April - 2015 - RC Patel Institute Of Management

April - 2015
Director’s Message
Editor’s Message
Event Corner
Director’s Message
 Miss World 2014 Ms
Rolene Strauss at shirpur
Exam Tips for Students
The month of April and May is an exam season hence on this time I want to
share few things with students via this edition of EBulletin.
We all know final exams and assignments are important – they can decide
whether you pass the course or not. As you study for your tests but treat
every day like a priceless journey of discovery and learn new things. Exams
will come and go, but knowledge is priceless. We want you to do well in
this exam so you can reap its rewards for the rest of your life.
Students don’t procrastinate! Use your time wisely and make sure the
work you need to do is done before you go do something with your
friends. Don't forget that the main reason you are in college is to get an
education and better yourself, so make that your top priority.
Believe in yourself and your hard work. Remember perseverance always
pays. I wish you all the best for your exam and your future career and may
you observe success in all your endeavors.
Mrs. Vaishali B. Patil
R. C. Patel IMRD, Shirpur
Editor’s Message
Dear Readers,
It is immense pleasure to present the fourth issue of E-bulletin April2015 of IMRD. In this Edition I have tried to capture last month
excitement activities. The last month was quite busy with the
internal exam, practical exam, Project Viva and theory exam. Exam is
also an interesting event in the student’s life when some feels scary
and feels different.
By this newsletter edition I can say for students to be the BEST, you
must beat the REST. Whenever you ask God for a Blessing, you are
inviting challenges because they are your stepping-stones to your next
level in life! Do not run from them. Step on them to be the BEST!"
I sincerely hope that this edition will prove to be an interesting read.
Please feel free to offer any suggestions for improvement via
[email protected]
Kindly visit to our website http://rcpimrd.ac.in/
Mrs. Archana Jade
Training & Placement Officer,
R. C. Patel IMRD, Shirpur
Events Corner
CREA Training Program
“Coaching for Recruitment and Empowerment of
Actions” - A Four days training program was
organized by IMRD for the MCA students from
date 3rd April to 6th April, 2015. Total 103 students
of MCA participated in this training program.
IMRD is associated with “Innovation Unlimited
services” Bangalore to organize training program.
The trainers invited for CREA were Mr. Dinesh
Gosal (Gave training on Presentation Skills), Mr.
Sanil (Gave training on Communication skills),
Mr. Manjesh S. P. ( Gave training on English
spoken and Written English ) and Ms. Sonal
Sharma (Gave training on Quantitative Maths ,
logical and Analytical Thinking).
Students communicating with each other
The objective behind this training program was to
make the student from fresher to industry –
ready professional. This training program helped
students to develop their communication skills,
presentation skills, logical and listening skills
The academic education of the college makes the
student technically very sound but the students
are unable to think out of the box. A quality to
think differently and innovatively is what most of
the companies required. CREA is a course
designed by “Innovations Unlimited” to achieve
same ends, which makes the students perfect IT
This program was an activity oriented and test
based that was tested the aptitude, spoken
English , written English , articulation and situation
reaction skills. This training acted as a confidence
booster for the mental and emotional state of
student. Through the various activities in training
program students are able to think out of the box.
They are able to improve their creative and lateral
Mr. Dinesh Gosal giving tips on Presentation
Ms. Sonal Sharma teaching logical and
Analytical Thinking
This kind of training sessions always organized by
IMRD for MCA students and the result is that out
of 137 student of MCA this year 133 students got
an IT .
The Director of IMRD Mrs. Vaishali Patil, Assistant
Director and HOD of MCA Department Mr. Manoj
Behere, Mrs. Archana Jade, Mr. Narendra Rajput
Mr. Manoj Sonwane , Mr. Sumit Bide, Mr. Swapnil
Goje, Mr. Amit Patil and Mr. Vishal pawar gave
their great support to make this event successful.
