April 2015

April 2015
Volume 2 Issue 3
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Royal Canadian Legion
Branch 136
Special Points
Of Interest
 Lancaster
Branch Executive & Chairs
 Youth Public Speak
President – Patr icia Thompson
Past President: Bob Williams
First Vice President – Bob Elliot
Cadet Liaison & Co Poppy Chair
Second Vice President – Don Hipwell
Service Officer
Third Vice President – Dan Haddad
Secretary: Debr a Gor ski
Treasurer : Linda Dor ey-Blair
Elected Executive: Lynn Bousfield
Elected Executive: Bob Mahan
House and Property
Elected Executive: Kathleen Blane
Poppy Chair
P.R.O. : Debbie Blowe
Sergeant at Arms: Ur ban Far ia
Entertainment/Ways & Means:
Frank Green
T.O.D. /Honors & Awards/
LA Liaison: Shar on McKeown
Chaplain/S&V: Rev. J ames Lindsay
Youth & Ed: J oan Gr een
 District Executive Elect
 Veterans High Tea
 Liberation of Holland & WWII
 Legion Magazine Database
Colour Party
Urban Faria
Sam Perry
Terrie Wheeler
Joan Corradetti
Sandy Lonesberry
Bob Elliot
Brett Stratton
Steve Barrager
Bob Williams
Don Hipwell
Debbie Blowe
Dan Philip
Debbie Gorski
Georgia Shaw
Dana Barraer
Marcus Slater
The Last Post
Inside this issue:
Presidents Report
Public Speaking
Jokers Corner
District & Reports
Liberation of Holland
New Members
Veterans Database
The members following
have passed on since the
last issue of Pte Joe’s
Bugle. Veterans are
indicated by *.
Eric Merkley*
Donald Wilson
RCL Br. 136 Children’s Christmas Party
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Page 2
Presidents Report –Pat Thompson
It’s hard to believe that the two-year term of this Executive is coming to a close. I would like to
thank the 2013-2015 Executive for your service and dedication.
Branch elections are fast approaching, please plan to come out and cast your ballot, on Sunday
April 26th. Registration at 12:30 Elections at 1:30 pm in the clubroom. Please have proof of paid
2015 membership with you for registration to vote..
Branches of the Royal Canadian Legion are to be operated as a business, with all the challenges
that a business would or could have to face. When making your selection for the executive ask
yourself – ‘Would I want this person(s) running my business?’. The point here is simply that your
best friend may not be the best choice for an Executive officer or a President. It isn’t or should not
be a popularity contest. Any and all recommendations and decisions made by this group are made
in the best interest of the Branch. We are NOT the corner bar; we are The Royal Canadian Legion!
Members working together is the key to having a successful and fun filled Branch. Let’s leave our
personal baggage in the parking lot and enjoy the comradeship that the Legion offers!
The branch will be hosting District B Public Speaking on Saturday, April 11 th. Mark your
calendar and come out and enjoy these young and talented speakers. Then on Saturday, April 18 th
we will be hosting District B Euchre Tournament, again come out and pitch in. Help is
always needed, both around the Branch and in the kitchen. The LA will be offering both
breakfast and lunch, which means lots of jobs!! So, we have a busy start to spring! Watch the board
for details for the May 24th weekend (no it’s not the long weekend!). This weekend will be full of fun
events in commemoration of the Liberation of the Netherlands and the end of WW II. Lots of
activities all weekend, wrapping up with a parade on Sunday. March off at 1:30 from the Branch and
service at the Cenotaph at 2:00pm. Let’s hope for good weather and a great turn out!
Comrades, let us always remember why we joined the Legion. Whether it was to honour a parent,
grandparent or maybe you are the veteran. Whatever the reason, let us treat our membership with
the same pride and commitment, that they who fought for our freedom.
Have a safe, fun and warm summer!
See you at the Branch.
Patricia Thompson-Perry
RCL Br. 136
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Page 3
Many thanks to Clifford Connor for submitting this
photograph of the team that designed and built the
Coldest Night of the Year
This fundraising event was held on
February 21st, 2015 to raise money for
Milton Transitional Housing.
