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William M. Conklin, P.E
Managing Director
April 18, 2015
Okemos Road - Holt Road to I-96 Eastbound Ramp
Sandhill Road – Approx. 1000 feet either side of Okemos Road
The Ingham County Road Department (ICRD) is pleased to announce that bids have been
received and construction will start soon on the Okemos Road and Sandhill Road Widening
project. The project consists of reconstructing Okemos Road from two lanes to three lanes
through the Okemos Road and Sandhill Road intersection, widening Okemos Road to four
lanes along the Jackson National Life Insurance Company (JNL) building frontage, and
matching the lanes provided at the Okemos Road and eastbound ramp of I-96 intersection.
The project also includes installation of traffic signals at the Okemos Road and Sandhill Road
intersection and at the southern JNL driveway and Okemos Road. The project is being funded
by a State of Michigan, Transportation Economic Development Fund, Category A grant
(TEDF-A) and JNL matching funds.
Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation with the impending construction.
Residents should anticipate inconvenience during construction, but Road Department staff
and the Contractor will work hard to minimize and mitigate inconveniences whenever possible.
An MDOT prequalified engineering consultant will be on site during construction activities to
answer questions and resolve public concerns as they arise. The following is additional project
1) Schedule. Project construction is anticipated to start the beginning of May 2015
and be open to traffic by Labor Day 2015.
Check the Ingham County website for detour information and progress
schedule updates.
2) Detour. Throughout the Okemos Road portion of the construction, southbound
traffic on Okemos Road will be maintained, but northbound traffic will be detoured.
Motorists on Okemos Road, north of the work zone, will have complete use of the I-96
interchange and will be able to travel south on Okemos Road to the City of Mason, but those
traveling from the City of Mason to I-96 will be detoured around the work zone. Northbound
motorists from the City of Mason will be intercepted at Holt Road where they will be able to
turn left or right, depending on their ultimate destination, and take Holt Road to either
Hagadorn or Meridian Roads to Jolly Road and then back to Okemos Road. The Hagadorn
option will be the shorter route for most travelers to the Okemos Road / I-96 interchange.
The same concept will be implemented for Sandhill Road. Westbound traffic on Sandhill
Road will be maintained, but eastbound traffic will be detoured around the work zone.
Eastbound motorists will be intercepted at Hagadorn Road where they can turn left or right,
depending on their ultimate destination. Please look for and follow the orange detour
3) Driveways. If your residence or business is within the project limits, your driveway
approach will be inaccessible during certain construction operations including curb and
gutter and driveway approach construction. Temporary ramps will be placed to minimize
inconvenience, but when concrete or asphalt is placed, you should anticipate that access
will be limited for several hours (asphalt) to a few days (concrete). The contractor will be
directed to give ample advanced notice to coordinate access restrictions with residents, and
to arrange temporary access or parking to minimize inconvenience to you.
4) Mailboxes and Right-of-Way Encroachments. If your residence/business within
the work zone contains private appurtenances such as landscaping, culvert headwalls,
ornamental mailboxes, irrigation systems, signs, fencing, posts, etc. within the road
right-of-way, it is likely that they will be in the way of construction. To avoid damage
and/or removal of these items by the contractor, the Road Department requests that
residents relocate all such appurtenances before construction begins.
The Road
Department will relocate standard mailboxes/posts, and driveway culverts, but we are not
responsible for replacement or salvage of non-standard items or any other customized
features if they are within the existing road right-of-way.
5) Tree Removals. Trees along the Okemos Road work zone may need to be removed to
accommodate the proposed construction or to meet roadside design safety requirements. If
tree removal is required from your property frontage, you will have received a tree
agreement form already.
6) Information. If you would like more information about the proposed construction,
including details about how your property may be affected, please call or email us at one of
the numbers below.
Jeremy Schrot, P.E.
Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber
Project Engineer
248) 324-2137
[email protected]
Robert Peterson, P.E.
Ingham County Road Department
County Highway Engineer
(517) 676-9722 ext. 2336
[email protected]
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