Students attending CREA training
Event Corner
Bharat Abhiyan”
The Student’s Welfare Department of North
Maharashtra University, Jalgaon drives a clean
mission program under the campaign of
“Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. The team of IMRD
drive the clean mission in Kalamsare village
situated in Shirpur Taluka, Dist –Dhule on 9th
April, 2015.
The basic objective behind conducting this
program was to aware people regarding
cleanliness. The faculties and students worked
under student’s welfare department of IMRD
collected the garbage from various areas and
clean the roads of Kalamsare village.
Students and Faculties Collecting Garbage
The team of IMRD creates awareness among
villagers regarding the importance of Cleanliness.
They also gave message to the villagers that
cleanliness is important in our life as well as for
the nation. It is a need of the present; all the
people should actively participate to clean India
to fulfill the dream of Mahatma Gandhi for the
protection of the environment, for our safety,
and for a healthy future.
The faculties of IMRD Mr. Amil Patil, Mr. Manoj
Patil , Mr. Amar Gaur, Ms. Mamta Wadhawa and
students of Dual MCA gave their great support to
make this event successful
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan at Kalamsare village
Faculties and Students drive a “Clean Mission”
Faculties and Students of IMRD conducting
“Clean Mission”
Event Corner
Farewell Function
They feel thankful to their juniors and faculties
for organizing this wonderful memorizing day.
Final year students presented beautiful gifts to
the UG department staff.
The Farewell function was organized by the
second year students of IMRD of BCA, BBA and
BBM on 11th April, 2015 to bid adieu to the
outgoing UG batches of final year BCA, BBM,
BBA, 2015.
Director of IMRD Mrs. Vaishali Patil and whole
IMRD family gave best wishes to all outgoing
students for their future career.
The function began with the lighting of lamp and
saraswati poojan by the hands of chief guest’s
Assistant director and HOD of MCA department
Mr. Manoj Behere, HOD of MBM department Mr.
Manoj Patel and HOD of UG department Mr.
Tushar Patel. All the dignitaries on the dais were
given a warm welcome by second year students
and were honored by presenting green plants.
In this farewell function chief guest Assistant
Director Mr. Manoj Behere gave best wishes to
the students for their exam and future career.
The HOD of MBM department Mr. Manoj Patel
gave some important tips of success to the
students and advised students to take right
decision for best future. The HOD of UG
department Mr. Tushar Patel motivated the
students and wishes them best luck with his
motivational and inspiring words.
Final year students rewarded with certificates
On this occasion final year students of BCA Mr.
Gosavi Manoj, Tejaswini, Shimpi Renuka,
Hariprasad Chaudhari and Jain Lokesh, final year
students of BBA – Mr. Badgujar Nikhil, Karankal
Durgesh, Bhoi Ravindra, Patil Prathibha, Patil
Virendra, Salunke Sandeep, Shrirav Mohini and
final year students of BBM Mr. Chaudhari
Mahesh, Badgujar Kundan, Patil Sandeep were
rewarded with certificates and gifts for their
overall good academic performance by the hands
chief guests.
Final year students enjoying the fun games.
Farewell function was enriched with few
programs by the second year students for their
seniors like fun games, quiz, playing videos of
their memories at IMRD, which added colors to
this occasion and filled the environment with a
spirit of celebration.
Final year students expressed their sincere
gratitude towards IMRD & specially UG
department. They expressed that during these 3
years they are developed in various aspects like
Academic, Communication Skills and personality
development etc. and are feeling proud and
confident about success in future.
Final year students gave beautiful gifts to the
UG department faculties
World’s Most Admired Beauties Get Attracted To Shirpur
Miss World 2014 Ms Rolene
Strauss at shirpur.