Cheque was presented to Arnold Hoffman Member/
Councilor by Patricia Thompson-Perry and Urban Faria
at the Thompson Arena.
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Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
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Page 6
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
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Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Page 8
The following article was submitted by
Training & Organization Development
Sharon McKeown
Legion does not support wearing medals by third parties
Wearing of Medals and Decorations on Remembrance Day and other special commemorative events
OTTAWA, ON, March 5th 2015 – The Royal Canadian Legion with its more than 300,000 members
understands the strong feelings and sentiments that are held during Remembrance Day, and during
special commemorative events that mark our history and the sacrifices of those who served Canada
in war and peace.
Sons and daughters, grandchildren, husbands and wives all share a deep personal need to honour
those in their families who have made enormous sacrifices for their country during these
commemorative events.
That said, medals and decorations, in accordance with the Canadian Honours Chart,6 awarded to
individuals on behalf of the Canadian people are in recognition of extraordinary personal contributions to the nation. They represent great deeds, heroism, or a lifetime of achievements and service.
If they are worn by others the meaning becomes diluted, and eventually lost.
We are of the opinion that the best way to honour the dedication and commitment of family veterans
who have passed on is for the family to have the medals and decorations mounted, framed and dis-
Pictured left to right
Tom Astley District B Commander
Pat Thompson Vice Chairman - Elect
Ted Scott Chairman - Elect
Wes Kutasienski District B
Commander- Elect
Jack Porter Deputy District B
Commander- Elect
Hank Nikitczuk Deputy District B
Commander- Elect
Bruce Julian - President Ontario
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
“Veterans of all kinds stand side by side—traditional Veterans with
Canadian Forces Veterans, uniformed CF members beside the RCMP,
families and friends of Veterans all united in one group to commemorate
unselfish service. At that moment we are no longer just traditional
Veterans, peacekeeping Veterans or Afghanistan Veterans; we are one
Page 9
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Page 10
Youth & Education Joan Green
Greetings Comrades,
I do not have much to report as there is only 1 event left on my calendar and
that is the District Public Speaking Competition to be held in our branch on April
There should be a large attendance from all the branches, along with some
excellent speakers. I hope some of you can attend.
In February, at our local competition, there were 4 students that went through to
Zone finals in Bramalea Br. 609 and one of them qualified for District.
That’s all I have now, but before I sign off, I would like to give a big hug and a
sincere thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. I could not have
done it without you. THANKS!
Yours, Joan
Page 11
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Entertainment/Ways & Means Frank
Hi everyone,
In a few months the Branch elections will be upon us, its hard to believe two years have passed
by since I was asked to fill this position. Believe you me, these two years have been a real eye
opener for me and my committee.
We have experienced success and failure, we tried to bring something different and varied in our
entertainment offerings. We attempted to create a kind of “Dinner Show” atmosphere with the
room layout, etc. Some worked out, some didn’t, it seemed, at times, we could not please everyone, however, we carried on regardless and we have fulfilled our duties for the two years. Now,
for 2015-2017 it will be in the hands of the next executive as to who the appointees will be.
In conclusion, I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone that helped us out at the
events and also the members who supported us by their attendance on the evenings, especially
a great bunch of non member friends who came along—thanks guys if you are reading this.
Last, but certainly not least, the last surviving members of my committee (I call them the magnificent 7) deserve the highest praise, you were my right arm, you are everything a legion member
should be, loyal, hardworking, unselfish and tireless in your efforts, Branch 136 should be proud
of you, I am!
Thank you comrades,. Frank
Sergeant at Arms
Report Urban Faria
A bus will be available for all members that want to attend the
Niagara Falls Provincial Convention on the Sunday May 10th.
Sign up sheet will be on the bar shortly.
There will also be a bus available to all members that want to
attend the Warriors Day Parade in Toronto on August 15th.
There will be a sign up sheet at the bar.
