RAYSAC After Prom Grand Finale 2015 Participation Form for

RAYSAC After Prom Grand Finale 2015
Participation Form for Alternates
Congratulations on being selected as an Alternate for the After Prom Grand Finale (APGF)!
We want to thank you for choosing to participate in your school’s After Prom Party and for
staying alcohol, tobacco, and drug free. As part of your participation in the After Prom Grand
Finale we have a few guidelines with which you need to be aware. Please review the following
guidelines and sign below. You will be required to have this form for registration at the
Grand Finale Event.
1) You have been selected as an Alternate for the After Prom Grand Finale. This means
that if a Qualifier is no longer able to attend the event on May 31, 2015, you may step in
to take a Qualifier’s position. (Alternate #1 will step in first; Alternate #2 will step in
second and so forth.) As an alternate, you will be able to participate in the games and
activities even if you do not get to step in as the Qualifier (only qualifiers will win the
door prizes and have the opportunity to win the car).
2) In order to participate, you must attend the RAYSAC APGF Event on May 31, 2015.
The event will take place at Tanglewood Mall (4420-A Electric Rd, Roanoke, VA 24018).
3) Registration for the event begins at 1:00pm. Registration for Qualifiers will end promptly
at 1:30pm, at this time registration will open for Alternates. We will begin registering
Alternates to fill in the spaces of missing Qualifiers. Registration will close at 1:45pm- no
more registrations will be allowed after this time.
4) Alternates have won the Grand Prize Car in the past, so we highly advise you attending
the Grand Finale Event. There is always a possibility of Qualifiers not showing up the
day of the event, even if they planned on attending beforehand.
5) At the APGF Event one student from each school is guaranteed to win a $100 gift
certificate door prize. This prize will be given to one student from your school through a
random drawing process.
6) If you step in as an Alternate and take the place of a Qualifier, all prizes you win are
yours to keep.
7) A 2015 Nissan Note will be the Grand Prize Car. Please note that if you should win the
Grand Prize Car:
b. The winner of the Grand Prize Car is responsible for paying taxes and titling fees.
The fees range between $600 - $700.
c. The winner must have a valid U.S. driver’s license.
d. If the Winner does not have a valid U.S. driver’s license and is 18 or older, the
Winner may designate a family member or member of his/her household to take
title to the Grand Prize Car.
e. If the Winner does not have a valid U.S. driver’s license and is below the age of
18, a parent or legal guardian of the Winner who has a valid U.S. driver’s license
and is approved by First Team may take title to the Grand Prize Car.
f. The Winner (or substitute) must provide evidence of automobile insurance or
proof of payment of any Uninsured Motor Vehicle fee as may be required by the
jurisdiction in which the Winner or substitute is licensed to drive without
automobile insurance.
g. The Winner (or substitute) is solely responsible for insuring the Grand Prize Car.
h. The winner will need to make arrangements to pick up the Grand Prize Car at
First Team Auto Mall. First Team Auto Mall will review all warranty information,
paperwork, and details for the Grand Prize Car.
8) By attending the After Prom Grand Finale you may be photographed. Any photographs
taken during the event may be used for promotional purposes.
If you have any questions, contact your school representative listed below or contact Becky
with RAYSAC at [email protected] – (540) 982-1427, ext. 122.
School Representative Name: ___________________________________________________
Contact Phone Number __________________________________________________ _____
(this is the contact person from the school’s After Prom Committee you will contact with questions)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By signing this form you accept the responsibility of having read and agreed to adhere
to the above guidelines.
Alternate’s Name: ____________________________________________________________
School: _____________________________________________________________________
Alternate’s Signature: _________________________________ Date: __________________