One of the most influential ladies in the world,
Miss World 2014 Ms Rolene Strauss along with
Miss England 2014 Ms Carina Tyyrell; arrived India
on their special 4-day trip. The first ever visit of
Miss World Rolene Strauss, to India, is not for any
beauty pageant, but for a social cause. They are
especially here to witness the ‘revolution’ of a
lesser known town in Maharashtra called
‘Shirpur’. She Amazed with the ‘rural
transformation’ stories heard about ‘Shirpur’
which inspired them to take this expedition on
their own. She quick expressed her wish to visit
Shirpur to meet the ‘architects of Shirpur’ – Mr
Amrishbhai Patel, MLC of Shirpur, President of
Shri Vile Parle Kelvani Mandal (SVKM) and
Chancellor of NMIMS University, who made a
complete make-over of this village into one of the
most ‘admirable’ places to reck on for.
About 400 kilometers away from Mumbai, the
village of Shirpur demonstrates one of the world’s
best examples of social upliftment of rural lives by
empowerment. Today’s developed town of
Shirpur has 2000 check dams to provide
uninterrupted water supply to the town dwellers
which increased the water table levels by 20-30
feet to the earlier levels. It also houses a mega
employment to about 10,000 locals, a wellequipped hospital, Ashram school to provide free
food, shelter and education to tribal children and
a giant world-class educational campus to seek
students from all over the world.
All these success stories attracted these world
icons to this town. Hon. Mr. Bhupeshbhai Patel
the president of SES, Hon. Mr. Rajgopalji Bhandari
the Chairman of SES, Mrs. Vaishali Patil the
Director of RCPET’S IMRD, Mr Chintan Patel the
Director of Deesan Textiles and the trustee of
SVKM said, “We all are delighted to welcome Ms
Julia Morley and Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss
to Shirpur who took keen interest in knowing the
story of Shirpur. Their visit is the recognition of
the model that Shirpur sets forth, which talks
about holistic societal development”. Today on
their first day of visit to Shirpur, Miss World 2014
Ms Rolene Strauss and Miss England 2014 Ms
Carina Tyyrell visited the Shirpur Textiles Hub to
see the examples of women empowerment;
they interacted with women working and also
enjoyed learning the method of sewing
garments. They also interacted with students of
Narsee Monji Institute of Management Studies
and SVKM’s Mukesh R Patel CBSE School. On
next day they gain insights by visiting water
conservation project,an Ashram School run by
Shri Vile Parle Kelvani Mandal (SVPKM) for
unprivileged children, Indira Gandhi Hospital
that provides the best healthcare facilities to
rural poor.After spending two days in Shirpur,
They attended a cultural programme at college
ground and enjoyed the various performances
performed by R.C.Patel primary and secondary
school students. In her feedback Ms Rolene
Strauss said, the performances and welcoming
shows were extraordinary and the talent of the
students refreshing. She cannot say thank you
enough for the time and effort that went into
making them feel right at home. They went to
Mumbai on 16th April. In Mumbai, they shared
their experiences of ‘Shirpur’ in the Press
Conference scheduled in Mumbai on Thursday,
April 16, 2015.
Director of IMRD Mrs. Vaishali Patil with Miss
World 2014 Ms Rolene Strauss
Ms. Rolene Strauss, Ms. Carina Tyyrell with
the leader of Shirpur Hon. Amrishbhai , Hon.
Bhupeshbhai , ChintanBhai and Tapan Bhai
and other dignitaries.
Exam Tips For Students
Give yourself enough time to study
1. Give yourself enough time to study
Set out a timetable for your study. Write down
how many exams you have and the days on which
you have to sit them. Then organize your study
accordingly. You may want to give some exams
more study time than others, so find a balance
that you feel comfortable with.
2. Practise your answers to others
Parents and little brothers and sisters don't have
to be annoying around exam time! Use them to
your advantage. Explain an answer to a question
to them. That will help you to get it clear in your
head, and also to highlight any areas where you
need more work.
3. Practice on old exams
One of the most effective ways to prepare for
exams is to practice taking past versions. This
helps you get used to the format of the questions,
and - if you time yourself - can also be good
practice for making sure you spend the right
amount of time on each section.
4. Actively Review your Study Notes
Don’t just study the topics you have covered most
recently. Finals exams include questions related to
the entire subject and the exam questions will
assess the overall ability of the student. It’s
important to master the foundation of the subject
by covering introductory theory before advancing
to deeper topics.