Congratulations to all members of the colour party that participated in the District Convention at Bramalea Br. 609. Branch
136 won three awards: Best Colour Party under 9, Best
Marching Colour Party, and Best Overall Colour Party.
Plaques are in the Club Room. Well done.
Page 12
To Commemorate the Liberation of Holland
and the end of World War ll
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Friday, May 22
BBQ starting at 5:30
Sausage and Hot Dogs $4.00 each
Euchre Tournament - Prizes for each game
Play starts at 7:30
$5.00 to play
Fundraiser for ‘Food for Kids’ tickets will be sold throughout
weekend for $5.00 per ticket or 3 for $10.00
Draw will be Sunday afternoon during lunch
Saturday, May 23
Bingo in Clubroom starting at 1:30
$5 for 3 cards; $2 for each additional card
Winners receive tickets for our draw prizes
Special Meat Roll starting at 4:00
Extra spins, extra prizes
Don’s Famous Fish ‘n Chips 4 – 7:00
$5.00 for fresh battered fish
$3.00 for chips ‘n gravy
Includes cole slaw, mushy peas and buns (made to order)
Dance to the music by
DJ – Rock’n Rob (Rob Hewlett) starting after meat roll
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
To Commemorate the Liberation of Holland
and the end of World War ll
Page 13
Sunday, May 24
We will be gathering at the
Legion at 1:30
We will parade to the Cenotaph
to commemorate the Liberation of Holland
and the anniversary of the end of World War ll
Lunch will be available at the Legion
upon our return from Victoria Park
Special toast to our Veterans
Music by Stormin’ Norman
Texas Turkey draw
Proceeds going to Food for Kids
(feeding the children of Milton who do not have
enough food on weekends)
Page 14
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Bob Elliot
1st Vice President
Cadet Liaison
Things have been fairly quiet on the Cadet front; however, I was invited to attend at RCSCC 305
Chaudière this past Wednesday as reviewing officer for their monthly formal parade. The Corps
has grown considerably in the past year and now has a new support committee chair that is very
focused on promoting the Corps. They now have about 40 on strength and paraded in the low 30’s
Weds. They (Corps officers and support committee) want to attend one of our GM’s to get us to
know each other; I suggested they hold off until June when the new executive takes office.
I issued a warning order to the three Corps regarding our 24 May activity commemorating the 70 th
anniversaries of the liberation of Holland, VE Day, VJ Day and the 100 th anniversary to the Second
Battle of Ypres (gas attack) in WWI and all three Corps have indicated that they are on side.
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Page 15
Page 16
Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Did you know...
Legion Magazine provides a FREE searchable database in recognition of those
who have served our country?
Since 1928, Legion Magazine has honoured
Canadians who have served their country by
publishing in print short death notices for
Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) members with
military backgrounds, Canadian war veterans
and Legion members with police service.
For more information on the Last Post, please
contact your local Legion Branch or e-mail us at
[email protected]
The Last Post database is also available as an
online historical archive for your FREE use.
The database goes back to January 1985. It
currently contains 185,587 names, but this
number will rise as further entries are
published in print and added to the database
twice a year, and as we gradually go back in
time as resources permit.
April 11th- District Youth Public
April 18th-District Euchre
I want to thank everyone that contributed to this edition of
our Bugle. I hope to see it grow into an informational and
useful tool to the branch. I want to show some past and
future events for those members who cannot attend but
still want to experience some of the fun and adventures we
partake in.
I hope to see as many as we can at the upcoming events.
April 26th-Branch 136 Elections
May 9th-13th—Provincial
Convention Niagara Falls
Liberation of Holland & End of
July 1st-Canada Day
RCL Branch 136 Pte. Joe’s Bugle
Take care,
Debbie Blowe
RCL Branch 136
Pte. Joe’s Bugle Editor
Royal Canadian Legion
Pte. U.J. (Joe) Waters Branch 136 Milton
21 Charles St.. Milton, ON L9T 2G5
Phone/Fax 905-878-9005
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