessories
currently available, through its active and expanding participation in the electronic cigarette marketplace. We stand out
amongst the competition in this fast-growing industry because
of our unique dual-part approach to customer care:
• We offer a variety of highly customizable products so that
each client can build a vaping routine that meets his/her
specific needs. Our product lines are geared toward helping
everyone from casual to die-hard smokers make a smooth
transition to the vaping lifestyle.
• Our management and sales team is united by the shared
goal of providing current and former cigarette smokers with
what we believe is the world’s best alternative to traditional
tobacco. We offer top-notch support and guidance to those
who diligently seek what we believe to be a healthier lifestyle.
Going forward, the customizability of our brand will offer TKO
customers even more ways to integrate their e-cigarettes into
their lives. We work constantly on developing new products and
modifications that will bring the most advanced vaping technology to our stores and our clients.
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TKO Vapor started as one Kiosk in Sante Fe, New Mexico.
We redesigned existing e-cigarettes on the market to turn
them into more effective tools, and by combining that ingenuity
with our superior service, we are now projected to be a leader
in the industry. The overwhelming response and our clients’
dedication to the vapor lifestyle allowed our small company to
expand nationwide and internationally.
The loyal client following we have developed attracts many
business minded people interested in selling our product, so
we designed a program that supports our distributors and
allows them the option of gaining exclusive rights over specific territories. TKO Vapor Distributors, Dealers, and Franchise
Owners are joining us across the map, and together we are
successfully branding ourselves as the company that cares
and truly strives to help each of our clients.
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Saving Lives: Our #1 Motivation to expand
According to the CDC, tobacco use causes more than 5
million deaths per year worldwide, and current trends show
that tobacco use will cause more than 8 million deaths
annually by 2030. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers and may suffer many debilitating illnesses1. Although the grim facts about smoking are widely
known, addiction continues to keep many people from committing to a healthier lifestyle.
Enter the Electronic Cigarette, what we believe to be a
healthier, smoke-free alternative that helps people maintain
most of what they love about smoking, without the carcinogenic side effects. E-Cigs also have great market potential
because they tap into consumers’ love of gadgets, and their
need to personalize purchases and make them their own.
We find our business so rewarding because we know that
every time we turn a profit, we may also be saving lives.
When it comes to Quality USA made E-liquids, TKO Vapor
sets the standards. It’s your body, don’t leave it to chance
by gambling your health and well being on discount imported e-Liquids. Insist on the very best!
The FDA tested 22 samples of E-Liquids from several of the
top selling E Cigarette/Liquid retailers imported from China
and found 3 samples heavily tainted with several carcinogens. These carcinogens included Diethylene Glycol and
Lead, among other deadly dangerous chemicals. OUR Liquids are made with 100% Kosher grade FDA-approved food
products. USA Made Liquids. Demand the best for your
clients! Demand TKO Vapor!
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Along with helping our clients, our key aim is to expand so that
people everywhere will know and benefit from our brand. Our
unique business structure relies on motivated representatives
like YOU who want an opportunity to make a significant profit
while helping promote TKO Vapor and the “e-cigarette” lifestyle.
For this reason, our pricing structure reflects a minimal profit
margin to TKO Vapor, so that YOU receive the majority of the
money from your sales. We also offer a variety of tools to help
you effectively market our product and your service:
● A growth specialist is assigned to each new Partner to help
develop a business growth plan.
● Low, set pricing for all Distributors, no matter how small or
large your order! (There is a first order minimum of $500.00.
We want to make sure you’re as serious about working with
us, as we are with you!)
● Place your Distributor orders online through tkovapor.com,
● Marketing materials you can use to help promote the TKO
products you offer your customers! (contact your account
manager/growth specialist for more information regarding
these materials)
● We will work with you on attending special Vape events in
your area!
The Bottom Line:
When YOU Succeed
We Will Succeed
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Our premium E-Liquids are made in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA
with 100% Kosher grade FDA-approved food ingredients. You can
taste the difference; most of our clients say that our liquid (juice) is
the best they have ever tasted.
We currently produce almost 100 flavors, all of which are available in
20 mL bottles of varying nicotine concentrations. We offer 0 mg (no
nicotine) through 36 mg (non-filtered) concentrations of nicotine for
each flavor so that the client can customize their nicotine intake. We
now also offer VG based liquids in a variety of flavors, in both 20mL
and our Premium Line 30mL bottles, also in varying nicotine levels.
One bottle often lasts weeks with even some of the most heavy
e-cigarette users! We also encourage our clients to blend flavors to
create custom flavor blends of their own, thus personalizing their
vaping experience even more!
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• Our staff really cares about our clients & we love working with
like-minded people. We strive to educate and to help people help
• We stand behind our product and behind you — our company that
has one of the best warranties in the industry. Although troubles are
inevitable with new technology, we work hard to ease that stress
and reduce associated costs to you and to customers.
