Riven by A.J McCreanor

Riven by A.J McCreanor
Riven is the stunning crime fiction
debut from one of the most exciting
new voices in the field.
The novel follows police partners Wheeler and
Ross as they investigate a series of crimes in
their patch of that city. A psychologist is found
brutally murdered, an addict jumps to his death
and a student is found dead of a drugs
overdose. These are the facts – and they are all
that Wheeler and Ross have. And as they weave
their way through the layers of Glasgow’s
underbelly they find a subculture where truth and
lies are interchangeable commodities and
violence the favoured currency. Yet all the time
the killer stays one step ahead of them as
Wheeler uncovers a web of deceit in which her
own nephew is entangled. And as the case
draws to a bloody conclusion, she has to confront
her own integrity and face the dilemma: is
justice always served best by the truth?
On publication in October last year, the Sun
called it ‘brilliant’ while Scotland’s Daily Record
commented, ‘an outstanding debut.’ The novel is
set in contemporary Glasgow, a city the author
knows well having been born there and later
working as a teacher in various secondary
schools in the inner city
A. J. McCreanor was born in Glasgow and after university taught English in
various secondary schools in inner Glasgow. In 2011 she won first prize for
crime fiction writing at the Wells Literature Festival. She now lives in
Glastonbury with her husband, two cats and one dog.