5. How to Deal With Exam Stress
Organize. Make sure you have all the things
necessary for the exam: your stationery, your
identity ticket, your watch etc. Last-minute
searching for things can stress your mind further
and create panic during the exam which can be
Diet. Before you go to the exam, eat foods that
are energy producing and at the same time not
too. heavy on your stomach that make you
sleepy in the examination hall.
Never go in on an empty stomach as you can
end up concentrating more on your hunger than
your exam paper. Fruits and proteins are good
source of energy.
Avoid intake of heavy carbohydrates like rice
and potatoes which will make you sleepy. If
possible carry a water bottle to the exam hall to
Relax. One hour before the exam, relax!! Don't
stress yourself feeding more information to
your already worked-up brain.
Whatever you have learned, be confident of it
and try to picture a calm stream, or take some
deep breaths. You have done your preparation
and now you should prepare yourself to give
your best.
A tired mind will do no good, so it is necessary
to go into the hall with a refreshed mind. You
have worked hard for it and nobody can take
away your hard work.
What you give always comes back to you.
Remember this nature's law. If you not
prepared well, let your mind accept the fact.
It is not possible to go unprepared and expect
no stress and good results.
Instead of trying to revise that very last point
you forgot to learn, try and briefly go over the
different topics in your head so that way you
keep an organised and open mind without
putting pressure on yourself to learn that other
The chances are you'll only remember what you
learned just before the exam and panic with the
other parts.
Plan. Once you get the question paper in your hand, read all the
questions and make a quick rough plan how you are going to invest your
time for doing your best.
Mark the questions which you know the best and attempt them first. In
this manner, you will increase your confidence further. Appreciate
yourself for remembering the solutions and answers; your brain will work
better. Never curse yourself if you forgot or didn't study something which
you thought about studying. Remember it is too late now, and that your
focus should be on the present moment.
Cross-check. It is very, very important to check your answers again in
the end. The last 15 minutes should be to review your paper. Recheck
every answer with patience and you will be surprised by how many
careless faults you come across. Make the necessary corrections.
We invite your feedback and
suggestions which will be
highlighted in next issue.
Kindly send your responses at:
Forget. Most of the time after the exam is over, we worry about the
[email protected]
results or waste time discussing what our friends have written. Realize
that the time to do something about the results passed when you handed
the answer sheet to the examiner. Knowing how your friend did on the
paper will only add more worry.
Chances are that even the friend who told you he did not do well would
have lied to you. Accept that everybody tries their best in the exams.
Regardless, you are losing your time and peace of mind trying to know
what others did or spending energy on worrying which is already past.
Concentrate on how you will face your next exam or how you are going
to spend your time efficiently
6. Sun Safety Basics
Advisory Committee :
Mrs. Vaishali B. Patil
Direct, RCPET - IMRD, Shirpur
Mr. Manoj N. Behere
Asst. Direct, RCPET - IMRD, Shirpur
Mr. Tushar R. Patel
Head Dept. of BCA, BBA & BBM
Editorial Board :
1.Drink plenty of water. During the hot summer months, heat and sweat
can leave your body dehydrated. A lack of water is harmful to your body
and can also make you crave food when you’re not actually hungry. It is
incredibly important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least eight
to nine glasses of water a day. Bored of water? Add some low calorific
flavoring to water such as a piece of fruit, or opt for healthy alternatives
like green tea or coconut water.
Chairman :
2. To protect your self in sunny days Wear hats, suncoats, and sunglasses
while wondering outside in afternoon. And if possible avoid to go outside
in afternoon.
Editor & Designer :
Mrs. Archana Jade
Students sleep well, eat right, follow your study routines so you can top
your class. All the best for your exam. 
Mr. Manoj B. Patel
Head Dept. of MBM, Dual-MCA
Member :
Mr. Dinesh A. Borase
Asst. Professor
Training & Placement Officer