• Our kits are completely customizable so that you can work with
your customers to make sure that their product is suited for them!
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Terms/Conditions for Becoming/Maintaining Distributor Status with TKO Vapor.
1. Your first order with us must be a minimum of $500.00
2. To maintain your Distributor in Good Standing status, you must purchase a minimum of $500.00 per month
3. If you can not meet the minimum order requirements for a given month, you should contact us at [email protected]
com and inform us as to why you can not meet the minimum for that month. Failure to notify us may result in your automatic loss of Distributor in Good Standing status.
4. We reserve the right to review any Distributor account to determine whether that account should stay active and in
Good Standing.
Distributor Custom e-Liquid Options
As a Distributor, you have the option to purchase custom e-liquids from TKOVapor. This customization can include:
custom labeling with your company branding on the labels (with a Powered by TKOVapor logo on the label), customized
flavors, as well as whether the e-liquids you purchase have nicotine added to them or not (see e-Liquid Dispenser item
within this catalog on how you can add in your own nicotine).
If you want to have the liquids you purchase from us to have your own branding on them (with Powered by TKOVapor
logo), you will need to:
- Submit camera/print ready artwork of your company logo/branding to us. Jpg, eps preferred, at least 2 in. by 2 in. scale
at 300dpi. If we have to recreate your branding to be print ready, there will be additional costs associated.
- Place a Minimum order of 500 bottles with a minimum of 10 different custom labels/flavors (you can mix/match flavors to
reach a total of 500 bottles)
- 1 time set-up fee of $99.00. Liquids with custom labels cost $3.00 per bottle without nicotine added, $3.25 per bottle with
nicotine added (this does not include any custom flavors, see below).
We will create custom flavors for you, and any additional charges are:
- If it is a mix of flavors we already carry, there is no additional charge per bottle.
- If you are also doing a custom label, see above for Custom Label set-up fee/requirements (a custom flavor does not
have to be the entire 500 bottles, but must be part of an order of at least 500 bottles minimum)
- If it is a custom flavor that is not just a mix of the flavors we currently carry, there will be additional charges to create that
flavor (contact us for more information).
Each and every bottle you purchase from us can either have 0mg of nicotine added, or any of our standard levels of nicotine added (8mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, or 36mg). For each bottle of e-liquid you purchase from us that has nicotine added,
there is a $0.25 charge added to each bottle. The other option is to purchase the Nicotine Dispenser that we offer, and
you can then add your own levels of nicotine to each bottle as a customer purchases them from you. Also, if you do have
the Nicotine Dispenser, you can customize the nicotine levels in the bottles you sell to any level you wish.
If you are interested in purchasing a Nicotine Dispenser, Custom Labels or Custom Liquid Flavors, please call us at 888578-7347 or send us a message at [email protected]
Placing Orders
All orders should be placed online through tkovapor.com. The only exception to this would be because an item you wish to
order is not currently available online. This does NOT mean an item is Out of Stock, but that it is not listed at all. For those
special orders, you can call us at 888.578.7347 or email us at [email protected]
ANY QUESTIONS? Contact us at 888.578.7347 option 2, or [email protected]
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$50,000.00 in Prizes Will Be Given Away!
Submit a video showing where you Vape, and you could win!
See our Facebook page for more details, or ask your TKO representative more about it!
TKO and YOU can help give back
In every TKO Vapor and Overstock Ecigs & More location, each time a client makes a purchase, we
ask them if they would like to donate one dollar toward the LifeStraw® Community program. TKO
matches each dollar donated 100%! These funds are then sent to our Rotary Club partner who in turn
purchases and distributes the LifeStraw® filters to schools in impoverished nations around the world.
In essence, we’re helping get clean, safe drinking water to children who do not have the ability to get
clean water!
As a Distributor, you too can ask your clients if they would also like to donate to this wonderful cause,
and any donations you collect and send to us (even if you want to donate yourself!), we will also
match 100%!
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Easily turn a small investment into a small fortune
by making you first order today.
There are no start-up fees to becoming a distributor.
Simply follow these steps to join our team & start earning!
1. Fill out the New Distributor Form online at
2. All new distributors must also submit a W-9 tax ID form (when you fill
out the New Distributor Form above, you will automatically be redirected
to the W-9 form online).
3. Once you have submitted both forms online, you will receive instructions on how to be able to create a New Distributor account online
through tkovapor.com. This will allow you to receive Distributor pricing
4. When you have created your online account, you can submit your first
order online! (minimum $500.00 for your first order)
5. Your first Distributor order online will be on hold until we call you and
verify your submitted information (usually within 1 business day), and
once verified, your order will be released for processing/shipping. If we
have already talked to you on the phone during your sign-up process,
your order will be processed immediately.
TKO Vapor is ready to do Business with YOU!
We look forward to hearing from you!
If you’d like to view our product catalog, continue on with this PDF. You can also
download/print this for your own reference, as well. And you can always see what is
currently available by going to tkovapor.com.
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